Best 6.5 Component Speakers For Bass

best 6.5 component speakers for bass

Are you fed up with your company’s built-in speakers? Which does not produce additional bass at high volumes and has the worse sound quality?

If the answer is yes, you’ll need to replace your existing car speakers with the best 6.5 component speakers to provide good bass.

The days of being forced to dance to the terrible music emitting from our standard speakers are over. You can now have a fantastic experience. There are some of the best 6.5 component speakers for bass and sound performance available. For automobile owners and truck drivers, the challenge is identifying these speakers.

For some, the process does not end there; it determines which options they have reduced down is the best. We’re here to help you with the complicated work.

Improving your car’s speakers is not a simple task. Selecting the correct speakers for your vehicle can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the industry since the world of car stereo appears to be chaos.

However, if you’re looking to boost the music quality of your vehicle, 6.5 component speakers with solid bass seem to be an excellent place to start. We’ve compiled a list of the best 6.5 component speakers for bass for you. These 6.5 component speakers can fit in most automobiles, and having the correct speakers makes driving more fun.

The most effective way to enhance your car’s factory speakers is with a component speaker system. In this article, we’ll examine the best 6.5 component speakers for bass, their essential features, advantages and disadvantages, and more. For additional context, see our comprehensive buying guide below the recommendations.

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Can you run component speakers without an amp?

Yes, in a word. Component vehicle speakers can be powered directly from the speaker-level outputs of a car radio/receiver/head unit, eliminating the need for an extra power amplifier.

1: Pyle PLG6C – 2Way Component 6×9 Speaker

best component speakers for bass

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With three distinct mounting choices, the Pyle PLG6C redefines easily. This category contains flush, surface, and angle mounting options. As a result, regardless of the type of your vehicle, you need not worry about compatibility. The various placement options will ensure the greatest possible treble concentration.

When you install PLG6C speakers, the brilliant yellow hue of the speaker cones instantly brightens the inside of the vehicle. Poly injection cones are utilized to maintain their shape, are durable, and are flexible.

Additionally, tweeters are available with a silk dome construction. Internal components are made of a material that is designed to withstand wear and strain. 

It comes complete with one pair of 6.5″ mid-bass speakers, one pair of 0.5″ tweeters, one pair of passive crossover devices, a wire kit, grills, and installation hardware – it’s the ideal method to update and extend the range of your factory system.


Silk dome tweeters come in the manufacture of tweeters. Additionally, the PLG6C features a neodymium magnet that is both lightweight and strong. When all of these elements are combined, the resulting sound has a smooth and high-quality roll-off.

Pyle Gear’s PLG6C pair of speakers features an electroplated steel basket for long-lasting quality. A corrosion-resistant aluminum high-temperature voice coil further secures years of performance.

The PLG6C can deliver a massive 400 watts of peak output, providing the maximum volume without distorting the sound. If you add a subwoofer or another pair of speakers, the bass is enhanced even further. Even without the additional components, you’ll hear exquisite detail in the mid-and high-frequency ranges.

The mid-bass speakers deliver 400 watts of power and come to fit in most O.E.M. placements. Three mounting options are available for the 100-watt, 0.5″ silk dome tweeters, which provide a frequency response of 1.3 to 22 kHz.

Divide the signal from your head unit between the mid-bass and tweeter speakers using passive crossover networks for a richer, more accurate sound.

Why We Choose This Product?

A Pyle PLG6C speaker set is an excellent value for money for music fans on a budget. The terms “rocking bass” and “affordable speakers” are not identical. Pyle PLG6C, on the other hand, has accomplished that. If you’re a fan of intense music such as metal, rock, or hip-hop, the Pyle PLG6C is the way to go.

  • A setup manual includes a wiring schematic. Weather Resistant product Pyle PLG6C operates along with a wide range of frequencies. Bass is excellent at the bottom end of the frequency spectrum.
  • Occasionally, the audio may feel a bit quiet. If connected to a stereo output, it distorts the sound.

2: JBL CLUB6500C – 2-Way Component Car Speaker

best 6.5 component speakers

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As with its more extensive and more expensive siblings, this product includes pairs of woofers, tweeters, and crossovers. The component speaker system comes with UV-resistant polypropylene woofers that function admirably. The Plus OneTM cone-shaped woofers feature a larger surface area, which results in a more immersive bass experience.

The 34-inch edge-driven Polyetherimide tweeter extends the high-frequency spectrum, enhancing the clarity and richness of the music.

It is a two-way speaker system composed of polypropylene Plus One woofer (with rubber surrounds) and soft-tweeter edge drivers. However, compared to the JBL GTO609C, I noticed that the CLUB6500C’s bass did seem to distort slightly at high volumes.

I believe, could be because the latter lacked carbon-injected woofer cones, which undoubtedly provide rigidity and improve sound dampening.


The JBL CLUB6500C delivers a maximum R.M.S. power output of 60 watts. It enables it to connect to a powerful automobile audio system. However, I would advise caution because the low speaker impedance (3 ohms) would require more power from the amplifier. If your stereo’s amp is potent, pairing it with this speaker may not be a smart option.

Its sensitivity is 88dB, which is the lowest on this list. That is not to claim it is a bad speaker; it simply will not be as loud as the others on the list. The JBL CLUB6500C is another excellent option if you’re searching for fantastic sound quality in your vehicle.

And the most significant part is that this is a budget product, as it is part of J.B.L.’s CLUB line, and it may cost less than you expect.

Why We Choose This Product?

If you’re on a budget but want to stick with a reputable brand like J.B.L., the JBL CLUB6500C is your best bet. It will be light on your wallet while still providing excellent sound quality. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

  • Significantly less expensive than other J.B.L. options. Superior sound quality. The build quality is excellent
  • May face some installation problem Bass levels may not be very high.

3: Infinity REF6520CX – 2-Way Component System

best component speakers

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With a revolutionary component system, you’ll hear the details your car’s sound system has been missing. The REF-6520cx 6-1/2″ component speaker system from Infinity has remarkable clarity thanks to 3/4″ edge-driven textile dome tweeters that bring out all the subtleties in your music without sounding harsh.

The rugged polypropylene woofer, with its sturdy hi-roll rubber ring, offers a surprising amount of power. Each plus One+ woofer features a much bigger cone than comparable-sized speakers, providing great Punch to the speaker’s smooth and precise highs.

However, it must be stated that the bass is a tad lackluster, especially for 6.5-inch car speakers. Therefore, anyone craving deep bass should seek a complete system setup that includes these 6.5s, as they will provide an excellent all-around sound quality in a complete system setup.

The versatile baskets make installation a breeze, making these the ideal industrial improvement. Overall, these provide incredible highs, and the sound quality is quite crisp and clear due to the strong midbass.


These speakers can be powered with up to 90 watts R.M.S. — they work well with an external amplifier, but they also function well with a factory radio or aftermarket system. Additionally, these 3-ohm speakers join with the speaker wire in your vehicle to provide an actual 4-ohm impedance to your car audio, allowing you to obtain a little more volume from your system.

These 6.5-inch two-way component speakers give exceptional sound quality at an affordable price. The speakers, which debuted in 2018, are excellent on a sonic level thanks to their edge-driven cloth tweeters, which offer crisp and well-balanced highs.

While these speakers deliver an outstanding 90W R.M.S. with or without an additional amplifier, their frequency range of 53 Hz – 21k Hz is limited compared to most of the other speakers on my list.

The 6 1/2 component speakers use Infinity’s Plus One larger woofer, which delivers increased bass production and more excellent midrange performance while ensuring sound is evenly distributed throughout the vehicle, regardless of its size.

Why We Choose This Product?

This product has become rather popular with its buyers. It significantly enhances the music experience. Instead of using standard tiny magnets or paper cones, this speaker uses fiberglass cones in conjunction with interests, making them nearly three times heavier and more prominent. They include a plus one version of woofer cones.

So overall, it is a powerful product. Go grab it.

  • The speaker is ideal for use with head units. It is easily upgradeable It generates clean sounds possible It sounds significantly better than the O.E.M. speakers.
  • It is only capable of supporting a moderate pitch level.

4: Power Acoustik EF-60C – Component speakers

best component speakers under budget

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The Power Acoustik EF-60C Component Speakers offer unmatched qualities such as robust construction, a lightweight design, and the highest-quality components available for actual performance. These drivers can open up a world of intricacies and high-quality sounds for audiophiles.

With the addition of a subsonic filter to eliminate “cavity” noises and a tweeter installed on the woofer, you’ll receive an even more comprehensive range of frequencies.


With these speakers, you’ll get more power, a more natural tone, and a true-to-life performance. Acoustic Amplification Corporation’s Edge Series 6.5″/2.5″ 250W Component Speakers are compact and a cost-effective method to enhance your range.

You’ll get great resonance and punchy bass with a single flush mount dome tweeter.

Why We Choose This Product?

Overall it’s a value for money product providing excellent performance. You can use it for some large spaces as well; it wouldn’t offer you any distortion. So, it’s a power-packed product that can make a statement with its performance.

  • Easy to installnMore Versatile in usenProvides Great Sound QualitynEasy to use
  • It comes with bulky crossovers

5: Alpine S-S65C – 6.5-inch Component 2-Way Speakers

best 6.5 component speakers for the money

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Alpine’s carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic woofer cones offer unprecedented durability while remaining agile enough to tackle the complexity of the midrange. The large multi-roll rubber surround adds to a more precise sound by reducing distortion.

Separate silk dome tweeters deliver all the delicate nuances that bring the instruments and vocals to life. If you’ve never heard Alpine sound quality, these speakers are an excellent starting point.
The speakers include carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic woofer cones.

They are pretty robust yet also adaptable to the complexity of mid-range tones. Their multi-roll rubber surrounds contribute to the reduction of sound distortion, resulting in a more precise sound.


The S-Series speakers now feature Alpine’s trademarked H.A.M.R. (High Amplitude Multi-Roll) surround. This well-established method maximizes excursion while retaining accuracy and linearity. The multi-roll architecture enables even unfolding of the surround, resulting in exceptional linearity and color rejection.

The voice coil on the S-Series speakers is quite large. For example, the 6.5-inch and 6×9-inch models contain a 35-mm voice coil, which boosts the motor’s driving power and control.

Alpine’s S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system features an all-new aluminum voice coil in place of the standard copper wire coils. The result is increased clarity, particularly in the mid-to-high frequency region.

Why We Choose This Product?

Alpine has been manufacturing high-quality automotive speakers for decades, as evidenced by the S-S65C component two-way speakers. If you’re sick of listening to your car’s factory speakers, which create poor sound, consider these speakers. You will immediately notice a difference in the definition of the tone.

Additionally, you can connect them to a robust amplifier for enhanced sound production.

  • Two tweeters with silk domes and in-line crossovers Two woofer cones reinforced with carbon fiber Money-back guarantee of 60 days
  • At sometimes, you may feel a crackling sound

6: Rockford Fosgate R165-S – 6.5 Component Speaker

best 6.5 component speaker

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It is the second set of Rockford speakers on my list, and like the more expensive models, these speakers give the brand outstanding sound quality at a lower price. These, along with the J.B.L.’s, are my picks for the best budget component speakers.

The set comprises two half-inch mylar-balanced dome tweeters with inbuilt crossovers that allow for flush, surface, or angle mounting, allowing for precise control of the highs—2x 6.5-inch woofers with mica-infused polypropylene cones for increased frequency response.

They’re not an audiophile’s first option for 6.5 component speakers, but they sound friendly and straightforward to install, thanks to the integrated crossovers.

Although they function fine as a factory replacement, investing in a solid subwoofer and an amp with a low-pass crossover will truly complement these speakers and provide an excellent, loud, and crisp sound.


The sensitivity is a little low at 89 dB, as is the continuous power handling of 40W R.M.S., but this should be fine for most people unless you enjoy your car shaking violently.

The Frequency Response of 60 Hz – 20k Hz is also relatively standard, but for less than $100, you’re getting a decent pair of speakers that make an excellent factory upgrade.

The 4-Ohm component speaker system has an R.M.S. power handling of 40 Watts and a maximum power handling of 80 Watts.

Perfect for replacing factory speakers, the midrange features direct-fit O.E.M. placement, while the Tweeter features an in-line crossover for flush, surface, or angle mounting. Rockford Fosgate’s legendary build quality is backed by a full one-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller.

Why We Choose This Product?

The Prime Series Component System is a new generation of factory replacement speakers designed to replicate the sound of Rockford Fosgate. This young man has an easy installation procedure. Additionally, it is a cost-effective solution that fits into every budget.

Thus, it is an effective product that can contribute to more peaceful tones during long drives.

  • They sound reasonable for the price. The highs are brilliant. Simple installation
  • Sensitivity and R.M.S. are low

7: RECOIL REM65 – 6.5-Inch Car Audio Component Speaker System

best car audio component speakers

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However, the silk dome tweeter architecture is remarkably similar to that of the Pyle PLG6C. As such, both are equally adept at creating peaceful music.

Additionally, these speakers feature neodymium magnets that provide minute subtleties to the sounds. The REM65 speaker system is available in an electric blue finish for an eye-catching appearance.

RECOIL REM65 exemplifies when performance outperforms pricing. REM65 will satisfy music enthusiasts with its exceptional bass response that will leave you wanting more. Additionally, the REM65 speakers are intended for ease of installation.


Compared to the other component speakers discussed here, the RECOIL REM65 features a more prominent voice coil. Excessive heat dissipation is eliminated when large voice coils are used to handle large amounts of power.

Another feature that most component speakers lack is the triple tweeter volume control on the RECOIL REM65. The tweeter volume adjustment enables you to tailor the music to your preferences.

The transition from high to mid-range is smooth, owing to the speaker cones’ lightweight polypropylene construction. With an R.M.S. power of 100W, the audio is consistent and loud throughout.

Why We Choose This Product?

RECOIL REM65 exemplifies when performance outperforms pricing. REM65 will satisfy music enthusiasts with its exceptional bass response that will leave you wanting more. Additionally, the REM65 speakers are intended for ease of installation.

  • Numerous mounting options Easy-to-install crossover network Steel mesh grills for protection. Richer mid-bass sound.
  • It does not come with pre-installed speaker cords.

8: Rockford Fosgate P165-SI – Best Component Speaker System

6 1 2 component speaker

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The Punch packs a punch with its music and is a tremendous improvement over your stock speakers. The primary advantage of this pair of 6.5-inch component speakers is that they include a built-in crossover, which eliminates the need to mount any of the black boxes that are typically included with other systems.

When ordering these speakers, you will receive a total of four speakers, or two mids and two P.E.I. dome tweeters. The speakers have a high dynamic range, similar to that of an expander, and you’ll be astonished at how loud the music gets even with a modest volume adjustment.

The set includes two 2-way midrange speakers (with integrated Crossover) and a pair of 1-inch tweeters. The cone is constructed of injection-molded mineral-filled polypropylene with a Santoprene rubber rim, ensuring high output and accurate frequency reproduction.


The 4-ohm 6 1/2 driver delivers clarity at high volumes, even without an external amplifier, thanks to the 60W R.M.S. power. Utilizing Punch’s FlexFit2 basket design, the slot-mounted frame pattern allows for flexible adjustment, ensuring that sound is spread evenly throughout your car.

If you don’t want many basses, the 6.5 component speakers sound great without an amplifier. Having said that, because the inbuilt Crossover is designed to function in conjunction with an additional amplifier and subwoofer, they work best in a complete car audio system setup.

The only disadvantage we can consider is their microscopic regularity array. While most of the 6.5 component audio speakers we evaluated could go as low as 30 Hz, the P165-S audio speakers are limited to 60 Hz. This could harm the bass volume.

Why We Choose This Product?

This boy is straightforward to set up and use and can provide you with high-quality sound. I Am sure that you will not regret your decision to choose this beast. You can add some extra stuff with this boy to enhance your music experience. It will not give any distortion to you.

  • With the factory head unit, the sound is crystal clear. It comes with a concealed crossover Easy to install
  • You may need an additional amplifier or subwoofer. The mounting system may not be the simplest to install.

9: Infinity Reference 6500CX – car audio component loudspeaker

best car component speakers

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You can find the infinity boys around any component speakers shop. It’s because they provide various speakers in a variety of models to complement their multiple lines. Additionally, the Reference Collection is one of the most effective!

Therefore, let us learn everything there is to know about the Infinity Reference 6500CX. It is a premium product at a low price. That is unsurprising, given the manufacturer is Infinity!


Moving on, the speakers perform admirably in terms of sound reproduction. Superior to any of the other pairs on the list! It contains the lowest bass notes and a broad range of piano notes. Additionally, there is a cymbal crash present in the high-frequency levels. They’ve thought of everything!

Plus, One technology is included with the Infinity Reference 6500CX 6-1/2″ Component Loudspeaker. It is inserted within the cone of the woofer. And what it accomplishes is to maximize the cone’s surface area. As a result, the result is nothing short of unmatched sound reproduction.

Why We Choose This Product?

If you are looking for a boy with an excellent bass response, this product would be ideal. It has a sound ventilation system which keeps it cool even for long hours. Finally, this boy will bring more joy to your rides. Do check it out.

  • Impressive bass output. Efficient Motor ventilation External Crossover removes hazardous frequencies. It does not include connectors or cables.
  • Sometimes you may feel the distortion

10: Kicker Set CSS65 – Component Full Range Stereo Speakers

best car speakers for bass

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It is a 2 -way car coaxial speaker that sounds amazing. More crucially (for those searching for a simple but visible audio enhancement in their vehicle), they don’t require an excessive amount of power to operate well.

The polypropylene woofer cones work nicely in conjunction with the P.E.I. dome tweeters to produce a balanced, natural sound. Each speaker features a tweeter with no protrusion, which means you won’t have to worry about the Tweeter colliding with the inside of the door panel when reassembling everything following installation.


This unit includes a 12dB crossover with a reduced footprint for easy installation. This set features a three-position tweeter switch for fine-tuning your highs, ensuring that you can hear even the most minor details in any song, the unit is equipped with neodymium magnets and a titanium tweeter.

This device includes poly-foam and UV-treated surround to ensure perfect linear excursion. This device has been designed to give a high level of performance while maintaining an ultra-clean bass. For this, the system is constructed with a heavy-duty magnet/motor and uses Extended Voice Coil Technology. It is a feature that is uncommon in many other comparable speakers on the market.

Why We Choose This Product?

If you are looking to have a medium-range speaker, then this one would be your ideal choice. Since it is easy to use, it can also handle some additional watts as well. This boy can provide you with fine tunes making your music experience more joyful.

  • Easy to install Provides excellent sound quality It can handle some watts as well
  • It may feel a bit expensive.

11: Rockford Fosgate T1650-S – Compatible Component Speaker

best car speakers for bass and sound quality

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It is the first set of Rockford speakers on my list, and just like the most expensive options, these speakers give the brand outstanding sound quality at a lower price. These, along with the J.B.L.’s, are my picks for the best budget component speakers.

The set comprises two half-inch mylar-balanced dome tweeters with inbuilt crossovers that allow for flush, surface, or angle mounting, allowing for precise control of the highs—2x 6.5-inch woofers with mica-infused polypropylene cones for increased frequency response.


The sensitivity is a little low at 89 dB, as is the continuous power handling of 40W R.M.S., but this should be fine for most people unless you enjoy your car shaking violently. The Frequency Response of 60 Hz – 20k Hz is also relatively standard, but for less than $100, you’re getting a decent pair of speakers that make an excellent factory upgrade.

They’re not an audiophile’s first option for 6.5 component speakers, but they sound friendly and straightforward to install, thanks to the integrated crossovers. Although they function fine as a factory replacement, investing in a solid subwoofer and an amp with a low-pass crossover will truly complement these speakers and provide an excellent, loud, and crisp sound.

Why We Choose This Product?

They are a beautiful example of clever product creation; they come to operate at high output levels while coping incredibly well. They are a little more expensive than some of the others mentioned, but the manufacturing and design processes involved speak loudly.

  • Reasonable price tag Excellent Music Quality. Installation is simple.
  • Sensitivity and R.M.S. may feel low.

Component 6.5 speakers: Buying guide & FAQ’s

How to Choose The Best 6.5 Component Speakers?

Identifying a specific number of criteria for this segment is difficult to work. Everyone has their preferences and standards for what constitutes good quality and separate cars with unique features. However, I will present below the most basic information you should be aware of while shopping for the best car speaker set for your vehicle.

The list below will assist you in selecting the best speakers for your vehicle. It is critical because regardless of how good the speakers are, the boy is not compatible

Do not be concerned if some concepts are unfamiliar to you; this is a common occurrence for first-timers and takes time to learn. Once you’ve mastered it, deciphering vehicle speaker characteristics to select the most appropriate one will be a piece of cake.

Component Speakers vs. Full Range Speakers

Discussing the merits and cons of component versus full range speakers would inevitably result in an endless debate. In summary, component speakers, by their very nature, create higher-quality sound than coaxial speakers.

However, this does not mean that everyone should choose component speakers. These are for professionals and those with a champagne taste in music, individuals ready to pay for the most excellent quality and have the expertise necessary to properly install the speakers.

If sound quality is a priority for you and significantly impacts your purchasing decision, component speakers are what you should consider. If none of those mentioned earlier apply to you, a pair of coaxial speakers will suffice.

And keep in mind that the fact that full-range speakers perform less well than component speakers does not mean they are worse; they simply have a different flavor.

Size and Configuration

Before you purchase a new pair of car speakers, it’s critical to determine the type of speakers that came standard with your vehicle. If you’ve decided to replace them all at once, simply remove them and replace them with the new set. If this seems like too much effort, I propose paying a visit to your nearby speaker retailer.

The majority of them can look up the dimensions and configuration of the factory-installed speakers in your vehicle. All you need to do is provide them with the vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Power Handling

After determining the size of the new speakers, the following consideration is power handling. When speakers receive the appropriate power input, they perform optimally. The head unit and amplifiers will control this power.

If you haven’t decided on a head unit yet, you’ll have more options to choose the speakers with the features you desire and then decide on a head unit or external amp that works well with that speaker set.

The word “power handling” refers to the amount of power expressed in watts that the speakers can handle. The R.M.S. value is the most frequently used (root-mean-square).

You can find the manufacturer’s measurements on the speakers, which you can examine before purchasing them. Still, I have to tell you that these values are useless in real life for determining the speaker’s power handling.


This word refers to the amount of power required by the speaker to create a given loudness level. Suppose you already own a head unit or an external amp that you are not planning to replace very soon.

In that case, the speaker must be capable of adequately handling and utilizing the power you provide. A speaker with a high level of responsiveness consumes less energy to achieve a given volume level.

If your factory stereo is anemic, a speaker with a high sensitivity level is required. Otherwise, speakers with a lower sensitivity level will perform better when paired with a high-power amplifier.

Build Quality

The build quality is one of the most compelling reasons to change your O.E.M. speakers. The majority of O.E.M. systems are constructed with low-quality materials, increasing the likelihood of system failure over time.

Materials have a critical role in defining sound quality, and by improving existing systems, you can enhance the music reproduced by the speakers. If you’re looking to replace your speakers entirely, these factors might help you select the best speakers for bass and sound quality.

Rubber surrounds not only endure longer than those made of other materials; they also contribute to the reproduction of higher-quality audio. While foam and cloth surrounds might not last as long as rubber, they are more durable than a foam and paper combination. The former ensures superior sound quality than the latter.

Because woofers are the determining factor in bass quality, you should only use the following materials to achieve the best bass possible. For example, polypropylene mixed with metal-coated or mica synthetic textiles is lightweight and rigid. These materials offer an excellent bass response and a long service life.

Some Additional Factors

Although the majority of head units incorporate amplifiers, they are typically not extremely strong. Therefore, if you desire the following features, you may wish to consider acquiring an external amplifier:

  • With more substantial noises, there is less distortion.
  • To supply power to a subwoofer.
  • To ensure that your new speakers operate optimally.

Low-frequency sounds are just as critical as high-frequency sounds in bringing sounds to life, and they are an integral aspect of any kind of music. Specific genres of music even necessitate the use of a decent subwoofer more than others. Therefore, investing in a subwoofer will never be a negative move if you want the most incredible bass possible.

Selecting a subwoofer enclosure is just as critical as the subwoofer itself. A bass with an extraordinary depth requires a sealed chamber. Such an enclosure will be an excellent match for precise and tight bass.

However, if you want the bass to be as loud as possible and are unconcerned with accuracy, skip the sealed models; ported and bandpass will suffice.

The final choice is a subwoofer capable of operating accurately without an enclosure. Typically, these subs are installed on a board that fits within the trunk. As a result, the compartment must be substantially airtight to function as an enclosure in and of itself.

First-timers may struggle to absorb this massive amount of knowledge, including unfamiliar phrases, names, and concepts. Choosing the best automobile speaker for bass and sound quality is never a simple chore; nothing worthwhile comes easily.

While the brands I’ve mentioned are excellent, in my opinion, I cannot guarantee they’ll function well with your vehicle’s unique features and musical preferences. Additionally, this is a competitive industry; there may be some fantastic products that I have never heard of.

If that is the case and you are aware of or have used it, please send me a message; I’m willing to investigate and add them to my wishlist as well.

I am aware that I have stated this previously, but I believe it is necessary to reiterate this critical piece of knowledge. No matter how good car speakers are, they cannot perform to their maximum potential if they do not work well with the vehicle.

Therefore, when looking for the best bass and sound quality, keep in mind that they must also be compatible with your car; this is critical in equal measure.

Do I need a crossover for component speakers?

Car audio crossovers are among the most misinterpreted audio components available. Because they are not strictly necessary, it’s relatively simple to overlook them entirely while installing or upgrading a car audio system. While head units, amplifiers, and speakers receive the most attention, crossovers are also critical.

To comprehend what a crossover is and whether or not a vehicle audio build requires one or more, it’s necessary first to grasp certain fundamental concepts governing crossover utilization in-car audio.

The basic concept is that music comes of frequency ranges spanning the human hearing field, so some speakers are more adept at creating specific frequencies than others. Tweeters reproduce high frequencies, woofers produce low frequencies, and so forth.

With this in mind, newcomers to car audio are frequently startled to realize that every car audio system requires crossovers at some point. For example, relatively simple techniques that utilize coaxial speakers incorporate small crossovers directly into the speakers.

Other systems, particularly those that employ component speakers, generally include external crossovers that direct just the proper frequencies to the right speakers.

The primary goal of decomposing music into component frequencies and sending only specific frequencies to specified speakers is to increase audio clarity. By ensuring that somehow the appropriate frequencies reach the suitable speakers, you may successfully eliminate distortion and contribute to an overall improvement in the sound quality of a car audio system.

When Is A Crossover Needed?

The fact is that every single automobile audio system, just like every automotive audio system, requires some form of Crossover. However, quite as many head units feature an embedded amplifier, speakers can also include integrated crossovers.

It is entirely easy to get by without additional crossovers in simple car audio systems. However, various situations in which either a passive or active unit will increase the sound quality, the system’s efficiency, or both.

If your automotive audio system utilizes coaxial speakers, you are unlikely to require a separate crossover. Passive crossovers already exist in full-range speakers to filter the frequencies that reach each driver.

Even with the addition of an amplifier, the built-in speaker crossovers should be more than adequate. However, if you add an amplifier and a subwoofer to that type of setup, you may want a crossover.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to design a system that includes component speakers, numerous amplifiers, and subwoofers, you’ll likely require one or more crossovers.

It is particularly true if you intend to use separate amplifiers to power various speakers, such as woofers or tweeters. Whichever type of Crossover you choose, you’ll need something to prevent unwanted frequencies from reaching the speakers.

Additionally, if you’re designing a simple automotive audio system with component speakers, aftermarket amplifiers generally feature built-in filters that function as crossovers. This type of amplifier’s high pass filter enables it to drive tweeters, while the low pass filter allows it to drive woofers without extra crossovers.

Component Speaker or Coaxial Speaker Which One To Choose?

The best way for me to address this issue is to consider your meaning of “better.” After all, you are the best judge of your tastes, correct?

The short answer is that component speakers offer the highest sound quality, power handling, tweeter and woofer technology options, and flexibility in terms of installation.

However, not everyone requires ultra-crisp sound, increased power handling, or improved speaker crossovers. Perhaps the best course of action for me is to simplify it with the following little comparison.

There are various distinctions between coaxial and component speakers that you should be aware of:

  • Coaxial speakers combine all of the components of a two-way speaker system into a single assembly. Apart from a few unique designs, most component speaker systems are self-contained, requiring each part to be placed separately.
  • Coaxial speakers make various tradeoffs to keep prices down and fit into a tiny space. A simple -6dB/octave tweeter crossover and many use a less expensive tweeter material. On the other hand, component speakers provide superior crossovers (often -12dB/octave minimum) and tweeter materials such as silk, aluminum, etc.
  • Coaxial speakers often have lower maximum power ratings, but component speakers typically have more excellent top power ratings. Coaxials usually vary between 35W and 65W R.M.S., whereas components typically range between 65W and 100W R.M.S.
  • Coaxial speakers are straightforward to install; however, component speakers are more challenging and require additional time and effort.
  • Component speakers, by design, provide a higher level of audio quality and clarity than coaxial speakers. Coaxials are excellent, although many are mediocre (however, still much better than standard single-cone speakers).

When purchasing, it’s far easier to locate coaxial speakers than it is to find component speakers. As I indicated previously, coaxial speakers are much more popular, and as a result, many places offer them.

Even your neighborhood department shop, auto parts store, or “mom and pop” electronics store is likely to carry some in their automotive audio section.

Is it better to choose component or coaxial speakers?

If you’re still unsure, here’s a comparison.

If any of the following apply to you, you should invest in coaxial speakers:

  • You don’t have a lot of money or require something that seems acceptable – not “high end.”
  • You’re looking for an easy solution to replace your worn-out speakers.
  • You have no intention of amplification and will use a standard stereo.
  • You’re not interested in making the additional effort or running the extra cable required for component speakers.
  • You lack the time, tools, and funds necessary for a custom installation.

You should purchase component speakers if you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re primarily concerned with sound quality and wish to use speakers made of more advanced materials (especially for the tweeters)
  • You prefer speaker crossovers with a sharper cutoff or the ability to reduce the loudness of the Tweeter.
  • We will be installing higher-end electronics in a custom home, automobile stereo, or marine speaker system.
  • You desire enhanced stereo imagery for music reproduction and critical listening using high-fidelity recordings.
  • You wish to add additional power and clarity to your speakers by using an amplifier.
  • The good news is that some component speaker systems can be used similarly to component speakers, making installation easier. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort in the process.

As mentioned previously, component speakers perform best when driven by an amplifier. They just will not sound good when connected to low-power stereo equipment.


Are component speakers better than two ways?

Component speakers, typically consisting of a woofer, Tweeter, and Crossover positioned independently, are a much more sophisticated speaker system that produces a higher-quality sound than coaxial speakers. Improved input impedance and overall sound accuracy — even entry-level component speaker setups may provide genuinely fantastic sound.

Can you mix component and coaxial speakers?

The answer, of course, is a loud yes. Additionally, it is pretty simple; all you need to do is run the tweeters off the Crossover. After that, disconnect the coaxial speakers from the amplifier, and you’re finished.

Will my speakers sound better with an amp?

An amplifier enhances the sound to compensate for noise, enhancing the clarity and intelligibility of your music. Most aftermarket speakers sound better when connected to an amp than they do when connected to in-dash audio alone.

Can tweeters work without Crossover?

You may be aware that tweeters are incapable of producing low-frequency sound. As a result, if you do not utilize Crossover in conjunction with the Tweeter, it may be ruined or malfunction. Similarly, Crossover will ensure that the Tweeters are the only ones capable of receiving the purposeful high-frequency transmissions.

How to Install Component Speakers

Best 6.5 Component Speakers for bass | The Bottom line

Hopefully, the comprehensive shopping guide and best 6.5 component speakers for bass suggestions will assist you in making an informed purchase. Before acquiring new automobile speakers, you may want to verify that your double din or single din head unit can support the speakers.

Numerous audio systems have a variety of outputs that are incompatible with particular automotive speaker configurations.

For individuals that demand significant power to perform at their best, you may want to consider buying car audio batteries. Our options cover a range of price points and are all 6.5-inch speakers that are a straight replacement.