Author: Brian Johnson

  • How to Raise a TV a Few Inches

    When raising your television height, the best viewing angle and distance is usually between two to three feet above your eye level. However, if your TV is too low, raising your TV a few inches can be challenging if you don’t know the right steps to follow. We will describe the best way you can […]

  • Skar vs Sundown (The Truth!)

    Skar Audio and Sundown are companies that deal with audio speakers. These two companies are among the top brands in the audio industry. Skar audio products are usually recommended by experts for beginner audiophiles, while veterans tend to find what they love more in Sundown audio products. The fact is, Skar Audio has a terrible […]

  • How to Plug Composite Into Component

    Traditionally, almost everyone is used to the red, yellow, and white cable you connect to your device for video and audio output. This 3-head cable is known as a composite cable, RCA cable, or AV cord and is available on old devices. However, newer TVs don’t have an AV input. They feature a component input […]

  • Wiring Mono Amplifiers With Two Terminals

    One of the best ways you can easily enjoy deep bass with a subwoofer is a mono amp that has two speaker terminals. Most Monoblock Amps have just one speaker terminal that you can use with your subwoofer. However, some recent Mono Amp models come with two terminals. This is an added improvement to make […]

  • 2 Channel Vs 4 Channel Amps

    There are a number of output devices that speakers can be connected to when it comes to setting up a car audio system. A two-channel class AB or D amplifier is one, and a four-channel class AB or D amplifier is another. The fundamental difference between a 2 channel and a 4 channel amp is […]

  • Why Does My Car Radio Keeps Turning Off (Solved!)

    Just like most other radio users, your radio is your companion at those silent hours when boredom sets in, as well as a major source of up-to-date information. This reliance on the radio keeps you closer to the radio and a failing one that keeps turning off can be frustrating. However, this article points to […]

  • How to Add Capacitor to a Car Tweeter

    Tweeters are small speakers with a small cone that produce the high end of audio frequencies. They’re most effective when pointed directly at the listener. Most are restricted to a set frequency range, such as 3 to 20kHz, though this varies depending on the speaker’s constraints. Human hearing has a frequency range of roughly 20 […]