Best Door Speakers For Truck

best door speakers for truck

In the United States alone, the average truck driver tends to drive for more than 10 hours per day. If you are one of those honorable truck drivers, you can relate to this. Without the Best door speakers for the truck, you will have to pass through hours of long & boring routes without any entertainment.

You might already have a mid-range speaker set in your truck, but this is not the ideal one for trucks, where it takes more concentration, & silence in the cabin. If you want to get the most out of your journey, the best is to get some Best door speakers for trucks.

For trucks, & most of the large vehicles, the ideal location of installing a car audio system is in your doors, due to so many technical & professional reasons as they are also pretty easy to install on the doors.

With so many options out there in the market, figuring out the Best door speakers for trucks can become overwhelming sometimes. But, you need to stay confident, as we have taken this task, as we know you are already busy with your stuff.

Here, in this best speakers buying guide, you will get to know the Best door speakers for trucks, which would be more than enough for your trucks, to fascinate your ears. Just take a skimmed look, & make sure to check them out there.

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Do door speakers make a difference?

A well-chosen pair of aftermarket vehicle speakers may make a world of difference in the sound quality of the automobile audio system. These speakers deliver a more precise, detailed, and dramatic sound. Additionally, you’ll notice a more profound and tighter bass at all frequencies.

1: Rockford R169X2 – best truck speakers

best door speakers for truck

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So, topping the list, & we have got you with Rockford for the very first time. This door speaker is named R 169 X2, which is one of the most successful launches from Rockford itself.

These are lightweight speakers that weigh no more than 5.5 pounds out of the box. Rockford has launched these speakers in a couple of models, sizes, & designs as well. For your truck’s door, the 6*The 9 inches version is a cool choice.

In these speakers, Rockford is using Polypropylene, which features its cone, & subwoofer parts. Polypropylene has made the construction of this thing pretty durable for the price, plus, it also assists in encountering the distortion in sound.

The entire subwoofer, & the cone are packed with the rubbers in their surroundings, which prevents water soaking, & it also helps in making the distortion as little as it could. Down to its center, there is a tiny little tweeter.

This tweeter is capable enough for handling the high frequencies, & audio signals of these frequencies at its best. With this tweeter, you can now take effective control over the volume control, & making the sounding at its best.

This version of the speaker is two-way, which is using low impedance to avoid signal loss, & to make the transmission as effective as the high-end speakers for cars. The silk dome tweeter makes the soundstage even better.

This is considered as the full-range speaker that comes with a lucrative power for an enhanced listening experience. The speaker pair is rated at 65W of RMS power, and the peak can go up to 100W. To make these speakers even safe, Rockford has also installed a pre-loaded crossover into that.

The setup is using Integrated Concealed Crossover beneath its basket in parallel with the tweeters. These crossovers divide the audio signal as per its input voltage and the frequency response as well, making the transmission even safe.

  • The Full Range speakers Easy to install speakers An Impressive listening Powerful audio quality
  • Bass isn’t that deep


2: Pyle PLG6C – beat speakers for truck

best door speakers

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Pyle is in the game, with its decent car speaker set, that is going to make your day. This speaker is one of the most successful launches from Pyle, which has already earned the significant trust of more than 2500 speaker enthusiasts out there.

These speakers belong to one of Pyle’s established & senior most speakers. Pyle launched these guys in 2004, & this system is currently ranking as the 4th best Car Component speakers system, & the 45th best Coaxial speaker out there.

These speakers belong to the Pyle’s gear series, which is classified as the two-way speaker system, which comes in a marvelous, unique, and yellowish color. For its design part, we would recommend you to install these guys in your truck’s doors.

Just to add a layer of protection against falling off, or bypassing it from distortion’s, its sides are insulated through rubber, which gives a long life to it. Pyle has made this for pickups, SUVs, trucks, and some sort of heavy-duty vehicles.

To be honest, the Sound blasting and reproduction are not that super cool but it truly justifies the price, quality, & expectations as well. You will surely get rich, & listenable music with its half-inch tweeter and crossover midrange drivers.

These speakers are capable enough to provide you with the true, rich, & engaging sound quality that fascinates your ear, being an audiophile, & a truck driver. By using this set, you are likely to enjoy your long routes across the United States.

These speakers own a higher, yet effective impedance of 04ohm, a peak power of up to 400 Watts, 50-5kHz sound frequency range, and a sensational sound out of the box. Although the voice coil is made up of aluminum, or any other non-ferrous metal coil, still, it can easily bear high temperature, which makes it more compact.

For its installation part, you can get it done in positions like, on the surface dashboard, vertically over your head in angular direction over your head, or on your car doors. To do this, you will get a complete installation kit at this price.

  • 02-04 Way Full range speakers Unique Piezoelectric tweeters An easy to install, & customize Decent sound, & build quality
  • Nothing as such


3: JBL CLUB6520 – best stereo speakers

competition door speakers

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JBL for the very first time on the list of the Best door speakers for trucks, with its Club series boys, that has got a model of 6520. These speakers are ranking as an Amazon choice for JBL 6.5 car speakers, with thousands of positive reviews.

JBL has launched this system back in 2016, which is currently ranking as the 27th Best Car Coaxial Speaker system out there at Amazon. These speakers are considered pretty lightweight, as they only weigh 3.75 pounds out of the box.

If you want something marvelous, & modern in the design part, with a little bit of customizations, along with better sound quality and low price, you should stop scrolling further and get this one right after you finish skimming this boy.

This guy from JBL’s club series is a durable and attractive speaker, which is manufactured in our neighbor country Mexico. It is light weighted but a powerful speaker. This does not come in a set of two pairs, but it’s still affordable.

It comes in black color, with extra protected sides and a visible tweeter which is pretty beautiful. JBL has also included a removable grill for this version, which makes the installation part pretty easy, & time-saving.

Not just that, these speakers are also pretty easy to install mainly in the door sides. To get the installation done, JBL also includes almost the entire installation kit, a guide with a screwdriver as well.

The CLUB 6520 is packed with a bigger subwoofer, that reproduces a deep and clean bass. With PEI balanced dome tweeter, you will be enjoying a deep, & audible bass, loud, & a charming volume, with little to no distortion as well.

The speaker’s own 300 Watts of power, an impedance of 03 ohms, a sensitivity of sounds with 90-93db, and a frequency response rate of 55Hz to 22000Hz. The RMS power handling is no more than 50W by the way.

  • 150W peak, & 50W RMS 03 Ohms of Impedance 55Hz – 20Khz Frequency Delivers a rich quality
  • Build could be impressive


4: Skar FSX65-4 – best door speakers

best door speakers for sound quality

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Skar for the first, yet for the last time on the list, with its FSX 65-4 boy, that has got a launch year of 2016. These speakers are ranking as an Amazon choice for skar 6.5 speakers, & it has already earned thousands of positive feedbacks out there.

If you are looking for a budget speaker system, & don’t want to spend a lot of bucks on these things, Skar has got you captured then. These speakers are going to be an ideal choice for you, as they are some of the cheapest speakers here.

These speakers have got a driver size of 6.5-inches, which is a good start for car audio systems, mainly for large vehicles as they are enough to provide a good soundstage, by getting some power.

This is a pair of speakers that is using a two-way sound system out of the box. The system comes in only an exclusive version, which is more than enough for these types of things. For the price, Skar does deliver an optimal listening experience.

To power these things, the system is loaded with a peak power capacity of almost 300 Watts, which translates to 150 Watts in RMS power. Just to prevent the audio signal loss in transmission, this system features an impedance of 04 ohms.

Honestly speaking, these speakers are more likely to be on the side of mid-range speakers. So, if you are looking for Mid Range door speakers for trucks, it is an ideal, & budget choice in that case.

The speaker is holding a dome tweeter in its subwoofer, that is capable enough of handling high frequencies. At the moment, the tweeter can handle a frequency response rate of 100 Hz – 8,000 Hz which is not that bad, nor so good.

Last but not the least, the speakers provide you with a clear sound, that justifies the price, & expectations. The bass is still present here, but it is not that engaging or satisfying to be honest, as it is a budget boy. Rest things are still decent ones.

  • The mid-range Speaker 100Hz – 8kHz Frequency For a reasonable price An audible sound quality
  • Highs are not so good


5: Rockford Fosgate R165X3 – truck door speakers

door speakers for truck

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Rockford once again for the second time on the list, with its R165X3 version of the best truck speakers. This speaker has a launch year of 2013, which is now taken as the 04th best coaxial speaker out there at Amazon.

These speakers weigh 10 pounds, which is not to be considered as a lightweight system. Currently, these speakers are ranking as an Amazon choice for the best 6.5 car speakers, so you can just imagine the quality, & performance of this system.

Rockford’s R165 uses a three-way speaker system, which reproduces its sound from all of its subwoofers, tweeters, and drivers simultaneously. The driver has a size of 6.5-inches which produces enough sound to fill your cabin smoothly.

This system doesn’t come in a set of two, instead, they are packed in 04 speakers, so you have got a more budget-friendly system. You can either install two in your dashboard, & on the rear seats, or you can install all of them in your truck’s doors.

R165 comes with the simplest grill design with a black color and the thermoplastic build material. Besides these things, it has two tweeters in each of its units. Installation will not be an issue if you get them on your doors.

You can play almost every type of genre on it, both on low, & high frequencies. Both the half inches dome tweeters and drivers will do their job perfectly. It also eliminates the surrounding with rubber, so you will face little to no distortion.

Though the installation is easy, & doesn’t take your time. But, it is recommended to use it if you have a slightly newer car, where it doesn’t take effort to open the door’s insulation. Vehicles since 2000, & onwards are a good match for it.

  • Rich & engaging sound A Decent build quality 04 units of speaker set For a reasonable price
  • Not a lightweight system


6: Polk DB5251 – truck speakers

sound system for truck

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Polk for the very first time on the list of the Best door speakers for trucks. This speaker system is a launch of 2006, which is currently ranking as the 24th best component speaker. However, it is a lightweight speaker that weighs 05 pounds.

These lightweight speakers are an ideal setup if you want to invest in a more than average setup. Polk has made these systems on a two-way mechanism, which is a good thing to see for such component speakers.

This is a two-way speakers system, that provides you with the most lucrative sound quality out of the box. The speaker is equipped with a built-in crossover, which makes the speakers pretty safe in terms of performance.

The crossover is even more protective, as the tweeter is packed along with an electronic circuit that adds a layer of protection on this thing. This crossover channel comes individually along with it by the way.

Now, the crossover itself is based upon a two-way system, that is known as Butterworth outboard by the Pyle. The crossover is using a vented housing, that makes the electronic protection of the tweeter’s circuit at its best.

This speaker is meant for handling a power capacity of almost 100 Watts, which is continuous or RMS rating, and for its peak power, the speaker is supposed to handle almost 300 Watts of peak power.

Not just the speaker is optimal, the frequency response is also a great one. This speaker system features a frequency response rate of 35Hz to 23000Hz, which is quite decent for the price, and the performance as well.

To make the signal transmission of its audio an optimal one, these speakers come with an impedance of almost 04 ohms of load. This makes a perfect compliment along with its crossover, in case of accidental overloading.

The speaker contains polymer dome tweeters, that are loaded with liquid cool sinks. Now, the tweeters themselves are using dome construction that comes with a neodymium magnet to deliver an optimal & clear sound quality.

  • A Mica composite build Kapton voice coil former An optimal sound quality Two-way crossover system
  • Longevity depends on luck


7: JBL GT7-6C – truck speakers

stereo systems for truck

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JBL for the second, yet for the last time on the list of the best door speakers for trucks. These speakers are a launch of the year 2015, which is currently ranking as the 900th best coaxial speaker in the oceans of speakers out there.

These are lightweight speakers that only weigh around 04 pounds out of the box, which assists you somewhat in its installation part. It is one of the few speakers on the list that comes in a couple of variants out there.

The GT7 Series from JBL features a two-way speakers system, which uses one of the best materials in its manufacturing, which ensures some longevity as well. We will specifically talk about their performance in detail.

For its design part, these speakers are also magnificent, and look stunning out of the box. JBL is using Polypropylene mostly in its cone, however, the best parts of these speakers are also using polymer construction, with an enhanced durability.

Just like the previous one, this one has also got an external crossover device, that controls & protects the speakers electronically, which is also pretty safe itself. To project high frequencies, the system also features a decent dome tweeter.

These tweeters are made up of PEI injection molding, which is later surrounded by foam isolation all around it. This makes the speaker perform better without sounding too much distortion, just to enhance your listening experience.

On top of these things, these speakers are capable enough to process a frequency response rate of50Hz – 20kHz, which is more than enough for this price. Most of the time, this frequency rate is ideal for home theater speakers & subwoofers.

Last thing, JBL GT76C can handle a power rating of almost 300 Watts for its peak, & the RMS is no more than 100Watts for both of its speakers. To make the sound clear, this speaker holds almost 92dB sensitivity, & 04 ohms of impedance as well.

  • 04 ohms of impedance 100W of RMS power 50Hz – 20kHz frequency Audible, & engaging quality
  • Volume needs to be a bit loud


8: Pioneer TS6900PRO – truck sound system

best sound system for truck

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The only boy from Pioneer on the list is for advanced enthusiasts, who want to get the best quality, without worrying about the price.

This system is a launch of 2014, that has a weight of almost 8 pounds, which is not that lightweight.

Alright, let’s start with its design & build quality. Pioneer doesn’t need to be praised when it comes to build quality, design, along with audio performance. They already knew how to balance each and everything of a speaker.

This model from Pioneer comes in 3 more variants, with size, & price difference, that somehow leads to a specific difference in terms of performance as well. However, this specific version that we have considered is a 6*9 speaker system.

Pioneer has packed these speakers, to deliver the powerful, loud, & one of the most engaging sound quality by providing it 600W of peak power. The system itself is based on a 2-way system.

These speakers feature a Blended Pulp Cone Woofer along with a Bullet Tweeter that is packed inside its woofer. This makes the sound projection at its best, by providing this thing a pretty durable, & more than enough sound stage.

The tweeter is capable enough of handling the high frequencies sounds that later helps in transforming the rich bass. Moreover, this also helps in making the volume loud, which was a missing thing in JBL’s case before this one.

There is little to no signal loss, as these guys feature a lower impedance range which is somewhere 02-03 ohms. Along with that, these boys are also sensitive, which is supposed to at least 90dB.

For the price, these speakers are performing, & truly justifies the price. Most of the time, you will be enjoying its deep bass, accurate vocals, a balanced & structured audio, depending upon the genre’s quality as well.

  • 600 Watts Max power A Bullet horn tweeter The Pulp Cone Woofer With High-quality sound
  • Screw holes need finishing


9: Rockford Fosgate P1692 – truck speaker

speakers for truck doors

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Rockford for the last time on the list of the Best door speakers for trucks, with its P1692 boy that is a launch of 2009. These speakers weigh almost 09 pounds and feature a 9-inches big cone that helps in decent sound projection.

This is an impressive speaker that features a 2-way sound mechanism in it. The installation part is so easy, that we are omitting this for now. However, for their build quality, & design, these speakers are gorgeous, & give a modern look.

The pair of speakers features a decent impedance range of almost 04 ohms. To be honest, this is enough for the price, but it would have been better if this would be less than that to bring more clarity, & a punchy sound out of the box.

Still, the performance is not so bad that we would start debating on that. Instead, for the price, these speakers are almost equivalent to Polk’s DB6501, or Skar’s boy above on the list. However, these speakers are also pretty powerful undoubtedly.

The speakers own a power handling of up to 150Watts as its peak power, & almost 75W RMS as well. This speaker system features a lucrative PEI dome tweeter, which is somewhat a standard nowadays.

This system comes with a built-in crossover range inside it, that makes both the speakers, & especially the tweeter part to stay calm & safe, to protect it from blowing out mistakenly.

The entire body features a molded plastic mineral construction, the cone is made up of polypropylene, which is perfectly surrounded by butyl rubber all around it. This makes you get the most out of it, through accurate reproduction.

As we said earlier, these speakers are easy to mount. To provide you with a better fit, the speaker features OEM mounting holes that you can also use to adjust them. Moreover, 60Hz – 22kHz frequency response is given to these boys.

  • With OEM mounting holes Up to 150Watts handling A 60Hz – 22kHz frequency Promising sound quality
  • Not for old vehicles/trucks


10: Polk DB691 – Truck door speakers under 100

best door speaker for truck

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Let’s finish the list of the Best door speakers for trucks with Polk Audio’s DB691. This one came out in 2007 and consists of a weight of almost 05 pounds, making them lightweight out of the box.

The speaker features a 9-inches woofer that is running on a 3-way mechanism, that makes a good first impression. These speakers are a construction of Mica material through which its entire structure is formed, & made.

Along with that, these speakers are also surrounded by rubber all around its cone which features polymer construction itself. At the moment, these boys are packed with 125 Watts of RMS power.

To prevent any potential signal loss, these speakers are also equipped with an impedance range of 04 ohms, which is not that bad, nor so good to be honest. The frequency response rate isn’t yet clear, but it is likely to be 100Hz to 15kHz.

To help you sound clear, & balanced, these speakers feature a sensitivity of almost 93dB, which makes the efficient listening experience. Down to its center, these speakers are packed with a 1-inch liquid-cooled silk polymer dome tweeter.

This tweeter is capable enough to handle high frequencies, but it can also reproduce better mid-ranges. To improve the soundstage even better, the tweeter also features a neodymium magnet into it.

Overall, these are inspirational speakers that are meant for fascinating your ears on long routes at your journeys. All of its vocals, bass, & other elements are clear & balanced with a bit loud volume that is quite enough for the price.

  • Silk Polymer Dome tweeter Accurate music reproduction The Clear, & Balanced sound Features 125W of RMS
  • Longevity depends on luck



How many watts should door speakers be?

Much depends on your listening habits and the effectiveness of your speaker. If you enjoy loud, uncompressed music and your speakers are 90dB efficient, 200 Watts should be enough. If you listen to simply mild classical or jazz and are not expecting them to shake the house, 50 Watts is plenty.

Are 1000 watt speakers loud?

A subwoofer rated at 1,000 watts does not have to play louder than a subwoofer rated at 100. The wattage rating is an approximate indication of the maximum volume that a subwoofer can produce, but it does not have to be louder. You always have complete control over the book. Indeed, a 1,000-watt subwoofer may sound better than a 100-watt subwoofer at “normal” ambient levels.

Is a 3-watt speaker loud?

Additionally, a guitar amp is built for electric guitars, which means that at 3 watts of power, it can be rather loud and quickly fills a small room. Continue reading if you’re seeking HiFi speakers that can play loudly with only 3 watts per channel.

Does a giant magnet mean a better speaker?

The larger the magnet, the greater the speaker’s potential driving force (assuming the magnetic strength of the interest is constant). Small magnets are designed for small speakers and, by definition, generate “weaker sound,” whereas more giant magnets enable more prominent speakers to produce a louder sound.

How to Install Aftermarket Speakers

Best door speakers for truck | The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking to replace your blown speakers or those typical speakers that come factory installed in your truck, & doesn’t sound good to you. In that case opting for the Best door speakers for the truck is the best solution then.

These speakers provide you with the best listening experience, as they are filled with bass clarity, that doesn’t sound so distorted if they are installed in the doors perfectly. Plus, they are also not so expensive, & you are more likely to get it done under your budget without hustling that more.

After going through this list of the Best door speakers for trucks, we are assuming that you will be able to find your ideal companion in a matter of minutes. These simple upgrades or additions to your truck audio system, are capable enough to bring deep bass, accurate sound, clear & balanced vocals for sure.