Best Budget Speakers For Turntables

Best Budget Speakers For Turntable

Glad to see you have now got a turntable with vinyl record to fascinate your soul with music of an old technology.

If you are more than an ordinary music guy, you will be getting premium feelings both in sound and price. 

But, if you are an audiophile who wants to get more out of it in terms of loudness and bossy bass to fill your entire lounge (if not the entire house), you will be thinking of yourself as limited.

Here, I told you a good thing, that you are not limited here, in fact, you can get more quality in sound. It is possible by getting a good pair of speakers.

I know this pretty well, that is what you will be thinking now. “Oh, man! Now I have to get a decent pair of speakers and these are going to break my ass”.

Don’t worry, I know you are on a limited budget. But, you can not only rely on budget factors you also have a lot more things in terms of performance.

In this buying guide, we will be talking about the best budget speakers for turntables, to enhance your listening experience with your holy turntable within a budget.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair)
Most Durabe
Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers –...
Best Design
Mackie CR-X Series, 4-Inch Multimedia Monitors with...
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair)
Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers –...
Mackie CR-X Series, 4-Inch Multimedia Monitors with...
Best Overall
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair)
PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair)
Most Durabe
Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers –...
Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers –...
Best Design
Mackie CR-X Series, 4-Inch Multimedia Monitors with...
Mackie CR-X Series, 4-Inch Multimedia Monitors with...

1: Presonus Eris E3.5

Best Budget Speakers For Turntable

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Want something special and durable in a budget? PreSonus Eris series is here:

Design and Quality

It is the smallest member of the Eris family. At the front side, you have got a blue signature tweeter along with a woofer.

Both woofers have a size of 3.5-inches and they both are made up of Kevlar instead of paper or a plastic cone as some other speakers do. Kevlar makes it look pretty awesome both in terms of price and quality. It also adds sound proofing & resistivity against vibration.

It has twitter on each unit which sizes 1-inch just like some big speakers at a higher price.

Down to the woofer, it has a volume control knob at the leftmost side, an aux input, and a 3.5mm headphone jack next to it, along with a power on and off button at the extreme right side.


Don’t let the small size fool you. You will be listening to the music from your computer or PC directly via AUX input. You have several connectivity options which I want to discuss each of them one by one.

The right unit has nothing but an option to pair with the left and main speaker via an audio cable. You can use TRS, RCA, and AUX input to connect your turntable with it.

You can tune the decibel levels to adjust bass on a song just like you get in a high-end pair of speakers.

It is no doubt a nice pair of speakers when it comes to sound quality. They are loaded with a lot of treble and this makes me say that you will have enormous sound.

It reproduces a clean and natural sound which gets deeper & lighter on the type of music you are listening to.

It does get a little harsh when you play music with a high-frequency treble, even if they are magnetic. They are not a bass boosted because they are not a big pair, but it gives accurate sound.

Overall sound imaging is great, you will easily guess each instrument and where they are located.

  • Lightweight and small in size. Decent connectivity options. Durable build quality. Bossy and loud sound. Affordable price.
  • Treble get distorted on a high frequency.

2: Polk Audio T15

speakers for record player

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Design and Quality

It has got a 5 and a quarter inches round subwoofer and a 0.75 inches’ tweeter probably made up of silk material. It is a big speaker and it is less than a foot in height. The front is fully covered with a silky grill which is removable.

Once you remove it, you will be seeing both the subwoofer and tweeter on both units located in a good position.

On the backside, you have got a gold plated audio input with a wall mounting slot over it. It has a good vinyl ash finishing and it looks decent.


This is an ultra-budget speaker for a turntable. It is an 8 Ohm speaker which has a higher frequency rate (60-24KHz range) which requires up to 150W of power. It has got a tremendous amount of bass inside its driver which you will be feeling once you listen to it.

The tweeters are a wide dispersed sort of tweeters and you will be listening to the music clearly and directly even if you are standing on the side or back to it.

This is also a good one for other devices, but here we are only talking specifically for the turntables.

The treble is a bit crazy bright for the price, but it could be more than what it is currently. It sounds pretty detailed and something base-rich but it does feel more on a smooth listening side which is good for turntables.

These are wall-mounted speakers, so you will get rich sound if you place them in a vertical direction or something higher.

The bass is not that incredible as advertised but it is deeper than you can feel it easily. It is enjoyable with your turntable and this is what you want it to deliver. 

It has mid-rangers that are not going to be more sharp or dull but it is okay for the price.

  • Smooth and compelling sound. Best one for turntables. Nice build quality.
  • Doesn’t sounds good on indirect listening.

3: Mackie CR-X

record player speakers

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Design and Quality

Here comes one of the most popular speaker pairs from Mackie. This CR-X series has more than 05 speakers with and without Bluetooth connectivity. 

The pair we are reviewing here has almost the same specifications, quality, and performance as its other siblings.

When looking at it from the front, you will see a bright outline in green color all over its surrounding which seems like it is reflecting, but actually, they aren’t. It glows a little but they don’t reflect. You will get different outlines on different subwoofers.

It has a 4-inch subwoofer and a one-inch tweeter on the north of the units. Again, the size of these (subwoofers and tweeters) depends on the unit you get.

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be getting a high-quality sound on a big subwoofer.


It produces a nice quality of bass with its midrange drivers which creates an amazing audio stereo imaging in your mind.

This has some sort of natural sound, which means if your record has something bad with it, you are going to feel this as well. So, it’s better to have a record with a clear sound.

To make your listening experience a lot better, they have made it easier for you to get vibration and distortion-free sound by putting some insulations inside it. So, you will get the sound clear and smooth.

It is an active speaker where the Left one is a bit heavier than the right one due to options that he has got on it. You have got a TRS, RCA, and Aux input all on the back.

A headphone jack with a volume controller on the front, a power selector, wireless connection with passive connectivity on the backside.

  • Recommended for turntable. Wide Bluetooth connectivity. Clean and bossy sound. Optimistic build quality. Vibration-free bass.
  • Cannot boost the bass.

4: Pioneer DJ DM-40

Best Speakers For Vinyl

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Design and Quality

Pioneer is one of the best audio manufacturers when it comes to car audios. But, now they are reinventing the wheel to bring something for home audio. DJ studio is one of their masterpieces.

DJ studio is also referred to as DM 40, so don’t get confused, both are the same thing.

These speakers are geometrically rectangular and they are quite bigger due to their big drivers and subwoofers. It has a 4-inch woofer in the center, quarter-inch silk dome tweeter on each of its units.

On its main unit, you have less options as usual. It has got a volume control knob with a power indicator and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the front of it.

The rest of the options are on its back which includes RCA inputs, power cords with power buttons, inputs to the second unit and that’s it.

Overall, they have a modern and simple look with trapezium bevels all around the edges. The build quality is also worth it.


For the performance, I would say it is one of the best speakers for turntables. This is because of its price, size, and sound reproduction.
It has a bossy bass because of its huge woofer.

Now, this is neither that powerful nor the less. It’s above average and this is why I prefer it to over options as well.

Both the bass and sound reproduction is decent and I like the way it sounds, vocals, guitars, and other instruments. The distortion is also not that high due to the vibration pads, that absorb all the distortions that produce inside.

So, yes they are powerful speakers that are more enhanced due to its 225W amplifier. Now, power is not an issue anymore. The frequency response rate is just fine, it has a range of 70Hz to 30KHz.

This pair consists of a passive speaker that is powered by an active speaker that is placed next to it. You are no longer required to put a dedicated amplifier, but you can also use one if you want.

  • Best budget speaker. Better sound reproduction. Distortion & noise-free. Powerful speakers. Better amplification.
  • A bit overweight.

5: Acoustic AA321B

Best Speakers For Record Player

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Design & Quality

If you are looking for something under your very limited budget, then you should give this guy a try. This has also a lightweight construction, so you can take it here and there pretty easily.

Acoustics audio has made a box, that includes a 2.5-inches woofer, which is considered as full range, that fits the body impressively. On both of the speakers, you have got a control knob, a speaker input with an RCA, and a power button.


This one has a lot more to offer. It comes with a Polypropylene loaded woofer, that has a size of just 2.5-inches. It offers you a full-range sound coverage, that provides you with a sensitivity of 88dBs, at 8 ohms.

The set does not come with a remote control, as this is mainly meant for listening to music for turntables. This owns a frequency response rate of 150Hz to 20,000 Hz, which provides enormous matching bass for the turntables.

You can get them installed easily, as this comes with connectors and mounting brackets as well. An amplifier comes pre-loaded, to satisfy you as per your needs. The 200W power makes these guys audible, without distortion or manipulation.

For their size of drivers, it has an enormous bass as it is supposed to be. If you have more to spend money on speakers for your turntables, this is something you can also see. Overall, the quality is very engaging for the price.

  • Lightweight construction Polypropylene woofers 150Hz-20 kHz frequency An impedance of 8 ohm Clear, & crisp sound quality
  • The sound level is not so loud

6: JBL Professional 305P

Speakers For Record Player

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JBL stands for James Bullough Lansing, an audio manufacturer company launched in 1902 by James Bullough Lansing.

Design and Quality

This set of speakers is one of the most powerful in performance and largest in size in our list of Best budget speakers for turntables. This is a new launch from JBL in 2018.

This is a lucky guy in terms of build quality because JBL has put a lot of effort into its design and durability.

The 308P is king from all of the P family, it has got an 8-inch subwoofer, a dual size tweeter for better soundproofing at the front side.

There is an adorable glossy look in both tweeters and subwoofers. The rest of the part has matte black finishing, which gives a decent look and easy grip.

On the back, this has got a balanced input for RCA, a headphone jack, a power adapter and a volume control knob with a sensitivity trim.


This has a couple of unique features and you can use this one wherever you want. This may serve you in a home cinema, a gaming setup, a music studio and even with your turntable.

It offers a bass-rich and an accurate sound, you will be getting a rich sound from your record on this strong guy. Stereo sound is also pretty decent and you will not feel any lag or up and downs even if you are far away from your turntable or speakers.

The image control waveguide does a couple of awesome work. You can move about the room, or around the home and you will be listening to its sound in the same way as you have in front of you for sure.

It gives a detailed and 04 axis sound, even if you are on upstairs or back to it.

Another cool and unique thing in their subwoofers are; they don’t amplify the sound unless you do it yourself and even if your record doesn’t have a clear sound, the sound will not be distorted more than a limit.

  • Clear and crispy vocals. No sound distortions. Durable build quality. Bass rich and loud stereo. 04 axis audio range.
  • Heavy and big speakers.

7: Dayton Audio B652-AIR

Good Speakers For Record Player

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Design and Quality

This is a set of ultra-budget speakers due to their pricing. We have got a 6.5-inch mid-woofer with a one-inch tweeter above it. This has a height of 11-inches, a width of 6.5-inches.

The design is simple but sleek. On the front, it has an all-over speaker grill which is velvety and the quality is just fine for the price again. The build quality is not that long-lasting.


This has an impedance of 06-ohms and frequency of 70-20Khz with a sensitivity of 85 decibels. This does sound better with a turntable because it comes with typical mid-rangers, but for the other devices, it is not recommended.

This is a smooth speaker and the bass is not that awesome, but again it is a speaker you are getting in a few bucks. So, if you are okay with light bass, this is an affordable deal. The audio is detailed and clean, so hearing and understanding your record wouldn’t be hard.

Vocals and instrumental music will sound good due to smoothness, which is a good thing. Treble and the mid-range are doing pretty well at almost every kind of music.

  • Good vocals and decent sound. Affordable and cost-effective. Smooth and clean audio. Sleek design and finish. Good for record listening.
  • Lack of connectivity. Not a durable build.

8: JBL Professional 1

best budget powered speakers for turntable

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Design and Quality

This professional series from JBL is a mid-range pair of speakers and they have got a new design. The whole body comes in an ellipses design. On the front, it has a grill covering its 4.5-inch wide driver and quarter-inch small tweeter.

The left speaker has a lathe-turned volume control knob with aux and headphone jack input on the front side. This volume knob gives an adorable shiny look to this piece.

This comes in both wired and Bluetooth versions. On your BT version, it has a volume control knob, aux and headphone input with Bluetooth pairing indicator with input selector knob.


The drivers are wave guard which will be providing a dynamic audio range in all directions. It has a frequency range of 60Hz to 20Khz which gives an optimistic level of bass. The treble is crisp and clean even at lows or highs.

The midrange sound is very neat and clean at no matter of sound level. They may sound a bit at a lower end if you used to listen to electronic music, but for the turntables, it does a lot better.

However, it does sound a bit lower in a large room due to two possible reasons. Because they are specially built as a desktop speaker or they don’t have a removable grill

One of these is a passive while another one is a controller speaker which holds everything from treble to bass to audio source.

On the back, you have an RCA input to connect with your turntable or whatever you’d like to connect with, a balanced TRS with an extensive output to the second speaker and a power button.

  • Unique and durable design. Bass and treble rich audio. Bluetooth connectivity. Lightweight pair. Standby mode.
  • Non removable grill.

9: Alesis Elevate 5 MKII

Speakers For Turntable

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Design and Quality

Next on our list of Best budget speakers for turntables, we have Alesis E5 which is going to boom your room with sound. These speakers are medium-sized and look pretty in no matter of location where you want it to be used.

The front side is more lucrative and it has matte finish on all around the body except for the front firings, subwoofers, and tweeters. All edges are filleted and they have a glossy lining all around again. Driver sizes 5-inches while the tweeter is of standard size (1-inch).

Moreover, it has a volume control knob at the rightmost side of the left one with a headphone jack next to it. So, it is a good and ideal location for knobs because some of the others insert these knobs on the back panel, which is quite hard to reach in some cases.


The Elevate 05 comes with a built in bass boost option on the back which makes sense to its name and it gives a pretty decent job. More than that, you have a typical power plug, RCA ports, and some outputs to other devices.

The bass frequency is also good in figures, you have a range of 55Hz to 20Khz, which makes any music listenable. The boost function is really powerful. Mid-range is good.

Although these speakers are designed for studio works, it does not provide that rich level of boost as it is supposed to be (for a sound studio), but it is more than enough for your turntable experience.

Overall, the sound is quite crispy on instrumental music and the vocals are also pretty fine. The bass boost feature works incredibly and the whole audio is loud. It doesn’t even make any sort of distortion no matter what level you are listening at.

  • Clear audio and bass boost. Decent sound frequency. Good build quality. Affordable price. Crispy vocals.
  • Heavier in weight.

10: Edifier R980T

Best Speakers For Turntable

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Design and Quality

These speakers from edifiers are made up of fiber wood which makes them light in weight but the quality is also good for the sound performance at such a price. The dark black color tone is the only color that it comes in, and this is the beauty for most of the rooms.

On the front, it has a detached speaker grill all over its face and the good thing is that; it is removable. After removing it, you will be seeing a 4-inch driver with a half-inch tweeter above it. Overall woody texture gives it a better look if you place it next to your turntable.


R980T has a slightly better frequency range which reduces the ear pressure in most of the cases. On the back, you have several connectivity options, which you will be using while connecting to the device.

You can connect it with your turntable via Aux pairing which is available next to PC pairing. This can also be used as a powered bookshelf speaker along your PC or other devices.

You have a treble and bass knob, which is good at the backside, but it would be better if they were on the side.

This is an active speaker so you would not need to use an amplifier on your turntable to enhance the bass and sound. It sounds good and you will hear good bass which is not superb because it doesn’t have a subwoofer.

Sound quality is clear and detailed but the bass again is not so optimistic on some sort of music. If you have a record with good bass, it will give a better output, but if they aren’t, it’s better to get a good record first.

The audio is also loud and you will not hear any distortion on both higher and lower levels of volume.

  • 2.0 speaker system. Loud and detailed audio. Better build quality. Better frequency range. Removable grill.
  • Not rich in bass.

Turntable Speakers Under Budget – Most FAQ’s

Do I need to buy speakers for a turntable?

Turntables are meant for providing you a good sound touch to enhance your listening experience pretty much. Although they are capable enough of projecting a decent sound, most of the turntables don’t feature a reasonable speaker to provide you with an audible sound quality out of their drivers.

You will surely need to buy speakers for turntables to get the most out of your turntable and the time you are planning to invest in listening to the vinyl. The best choice for turntable speakers is to opt for passive speakers for so many reasons.

Powered speakers could also be a good choice for these, as they are of a convenient design and you will also notice a reasonable price along with a good soundstage for your pieces of vinyl as well.

These speakers don’t come with a specific pre-built amplifier in their sound projection box. They are mainly powered by a dedicated amplifier that you can choose along with a receiver as well.

A dedicated speaker for a vinyl record or a turntable enhances the sound quality pretty much. This will ultimately compliment your entire listening experience for a reasonable price even without breaking out your bank.

Moreover, they are also relatively easier to connect with the traditional RCA input. So, you wouldn’t have any need to suffer in the connection part of it. Some speakers also come with Bluetooth that makes them easier to pair with them.

Why use Speakers with Turntables

Well, there are a couple of reasons why you should use speakers with turntables. First of all, most of the turntables don’t even have a built-in speaker of good quality, which doesn’t sound good or loud.

This is because some record players at entry-level pricing do not have a sound with quality at all. If you have a budget turntable. You may be missing loudness and sharpness in your experience.

What would you do with your turntable if it doesn’t sound good? If your turntable is located in a small room, it does have a sound which may be enough for you to listen to it easily, but most of the other doesn’t.

They don’t add joy or feeling to the music because they can’t produce enough bass.

Here, having a speaker for your turntable can let you get the real taste of music. These speakers are not that expensive if you select them wisely.

Can I connect my turntable directly to speakers?

If you want to connect your turntable directly to the speakers, you first have to take a look up both at your speakers as well as your turntable also. To get them connected directly, you have to make sure of two main things.

If your speakers come with the built-in amplifier and your turntable is also loaded with a preamp; this is the only way to connect your turntable directly to the speakers. However, if your turntable features a phono amp, this is still possible.

You have to get an external preamp in the match for your phono amp or a receiver can also be a possible choice. This can only be done if you have active speakers. The method isn’t valid for passive speakers yet, unfortunately.

If your speakers support BlueTooth, you can surely connect them directly with the turntable. Or, if your turntable has got a traditional RCA input in its backend, you can then connect the stereo speakers directly with it.

The powered speakers hold a power plug, which means your speakers are powered or active ones. So, you can connect them directly without any problem. There is a possibility for passive speakers if they have a preamp to connect them directly. But, this is a tricky and unsure method for the turntables.

Are soundbars good for record players?

Soundbars are also a good match for record players when it comes to enjoying a good piece of music.

They both are a very different thing, but they are worth it in the end. The soundbars are a pretty affordable choice to listen to music out of the box. The connection part is also not a big deal by the way.

Do I need a preamp and an amp for my turntable?

If you are planning to add a decent pair of external speakers to your turntables, you will need a preamp or maybe an amp as well. You might find some of the turntables with built-in amps. In that case, you wouldn’t need that.

Do expensive turntables sound better?

Of course, there will be a significant sound difference when it comes to pricey turntables. The expensive models sound more detailed, accurate, & engaging. Depending on your budget, the quality keeps getting better. However, turntables under $300 also sound magnificent & engaging both for the price & expectations.

What you need to know before buying a record player?

Before buying a record player, make sure you know how to use it perfectly. They also come in a manual & automatic method that you can choose as per your needs. The RPM is also a considerable thing while buying a record player depending upon the disk size most often.

Can you connect a turntable to AUX?

You can connect your turntable with AUX without any doubt if you have a built-in or external amplifier in it. You have to plug the turntable audio cable with the analog receiver input. These inputs are known as AUX inputs by the way.

Is a turntable better than a CD?

If you have a Digital CD Player, they will sound a lot better as compared to a turntable, to be honest. Digital CDs own a suitable & more engaging signal-to-noise ratio that enhances productivity even more than a turntable.

However, the best turntables sound a lot better than traditional CD players with variations. These turntables provide superior & clear stereo sound quality than a CD player. The channel separation is decent here that lets it happen perfectly.

How much should I spend on a turntable?

Sky’s the limit and the same goes for a turntable just like any other thing presents out there under the sun. You can find a reasonable turntable for under $3000 and you will also find some turntables even less than fifty dollars.

If you just want to test them out for the sake of the experiment, you should spend less on the risk and a turntable under $50 would be more than enough. Now, these under-budget turntables aren’t so long-lasting as they are not built nicely.

Of course, such low-end machines won’t be providing you a good value for money & they also don’t sound good in real life. The cheap turntables can break records that you will never want to face. Their low mediocre stylus would not last for more than 50 hours perfectly. So, it’s just a waste of money for cheap ones.

The sweet spot for most of the audiophiles as some mid-range options are almost $100 to up to $500. In reality, these as well aren’t meant for audiophiles.

Turntables under $100 are considered as cheap and they can never last even for a couple of months. If you just want to give a good start, the entry-level turntables could cost you no more than $100 to $200 out there.

If you want to upgrade or replace your existing turntable for a reasonable price, turntables under 400 dollars would be a good range. This affordable range starts from $200 & the turntables of up to $400 are capable of some good life & sound.

If you are some sort of good listener, then the mid-range turntables are meant for you then. You can find mid-range turntables within a starting range of $400 that can go up to $700 as well. However, you are likely to get a good boy right under $600 if not exactly under $500.

From here, the real movie starts as you will find the real turntables for audiophiles at a slightly more price. The audiophiles are likely to spend at least $700 to get a good audiophile turntable. This can cost you up to $2000 for true audiophiles.

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How to connect Turntable ( Complete setup )

The Final Verdict: Best Affordable Speakers For Turntable

Turntables are back again in the market and our hearts. Many people are using it for their music listening while they are at home. But, they are getting way expensive.

If you have found a good option at an affordable price, you would be missing delicacy in the music.

In this article, we have helped you find out the Best budget speakers for turntables to get the most out of your record listening.