Best 6×9 Component Speakers

Best 6x9 Component Speakers

Nowadays, people wait for many days and months for their ideal cars and their best features. Due to the massive investment which they do on the formation, they want a high quality of the structure. As from ease to entertainment, they want a pleasing drive.

The drivers have to focus on the road; that’s why they have only one source of enjoyment. That is the quality of music they are listening to.

The woofers and speakers you used in your cars are probably more significant. They might offer you excellent sound quality but cannot reduce external noise. You can install component speakers in your cars.

The component speakers are used in the cars for an audio speaker for the finest and best sound quality. They can reduce the external noise from the environment.

They have separate tweeters, woofers, cusps, and sub-woofers with them. They can enhance your listening experience.
The pair of the tweeter and a mid-bass frequency range are used in their production.

The 6X9 component speakers cover the complete audio range. These speakers have the best frequency range of 20,000Hz.

The component speakers patently and undoubtedly provide better sound quality than the regular speakers. The 6X9 speakers offer you the full range audio sound. They are less expensive than regular speakers and more comfortable to install as well.

If you don’t know much about component speakers, you should first learn about component speakers to choose the best speakers.

Hence, it would be difficult for you to choose the best 6X9 component speakers among the different brands. You do not need to be worried! Here I am going to help you to select the best component speakers via this article. So let’s discover.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall
JBL CLUB9600C 6X9" 540W Club Series 2-Way Component Car...
Best Design
Infinity KAPPA-90CSX 6" x 9" Two-Way Car Audio Component...
Most Affordable
PowerBass OE69C-TY - 6x9 Toyota OEM Upgrade Component...
JBL CLUB9600C 6X9" 540W Club Series 2-Way Component Car...
Infinity KAPPA-90CSX 6" x 9" Two-Way Car Audio Component...
PowerBass OE69C-TY - 6x9 Toyota OEM Upgrade Component...
Best Overall
JBL CLUB9600C 6X9" 540W Club Series 2-Way Component Car...
JBL CLUB9600C 6X9" 540W Club Series 2-Way Component Car...
Best Design
Infinity KAPPA-90CSX 6" x 9" Two-Way Car Audio Component...
Infinity KAPPA-90CSX 6" x 9" Two-Way Car Audio Component...
Most Affordable
PowerBass OE69C-TY - 6x9 Toyota OEM Upgrade Component...
PowerBass OE69C-TY - 6x9 Toyota OEM Upgrade Component...

1: JBL CLUB9600C – 6×9 component speakers

6x9 Component Speakers

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The JBL club series component speakers are high-quality speakers who are produced in Mexico. They offer you the kind of music you want to listen to. They will sound better than two giant sub-woofers fixed in the back seat.

The JBL club is the most established and commanding brand for audio. If you need extra bass, the speakers will provide you that quality sound without gathering you out of your car.

The club series speakers are one of the loudest 6X9 speakers among all. They are affordable and have the right mixture of sound quality. They are cheaper speakers that are decent and proper.

These speakers have come with the tweeters that provide you a high range of frequency. You can enjoy clear and brittle records using these speakers. When you attach an amplifier, then the tweeters and sub-tweeters will provide you the amazing quality of soundscape.

The JBL car speakers will provide you the excellent bass response for 6X9 car speakers. You can hear the detailed music with these speakers that you never heard before in your car or place.

They will offer you fantastic value and flexibility for the smaller cars. You will get ease in the installation of these speakers also in the thinner spaces as the car doors.

Once you installed the speakers, you can play both radio and CD switching from right to left speakers. You will enjoy the better and natural sounding effects with better lows. You do not need to attach the amplifier with them. Without an amplifier, you will getter better and louder sound with speakers.

The 6X9 club series speakers produce sound in the 60-40k Hz frequencies so that you do not miss the important parts of their audio and sound.

The bass of these speakers gives great response and tweeter provide clear highs without high sound. The overall response of these speakers is great as you will enjoy the quality and class.

If you talk about the budget and affordance, the JBL club series is the best option.

  • Great clarity Built nicely Very crisp and clear sound Design less distortion volume
  • Bass response should be more


2: Infinity KAPPA-90CSX – best 6×9 car speakers

Best 6x9 Car Speakers

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The infinity kappa car audio speakers are designed with the improve technology using high-end materials. They provide you the outstanding and amazing sound reproduction.

The speakers’ structure light but rigid fiberglass woofer cones will not twist or flex. The design of the speakers offers a large surface area to you for the improved and efficient sound frequency range.

The voice coils used in it produce a tighter and sharper bass. The magnet placed in it keeps the woofers run cooler by placing the steel close to voice coils.

They connect directly to computer optimization. They use the same metal matrix diaphragm tweeters that are found in home speakers. That’s why you will listen to music in the way they are recorded with minimal distortion.

The tweeter pivot used in it, allow you to adjust them for better audio imagery. The outboard cross-over service the audiophile-grade components to separate the highs and lows. So that both tweeter and woofer work together perfectly.

These speakers will establish a new standard in your car audio. The woofers will deliver you tight robust bass and detailed output. The edge-driven tweeters provide you sweet smooth highs with increased thermal power.

The speakers will generate great highs and lots of bass for you. The more power giving the speakers will offer you louder sound. They are mid-range two-ways speakers that can upgrade the system into three-way systems to increase the performance.

The high sensitivity of these speakers allows high output without overdriving the system. The sensitivity of these speakers is 96dB. This will result in an excellent volume.

The pre-wired cross-overs eradicate a time-consuming step in your speaker installation. The stations at the end of the cross-over wires attach directly to the speakers. This will leave no chance of improper wiring during speaker fixing.

  • Much tighter and deep bass Ultra-clear highs Excellent build quality Versatile in terms of playing all types of music
  • Only fix in the back doors A bit bulky close plastic


3: PowerBass OE69C-TY – waterproof 6×9 speakers

PowerBass OE69C-TY 6x9" 160W OE Series 2-Way Component Speaker review

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The power-bass component speakers are introduced to deliver you great sound across the range. The power-bass speakers have existed in two different shapes. The co-axials structure an injection-molded cone with a silk dome tweeter.

The component system of the speakers forms a reverse shaped woofer cone with a separate titanium dome. It delivers the audio experience that you always wanted from your sound system.

Every model of these speakers is stated using an audiophile-grade inductor and capacitor that will result in detail and accurate unmatched sound than other brands. The kappa speakers design abstracts every watt of power from the amplifier.

These are one of the best 6X9 speakers without an amplifier. You need no amplifier for the best sound quality.

The bass boost formed in the GM-A6704 and GM-A5702 can be the set levels unevenly from 0 to 12dB for best bass. This control can increase the overall balance of all sounds as preferred by the listening and music style. This allows the adjustment of the speakers in three steps as 0Db, 6dB, and 12dB.

These sets of speakers have two mid-bass parts, two tweeters, and a pair of cross-overs. The RMS rating for the input ability is 70 watts. They can handle more power as well. You can use them at 100 watts without any trouble of amplifier tuned correctly.

If you want to enhance the lower range performance, you can install an extra sub-woofer with it. That will be a low-pass crossover on the amplifier.

The power-bass component speakers will allow you more freedom to tune your speakers. This will deliver you better sound quality in your car.

  • Great clarity Built nicely Very crisp and clear sound Design less distortion volume
  • Average build quality Cross-over wires are a bit short


4: Infinity Reference 9630C – best 6×9 speakers for sound quality

6x9 Door Speakers

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The infinity reference component speakers are developed to provide you the eternity signature sound in cars and other vehicles. The textile tweeters are used to deliver smooth sound and clear highs.

In advanced speaker’s systems the adjustable tweeters are used to control the production level for the optimization in the installation areas. The woofers provide you the more surface area for high bass that enhances performance.

They are built with 1 pair of woofers, 1 pair of the tweeter, 1 pair of speaker grilles, a pair of cross-overs, and a pair of woofers connecter rings. They also have 1 pair of tweeter surface mount fixtures, a pair of tweeter flat washers, 8 woofer mounting screws, and 1 pair of spacers.

The newly plotted basket is optimized to fit most factory openings. They are available in the ranges of different sizes as 3”, 4”, 6X8, and 4” X6. The speakers are perfectly promoted.

You do not need an amplifier for better sound quality. The speakers give more extraordinary bass quality and sound to you. You will enjoy the sound experience.

If you want the best sound quality in your car, the infinity component systems can do it. These speakers give a high end and high-quality bass. The outboard cross-overs accurately and smoothly schemes the sound where it needs to go.

The edge you will get from the dome tweeters is its lightweight and amazing strength. They reduce the distortion at high output levels. The tweeters are more helpful to create more unified integration with the woofer.

They can handle up to 90 watts of RMS power output. The sensitivity of the speakers is 93dB.

You can also optimize the sound that will give you the high-end and audiophilic quality performance. You will gain exceptional clarity of sound. You will enjoy the sound every mile because of polypropylene woofer that is surrounded by durable hi-roll rubber.

The tweeters direct the sound to the high frequencies. The cross-overs are specially designed for high performance. You might get an experience of extraordinary sound quality that you never get before.

  • Impressive bass response Affordable pricing Has great clearness and vibrancy sound
  • Seems little low volume of sound


5: Alpine X-Series – best 6×9 speakers

Best 6x9 Speakers

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Alpine has a few great choices available. The X-S69C is the top model in the company’s X Series range of speakers. Alpine X-series speakers combine cutting-edge technologies, superior materials, and innovative design to produce accurate and well-balanced sound across the audible range. However, these speakers are at an affordable price.

The speaker cone is powered by 6X9inches. It features what Alpine describes as a nano-fiber woofer supported by a high amplitude multi-roll edge, and 1 carbon graphite dome tweeters.

The small-diameter nanofibers create a cone structure that is lightweight and rigid, for increased sound accuracy. Nanofiber cones have good internal damping, so remaining energy degenerates quickly without distorting the original music tones.

Alpine X series uses a neodymium magnet which gives you all the range and power you could want. They deliver a great mid-range and highs, though to produce punchy bass that you can feel and hear, try pairing with a subwoofer.

The ‘C’ in the model number stands for a component. Which is to say, there’s a tweeter, but instead of being suspended in front of the cone, it is separate, and so can be placed somewhere on the dashboard.

A tweeter is a 25mm unit with carbon and magnet, that delivers increased accuracy and extended high-frequency range without the harshness that is sometimes associated with hard dome tweeters. It is designed for surface mounting.

Since the magnet is smaller than conventional designs, it allows the depth of the X-Series speakers to be much shallower and thereby compatible with more vehicles.

There is also a separate crossover network, which can be put anywhere it will fit, within the range permitted by the speaker cables. Lots of mounting hardware is included.

Alpine has designed these speakers to work perfectly with your car stereo and to give you a no regrets sound upgrade.

  • Satisfying quality Excellent power handling Low cost Easy installation 89 dB sensitivity Grilles included
  • Power handling below average


6: Focal ISU 690 – 6×9 speakers

6x9 Speakers

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The focal ISU690 not only comes with smoother installation but also with excellent sound quality. It has a poly glass for natural sound and an inverted dome aluminum/magnesium tweeter for clear, detailed reproduction.

Backed by an in-line crossover, delivers amazing detail in the high range and incorporates an acoustic horn design for an improved soundstage.

The Focal also encompasses the reliability of evolving technological equipment which ensures that your speakers will stand the test of time. So, you will be able to enjoy the Focal sound for a long time.

Genuinely small in size, powerful, and fits-anywhere, the ISU 690 makes it possible to improve on audio systems without major technical modifications to your vehicle interior.

It has a very compact form, and its built-in filters mean that these speakers are easy to fit and connect to your original-fit head unit.

Focal 690 6×9 speakers enjoy the great build-in features. Durable rubber surrounds, inverted dome tweeters, polyglass woofer cone to give you a warm, natural sound with enhanced strength for accurate playback with no added resonances. So, you are wondering about what is Polyglass?

Polyglass is the outcome of molten glass balls being adhered to a pulp woofer cone. It facilitates not only the stiffness of the woofer to reduce distortion, but also improves the bass response especially at louder volumes. Lower distortion and solid bass performance. Sounds too good to be true.

The focal ISU woofer cones are made with a blend of materials to give you extraordinary results. Focal is a well-known, speaker manufacturer and the build quality found in their speakers is a testament to their never-ending pursuit of perfection.

The ISU 690 speakers were designed to run quite well off your current radio’s power. If you want to get the sound quality and volume potential, you may want to consider an amplifier in the future.

  • Deep bass Compact tweeter Loud and clear Easy installation
  • Expensive Questionable quality


7: Focal IS690TOY – best sounding 6×9 speakers

Best Sounding 6x9 Speakers

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Focal is one of the most dominant Audio Manufacturers with French roots. Their Integration series is the model of quality, which you have dreamed for.

As per Focal’s verdict, this Component speaker is the only match for Toyota Vehicles, so don’t expect them for your car, if you don’t use Toyota or other Japanese manufacturers.

Instead, you can take a look at some 3.5-inches car speakers, as they are a good fit for some small cabin cars. Coming back to the Focal’s IS-690 TOY, which is a two-way speaker set out of the box.

These speaker pairs are using a single compact tweeter in its cone, which is made up of an aluminum core. This metallic use makes the entire structure well balanced and quite durable as compared to some others.

Technically, the speakers have a rating of 4 ohms, which makes it some medium-ranged power, but you can always use some modifications to make your speakers sound louder.

It is a completely rounded chassis, which makes it easier to install. However, if you can manage to get official installation services, it is a good thing. The speaker has a nominal power range of 70-75W, however, the peak can go up to 150-170W. So, power-wise, they are not the underrated stuff.

Moreover, these speakers do sound good. Due to their decent sensitivity range, these speakers are providing enormous sound which is more than enough to fill every single inch of your car’s cabin. As there’s good insulation, you will barely notice any distortion.

Besides all these things, these speakers work on a frequency range of 50Hz to 20,000Hz. This is also a mid-range frequency rate, but this works perfect for a combination with impedance, sensitivity & wattage which is decent here.

  • Delivers a great sound Easy to install speakers Well constructed speakers 75W Nominal Power 04W Low Impedance
  • Could need an amplifier as well


8: Alpine S-S69C – best CAR DOOR Speakers

Best Budget Component Speakers

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Alpine is another great brand, which offers a great sound at a great price. The Alpine’s S Series is available in a wide variety of sizes all across the entire lineup.

These sizes are starting from 4-inches to 9-inches speakers as well. All of these speakers (including this guy as well) are using Coaxial tweeters, where the tweeters are built inside the cone.

This not only helps in ease of installation, but it also makes a significant impact on sound performance specifically for the car audio components. However, this one is the component style speakers which is the main point of context in this guide to Best 6×9 Component Speakers.

The S-S69-C is using a tweeter next to its woofer, which is the Silk Dome one. It has been using the inline crossover because it is the true left & right speaker to be placed in your car.

Unlike the previous one, which was dedicated to Toyota’s vehicles, this speaker can fit any car that you have. But make sure it fits your car, otherwise you will kill your insulation.

Due to its good quality of tweeter, you can expect a smooth & engaging sound even on high frequencies. For its frequency, you will be dealing with 65-20k Hz of range, which is some higher than the previous ones.

Woofers are carbon fiber & plastic made, which is decently surrounded by rubber insulations, making the entire sound stage durable & sound itself clear. This sounds pretty much clear as there’s a decent bass available out of the box.

Though they do sound louder & non-distorted, if you want them to sound, even more, you should take an Amplifier for the speaker to get this done. If you keep pushing them on 100% of the treble with distorted music, you are likely to ruin your speakers & experience as well.

  • 1-inch Silk Dome Tweeter Easy to install speakers 04Ohms of Impedance Owns Powerful subwoofers 85W RMS & 260W Peak power
  • No grills are included in the set


9:Alpine R-S69C.2 – best 6×9 component speakers

Best 6x9 Component Speakers

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Alpine again for the last time with its newer “R-Series” speakers. Just like any other Alpine speaker, this one also comes in a huge box with a lot of installation stuff & guides inside it.

Inside the box, there are two tweeters one for both because this is a component speaker set.

There’s also a crossover, which is going to assist you in installation as it tells you what sound should hit which speaker side. This also protects your tweeters, which is the most important yet sensitive area of any component speakers out there.

Another thing, you have got speaker grills here in this guy, which was a missing element in the Previous Alpine’s S-Series on the list here. Probably, you don’t use it, but still, it is present here to make the mid-range safe.

To improve your speaker’s sounds a little bit, Alpine has also included some foaming which you can find down deeper in the box. It is going to insulate both your tweeters along with the subwoofer.

There’s a neodymium magnet inside the cone, which is very strong as compared to cobalt ones. It will give a decent hand over the moving voice coil, which is the main black box of any component speaker.

Overall this 2-way component speaker has a frequency response rate of 60-40kHz, a sensitivity of 90dB, & 300W of peak power that translates into 100W of RMS.

  • Decent bass response Can Bypass the crossover Carbon Fiber Dome Tweeter Great midrange & durable Delivers Smooth soundings
  • Preferably hard to say


10: Infinity REF9620CX – 6×9 door speakers

6x9 Door Speakers

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If you want to listen to more powerful component speakers, or the above speakers are not capable enough to satisfy your level. Then we can bet this boy is going to make your day.

Though this one is available in multiple options from 3.5-inches to 6.5-inches one, we will take care of its 6×9 Component speaker. This guy was launched back in 2016, & it has captured so much attention from Car owners & Audio Lovers.

This is what makes it the 75th most favorite Car Tweeter speakers in the entire Amazon listings. It is using the top of the line grille which is pretty adorable that gives some premium feel at a budget price.

Just like any other speaker out there on the list, this one also sounds decent. There is a decent bass available due to its durable conical surroundings across the tweeters.

Crossovers are also available here, & both of these are doing their job pretty confidently. Even without amps, they do perform satisfactorily.

No little distortion or fluff is appearing during the listening. If your factory speakers are the worst or the average ones, these speakers are worth checking out to replace those. Unless you get tired of these levels, it’s better not to use an amplifier with these guys.

  • 55W RMS, 75W peak output 03-04Ohms Speaker Impedance Easy to install in most cars Budget 6×9 Component Speakers
  • Bass could be even improved


5 Best 6×9 Speakers in 2021

1: Pioneer TS6900PRO – Best 6×9 two way speakers

best 6x9 speakers

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When it comes to car audio specially 6*9 speaker, you can never underestimate the pioneer audios. It is not just an audio manufacturer; it is a company that sells quality at an affordable price to audiophiles like you.

Pioneer’s TS 6900 Pro is a professional 2-way itself. It is light and durable indeed, but you need to be careful when installing them.

This is a 6*9 speaker set, but you can also get one according to the subwoofer size. For this one, TS 6900 is designed in a chamfered rectangular shape with blend shape 3D bezels keeping a subwoofer or a tweeter in the center. It is also pretty & you will get one in glossy red color.

They are simple but attractive and I think design language should not be your concern if you are interested in something on a budget. This pair is affordable and you should consider buying.

If you like loud sounded speakers, it is obviously for you. Pioneer is providing you a speaker that has clear & crisp sound which is rich in bass & what do you want more. The impedance varies from 04-05 ohms, with a frequency of 30Hz to 27KHz.

The mids and lows are doing a perfect job for your road journey. The sound is more than enough to fill your car cabin with its rich and quality sound. For the performance, it is the best one in the market at this price.

These components are small but powerful in performance. This is a set of subwoofer speaker types that has an output of 600W from which you can imagine how bold they are. So, this is why we recommend using it as a 2-way speaker.

The only thing I don’t like about this; the grill may compromise for you if you are in a hatchback. The rest of the things are pretty fine. The magnet is big enough for fitting it into sedan cars.

  • Powerful speakers Enough Magnet Loud & crisp Audio level Deep bass to fill the cabin Affordable package
  • Professional Installation


2: Rockford Fosgate P1692 – 6×9 car speakers

best 6x9 speakers for bass

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A senior car audio manufacturer from the 70’s that offers a lot in their audio products. The RF’s P1692 comes in an ellipses design with matt black finishing, which avoids the friction and vibration when you use them to listen to the music while driving.

Mounting holes are also located at a decent location, which you can customize according to your need. The whole case is made up of crossover injection molding which ensures its strength and durability.

The speaker comes with an adapter plate, which is also interesting & seems fine in quality. Plus, you will get a grill that is removable & you can fix it through a screwdriver.

The best thing it has, you don’t to first purchase it & then keep checking it in your car. Instead, you can simply visit the link below at Amazon to figure out whether or not it suits your car, by choosing from your car model & make.

It has got a tiny dome tweeter in the center which works Boombastic to give an immense listening experience. It has a bright (if not extreme) level of audio reproduction, which you will love if you are a true audiophile.

This is a pair of speakers, so don’t worry, you will get the bangs for the bucks you invest. This guy has an impedance of 04Ohms, sensitivity of almost 90 dB & frequency response rate of 35-27Khz with a peak output power of 75W each (150W pair). Comparatively, they are lower than Pioneer’s TS 6900 Pro.

However, it is still loud & capable to fill your cabin even at 70% of the audio level. You should always avoid using them at full volume. This may cause damage & less life.

The audio is almost the same, as we had in Pioneer’s, the bass is also bold & you will surely get a clear & accurate sound with a little bit of distortion (depends on the track you will play).

  • Best for hatchbacks Capable for cabins Bold & High quality Rich & clear audio Sleek design
  • Not recommended for Jeeps, SUVs & MPVs


3: pyle PLMR692 – Best 6×9 speakers for marine

6x9 speakers for marine

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This is something for you which is more affordable, easy to install somehow & some more features you can’t expect at such pricing. They are extremely light & can be used outside.

Using outside means, you can either use them to listen during your driving, during a stay (by keeping the car’s door open), or in your house as well. They have a perforated type grill, which has a floral design & round shape.

The subwoofers are relatively smaller, but they are high performing. It has a case in white color & the subwoofers are in black, made up of polycarbonate material. However, insulation is also done right.

This is known as marine speakers, because of the marine grade material profile, which you can use to install in a water vehicle. Shortly, these speakers are waterproof, which means, you are no longer required to turn down the windows in heavy rain.

Now, this bad guy has a lot more to offer, if you are an average audiophile or you can compromise a bit on an audio level. Technically, this speaker pair is almost the same just like the others, But for the price factor, you have to compromise on their power.

They have a collective power of 260W for the max, which is way lower than Pioneer’s and a bit more than RF’s. It has an impedance of 04 ohms, a frequency response rate of 55hz to 20Khz & a sensitivity of 90dB almost.

The bass & sound reproduction is very awesome due to neodymium tweeters & metallic coilings. The mids and highs are also fine for the price & capable to satisfy your driving experience.

One more best thing after the sound quality is that; you are no longer required to bring your car to a mechanic or a technician to install those things in it. Because they are pretty easy to install if you follow the instructions carefully.

  • Affordable price Water & weather resistant Easy to install Performing quality Rich & clear Bass
  • Average build quality


4: Skar Audio TX69 – Best 6×9 Coaxial Car Speakers

Best 6x9 Speakers For Sound Quality

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To be honest, This is a typical design from 80’s speakers which doesn’t seem pretty attractive to me at least. But, quality is still good for the price. It has a simple design & comes in matt black finish which makes it a handful.

It is the shape of an ellipse again with screwing allowances all around it. The tweeter is located at the center which is encrypted by rubber insulation around it. The best thing about their build is, their voice coils are made up of copper, which extremely affects the sound quality.

These speakers are some sort of conical depth, which has got an overall height of 3.75-inches. Most of it will be surfed in mounting, so don’t worry, you will not get an over bumped installation.

Does it sound good or bad? Well, the short answer for each of our products in this list, even the whole site, they all sound good. But, when we compare them to each other, you may feel something better than the other.

Now, coming straight to the point, they are also good in performance for the price again. They are quite big & also having a power of 220-250W. So, you can say, they have a loud audio due to power and tweeter.

The tweeter is silk dome & insulated, so the music could be crystal clear even on the highest volume level at high power.

They have an impedance of 04 ohms, a sensitivity of 90dB with a frequency rate of 40Hz to 25Khz. Due to the copper coil, the sound is sharp and clear but it also causes the heavyweight.

Overall, the sound reproduction, bass quality, and charming sound make us put this one in our list of Best 6×9 Component Speakers.

  • 2-way coaxial speakers Copper voice coil Powerful sound Rich & Clear bass Durable & good build quality
  • A bit Heavy due to copper coil Not an attractive design


5: BOSS MR692B – 2 way marine speaker

Best 6x9 Speakers

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This is also a marine speaker once again. But this time, we have a speaker that is unique in design. The whole body is made up of polycarbonate plastic & this specific 6*the 9 speakers only come in sleek black color.

When you first see this, it looks like a fish grill device, later you will realize this is a speaker :). The girl is removable and it has a lot of slots and lines all over the face, which helps to transmit the audio signals.

This is a water-resistant pair of speakers and you have a full range available of it at the amazon store. Build quality is fantastic for the price, which makes it long-lasting.

The best thing I like about this speaker; it doesn’t heat up too quickly unless you start listening to the music at 100% volume. This is because it has a strong & heat resistant voice coil inside its driver.

But at the same time, they are less weighted even after a pre-installed durable coil. Just like the other speakers, it also comes with 4 ohms of impedance, 350W of collective power (pair), 55Hz to 22Khz of frequency response rate & 92dB of sensitivity.

All these specifications deliver a beautiful music feeling along with a bass-rich cabin & loud volume in your car.

Sometimes, it feels like a little bit of a changed sound on some low-quality music, but the rest are pretty awesome.
Below the grill, it has got a 25mm silk dome tweeter which is embedded in a conical woofer. The woofer is insulated with rubber & fabric cloths around it, to avoid distortion & prevent sound leakage.

  • Water-Resistant Unique design Durable build quality Sounds awesome Best for traveling
  • Complex installation

Best 6×9 speakers Buying Guide

Which component speaker is best?

We have included some of the top-performing and value-to-money component speakers on this list & you can take a closer look at these. All of these component speakers are worth your time, but let us make things easy to digest for you.

If you are looking to get a clear sound, deep bass, & loud sound quality, you should either opt for JBL CLUB9600C, Infinity KAPPA-90CSX, or Focal ISU 690 2-Way component speakers.

If you want both the quality, durability, and good longevity, you should never miss out on Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch Pair Speaker, Skar Audio TX69 Car Pair Speakers, Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch Pair Speaker, or Alpine S-S69C S-Series Component Speakers.

However, if you want something for a reasonable price & and optimal performance, you should never miss out on the Infinity Reference 9630C component system, Infinity REF9620CX Component Speaker, or Pioneer TS6900PRO PRO Series Speaker.

All these guys are going to make you feel proud with their sound quality.

Do 6×9 speakers need enclosures?

Most of the speakers that you will find on this list come with an enclosure out of the box. The enclosures protect the speakers pretty much to provide good & long-lasting performance.

Along with these things, these speakers also prevent the sound quality from getting distorted but they can also lower the treble projection in some cases. If you don’t have a perfect enclosure, you will also be lacking in the performance part.

Some speakers project a deep and audible sound quality that makes the bass reproduction pretty impressive. Though this projection makes your listening experience pretty decent, they sometimes distort due to vibration.

Some manufactures provide you with the enclosures out of the box, but we don’t recommend using them. Speakers (most specifically a car audio speaker) don’t need to be enclosed at all unless they are the loudspeakers.

Enclosing them will block the air movement that is a crucial thing for the component speakers. If these speakers are enclosed, the air escape will be canceled and this will eventually turn into blunt & mediocre sound quality.

Do component speakers need an amplifier?

Yes, you can use an amplifier with the component speakers to make them sound amplified and enhance your entire listening experience. The component car speakers can be powered without any need for a powered amplifier.

Technically, the component speakers are passive ones and they don’t come with any sort of internal or built-in amplification system at all. In that case, you need to boost the voltage of these guys to produce a satisfactory sound level.

Most of the time, you don’t even need to amplify the sound as they are meant for cars. Plus, some of the manufacturers make them project loud even without amplification components at all.

They are packed with the bass reflex system as well which makes the sound more stunning out of the box. This bypasses the need of adding an amp at all, but not everyone has the same taste.

Still, if you want to add an amplifier to these speakers, you should opt for preamps instead of integrated or powered ones. Preamps deliver a sophisticated sound projection & this also comes for compact size and optimal price range.

Most frequent questions and answers ABOUT component speakers 6×9

Can you use component speakers without tweeters?

In order to use your component speakers, you would have to make some efforts but this is still possible. To use these guys with crossovers or tweeters, you should first make sure to use them on a high-quality amplifier.

Your amplifier should be promising in any case. Otherwise, you will be noticing a lot of distortion that is going to ruin your entire listening experience, to be honest. Tweeters are the main component in a speaker to make them full-range speakers.

Are component speakers good for bass?

Component speakers can be superior in terms of high quality and they could also be the worst in terms of bass. This all depends on the engineering, design & materials as well.

High-quality component speakers tend to deliver an optimal bass projection that makes them stunning and promising ones. They provide you with a smooth & excellent bass projection to satisfy your needs.

Can you mix coaxial and component speakers?

Of course, you can always mix out the coaxial and component speakers. 

However, mixing them up can hurt the stereo projection along with the frequency response rate as well. Plus, you will also need to install a crossover in parallel to them.

How many channels do component speakers use?

Most of the car component speakers hold a three-channel system. Out of these three channels, you will need two channels for the component speakers and the rest of the channel for drivers.

Do component speakers need a crossover?

Almost any speaker system on the earth would need a crossover in any case. These crossovers break the frequency range into more than two parts that make the tweeters pretty safe and this eventually makes the sound projection perfect.

What’s the difference between component speakers and regular speakers?

Standard, Regular or normal speakers usually combine the woofers and tweeters into one speaker boy.

While component speakers use both the tweeters and woofers separately & they also add a crossover to let them do their job nicely.

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Conclusion: good 6 x 9 speakers

To enjoy high quality, detail, & a punchy sound while traveling in your car, you can never imagine the best 6X9 component speakers. These speakers are mainly meant for the car, & audio enthusiasts.

Due to their balanced, & perfectly moderated frequencies, these speakers perform really outstandingly. Moreover, their driver sizes provide them an edge over the other sort of car speakers, in terms of treble, details, & quality as well.

The best 6X9 component speakers perform really well, both in terms of sound quality, & the overall longevity. These speakers are mainly isolated with rubber, or foams across their woofer surround, & this results in a less distorted sound.

To get the most out of your component speakers, the better is to install them either all in the doors, or you can also get them mounted in the dashboard, or the trunk separator.

These speakers are fairly easy to install, & they don’t cost you a lot. Plus, their rich, & engaging sound projection will make your day!