Author: Brian Johnson

  • 2.1 vs 5.1 vs 7.1 Soundbar

    Most of the audio stuff that has been listed here on this blog, is usually related to some amateur to expert audiophiles. Due to their past experience, & a caliber of understanding the technical stuff they don’t longer need to spend a lot of time. But if you are a casual to amateur listener somethings […]

  • Earasers vs Eargasm Comparison (The Facts!)

    Ear protection is a trendy topic, particularly among people who attend loud events. Therefore, names like Earasers and Eargasm are common choices. These earplugs are designed with high-fidelity audio protection that allows you to enjoy your music without blowing your eardrum. While these two earplugs are good, you may want to ask “which one is […]

  • How to Connect a Subwoofer to Rear Speakers

    Getting a strong bass blast out of your rear speaker is worth everything. What if I tell you there is a way you can fix a sub to your rear speaker without visiting a tech shop? Keep reading this article till the end to get the basic step-by-step approach for connecting a sub to your […]

  • Skar vs Kicker Comparison

    Both Skar and Kicker are decades-old in the audio market. As a result, they both enjoy some level of command in terms of production, performance, design, etc. in this article, we look at Skar and Kicker in detail to help you choose between the two brands. Kicker offers a more modern design, power, and performance […]

  • Integra Vs Onkyo Receiver

    Whenever you need to get an AV receiver, the popular brands anyone would most likely recommend to you are either Integra or Onkyo. This is because these companies are the favorite of most people due to the high-end quality of their products. Their product supports almost any device and has features that are up-to-date in […]

  • Round Port Vs Slot Port

    The ports in the front of every subwoofer are one of the biggest arguments audiophiles find themselves getting involved in. The two most common of these ports come as a round or slot port. But which of the two ports is better? To answer the first question, the ports are essentially added by subwoofer enclosure […]

  • Subwoofer Size Chart – What Size Sub Should I Get?

    Using your subwoofer with the wrong output size can be bad in terms of sound production and power usage. The size says it all. Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at the different sub sizes and a guide to using them. This will help you match the right subwoofer size to its corresponding […]

  • Definitive Technology vs Martin Logan

    Definitive Technology and Martin Logan have both come a long way to become leading manufacturers of audio products for the global market. This article will help you understand the two brands to be able to choose the best for your audio system. Definitive Technology and Martin Logan are both vintage brands that specialize in the […]

  • My Car Radio Turns On and Off by Itself (SOLVED)

    The strange phenomenon of a car radio going on and off by itself is caused by a system problem and must be addressed. Basically, there are 3 major causes for this abnormality: Improper installation: To begin with, improper installation is a very common problem that causes the car radio to malfunction. This is also known […]

  • Smallest Audiophile Speakers

    Audiophile speakers are normally hard to find and expensive in any size. However, what if you want a small audiophile speaker that can deliver hi-fi audio quality while on the go? Small speakers are portable to carry around and can be placed anywhere to give you an amazing music experience. This article shows some amazing […]