Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers For Bass

Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers For Bass


If you are a daily traveler just like me, who uses his car for way long and boring routes to reach your destination, no matter whether it’s your office, your home, or something else.

You can’t survive hours of boring travel in your car cabin, because you do not have any room for entertainment, but some music.

But what if your speakers are not fascinating? They are not delivering that bass, quality, and life to music, that was supposed to be? What would you do if you got a car worth 10’s of thousands of dollars in hard cash to get that car, but it doesn’t come with bassy speakers?

Don’t worry, I am not going to rush you, but there’s still a solution to this and that’s why you are here at the right place and right time.

I know, finding the best 6.5-inch car speakers for bass is time-consuming and if you are already packed for your next journey or you don’t have enough time and idea where to get started with your research, I have made it easy for you to figure it out.

So, in this buying guide of the Best 6.5-inch car speakers for bass, you will get to know our best speakers recommendation for your car to make your holy journey optimistic and enjoyable.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s get into it right now!

In a hurry and don’t want to read all of these reviews one by one? Just skim through the table of content right at the top to get exactly on your dream speakers!

Terms You Should Be Familiar With


In this context, impedance refers to the resistance of a speaker when it receives current. When the resistance is reduced, more electric signals are delivered to the speaker, increasing the sound volume. When utilizing your speaker with an amplifier, however, make sure to double-check the impedance range of the speaker. Since each amplifier has its own impedance needs, this is the case.

R.M.S. or Power

When measuring the power handling ability of your speaker, the peak power and R.M.S. are utilized to determine the speaker’s maximum and average capacity. The Root Mean Square (R.M.S.) indicates the amount of power a speaker can manage consistently, whereas peak power suggests the amount of power a speaker can handle in a brief period.

Frequency Range

The frequency range will affect how sound is focused in your automobile, which will increase the audio system’s overall quality. Tweeters provide high-frequency and high-directional sounds that create a fantastic surround experience. Crossovers are used to spread frequencies uniformly to increase power efficiency.


The materials used in the construction of the 6.5-inch car speakers most suited for your vehicle should be of high quality and long-lasting durability while buying. Lightweight and robust polymer fillings are available, and they can be used in conjunction with a rubber surround for extended usage.

1: Rockford Fosgate P1650 – Bass car speakers

Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers For Bass

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Design and Build Quality

Topping our list of best car speakers, we have the leading P1650 from Rockford which works brilliantly to satisfy your needs.

This speaker from Rockford comes in a whole family and this specific dude which we are talking about is 6.5-inches ones, and it is the senior-most member of their family.

It is one of the most durable car speakers on our list, made up of thermoplastic polymers through flagship injection molding plants. This is a piano black finish, which seems pretty glossy, that also matches your car dashboard and interiors including doors.

A fully circular body, with a durable grill that ventilates the sound and also works like a guard that protects the tweeters and drivers. Rockford has no doubt designed a way attractive speaker which you can clearly see, even if you remove the grill.


Coming to its exclusive point, the masterpiece of a car speaker. It has a crispy sound that delivers a bossy bass and all the vocals with the instrumental sound are very clear.

It doesn’t feel pushing even if you turn the knob all the way up, but again, if you want a longer life and everlasting sound quality, don’t mess with it.

Another good thing it has; you can use super tweeters externally if you want to modify your listening experience. But, as per my experience, I can surely say you wouldn’t require these as well, as long as you use them carefully.

The audio is also loud due to its 6.5-inches massive driver and I can say it for sure, your driving experience is going to be amazing. It is a 2way speaker which has a driver which we have already discussed, plus a quarter-inch dome tweeter.

You don’t need to hire a mechanic to get it installed even if you are a techie guy. But if you think you can’t manage it, it’s better to bring a mechanic.

Moreover, it is a powerful speaker which has almost 110W in peak power collectively, an impedance of 04-ohms, mount depth of almost 2.5-inches, or maybe less with a frequency range of 50-20KHz.

  • Powerful speakers. Durable build quality. 04-ohm impedance. Strong and clear bass. Affordable pair.
  • Might not work for old cars (installation).


2: JBL GX600C – 6.5 Car bass speakers

6.5 Speakers With Bass

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Design and Build Quality

This speaker has a filtered grill on the top, which is a good initiative by JBL, as it also enhances the quality as well as their life. Build quality is again very satisfying and durable, as its parent is JBL.

It uses thermoplastic polymers, which makes it more durable from its front end, the back is obviously some sort of metallic. So, quality is not an issue here. The whole thing comes in black color, from grill to tweeters and black box.

The grill is very delightful and has a contemporary modern aerodynamic design, which also adds an extra layer of material on its sides. It is also removable, but you may not get detailed stuff there. All of the screws are positioned rightly and they are also easy to access.


Besides the design element, JBL speakers sound really good as always. You cannot complain about whatever model you get, but again pricing and specifications of that specific speaker can affect your experience both in a better and a bad way.

But, this is not the case always, as these speakers also sound awesome. It is a 400W powerful speaker that adds extra loudness to the cabin.

Again, GX 600C is a two-way speaker and it has a super 6.5-inch driver along with a pair of silk dome tweeters in each of it.

They are bass-rich guys with an impedance of 2 (or maybe 03) ohms, which makes your driving interesting. Both the opened air and closed air sound pretty awesome, both in terms of sound clarity and bass. Overall, they are low distortion and have a sensitivity of 90dB with a standard frequency rate.

One thing I found a bit questionable, that it starts getting screaming power on its built-in amplifier on some specific type of music.

This may be a drawback of low ohms, or maybe a unit fault. But, most of the genres including instrumental, vocal, and bassy sound fantastic.

  • Powerful speakers. Lower distortion. Good bass and loud. Durable build quality. Modern design.
  • Complex to install in old cars.


3: Rockford Fosgate R165X3 – best speakers for bass for car

best 6.5 inch speakers for car audio bass

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Design and Build Quality

Again, we have got a guy from the Rockford brand, so you now have an idea of their quality.

But again, if you have just skimmed through our list of Best 6.5-inch car speakers for bass directly here, let’s have a closure look again.

This doesn’t come in a set of two, instead, they are packed in 4 speakers, so you have got a more budget-friendly system. You can either install two in your dashboard and two on your rear seats, or you can install all of them in your car doors. The choice is always yours.

This has a simple grill design with a black color tone and the same build material (thermoplastic polymers). Besides this, it has two tweeters in each of its units. The installation will not be an issue if you get them on your doors.


Rockford’s R165 uses a three-way speaker system, which reproduces its sound from all of its subwoofers, tweeters, and drivers simultaneously. The driver has a size of 6.5-inches which produces enough sound to fill your cabin smoothly.

You can play almost every type of genre, no matter low or high frequencies. Both the half inches dome tweeters and drivers will do their job perfectly. It also eliminates the surrounding with rubber, so you will face little to no distortion.

Its conical design perfectly deforms and stabilizes the sound as per its response rate. For the price, it delivers the same thing as they promised and I would say, it’s the best deal under a hundred bucks.

Also, It is one of the great alternatives to ROCKFORD FOSGATE P1692, which we discussed in our guide to Best 6×9 Component Speakers.

  • Simple design language. Rich Bass and loud. 3-way speaker. Durable build quality. Affordable.
  • A bit heavier comparatively.


4: Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 – door speakers for bass

6.5 Speakers With Good Bass

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Design and Build Quality

Now, the last car speaker from Rockford on this list is for those, who want to add some extra stuff in terms of durability and sound engineering. This one is a way simple but attractive in look.

It has got an airy and comparatively wider grill which is made up of a high-quality thermoplastic just like the other components.

Some quite notable things, it is way heavier than other competitors in this price, plus, it has got a powerful and bigger motor at its backend. 

Moreover, drivers are way clear to see due to its wide grill. This also makes the sound quite louder than average speakers.


It is a powerful speaker, which has got a peak power of almost 400W with a solid 6.5-inches driver. Technically, speakers with 6.5-inches drivers work best for hatchbacks, crossovers, and sedan types of cars.

They may also work for SUVs, trucks, and pickups, but you may end up in a low life range.

Although it’s a two-way speaker, PPS4 has got a midrange effect as well, which makes your listening experience fantastic. For its sound, it is a good speaker, which has both a loud volume and strong bass, but its sound clarity can’t be under power.

It has an oversized motor, which we have already discussed, along with a high-temperature voice coil inside it. So, you are no longer required to keep turning on your car AC.

Sound distortion is also not a big deal here, because its drivers are insulated with fabric paper cones, which also ensures clarity in the sound.

  • 04 Ohms speaker. 400W power speakers. Simple and clean design. Super clean sound. Easy to install.
  • A bit expensive.


5: Pioneer TS-A1680F – best 6.5 speakers

best 6.5" car speakers for bass

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Design and Build Quality

Pioneer has been the godfather of car audio for decades. I knew their car speakers when I was a kid and my grandpa had got their pickup for the very first time.

I and my siblings were using it to listen to the over favorite looney tunes all day. How wonderful were those days!

It is a budget car speaker, so you can expect that it’s not that lush in design. It is a bit simple but looks decent both in terms of design and quality. The grill doesn’t cover and protect the whole thing, but its central components.

Pioneer has changed its engineering. Now, you have got a 10-11mm “Hard Dome” tweeter, which is non-metallic and made up of polyethylene material. Overall, build quality is again satisfactory Because it is made by the hands of a Pioneer.


This is a 4-way speaker, which includes dual tweeters, midranges, and a driver. The sound quality is magnificent. It works on 350W peak power which makes it one of the most powerful speakers in this list of Best 6.5-inch car speakers.

For the bass, it does the perfect job which you are looking for. The sound is overall loud on high turns at most. Vocals and instruments also sound decent and clear. As they are a pair of speakers, you can install them either at the doors or dashboard.

A good thing, pioneer has if you don’t know whether or not this (or any) specific speaker could.

Fits your car, you just have to enter your vehicle details at their website under a car fit guide and you are good to go.

  • Easy to install. Simple design. 04-way speaker. Perfect bass. Affordable pair.
  • Just a Basic design.


6: JBL CLUB6520 – best bass speakers

best bass for car door speakers 6.5"

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Design and Build Quality

Now, this is the last speaker from JBL on this list. If you want something gorgeous in design, a bit customizable, with better sound quality and low price, you should stop scrolling further and get one from Amazon right after you finish reading this one.

This speaker from JBL’s club series is a durable and attractive speaker, which is manufactured in our neighbor country Mexico.

It is light weighted but a powerful speaker. This does not come in a set of two pairs, but it’s still affordable.

It comes in black color, with extra protected sides and a visible tweeter which is pretty beautiful.


This again has oversized woofers that reproduce deep and clean bass. It sounds the same as we have some other speakers on the list here. You will be listening to Deep bass, loud volume, a charming sound, and a bit of distortion or maybe less.

They have a wattage of 300, an impedance of 03 ohms, sensitivity sounds 90-93db, and a frequency response rate of 55Hz to 22000Hz. The RMS power handling is 50W the first one was its peak.

They are made by Harman Kardon, so you can always expect some edge on others. But again, it depends on their signature line, what they are going to provide happily. A good thing JBL gives, they include all the installation kits, guides with a screwdriver.

  • Clean design. Easy to install. Affordable pair. Deep bass. 2-way speaker.
  • Distortion is a bit more.


7: Pyle PLG6C – bass car speaker

best 6.5 car speakers for bass without subwoofer

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Design and Build Quality

When crafting the list of Best 6.5-inch car speakers, I realize, Rockford and JBL are going to dominate the list.

I had no problem with this at all, But I thought we should have revised the list a bit to get some other names as well. Because you might be using JBL or Rockford already and now you want something other than that.

This car speaker from the Pyle gear series is a two-way speaker, which comes in a completely unique and yellowish color.

I don’t know whether or not it seems attractive, but its sides are rubber insulated, which adds a layer of protection that gives long life to it. Pyle has made this for pickups, SUVs, trucks, and some sort of heavy-duty vehicles.


To be honest, the Sound blasting and reproduction are not that super cool but it justifies the price. It does provide listenable music with its half-inch tweeter and crossover midrange drivers.

Overall, you will be listening to a medium to high volume, good sort of bass with clear and comparatively less distorted vocals.

They have an impedance of 04ohm, peak power of 400W, 50-5000hz sound frequency, and a sensitive sound. Although the voice coil is made up of coil, it can bear a high temperature, which makes it more compact.

You can mount in three different positions, on the surface of your car dashboard, vertically over your head in angular direction over your head, or on your car doors. To do this, you will get a complete installation kit at this price.

  • Powerful speakers. Customizable. Easy to Install. Sounds good. Less distortion.
  • Design is not attractive.


8: Alphasonik AS26 – Best 6.5 speakers

Best 6.5 Door bass Speakers

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Design And Build Quality

Now, this is a slightly newer brand, so I think it would take some time to build credibility & trust.

So far, I was unable to figure out their company, but there’s barely anything available except for their brand website & store. We found their store more trustworthy, which makes us want to put them on this list.

This one is completely different from the ideal concept of car speakers nowadays. Instead, it dates back to the early century, which also helps you to get if you have a slightly older car, which causes some installation issues.

This is a plastic-made speaker that does come with a grill which seems to be very diligent. Inside the grill, it has a conical sort of woofer, which also holds a small tweeter, because this is a three-way speaker.


This speaker suits best for audiophiles who love to boom their vehicle cabin to get lost in the music. So, keep scrolling to the next one without wasting your time.

The speaker has a 350W of nominal, 700W of peak power & 35W of RMS, which makes it pretty powerful and offers slightly bossy bass, louder sound, clear & crisp audio reproduction.

Luckily, this speaker is also using low frequencies, so it is another addition to your low frequencies speakers for cars. This can hold for 60Hz to 22KHz of frequency response rate.

Besides these things, it also has a low impedance of just 04ohms even being powerful, comparatively higher sensitivity of 95dBs to keep powdered your amplifier without losing any signals.

  • Optimal frequency response rate Slightly Lower Impedance rate High sensitivity & power rating Does offers a grill as well Crisp & clear soundings
  • Installation could be hard


9: Pyle PL63BL – budget 6.5 bass speakers

best car speakers for bass without amp

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Design and Build Quality

This car speaker from Pyle is the cheapest 6.5-inch car speaker in this buying guide. Further, this is the most selling speaker at amazon and they have also marked them their choice.

Now, the build quality is not that fascinating, but if you can manage to deal with it carefully, it can work in the long run for years. It is not a completely round shape that comes in plenty of speaker size, system ways, and multiple power.

We are discussing a 3-way speaker under 6.5-inches in size that has got a peak power of 350Watts.


For the price, I would say it definitely sounds great. You should not challenge its performance at such a low cost. Although there’s a bit of room for improvement in build quality and insulation, it still works better.

You will be getting clear music, a crisp sound with some sort of distortion on some music, a loud sound, and deep bass.

It is the best fit for you if you are not an audiophile but you are looking for an affordable speaker that can help you to make your long drive some decent.

It can give a sound frequency range from 95Hz to 20,000Hz for max. This again has a metallic voice coil to ensure low distortions. Without this, you might be getting even more distortion. Thanks to Pyle once again.

They are lightweight, own less impedance of 04 ohms, have a pretty sensitive sound, and have a quarter-inch piezo tweeter, which makes them more economical.

  • Cheapest speaker. Crisp and loud sound. Attractive design. Good build quality. Powerful speakers.
  • Sound Distortion at some points.


10: Soundstream AC.6 – car bass door speakers

the best 6.5 speakers

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Next on the list of the Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers For Bass, we have got you with Soundstream’s only speaker on the list. These speakers came out in 2016, and they are not so popular yet effective though.

Design and Build Quality

These speakers from Soundstream are one of the inexpensive 6.5-inch car speakers, which is also pretty lightweight with just a weight of 4.5 pounds. With a completely simple design, there is nothing as such that is worth an explanation here.

This is again a plastic build speaker set, with a Polypropylene cone that is molded through the polymer injection method. Its quality seems to be justifying for the material, and you can expect some longevity as well.

Now, the build quality is not truly fascinating, as there are some finishing issues, mostly in its assembly or mounting parts. But they can work for years if you can manage to deal with it carefully. They are completely round-shaped by the way.


With its two-way sound system, you can say these boys are more than fascinating. Even after some improvements, you can never judge its quality for the price at least. It is from the Arachnid lineup by Soundstream by the way.

Soundstream has rated these guys at 300 Watts peak power, and RMS is almost close to 120W per channel of it. Collectively, these guys deliver a loud soundstage without any doubt.

You will get clear, and crisp sound with a little sort of distortion. Still, you have some detailed music, a loud sound, and deep bass as well. If you are not an audiophile who is looking for an affordable speaker, these are your boys then.

It can give a sound frequency range from 125Hz to 20,000Hz at most. This again has a metallic voice coil, with a silk dome, and polymer tweeters. Still with this, you won’t get any significant sort of distortion.

  • A Budget speaker pair Crisp, & audible sound 300Watts peak power Average build quality 2-Way Comp Speakers
  • A little Sound Distortion


11: JBL GTO609C – 6.5 Inch Speaker for bass under budget

affordable 6.5 car speakers for bass

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Design and Build Quality

JBL again, with its new premium set of car speakers. Starting from its design, this is a matt black finish, which suits the dark interiors of most of the honda and other American cars as well.

Here, you have got a pair of attractive speakers, which clearly defines the craftsmanship of JBL’s engineering team.

The front itself is a masterpiece. It has a black grille with a metallic branding of JBL on its center. The outline is a bit chromic, which includes some 3D stips on both edges. It is removable although it has got fixed with screws all around its corners.

Personally, I like its design very much. Both its design and build quality are fabulous. By the way, it is made up of carbonic material, which makes it premium and pretty durable even for such an affordable price.


It is a premium 6.5-inch car speaker from JBL, so how could it be possible; they can’t sound perfect? The speaker uses 270W of peak power collectively and they have got an impedance of 03ohms, which is not that much for cars. But, I do believe it has nothing to do that much with your cabin because it is a two-way speaker.

The sound reproduction is brilliant, even at a low level, you will get a decent amount of sound with clear sounds. All the mids and lows, highs and almost everything is satisfactory. You might not feel them pushing a lot of power to get you the quality in sound.

Both the vocals and instrumental sounds such as guitar, drums, piano, and acoustics sound to be super clear due to almost zero distortion. These things make JBL’s GTO609C, a premium choice. Moreover, it has a sound clarity/sensitivity of over 90dB, frequency rate from 50hz to 23,000Khz and you already know it’s ohms.

  • Affordable car speakers Premium build quality Very low distortion Sounds awesome 270W peak power
  • Not that Easy to install


Buying Guide for The 6.5″ Car Speakers for Bass

We’ve divided our evaluation into two sections, each with bite-sized information, hoping it won’t be too overwhelming to read. As the title suggests, one goes over ideal vehicle speaker characteristics in general, while the other focuses on bass performance in greater depth.

What to Look for in a Car Stereo System

The most important decision to make when purchasing a new pair of speakers is whether or not to replace your amplifier simultaneously. The specs of your amplifier, namely the power rating and the number of channels available, effectively establish the upper limit on the type of set-up you may have. So taking into consideration your amplification requirements is unquestionably item number one on the checklist.

You must understand how many channels you have, what each can supply, and at what impedance each is operating. Some amplifiers can alter outputs and impedances with relative ease, making them a versatile choice for adding to a simple set-up as needed.

After that, we’ll talk about the rather obvious elephant in the room: the form and size of the speakers. Typically, most factory-built automobile speakers are 6 or 6.5 inches in diameter and round, or 6X9 inches in diameter and oval shape.

Although you will have to consider the mounting depth available within the door and other factors, they should be simple to replace and install in most situations. As a result, certain speaker sets need vehicle modifications, which is a considerably more enormous undertaking that a specialist should carry out.

We have included a few more extensive 8-inch options regarding the finest vehicle speakers because we are focused on bass, and a greater cone surface area translates to better bass handling.

If you want a ‘full-range sound,’ a quality pair of vehicle audio speakers will need to be at least 2-way classed. However, a 3-way class set-up may give a much more rounded overall sound, and the mids tend to be more attended to than a standard 2-way woofer/tweeter combo.

Look for a product that fits your budget and has the highest-quality components accessible in the price range you set for yourself. Above all, you want well-made and sturdy construction to last for a long time. All high output tweeter models should be equipped with appropriate cooling mechanisms to maintain optimum efficiency while working. It will reduce the risk of overheating.

What to Look for in Car Speakers with a Strong Bass Response?

Choosing the right vehicle speakers for bass is a personal preference since it depends entirely on how you like your music to sound. If you are an actual bass head who wants to have the music pounding as you wheel up in your hood, you are most certainly seeking something loud to listen to.

As a rule, you don’t want it to distort, but there are those of us who want to feel our bass and have been so accustomed to overtaxing insufficient systems that we have grown to recognize and appreciate the buzz of a beta bass speaker.

Audio enthusiasts who want to hear more definitions between the different frequency regions will find something to handle the low frequencies. Without the risk of distortion and has a reasonable amount of volume available for those days when they want to let loose.

It is possible to find literally hundreds of alternatives for automobile installation on the market, and they are all fiercely competitive, vying for the top spot. It is advantageous to consumers since it implies that we may very frequently discover a decent deal even in the lower-budget segments of the marketplace.

2.1 systems with a dedicated woofer may be necessary if you want powerful bass, but a 2.1 system with a dedicated woofer may be sufficient for most people. All of the products we’ve looked at today would make a fantastic left and proper channels as part of a more extensive set-up.

Is it Necessary to Use an Amplifier in My Car for Better Sound?

What is the first thing that catches someone’s eye when they see a car sound system? It isn’t always the car’s amplifier that causes the problem. Instead, it is the head unit or speaker grills that are the problem. Nonetheless, the vehicle amplifier is one of the essential components for producing high-quality sound.

Although most factory sound systems do not have a separate amplifier, you will discover that installing one is a straightforward modification. Discussing how to utilize an amplifier to improve the sound quality in your vehicle, whether you have a factory system or an aftermarket device, is our topic today.

What Are the Uses of Car Amplifiers?

A small built-in amplifier in the vehicle’s head unit provides power to the speaker system. Although the amplifier in premium audio systems may be more powerful, it is still insignificant compared to the sound quality you can achieve with aftermarket equipment.

The amplifier is a device that accepts an audio signal and physically amplifies it in any system. That’s how it came to be known by that name.

You do not want to enhance the factory speakers. They may feature a low impedance voice coil or some other characteristic that renders them incompatible with most aftermarket amplifiers on the market. Replace the speakers in your vehicle radio and then add an amplifier for enhanced sound quality if you want to have the greatest sound possible.

Is it Necessary to Have an Amplifier?

Even if you are aware that the original head unit with a built-in amplifier is insufficient, there are many additional compelling reasons to add an amplifier to your car audio system.

You desire a loud sound that is free of distortion.

As we previously stated, when you crank up the volume on your factory set-up, you will experience distortion and noise. Put it to the test right now by turning up the volume on your car audio and seeing what happens. Most likely, you’ll only be able to travel so far before the loudness gets unbearable.

Using a high-quality amplifier, you may boost the level without experiencing any of the aberrations that you would typically hear from your O.E.M. system.

You wish to provide power to a subwoofer.

An amplifier will be required in addition to a subwoofer if you choose to install one in your vehicle. Yes, using the subwoofer without an amplifier; however, the sound quality would be diminished. In many situations, the car radio does not have the connectors necessary for the subwoofer, leaving you with no alternative except to purchase an aftermarket unit.

Although both the three-channel and five-channel amplifiers can handle a subwoofer, adding a channel specifically for the sub may be necessary. To get more excellent sound, you’ll need two amplifiers — one for the speakers and another for the subwoofer – in this situation.

You want the best performance possible from your speakers

If you wish to increase the sound quality, you’ll need an amplifier for better sound. Yes, you may upgrade the factory system by adding additional speakers, but installing a new head unit in conjunction with an amplifier is the most effective approach to achieve the sound quality you seek.

On the other hand, a new head unit and speakers may be sufficient if you don’t mind a small degree of distortion. When used in conjunction with the appropriate speaker, some high-end head units provide good sound on their own.

However, even when you raise the volume to its highest setting, you will notice a degradation in sound quality.
We recognize that updating the head unit and purchasing an amplifier would increase the cost, but it is the only method to eliminate distortion.

6.5 Inch bass speakers for car – FAQ’s

Do 6.5 speakers have good bass?

Despite their tiny size, the finest 6.5-inch subwoofers provide sound bass reproduction. Because of their lightweight and little cone, these subwoofers can create more precise and punchy bass than other subwoofers.
The result is that they are appropriate for anyone who enjoys listening to crystal clear lows that are free of a boomy sound effect.

Do 6.5 speakers sound better than 6×9?

There are several distinctions between a 6×9 and a 6.5 that might be beneficial or detrimental depending on the situation. 6×9 has a greater surface area, which means it can produce more volume with the same amount of space from a driver around the same size as 6×9 when it comes to installation simplicity.

Can you replace 6.5 speakers with 6×9?

In this case, 6.5 is round while 6×9 is oval. Although theoretically, you might substitute one with the other, there are a few considerations to keep in mind: First and foremost, because the 6×9 is larger and has a different form than the 5×7, the speaker cutout will need to be changed.

Is a 6.5-inch subwoofer good?

Despite their tiny size, the finest 6.5-inch subwoofers provide a satisfying amount of bass. Even though they cannot offer earth-shaking bass, they do a fantastic job of adding rumble to your vehicle music without taking up much room.

6.5″ Speaker Boxes Review

Best 6.5 Car Speakers For Bass – The bottom line

People love to listen to music on the way to their destination. This makes them drive honestly while listening to their favorite music as it also helps to pass the boring times.

The 6.5-inches car speakers are very popular with car owners both in terms of pricing, installation, and sound quality. But finding them is a bit hard. We have crafted this list with our personal experience with these things and deep research.

All of these speakers come in a pair of two speakers and they are all worth buying as they have already been tested hundreds of times. Go check them out thoroughly and select the one which clearly meets your requirements and falls under your budget.

Just make a decision now and thank us later!