Best Boat Tower Speakers

Best Boat Tower Speakers

You are an audiophile but you also love boating on your holidays? It means you are a lucky one with more than one habit or passion to follow. People love boating in summer & you can see various boats in the south-east & south-west coasts of the Mainland United States.

In such a stressful living routine of this time, it becomes hard to get time for your own living to pursue your passion. But once you get it, you should enjoy each & every single second of it.

Boating is one of the most popular activities in the United States. According to research, more than an 80Million people participate in boating. Still, this is a way higher rate as compared to Kayaking. Because people want to spend quality time there.

You definitely want to stay there for some days if not months. If you are planning to spend a lot of time with your family on your own boat in California, Miami, Florida, New York, or Texas waters, you would definitely need to make some improvements in your boat audio system.

To help you enjoy every single moment, we have discovered some best boat tower speakers to get them installed on your boat. So, you can double your enjoyment. If you are a true audiophile, you will definitely love each of them. Because they are all reasonably priced which performs brilliantly as well.

Curious to see our fleet of Best Boat Tower Speakers selection that we made for you? Let’s dive into it to kill your curiosity.

Are wakeboard tower speakers worth it?

These speakers, which are designed to broadcast excellent audio over a long distance independent of surrounding noise, may add value to your vessel while also providing you and the passengers being towed with a listening experience that is second to none.

1: BOSS MRWT40 – best tower speakers

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Just like motorcycle speakers where you want to get a good quality which is able to cancel the engine or surrounding noise, this one also offers you such a feature.

 Boss has been offering this Tower speaker for a while (since 2015), & it has earned a decent reputation in the market.

The Polyurethane cone makes the cone some durable & enough capable to resist strong wind. It is covered with a beautiful & bulky grill in front of that, which makes a great welcome to a modern sort of boat.

Boss has used a bossy pair of voice coils, which helps to pass the current effectively through the cone. This results in a better soundstage, & you would definitely love to see this.

Apparently, these speakers own a marvelous look, which if you have a modern & facelifted sort of boat, will look amazed to you. Additionally, they are neither heavyweight nor lightweight, but they are easy to mount.

When you look at its glossy body, it gives you a premium sort of feeling. But when you see its pricing, this helps you realize what a great thing you have got for your boat. However, you would need to get the installation wires separately.

Now let’s come to our business; How do they sound? They obviously sound decent due to their super performing tweeter. With their dome tweeters, you can never expect a decent audio emission for this design.

Though the frequency response range is some higher that it would give you a bass boost sort of experience, but this is more than enough to let you play mids & highs amazingly. With its 130Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency, you have got a good guy.

  • 400 Watts yet 2-way speakers Weatherproof build Quality Owns a 04 Ohms Impedance Easy to install at boat towers Decent rubber surroundings
  • Needs Professional Installation Service


2: Pyle PLMRLEWB46B – Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

boat tower speaker enclosures

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These speakers are waterproof & this is exactly what you want for such a price. If you are looking for the best boat tower speakers for bass, then this one is going to be a good boy for you.

The 2-Way audio system is using a woofer along with a tweeter, which helps you get both low & high frequencies signals into its cone, to give you an immerse touch of quality bass.

A 4-inch driver may not be enough for your deck, but a pair would definitely please you out. Pyle has started the power rating of 300W, which is not set to be true always. Because manufacturers keep testing their panel with the highest possible power they can handle right there at the spot.

Later, when they finished their testing, they wrote their rating with the highest rating that they got there. Now, these speakers may handle 300W, but it is not necessarily meant for it & nor should you try.

The power rating also helps you get a free of distortion soundstage, which ultimately preserves your experience & this is a great thing to get. With its low impedance rating of just 4 ohms, you are always supposed to get the best experience no matter of power rating.

That tiny little tweeter of just a single inch deals all the frequency due to its titanium build. Though you can listen to albums with high frequencies, you can also listen to low pass frequencies which sometimes gives you a bass boost as well.

  • A Durable & water-resistant speaker 70Hz to 20khz decent frequency range A Compatible & easy to mount design Beautiful LED Illuminations & 300W pair Enrich audio quality & decent soundstage
  • Sounds distortion depending on album quality


3: Pair Rockville RWB90B – boat tower dual speaker

boat tower speaker systems

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Rockville after a long time has successfully captured the spot here on this list with its 90B model which is a good masterpiece of performance.

This was launched back in 2020, which is ranking on the 82nd spot for the Marine speakers.

With just a pricing tag of 125 bucks, Rockville has provided you with 8 multiple variants from which you can choose as per your requirements. Yet, they do have some differences in pricing as well as color & driver size.

Now, this is the first one on the list with a complete 360° swivel head available in it, so you can adjust it as per your needs. This one is also rated as a 300W speaker, so there’s no need to discuss it as we have already covered it previously.

These speakers are using an 8-inches driver, which makes it durable & powerful in performance as well. Even being a relatively large speaker, you can still mount them with some effort as there is an adjustable mount.

Technically, these speakers are similarly durable as compared to the other two one on the list. As these speakers are using a Mica Injection cone technique, which is not that durable as some other molding methods, but still they work best.

Rockville has used an oversized magnet into it, which makes the quality more impressive as you have got some clear listening to experience it. You might think, now they are heavy, but don’t get worried as you do have large mounting screws.

  • Works on 200-300W power handling Easy to mount & adjustable speakers 04-ohm impedance & 98dB sensitive Oversized magnet & superior mounts Delivers decent audio & immersive bass
  • The Build quality could be improved


4: Pyle PLMCA60 – wake boat speakers

best bluetooth speaker for boat

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Pyle with its another boy, which is not that great, nor that bad but if you are looking for cheap boat tower speakers, then this one could be more affordable to you as compared to others.

Now, it doesn’t mean that these speakers do not work at all, or that they work best. In fact, they do sound good but still, there is a lot of room to improve, which Pyle should consider in their checklist.

Basically, this is not a true tower speaker as they are meant for motorcycles. This makes it somewhat compromising. Build wise, this is a water or rain-resistant speaker which is using some sort of marine construction, that prevents soaking.

This includes mountings, preamp, power cables & your speakers out of the box of course. So, you are no longer required to arrange all these things separately. It is a 300W speaker pair & you are good to listen to powerful music.

Another good thing, it does come with a wired remote control to adjust volume & to control other things. Now, you don’t need to get back to the speaker’s panel in order to adjust it manually.

You still have a decent soundstage but there’s a great headache to get them installed if you are a total newbie to wiring stuff. It’s better to arrange a professional installation service otherwise, you will kill your speakers.

You may need to drill some sort of components & even your tower, for which you need to get prepared mentally. When you get them installed on your boat, they may not sound that accurate or super cool as they were without it.

For performance, the speakers with their quality is passable, but Pyle has made the installation stuff pretty stressful. A possible reason could be their launch which happened a long back in 2005.

  • Cheap boat tower speakers Uses a 300W Powerful rating Controllable through remote Good sound for the price Can manage extreme weather
  • A stressful installation process


5: Rockville WB65 – marine tower speakers

Best Wakeboard Speakers

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This tower speaker from Rockville is rated at 600W & this is more than enough for an amateur listener who wants to boom his boat with an audible album.

Again, this is a peak power rating which may fluctuate depending upon your style.

Yes, the RMS is constant at 150W per speaker which is still higher as compared to other ones as they are only offering 150W for peak power. Here, this speaker has a frequency range of 500-20Khz which is okay. But, surround sound or bass boosted tracks are nearly impossible for these guys.

Rockville has an angular adjustable mounting feature, which you can find here as well. These speakers also come with metallic mountings which are equipped with a plastic enclosure. This also helps prevent the mountings from rusting. Plus, this is also enhancing the beauty of it.

This is loaded with a 6.5-inches woofer, which is responsible for handling the low frequencies. Furthermore, it also comes with a dome tweeter, which is using a titanium dome. The cone helps sound reproduction pretty much.

For such a price, you will never want to listen to any sort of distortion. Rockville has respected your need by adding rubber insulation all around it which makes the listening experience smooth.

  • Rated as Powerful speakers Metallic & easy to mount Completely marine design Sounds clear & bossy Flexible rotating speakers
  • Bass could be much better


6: Rockville MAC80W – white boat tower speakers

Wake tower speakers with bass

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If you want something other than Pyle but a better match for your boat. This 2-way speaker system from Rockville is worth your time, investment, and care then. It came out back in 2016, and they weigh around 09 pounds by the way.

This easy to mount, and install set of speakers holds an aluminum sort of construction in its some parts, which makes it durable and long-lasting as well. Its body is completely marinated to resist salty water against corrosion of seawater.

They own a 7.7-inches driver, but it is commonly known as the 8-inches guy. With this thing, you are likely to handle up to 100Hz & fewer frequencies which you may or may not use to play bass boosted or surround sounds.

This doesn’t come with pod enclosures or the mounting channels, and you would have to buy that as well. Comparatively, these speakers are pretty lightweight, which is a good deal for marines.

This speaker pair is using 80W peak power, that has an RMS of less than 40 Watts out of the box. It is passable for casual listeners, but die-hard fans can also use it to make your ears satisfied. Try looking at some other options then.

These boys are majorly rated at 04 ohms, which makes them play audible music at a decent quality. The conical construction makes the backstage reproduce the sound at its best possible quality, but it is not that deep though.

Its marine construction makes the entire body pretty easy to resist against any possible extreme weather out there in the sea. You can also use it to listen to powerful winds, but the quality will be compromised a little bit in that case.

These built-in mountings are of average quality, that is removable, and make it easy to install for most tech enthusiasts and techie boys. Plus, the sound is still clear, vibrant and it also fascinates you in the ocean pretty much.

  • Aluminum can construction Waterproof marine construction 04Ohm Impedance & 80W power A More than above sound quality
  • Nothing problematic in performance

7: BOSS MRWT69RGB – Marine Waketower Speaker

Bluetooth Wakeboard Speakers

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Boss again for one more yet for the last time, which is going to make a good impact on you if you are some sort of advanced or audiophile guy. Apparently, Boss has introduced illumination if you are planned boating in the evening or night.

You will find the entire body to be weatherproof, which may help you last for a long time as per its build quality. Then, you are supposed to get them installed with little to no problem.

Everything is way straight forward written there on the box if this is going to be your first-ever installation. The cone is using polyurethane material, which is going to make a decent first impression for its performance. For performance, these speakers tend to perform optimally.

By far, this one is the second (or maybe third) with a silk dome tweeter, which you should never want to miss. This tweeter is capable of handling high frequencies with & they can also handle more power. Ultimately, this tweeter gives more life to speakers & this could even stay long-lasting itself.

Moreover, the speaker is working on 04 ohms of standard impedance which helps reproducing the quality at its best ability. Another good thing is that its frequency response rate has a good rating which is starting just from 65Hz & goes up to 20khz.

  • A 2-way powerful speaker pair (600W) Weatherproof & durable build quality Low impedance & decent sensitivity Wireless Remote control RGB lights Clear & crisp soundings for the price
  • Wireless Remote is not that responsive


8: Pyle PLMRWB852LES – Wake tower speakers with bass

Bluetooth Wake Tower Speakers

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Now, we are going to make a first hat-trick here on the list with Pyle boat tower speakers. Starting with its 8-inches WB 85 speakers which emits beauty from its every single inch.

This guy is using a true sense of beautiful LED illuminations which makes the appearance at its best. 

These speakers are 2-way again that comes with an 8-inches subwoofer, & a 1-inch dome tweeter. However, there are two different sizes.

Coming to its sound quality, which you want to know. These guys do sound awesome due to its dome tweeter that helps getting an enormous soundstage. Most of the time, you are supposed to listen to some crispy sound that makes a perfect compliment with bass.

These Pyle are one of the most adorable yet durable speakers on the list. It is a true meaning of durability as they are using injection-molded cones. This cone performs at its best, which ultimately makes a positive impact down in quality.

A good thing, these speakers come with a built-in crossover, which makes the construction & your electrical setup pretty safe. If you don’t know anything about crossover, let’s take a look at the ultimate guide to crossover frequencies.

Overall, they are well-performing speakers that tend to perform optimally as compared to budget boat speakers. Its unique design makes the appearance magnificent. Yet, the build quality is always decently managed by Pyle.

  • Built-in crossover network Durable marine build design LED lights with remote control Delivers decent & Sound quality Impressive bass response for price
  • Some installation stuff is not included May need to get installation services


9: Pyle PLUTV44BTR – speakers for boats under 100

Wake Tower Speakers


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Technically, these speakers are going to be the most powered speakers on the entire list, which is rated as 800W speaker pair. Though this is a peak power rating, it does make the power still higher than the others.

This is some sort of what you can call a universal boat speaker because you can use these guys for both your car, truck, motorcycle as well as boat. The choice is always yours, but we will stick to today’s context of boat tower speakers.

Besides its significant power rating, it has a decent frequency response rate, which starts from 85/90Hz & goes up to 20,000Hz. Both of its tweeter & speaker handles their frequencies most of it, but they do lack some responsiveness.

Pyle already offers a great listening experience, but these speakers perform better due to their average impedance of just 04 ohms which helps the flow of audio signals effectively.

In the entire list, this is the only one which is using tweeters of just half an inch, which is made up of neodymium material that has a dome sort of design. Their less size is what makes their responsiveness delayed as they are supposed to handle a lot more power with this tiny size.

This concept is strange to understand, why the Pyle has decided this manipulation. Now, coming to its quality, they do sound attractive for the price & hardware. But, they could cause some distortion or less loud sound which depends on your listening style as well as the quality of audio files.

  • Beautiful RGB changing lights Water resisting build quality Impressive bass & reproduction Powerful yet lightweight speakers Comes with Wireless remote control
  • Installation takes time & effort


10: Pyle PLMRWB45W – boat speaker with subwoofer

Best Marine Tower Speakers

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If you want something good as a non-audiophile guy, then this one could be a better match for your boat. This 2-way speaker system can handle both low & high frequencies which you want it to do.

With this subwoofer, you are supposed to handle 80Hz & above frequencies which you may or may not use to play bass boosted or surround sounds. Comparatively, these speakers are pretty lightweight which is sometimes hard to get nowadays.

This speaker pair is using 300W peak power, which later lowers down to 200-250W RMS. It is still more than enough for casual listeners, but die-hard fans can also use it to make your ears satisfied.

One good thing for Pyle’s boat speakers; they are majorly rated at 04 ohms, which makes them play audible music at a decent quality. The conical construction makes the backstage reproduce the sound at its best possible quality.

This marine construction makes the entire body pretty easy to resist against any possible extreme weather out there in the sea. You can also use it to listen in powerful winds, but the quality will be compromised in that case.

These mountings are above average quality, which is removable which makes it easy to install for non-techie guys. You just need to have a screwdriver as Pyle has not provided you with this equipment.

  • Lightweight yet Durable build Waterproof marine construction 04Ohm Impedance & 300W power Delivers clear & distortion-free sound A decent mid-range boat speaker pair
  • Long-lasting quality is a challenge here


11: Pyle PLUTV44CH – Waterproof Off-Road Speakers

Boat Speakers 2022

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Let’s end the list of best boat tower speakers at Pyle’s another decent guy labeled as V44 CH from Pyle’s Plut series. This one is probably the most expensive one on the list, which still costs you no more than 180 bucks.

When seeing the package, these 180 bucks doesn’t seem to be pretty expensive as these are 4 channel speakers & you have got 04 units of speakers out of the box. Technically, these speakers are one of the most powered here.

These speakers are using a 1500W peak power which later translates to no more than a 1200W if all of the installation is accurate. Now, not to get confused as this power is equivalent to 4 speaker units, which is still classified as a powerful guy.

They are a 2-way speaker system, which makes the sound reproduction & distribution to each & every single component or speaker unit efficiently. There’s a frequency response rate of as low as 20Hz, which is the lowest on the list.

Again, you have got 04 ohms of impedance here as well, which makes the music signal to pass through components effectively. The cone construction is polymer, which is later surrounded by rubber to make them insulated & less distorted.

Moreover, they do sound good & super deep as compared to others. But there are two main reasons. First, they are a set of 04 separate speakers instead of 2 units. Secondly, these works on Neodymium tweeters that do not need to be praised.

  • Beautiful RGB changing lights Water resisting build quality Impressive bass & reproduction Powerful yet lightweight speakers Comes with Wireless remote control
  • Installation takes time & effort


Best Tower Speakers 2022: Buying Guide’s And FAQ’s

What does an amplifier do for boat speakers?

Amplifiers make it possible to add more speakers to a system.

In most cases, a stereo head unit can securely power up to four speakers. Do you want to know more, or do you want to set up distinct listening zones? Amplifiers have a capacity of two speakers per channel. Thus a four-channel amp will be able to power a total of eight speakers.

Can you wakeboard without a wake tower?

Yes, it is possible to wakeboard without using a tower, but you will miss out on several perks. A wakeboarding tower is a taller rope attachment on the boat’s stern that causes the wakeboarder’s rope to be pulled upward by the hard thrust. It reduces the likelihood of a faceplate and makes getting back up on the wakeboard much simpler.

What speakers should I put in my boat?

As a rule, you’ll want a pair of coaxial speakers in the bow region, a couple under the gunwales amidships, and another pair in the transom’s inner bulkhead.

What is a boat wake tower?

A wakeboard tower is a structure attached to the hull of an inboard boat and used to hold wakeboards. Its primary function is to raise the tow point, which is critical for wakeboarding in particular. The upward pull assists the rider in “popping” up out of the wake of the towing boat and increasing air time.

How To Install Marine Tower Speakers

The Bottom Line | wakeboard boat tower speaker

If you want to improve your boat’s speakers to get a decent voyage experience this guide belongs to you. On your boat, there are two major things, seawater splashes & strong winds. These are a great gift for nature lovers, yet sometimes annoying for audiophiles.

To turn these strong effects into a piece of quality music, you need to install some best boat tower speakers that are waterproof & can resist the strong wind to let you sound better. Mount them on the boat tower, to let them deliver your albums in each & every corner of your boat.

Die-hard music fans should not miss such a decent opportunity to make their speakers sound better. As most of the time, they love to play their favourite tracks even on rush water & winds. With these best boat tower speakers, you can take your listening experience to the next level.