Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 150

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 150

Personally being an audiophile, I hate messing with feet of cords whenever plugging them in a device & wearing it on my ears. For this reason, I have decided to leave them right now & get good wireless headphones, which are worth it.

Literally, I successfully found one, but except for the price, almost everything was perfect & they are still going pretty cool. But for the price, I wish I would have found any of the Bluetooth headphones under $150, (which we will be reviewing shortly) listed here, before getting mine.

This is something true, that most of the “best Bluetooth headphones” are quite expensive which makes this little but remote thing a little bucks rich. But don’t get worried, we have figured a bundle of Bluetooth speakers, & filtered out the most popular, affordable, best & practical BT headphones for you.

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Top 3 Picks

Best Overall
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Most Comfortable
Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with...
Best Noise Cancelling
Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless...
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with...
Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless...
Best Overall
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Most Comfortable
Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with...
Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with...
Best Noise Cancelling
Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless...
Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless...

1: Skullcandy S6CRW-K591 – Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 150

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Design & Quality

Skullcandy is not a popular brand if you are just a casual listener, but you would know them if you are an audiophile. So without waiting on their company profile, let’s dive directly into their headphones.

This is another popular headphone that has been reviewed by more than 10,000 people on United States Amazon alone, & the actual sold pieces you can imagine yourself. However, it has been ranked as the top 100 best headphones.

This headphone comes in a very beautiful box, which makes it feel more premium. The headphone is a creation of a very beautiful design language, which I like the most because it is unique to most of its competitors on this list.

This is built very well, which gives a first impression of being a premium headset. The headphone is mostly built with plastic, but it doesn’t seem to be cheaper either in quality or price. However, there are fake leather earcups along with a thick metal headband, to enhance both the beauty & durability at the same time.

Overall, the build quality is durable, flexible & worthy at the same time. You might hardly feel any quality issue even for this price.

The buttons on the right earcup are volume controller, skip, google assistant, a bass toggle on the left one to adjust as per your needs, a 3.5mm connection to PC or any other device, & a micro USB port for charging the headphones.


This headphone can give up to 45 hours of playback time on more than 50% treble & volume level, & this guy is the king for batteries in the industry. However, charging can take somewhere 5 hours, but I can bet you would hardly need to charge it every month, even being a daily casual listener.

The comfortability is undoubtedly exceptional for the ears but you will notice a significant pressure from the headband, even on a short run, if you are a bigger head. However, both the headphone and mic do sound pretty better.

Sound leakage is still available but this is not that loud because these are overhead, & they also own noise cancellation. The Bluetooth signals are a bit less than its predecessors, but it’s still generous enough which can give a range of up to 50 feet for sure. , & even more.

To be honest, this headphone is not for everyone. You will have to belong to a particular sect to opt for these headsets. If you love to listen to stereo cable headphones, congratulations you are good to go.

However, the headphone is bass-heavy or hyper bass headphones, due to its toggle option located on one of its ear cups which makes you able to modify the bass as per your needs.

It gives a deeper bass boost, a louder sound, clear vocals & engaging audio overall. The audio doesn’t need to be turned up. However, high frequencies sounds make it a bit inaccurate for some tracks. The soundstage & audio channels are pretty good at their partition & separation.

  • Retractable earcups Comfortable wearing Elevated highs & bass Beautiful designing Crystal clear sound
  • A bit heavyweight

2: Sennheiser BTNC – Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

best headphone brands

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Design & Quality

Sennheiser has successfully reserved a spot on this list, with its Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. This headphone is also one of the most popular ones, & it has been rated by almost 7,000 people & is now ranked in the top 500 for best sellers.

Now, this headphone comes in a simple & transparent case, so you would not need to pay extra bucks in terms of packaging, but at the same time, you will have to put them on a dedicated space to avoid any accidental damages.

The headphone is fairly rather completely plastic, but it is more than of average quality. So quality is not a big deal here. They are confident enough to give you a long run in almost every aspect, but luck is up to you.

It has quality & comfort at the same time, the headband is flexible, which doesn’t turn nor breaks at twistings. Although the headband is adjustable, I feel it would be better if they were to use a metallic adjustment inside it.

However, some components are still metallic to enhance durability at least. The headband is relatively thin that doesn’t evolve in too much padding, but still feels comfortable.

The earcups are entirely tiltable, which also makes them able to wear ideally, plus, the concept is space-saving as well. You don’t need a dedicated drawer to put them. The fabric potch is quite enough to protect them from dust & scratches. However, you will be at risk if it falls on the ground.


The right earcup houses a power controller along with a voice controller, skipping switch, call responder, noise cancellation activator, a lockable wire cord to avoid sudden accidents & a micro USB port for charging of course.

For the battery performance, the headphone comes with a 600mah battery, which can give up to 20 hours of playback at 50% volume level & a couple of weeks on standby. The weight of these headphones is also impressive.

A drawback here for this headphone is that you can never listen to any music once you put them on charging. So it’s better to use them charged. However, charging could take up to 05 hours.

The Bluetooth quality is also at its best, & it does not look old. The Bluetooth is NFC enabled, so once the connection establishes, it will never cut off. Its range could be somewhere 70 feet.

Its active noise cancellation is active, & it performs pretty cool for the price. You will still listen to some of the noise from the environment, but comparatively, this is nothing. Personally speaking, this is one of the best headphones for movies.

For the sound performance, the bass is neutral, not that much, not that less but still, it’s present here. The mids are also impressive, but I think it would be even better. Highs are also compelling & easy to listen to. The sound stage also performs fine for the price & this is audible.

  • Active noise cancellation Decent playback timing Medium range Bluetooth Impressive sound quality A Decent soundstage
  • No touch controls

3: Sony WHXB900N – Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Design & Quality

Sony is doing a good job to dominate in this industry as well, but they still need more improvement.

Most of their headphones are quite good to listen to, but I think Sony should work on their marketing department, to optimize their name.

However, this headphone is an amazon choice for over-ear headphones which has been reviewed by more than 4000 people & this is now ranking in the 8th position for OverEar headphones.

These feel great on both head & ears, with no fatigue, no too clamping force or pressure while wearing. The earcups are quite comfortable but they are a bit tighter I guess for some ears. However, the weight is also not too much.

The build quality is again improvable, but as long as they are modern design, this would be enough. For the comfort level, they are good & flexible. You have got a flexible headband, comfortable ear cups & quite decent fake leather crafting.


The touch control is very responsive. From skipping, pause, play, forwarding & holding the audio pass is also available here. You can also listen to your environment, like what’s going on around you, without capturing much noise.

You can always customize the appearance settings from sony’s app without touching your headphones. This also makes you get access to either Google Assistant or Alexa or even both of them.

This headphone supports USB type C charging, which is awesome for its fast charging, & you will find it charging in less than 2 hours. However, you cannot use this type-C to listen to music on your computer. But, you have a 3.5mm audio jack if you like to use it for connectivity with other devices wirelessly.

Overall, the sound quality is also at its best. You will find a little bit of distortion, but it is common for most budget Bluetooth headphones. The headphone delivers detailed audio, rich acoustics & decent bass out of the box.

  • Touch control headphone A 45 hours playback time Fine Bluetooth coverage Active Noise cancellation Compelling sound quality
  • Syncing the Bluetooth is tricky

4: Makemate BKM200 – most comfortable headphones under 100

wireless headphones under 150

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Design & Quality

On the next spot, we have got you with the Makemate’s boy that came out there in the market in 2019. Makemake has made it lightweight, but its cushioning is a little bit extensive, which has made it a bit moderate weight.

This HD 280 Pro, is reviewed by more than 1,000 people & it is the ideal match for streaming movies, and watching content on televisions out of the box. It is a somewhat popular headset, which is ranking as 125th best Over-Ear Headphones.

It has a decent build quality, which seems to be a pretty promising, and long-lasting thing again. The entire body comes in a matt grey or black sort of texture, which gives it a modern, and lucrative look out of the box.

The comfort level is optimal, and the clamping pressure is also quite impressive all around its earcups. Now, you can keep wearing these guys for a couple of hours, without any head strain, or migraine problem.

Its headband is immense again, which is loaded with a tonne of cushioning level. Moreover, the headband is also retractable. However, the adjustment strip is using completely plastic construction even in its railing, but it is of some good quality.


This headphone is good for streaming movies, exploring games, and listening to high-quality music as well. The left earcup is loaded with almost each & every control, so we will not be wasting more time on this thing.

It has 110dB sensitivity that delivers a sound quality of pretty good standards. By wearing these on your heads, you will drastically fall in love with these, as they are loaded with some better passive noise canceling as well.

To take your listening experience to the next level, these guys are loaded with the stereo surround sound effect out of the box. This headphone is of 32 ohms driver, which makes you get a great sound with great audio quality.

This headphone delivers quality in both bass, treble & other elements as well. The bass is not that truly accurate, but it is enough that it would not cause any distortion at least.

These are Bluetooth-loaded headphones, which are operable for up to 170 feet. The headphones are packed with a long battery of 3700mAh, and these guys will provide you up to 15 hours of playback time after 03 hours of full charge.

  • Very comfortable ear caps Up to 15hr playback time Nice build quality, & design With Responsive Bluetooth Delivers a good sound
  • Nothing arguing as such

5: Beats Solo3 – best over ear headphones under 150

best headphone for running

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Design & Quality

Beats is a brand of apple, that doesn’t need to be praised. You can pick them up blindly & you will end up buying quality for every time.

This specific wireless headphone has been reviewed by 4,000 people & now it is standing at the top 100 for on-ear headphones.

From the physical perspective, this is similar entirely to its previous generation & you can also say this is identical to most of Apple’s products.

You have got a USB type C connection on the left earcup, while on the other hand, you have a 3.5mm audio jack with indicators.

For the comforts, this is nothing super great at headband but for the price this is fine & it passes our criteria. On the earcups, you have slightly good comfort. You can control the audio level by just tapping on the logo at the cups.

The glossy finish is also quite good because it does not catch fingerprints which later looks awful as well. To make this guy durable, beats have also used some metal in its structure.


This is thankfully lightweight headphone, which does not feel any pressure on the head or the ears. The Solo 03 has a new W-1 chip, which enhances its real-time battery life.

You can get up to 50 hours of continuous listening experience without losing the battery. For its level of 60-70%, this is more than enough for casual listening. But audiophiles can still get at least 40 hours for sure.

For its Bluetooth performance, you can use it for up to 300 feet, without losing any signals. There is some sound leakage but only on higher levels of 90-100% of the treble. For the price it’s nothing.

Overall, the vocals are quite clear, the bass head available here is quite heavy. So you will be living in an enormous bass to make your day. Most of the tracks are deep, the soundstage is awesome & the audio sounds well & balanced.

  • Supports Fast charging Some simplest design Have quality sound Awesome Bluetooth Comfortable feel
  • Some expensive option

6: Mixcder E9 – Active Noise Cancelling Headphones under 100

Most Comfortable Headphones

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Design & Quality

The cheapest Bluetooth headphone on this entire list, which has made its spot on the number 8th, on the list of best Bluetooth headphones under 150. This little boy just costs 70 bucks, & you can get 2 of them in your budget.

This headphone is also an amazon’s choice for its over the ear headphones, & this has been reviewed by more than 2,000 people in the United States.

It is packed inside a hardshell case, which is quite decent for the price to add an extra layer of protection.

E9 is a lightweight & space-saving headphone, which does not require a room of space to put it there. You will find these headphones already folded inside the box on the first impression.

The headphone looks so great, & it has a shiny & lathe-turned type of earcups, which makes the entire thing pretty decent. It has quite comfortable cushioning & it does not feel cheap.


The Bluetooth is common for the price that it has been offered. However, it still performs better & great. You might not feel the delay too much. But you have to consider the price in mind.

The headband is adjustable & inside it, you will find a metallic strip to increase some quality. It also has an active noise cancellation, & it is not that good nor that bad. However, it does cancel most of the noise for sure.

The loudness is still considerable for the price, & I would say you will hardly find any difference from its competitors. Moreover, the battery backup is fantastic here as well. You will easily be getting somewhere 20 hours of playback on a single full charge.

The rest of the things, the bass is present here & it is deep. Not that accurate because accuracy is still a missing element in some of budget headphones. However, rest is everything okay & passable. You will be getting clear vocals & sounds.

  • Durable build quality A flexible headphone Common Bluetooth Decent playback time A Listenable quality
  • A little Delay while streaming

7: Plantronics Pro 2 – best wireless headphones 2020

best headphones under $150

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Design & Quality

The second last on the list of best Bluetooth headphones under 150, we have got a guy from the house of Plantronics, named as Pro 02.

This might be a new brand for both of us, but as long as the quality matters, this is doing well.

Plantronics Pro 02 is an Amazon choice for Over-Ear headphones, & it has been reviewed positively by more than 1,700 people in the United States. However, it was first available in 2017.

This is packed safely inside a fabric potch which is sometimes common for most of the brands because they don’t want to put this price as well on you. The entire body is stitched in fabric, which gives a decent look to it by the way.

The stitching part has been done wisely, & you would like it for sure. Plus, both of the ear cups & the headband is embedded in comfort. So, both the quality & the comfort level is exceptional.


These headphones are loaded with active noise cancellation features, which makes them quite satisfying and practical in use. Now, you do get some sort of noise for sure because not a single budget & even some flagship headphones lack a bit in their customization.

However, whatever noise it will get inside, it is not annoying & neither is it too much to disturb or distract you from your listening. There is some sound leakage that is also present, but it is still adjustable as per your volume level. The lower the sound, the better the leakage would be.

Plantronics’s Pro 20 has a playback time of somewhere 24 hours, but it is still improvable. From my personal experience, the playback can last up to 30 hours for a single charge. Still, it is improvable even more but there are a lot of other things as well.

Overall, the sound quality on these headphones is satisfying & you have almost nothing to complain about it. This speaker is listenable for as low as 20Hz to as much as 20KHz. The streaming range for Bluetooth is also massive which can last for up to 100 feet.

  • Fantastic Appearance Have Satisfying sound Long playback timing Budget BT headphone
  • Difficult control navigation

8: Skullcandy Venue – best white headphones

best white headphones under 150

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Design & Quality

Lasting our list of best Bluetooth headphones under 150, we have the second & the last ever headphone from SkullCandy again, which is an Amazon choice for skull’s over-ear headphones.

It has been positively reviewed by more than 1600 people.

This comes in three different color variants, & believe me, all of these looks like a charm. The body is laminated by a plastic sheet, which covers the entire thing & gives a feel of premium leather.

This has retractable & comfortable ear cups, which can be swiveled up to 90 degrees. The headband is also adjustable, but it does not have any metallic traces on the ground.

The headband is spiritedly cushioned, & it has been embedded in comfort. On its one side, the ear cup has some options like, charging indicator, & a power button which is easily accessible. However, the cup button holds a position for volume button, charging port & a static button for skip or pause and play.


This headphone supports fast charging, which is called Rapid charging by Skull. The battery can give a playback time of continuous 24 hours, but it is even higher than this figure.

Charging takes somewhere 3 hours for a full charge, & a 10 minutes charge can give you up to 5 hours of playback time. So, the battery is evergreen for casual listeners. The Bluetooth can give an impressive range of up to 100 feet.

Moreover, the headphone supports active noise canceling as it was expected, & it is also responsive. The leakage is still present here, but you can adjust the volume to medium levels to avoid any issues.

You can manage your calls, assistant, Alexa & control your music from your ear cup buttons. The drivers are good to reproduce deep bass, sharp vocals, neutral highs, & precise instrumental songs.

This sounds incredible for the price again, but there is still room for improvement for the audio purity. You will listen to some distortion as well, on some selected tracks but the rest is okay.

  • Responsive buttons Rich vocals & bass Decent Bluetooth range Long playback time Comfortable cushioning
  • Some manufacturing defects

9: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x – Best Studio Monitor Headphones

audio technica headphones cheap

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Design & Quality

Another amazon choice for the exact budget, which is ranked as 1st on the list of headphone audios at Amazon. This is a popular product from the department of Audio Technica, which has a lot of things to offer.

This headphone became an incredible success right after the launch in 2014. It is the best priority of most of the casual listeners & audio enthusiasts.

For just a couple of bucks, the AT is offering something uniquely designed which may or may not please you.

This has a swivel ear cup, which can get all the way out from their internal radius, so you would not need to mess with them anymore, while idle traveling. A space-saving design, which doesn’t require a lot of room to store.

They have a decent & attention-seeking design & build quality, portable & sleek design language on every inch of it. This comes in 04 different & attractive color schemes, white, black, gunmetal & purple-black. All of these come in both wired & wireless connections.

The earcups are fairly crafted from fake leather again, but they have got away better cushioning all around its cups. It comes up with a deep & comfortable padding as well. You may not need a force to wear them up on your ears.

Moreover, the headband is also comfortable, & using a quality material to deliver a good wearing experience even for a long time. The headband is retractable & it also has a metallic adjustment, enclosed in a plastic case.


On the right side of the ear cup, you have a charging point to get a detachable cable inside it. This again comes with the same aperture drivers, but this time you have a magnetic earth driver for better reproduction at an impressive frequency range out of the box.

The headphone delivers deep, accurate & decent bass with very little distortion due to exceptional sound isolation while manufacturing. There are various types of detachable cables included & you can choose as per your needs.

Being a high-frequency range headphone, they still deliver exceptional bass to every track, which doesn’t cause or end up in distortion. The sound level is more than enough to fill your ears, but you might require a headphone amplifier if you want this guy for professional or studio work.

For the Bluetooth performance, this headphone can pick the signals by 120 feet & can deliver a playback time of 26hrs at wireless connectivity & more than a month on backup. The charging time is less than 05 hours, & you will hardly require charging it every second week. Thanks to its long-lasting battery.

  • Exceptional build quality Modern space-saving design Accurate bass & decent sound A Long-lasting battery backup
  • Some expensive model

10: COWIN E7 PRO – best bluetooh headphones for 150

wireless headphones under $150

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Design & Quality

With so many positive & trusted reviews on Amazon, these headphones are now Amazon’s choice which is now ranking on third spot on over-ear headphones. Now, you can imagine why this guy is topping the list of best Bluetooth headphones.

This is the Pro version of Cowin’s series. The headphone comes in a pretty durable hardshell case out of the box, to make it protected as much as possible so you would never receive any quality problems.

Inside this case, you have some useless papers, warranty cards, power cords, micro USB to USB charging cord & your headphone on the other side of course. Now, imagine you have everything inside your box, but your box does not come with any headphones 🙂

This headphone feels great in the hands, so you will be getting premium feelings. It does have ear cups with a fully 360-degrees swivel ability to make it more comfortable. The earpads or earcups have super nice cushy material that is stitched inside a fake leather case because you can never expect leather at this price.

Ultimately, they have a slightly lighter weight which does not feel cheap at least to me, but it depends on you how you welcome them. The headrest band also feels super comfortable undoubtedly, which also has an adjustment band made up of metallic material.


You can adjust the volume from your ear cups where it has a dedicated control panel below the LED light. This also has a built-in microphone next to your auxiliary input down the cup. The Bluetooth is operable for over 100 feet.

To enable or disable the Bluetooth connectivity along with noise cancellation activation, you simply have to toggle down the switch available next to the microphone on your right earcup’s bottom. On the left cup, you have got a micro-USB charging port with an LED indicator next to it.

This guy has new large-aperture drivers which makes them sound better than most of its competitor headphones. They sound excellent for the price. You have got nice & deep bass, which sounds accurate & fascinating, great mids, & crispy highs.

It has a sensitivity range of 80dB, frequency response rate of 100Hz to 22,000Hz which makes them sound even better. These are noise cancellation Bluetooth headsets, so they do not let most of the noise out there in the environment from getting inside of headphones.

This guy is loaded with a strong battery of 800mah & this battery can give a power backup of an entire month, or playback time of more than 30hrs if used on a level of 70% volume. However, charging can take up to 4 hours for a full charge.

  • Good noise cancellation 100 feets wireless range Comfortable cushioning Enrich & bossy sound Excellent playback time
  • Build quality could be better

11: Sennheiser HD280PRO – Best professional Headphone

best wired headphones under 150

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Design & Quality

Sennheiser is here again for the second time, but with a different headphone. This HD 280 Pro, is reviewed by more than 6,000 people & it is the Amazon Choice for Over ear headphones which is ranked as 55th on the list of Amazon.

This headphone is mostly used by Sound Engineers, music producers, studio workers & song enthusiasts. So, you can keep doing the skimming work on this as well. The left earcup is loaded with almost each & every control, so we will not be wasting more time on this thing.

It has a decent build quality, which seems to be very compelling at least to me again, the choice is up to you anyway. The entire body comes in a matt black tone, which makes its way to being a modern one.

The comfort level is optimistic here on this headphone, & you will find the clamping pressure quite impressive all over the earcups. But, you can also feel the quality of the headband, which is loaded with too much cushioning.

Plus, the headband is retractable, but this adjustment strip is again non-metallic or maybe it is just covered with plastic.


These headphones are great for audio mixing, but again if you love to listen to music on headphones, this guy is absolutely for you. The blockage sound level on each ear cup is less than 15dBs, so you can focus solely on the audio.

You cannot listen to what’s happening outside in the environment when you take this guy on your head & ears. This headphone is a 64ohms driver, which makes you get a great sound with great audio quality.

Practically, the headphones sound pretty good for the price. This headphone delivers quality in both bass, treble & other elements as well. The bass is not that accurate, but it is deep & present here to do his job smoothly.

The Bluetooth range is also quite obvious. This Bluetooth headphone is operable for up to 70feets. You will also get a better soundstage & a better playback time.

  • Focus audio listening Great audio quality Nicely build headphone Optimum Bluetooth Deep & quality bass
  • Some muddy mids though

12: Avantree HT280 – Wireless Headphones for tv watching

best wireless gaming headphones under 100

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Next on the list of the Best Headphones Under $150, we have got you with a decent headphone set from Avantree, which costs you no more than a hundred bucks. These successful headphones have earned thousands of positive responses.

Design & Comfort

These headphones feature a sleek, simple, yet modern design that is going to match both the contemporary & modern interiors. HT280 allows you to wirelessly connect with the input devices without significant lags.

Not just these headphones look pretty gorgeous, they also sound crystal clear, & feel very comfortable. The headphone owns a comfortable, flexible, & responsive headband that is loaded with cushioning & good head support.

Though they are comfortable ones, they are not truly meant for audiophiles, who keep wearing headphones on their heads for a long time. If you are a big head guy, these boys will leave a high pressure on the head.

The Sound Quality

They are simply the plug, and play headphones as they don’t require pairing at all except for the very first time. You just have to connect both your headphones, and the transmitter, & they will simply connect automatically.

With these headphones, you will be enjoying a deep bass, & detailed sound that would be more than enough for streaming movies. For listening to the music, you will get a clear, & detailed listening, however bass is not that pleasant in that case.

Moreover, these wireless headphones are operable from up to 100 feet of the transmitter position. Plus, you can keep using them continuously for up to 12 hours. Overall, they also offer a loud volume, which is a good deal to get.

If you want a headphone especially for streaming TVs, with occasional music touch, the HT-280 is a true & hybrid choice for you then. These wireless headphones with a transmitter project highly detailed sound out of the box.

  • Up to 100 feet long range 12 hours playback time Detailed, & crispy sound Best for streaming movies
  • Some Controls are hard to locate

Best headphones for under 150: Buying guide’s and FAQ’s

Reasons why you should use Bluetooth enabled headphones

If you are fond of using wireless headphones, you should be well aware of Bluetooth. Bluetooth plays a big part for you to enjoy music without wires.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use wireless headphones:

1. Hands-Free Mobile phone Use

Using wireless headphones with Bluetooth mobile phones allows you to use your cell phone hands-free. This is entirely safe to use, like when driving in some states like California have a mandatory law.

2. Inexpensive Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth technology is cheap to install for brands, which results in low cost for the user on Bluetooth products and wireless Bluetooth headphones especially.

However, the average price for a wireless headset can be about $70 or even less when you avoid retail stores and shopping online.

3. Bluetooth Headphones are automatic and User-Friendly 

Bluetooth does not need any unique connections to be done or to push any special buttons. When two or more wireless devices come closer in a range of about 3o feet, they can automatically communicate and pair with each other. 

For mobile phones, the user does not need to hold the phone for long; instead, he can perform all actions using the Bluetooth connection of the headphones. These tasks may include listening to music or talking to someone completely hands-free.

4. Bluetooth Provides Very Low Interference

Bluetooth provides a standard interface from other devices using the frequency and uses less power wireless signals.

5. Reliable and Universal 

Bluetooth technology has become a worldwide Universal wireless standard. As more and more brands have started making their products suitable to use by Bluetooth, manufacturers are making better and better wireless headphones.

6. Consumes Little Energy

As Bluetooth uses low power signals, it requires a minimal amount of energy, resulting in less battery use. This is an excellent benefit for all Bluetooth headphones, so not much battery juice is drained.

Working of wireless headphones

Wireless headphones work by pairing or connecting with the device which you want to use through infrared signals. Many devices use Bluetooth connection technology to make connecting easier for the user. 

Devices with Bluetooth technology helps to connect, transfer and exchange data through short distances using radio transmissions. Wireless Bluetooth headphones also have the ability to connect to multiple devices at a time.

Wireless products such as headphones and speakers, which have Bluetooth technology, have a tiny computer chip installed inside. That computer chip contains the Bluetooth radio and software that forms the bond between the devices. 

So, when Bluetooth is turned on in such devices, which are in close distance, can connect and pair to each other. This helps the user to talk or listen to something without any inconvenience of wires.

Connecting a wireless headphone differs depending on the user’s device, but it becomes easy when you know the proper way to use it.

Do more expensive earphones last longer?

When it comes to the price of headphones, high-quality wireless headphones last longer as they are built to last longer compared to low-quality ones. High-quality headphones provide high-quality sound.

When a person invests a handsome amount of money in buying a good pair of headphones, he is likely to put more effort into taking proper care of it. Which, in return, will extend its life.

Are more expensive headphones worth it?

Wireless headphones are a thing these days and come at various prices. The truth of the matter is that there is no issue in buying expensive headphones if they are worth it.

They can only be worth their price when you get everything in return for what you paid for.

Why do cheap headphones sound bad?

As probably guessed, cheap headphones do sound terrible, while many of them are unlistenable. Even the best cheap headphones do not sound good as the more expensive ones.

Usually, this is because of the lack of definition in the bass. So the higher frequencies do not declare to be soft and realistic either.

How many hours a day should you wear headphones?

As the rule of thumb, a best Bluetooth headphone must deliver you to listen music with the sound volume up to 60% for a total of 60-70 minutes a day.

The louder the volume, the shorter the time duration should be. You should listen to about 5-6 minutes a day at a maximum volume of your headphones and not more than that.

How to Fix Headphones

The Bottom Line: Bluetooth Headphones Under budget

Finding out the best Bluetooth headphone is something easier than finding out the best Bluetooth headphones under a certain budget. This guide is based on our in-depth market research, public analysis & latest technology trends in the audio industry.

Gone are the days, when casual listeners & audiophiles would have to stick to their wired devices, & to be careful while using them. Once a wire gets damaged, you are most likely to kill your music journey. For these reasons, Bluetooth headphones are a perfect match for our needs.

This exclusive guide has always been here to help you make a successful purchase decision to secure your investment in these things. Hopefully, this guide would help you find a better match for your needs.