Best Ceiling Speakers For Atmos

Best Ceiling Speakers For Atmos

For audiophiles who want to fill every single inch of their house with quality sound, nothing can beat the class of the Best ceiling speakers for Atmos.

Instead of spending a lot on high-end setups, you can just get these things & boom!

Gone are the days when people preferred buying large & oversized sets of speakers that sucked mostly due to size but could still deliver the same quality as they were expensive as well.

This is the era of Ceiling Speakers, which presents optimal quality, without acquiring space. Plus, they are now pretty cost-effective. Now, people no longer want to get oversized stuff in their houses, just for the sack of entertainment.

A good example of this nowadays is the home theater system, which saves you both space, & some bucks in some cases. But, not everyone has the same taste, nor the budget. To kill this thing, the Best ceiling speakers for atmos couldn’t get better.

You might be thinking, Oh God! Who is going to set them up by messing with ceilings, a plethora of long wires, & professional installation services? But hold down as this is not as difficult as you see it.

If you are some sort of techie boy, who knows some electrical stuff, like how to pair wires, how to set crossover frequencies, then this is more than enough. You just need to watch some tutorials with some tools, to get the work done.

Don’t forget to take a look at our guide to Wireless speaker kit for wired speakers, if you are confident enough that you will get it done in a manner of some hours.

Now, you are pretty sure that you will be done with it easily, but do you know what are the Best ceiling speakers for atmos? Do you know which speaker is worth your time, & money? Is it easy to figure out the best choices out there?

Absolutely, it isn’t! And, we are assuming this is the main course that why you are here today, not just to scroll, but to figure out the Best ceiling speakers for atmos. So, worry not, as we have done it already, so that you no longer need to suffer for it.

On a shallow note, to get the best performance & surround sound effect, we recommend you to select atmos ceiling speakers with at least 80W power handling, a minimum 6-inches cone, & preferably the two-way systems.

Don’t worry, as we have already followed this criterion to sort out these best speakers. If you are planning to get it installed, these speakers are the best choices.

However, you need to figure out both your budget, requirement & personalization for your ideal ones. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Features You Look For When Purchasing the Best Ceiling Speakers for atoms?

The ease of installation is a necessity, but the audio quality is the most crucial consideration. It should be lightweight, and all wiring should be flawless to avoid the possibility of fire to maximize audio quality.

It is preferable if they can be moved and adjusted. If they are pointed straight down, the sound is driven into any carpets and muffled or bounced off hard floors, all of which significantly impact audio quality.

The fact that you’re mounting a speaker in your ceiling means that your ceiling space itself is effectively becoming the enclosure; as a result, the speaker must be studied, designed, and built in a way that anticipates and addresses any difficulties that may arise.

1: Polk Audio RC80i – atmos ceiling speakers

Best Ceiling Speakers For Atmos

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On top of the list, we have got you the first best one, from the house of Polk Audio. It is the only Polk Audio guy on the list, & probably the ideal one for every audiophile here.

However, if you want something different & maybe even better, keep skimming the list until you find one. For this one, it was launched back in 2005, & successfully captured a lot of attention from music lovers.

By the way, this speaker comes in a set of two, that you can get in a couple of other variants. For this one, we have considered the RC80i pair to give you a better context. This speaker comes in white color, which looks marvelous on a wall.

Inside the speaker, you will get an 8-inches woofer, that owns a 1-inches tweeter. Both of these elements are best when it comes to managing both low & high frequencies, which helps in dynamic, deep, & balanced music in your house.

Polk Audio has used a specific sort of cone, just to help you get better surround sound effects into your ears. The cone is filled with polymer particles, which results in a durable construction. Plus, it prevents distortion in sound.

You will see a rubber insulation that makes the surround sound more secured that does not cause any leakage. Moreover, this also helps a lot in making the speaker construction some sort of waterproof.

Why we put these guys on top of the list, is its ease of installation. If you don’t want to hustle when it comes to installation, these guys are going to be a perfect match for your needs.

Last but not the least, the speakers also own a perfect grill that makes it very modern & eye-catching for modern interior designs. As these speakers only come in white color, you can also paint these grills to match with your interior.

  • Vibrant Rubber Isolation 15-degree swivel mount Moisture Resistant body 100W RMS & excellent sound
  • Bass could be more improved


2: Pyle PDIC60T – best ceiling speakers for atmos

Dolby Atmos Ceiling Speakers

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The successor to Polk Audio’s boy, & the first Pyle Ceiling Atoms speaker is their PDI-C60T guys. These speakers were launched back in 2004, which is one of the most senior players in this segment out there in the market.

If you want the Best ceiling speakers for atmos under $100, then this one has its own fantasy. You might also find one or two more boys in this budget, but this one is the budget king in terms of performance.

In this one, you have a couple of variants, & just for the sake of your information, we will consider 6.5-inches one. It is the first speaker that comes with a pre-loaded transformer that is rated as 70 volts.

This power, along with a 250W peak & 8-ohms of impedance makes a perfect combination that later projects a quality & immerse boost of bass. & clear audio. Inside these speakers, you will get a 1-inch powerful titanium tweeter.

Though the tweeter seems to be under power due to its size, don’t judge the book with its cover as this tweeter is using a dome design, that makes the sound reproduction at its best by handling high frequencies.

Not only that, these speakers are using a frequency response rate that ranges from 65 Hertz to up to 22,000 Hertz. Believe us, all these technicalities are more than enough to reproduce & pack some quality for your home.

Being a budget ceiling speaker for atmos, this speaker comes in a pair & these are 2-way as well. But, you will never get one at this price with a surround sound system. This one is using stereo sound but it is more than average.

Overall, the sound quality doesn’t seem to be lacking in any department & this is what you want for your home. Plus, the speakers are lightweight, free of distortion, and don’t lack in quality, as well as easy to install.

  • 250 Watts Peak Power 2-Way Stereo Sound 65Hz – 22kHz & 8 Ohm Full and rich sound
  • High end could be better


3: Acoustic CSic84-5S – best atmos ceiling speakers

Ceiling Mounted Atmos Speakers

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So, you are conscious about sound quality & do not hesitate when it comes to some expensive yet decent performance? Then sit tight as we have got you captured.

These speakers are a launch of the year 2019, & it is now the 55th best ceiling speaker. Now, in the number games, the speakers may sound expensive to you. But, don’t get fooled because these speakers are offered in a set of 5 speakers instead of two!

All of these speakers are three-way that generates music from three simultaneous devices that are packed inside it. These are mid-range, tweeters, and woofers of course. Each out of the component is meant for handling a specific frequency.

Acoustics has packed these speakers in two different variants. And, there is not a single difference except for the frame. We got the frameless version, which is relatively easier to install.

Well, the speakers are considered as full range, as they own a size of 8-inches. These are made up of polymer cones that have an overall rigid & durable design. Moreover, these speakers are isolated by rubber stuff all around its sides.

Technically, the speakers consist of a mylar tweeter with a size of 5-inches. These speakers are already strong, which later helps you listen to a more stable & rich sound with little to no distortion.

These speakers have a frequency response rate of 40-22,000 Hertz, impedance of 8 ohms, & a sensitivity of less than a 100dBs. Moreover, all of its passive speakers come with a built-in crossover to make them safe & free of loss.

Besides all these things, the speakers are rated as 350W per channel & keep in mind that it is the peak power. The RMS would be less than 250W for each channel. However, these speakers with this massive wattage sounds optimal.

  • Paintable speaker grills 3-way passive crossover Durable Poly cone woofers 40Hz-20 kHz & 8 ohms
  • Bass is not that powerful


4: PYLE PDIC81RD – best atmos speakers

atmos speakers

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The second boy from the house of Pyle is an Amazon choice for wall speakers. It is a speaker pair that is a launch of 2013, & it is ranking as the 3rd best Ceiling speaker right now at Amazon for less than a hundred bucks.

These speakers only come in just a single variant & it is not just a pair of two. Instead, Pyle has packed them in a set of four speakers just to make you feel proud, & economical at the same time.

Just like the other boys, this one does also come in white grill, but it is paintable. So, you need not worry about if you don’t want a whitewash just for installing them. Plus, the installation is also smooth, with literally no problems.

Inside these boys, Pyle has packed simple yet effective engineering to make them sound superb. Though, being a budget guy, you will never expect a lot of quality. But, these speakers are far above the average when it comes to performing.

Pyle has used a half an inch of tweeter in each of its passive & active components. Though the size is pretty small, its dome construction makes it handle the high frequencies to generate more quality perfectly.

Not only that, the speaker is using a one-inch voice coil that resists the temperature to bring you on the safe side. These speakers are not the underpower guys and you will have enormous levels of wattage.

These speakers come with 4 ohms of impedance, total RMS power of 1000W that distributes to 250 watts per channel. When seen its peak power rating, these speakers can handle up to 500W massive power for its per channel.

  • An 8-inches Midbass Speakers 250W RMS & 500W peak/channel ½-inches Polymer Dome Tweeter Delivers quality stereo sound
  • Doesn’t optimally works on BT


5: Acoustic R192 – atmos speakers ceiling

wireless atmos speakers

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The second and last guy from Acoustics audio is its R-192 from its Goldwood series. These speakers are a launch of 2019, & ranking as the 150th best in-ceiling speakers. Plus, Acoustics has offered them in two variants with/without frame.

Just like its elder brother that we have already reviewed back at the third spot, this one also comes in a set of 5 channel speakers. Comparatively, the only difference that you will see is these are two-way, while those were three-way.

These speakers are fairly easy to install, & they have also got a removable & paintable grille to make it look more lucrative. Their lightweight & handful design takes you no effort in installation.

Acoustics have made these speakers as full range even with the size of 5.25-inches woofer. This woofer is made up of a Polypropylene cone that gives it a rigid design to last for a long time.

In fact, Acoustics has put its best to make the speakers perfectly isolated by installing rubber surrounds all the way around its cone. Though it has been done pretty effectively, there’s still a chance of sound leakage.

Here, the manufacturer has installed a 5-inch tweeter that will be handling all the stuff for high frequencies. These speakers are using a frequency response rate of just 45Hertz to 22,000 Hertz.

Moreover, Acoustics has also packed 08-ohm impedance to make the audio signal transmission effective, without losing the signals. Plus, there is a sensitivity of 95dB, which is doing its best to make the sound effect listen to.

You are required to get your own amplifiers in order to make them work. These speakers are meant to handle the power wattage up to 200W per channel, which is far behind Pyle’s PDI- C81R-D.

  • A Frameless Flush Mount Rigid Poly cone woofers 2-way woofer and tweeter 45Hz-22 kHz, 95dB at 8ohm
  • Don’t have 5.1 sound for HDMI inputs


6: Bose 591 – in ceiling speakers

Best In Ceiling Speakers

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One and only one speaker from Bose store, which is an Amazon Choice for Bose Ceiling speakers, & was launched back in 2015. These speakers are ranking as the 135th best Ceiling speakers.

By far, this is the first-ever speaker on the list, that comes in more than 4 variants out there, just to make you select a wise version. On a lighter note, these speakers are way expensive than the others, as they are meant for exclusive coverage.

Okay, these speakers are one of the best made that can last for at least 5 years if not the decade. The manufacturer has worked a lot on its design and build quality, which has made us say this line.

Just like the others, this one also comes in a removable grille that looks marvelous when installed. In fact, you do not even need to paint them because they have also polished the grille perfectly. Rest is up to you!

The speakers are using a single woofer that has a size of 5-inches. It is perfectly located down in the cone just to make it work effectively. Not only that, but the speaker also has a quarter inch of tweeter to handle high frequencies.

These speakers are considered as the full range when it comes to their performance. To be honest, there is a great & deep bass waiting for you to touch your ears. The over-ear sound effects do their best to give a decent boost.

Being a stereo sound system, you will never lack in quality even after a long time, unless something went wrong. However, the speakers are durable, using a perfect construction & voice coil that resists the temperature and thermal problems.

  • A Full Sound Coverage Easy to install speakers 100 Watts per channel Effective sound stage
  • A bit expensive set


7: Pyle PIC8E – ceiling speakers for surround sound

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For the last time, Pyle has brought its last boy for today’s list to make you feel proud & economical at the same time. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks, this speaker is a great one to get.

Historically, the speaker was launched back in 2005, & it is the 16th best in Ceiling speakers out there at Amazon. These lightweight speakers comes in two different variants with different size.

So, this pair is offered in 8-inches sizes, which gives an enormous room to frequencies to get into the game. The system features a tweeter that has a size of one inch but it is made up of silicon along with some sort of construction.

This speaker comes in a set of two, that has a peak power of 300W. Technically, these boys are two-way, which is pretty easy to mount in the wall. With this wattage for the price, these speakers undoubtedly perform better.

Pyle has featured a frequency response rate of 35Hertz to 20,000 Hertz that is lower than other ones & gives a decent soundstage. Plus, there is an impedance of 8-ohms that makes the signal transmission pretty effective.

Honestly speaking, the speaker system features a full-range stereo sound system that reproduces the sounds pretty awesomely. The speakers don’t seem to be on a budget at some points. Yes, there is room for improvement in some areas.

Surprisingly, the speaker does come with a built-in treble control that is located at a reaching point. With this control, you can now adjust the music to your personalized spot to listen to more effective sound.

Last but not the least, the speakers are pretty easy to mount as most of the installation stuff comes out of the box, so you will not have to suffer. Plus, their lightweight design & quality construction makes them last for a long time.

  • Adjustable Treble Control 2-Way Full Range Stereo An Integrated Mounting 300W, 35Hz-20kHz, 8Ohm
  • Build Quality is average


8: Amazon Basics – ceiling speakers for home

best In Ceiling Speakers Review

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Okay, let’s take a look at AmazonBasics ceiling speakers for atmos. These speakers are a launch of the year 2019, & they are now ranked as the 24th best ceiling speakers out there at Amazon.

Amazon has launched these boys in two different variants with a main difference in size & price. These are lightweight speakers that sound better with their 8-inches variant as compared to the 6.5-inches one.

However, these speakers are ideal for home theater systems, but you are not limited to use these guys just for it. In fact, you can also connect them with turntables as turntable speakers to get them worked even without home theaters.

These speakers are a set of 2-way speakers that sounds optimal when it comes to perform. The speaker consists of a deep woofer that delivers a quality sound reproduction without struggling or pushing the power.

It has a one-inch ring tweeter that is ideal for clear stereo effect song with handling the high frequencies as well. Moreover, these speakers are easy to install and don’t require that much effort to get it done right.

To be honest, these speakers are featuring a full range of frequency response rate that is rated as 48 hertz to 22,000 hertz. Not only that, the speaker comes with a pre-loaded subwoofer crossover, that makes the device safe to use.

To deliver you a decent possible sound, these speakers are using a sensitivity of more than 90dBs, to reproduce a crisp sound without losing vocals. With its 100W power rating, the speaker performs its best in clear sound.

  • 4 to 8 Ohm Impedance Removable & paintable A Crispy & clear sound Easy to install speakers
  • Not a true wireless speaker


9: Klipsch R-1650-C – best in ceiling speakers for music

In Ceiling Surround Sound Speakers Reviews

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The only ceiling speaker from Klipsch to let you make a wise decision without struggling. These are the speakers that had a launch in 2008, & now they are ranking as the 26th best ceiling speaker.

They cost slightly more than 100 bucks, but most of the time, you will get a discount to make them economical. Just like other guys on the list, this one also comes in a grille that has white yet paintable color.

The speaker is surrounded by rubber isolation that makes the deal perfect to grab when it comes to some soundproofing. Though there is a little bit of distortion, it does not annoy or hurt your experience at all.

This speaker pair features a 6.5-inches wide polymer cone, that is more than enough to hold a powerful tweeter of 1-inches. The tweeter is using a dome design, that makes the cone more effective.

To be honest, the speaker delivers an above-average & a decent sound quality as it was supposed to be. In fact, in terms of clear sound, we would have ranked it higher than Pyle’s PIC8E, but those are budget guys.

  • Excellent for music Sounds great & clear A Decent isolation An easy to install set
  • Highs are just passable


10: Monoprice – Carbon Fiber In-Ceiling Speaker

Best dolby atmos Speakers

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So, the last contestant on today’s list of Best ceiling speakers for atmos is Mono Price’s 2-way ceiling speakers that belong to the Alpha series. These speakers were launched back in 2018, but they are not popular enough.

MonoPrice has launched them in different variants. Each of its variants has its own price, size & performance for sure. But, we will consider 8-inch angled ceiling speakers from the list.

These lightweight speakers come with a removable & paintable grille that has some decent build quality. Not only that, these grilles are made up of metallic instead of fiber or other polymers. Just to make it more durable.

Monoprice has meant these speakers to handle a peak power of up to 160W or 80W per channel. With this power, these speakers seem to be underpowered. And, this is somewhat true as they don’t sound much loud.

To make them sound louder, you are required to get a decent amplifier. Otherwise, all other things are decent & don’t need to be compromised. The speaker is packed with a rubber isolation along with a silk dome tweeter.

  • 45Hz 20kHz frequency 160 W Peak power Sensitive speaker cone Clean & Crisp sound
  • Average bass for the price


FAQ’s for In-Ceiling Speakers

Is Atmos worth it in 2021?

Is Dolby Atmos Worth It in a Gaming Environment? When gaming, Dolby Atmos is well worth the investment. Whether on a gaming system or through a virtual reality system, Dolby Atmos audio is the best option for people who want to immerse themselves in the game completely.

Should I upgrade to Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is well worth every penny you spend on it since the extra height channel offers a very authentic and immersive listening experience when it comes to home theatre. Watching movies in this manner at home becomes the closest thing you can get to a movie theatre experience.

Which is better, Dolby 7.1 or Atmos?

In comparison to Dolby Atmos, Dolby 7.1 is a little out of date; however, it will make little difference if you are not wearing headphones; however, it will make a significant difference in a concert hall, cinema hall, or theatre because Dolby Atmos creates a more considerable reverberation effect than Dolby 7.1. Using Dolby Atmos, you may get higher audio quality in concert halls.

Do upward-firing speakers work?

A 5.1 speaker system with upward-firing drivers positioned on the front or back speakers may, in principle, bounce sound off the ceiling of your living room, creating the appearance that sounds are coming from above you—all without increasing the overall footprint of the system.

Will, any speaker work for Atmos?

It is possible to utilize any speaker with Dolby Atmos, which allows you to experience pinpoint-precise surround sound in the comfort of your own home. However, Dolby speakers provide the most fantastic sound experience regarding the newest immersive audio technology.

ATMOS Ceiling Speakers Setup

The Bottom Line |Best Ceiling Speakers for Atmos

Atmos Ceiling speakers are getting popular nowadays, & audiophiles tend to install them even in their houses, as they are a budget alternative to high-end & big speakers or sound systems.

Here, in this guide, we have explored the Best ceiling speakers for atmos that worth buying, some easy to install, perform fantastic & lasts for a long time.

After installing these atmos ceiling speakers, you will be enjoying the premium overhead sound effect, that could not get even better as for now.