Best Earbuds For ASMR

best earbuds for asmr

Everybody on the planet wants to get rid out of its stressful daily routine. Some people love to take a rest, while most people just like you and us prefer to listen to a piece of quality music via some best headphones.

If you are having difficulties in sleeping due to your stressed routines, you need to trigger this out as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a huge chance of losing your further productivity for some other tasks.

The Autonomous sensory meridian response is also known as ASMR could be the most ideal choice for relieving stress as much as you could. To get the most out of your ASMR, you should upgrade & try to get some Best earbuds for ASMR to get a complete package of relaxation.

The Best earbuds for ASMR delivers you a peaceful, pleasant, and engaging sound that is also comfortable when it comes to wearing. So, you won’t need to keep them adjusting after every couple of minutes, unlike some mediocre ones.

Here on this list of the Best earbuds for ASMR, you will also find some noise-cancelling earbuds that help you to get a fool-proof & less distorted sound. You can wear these ASMR earbuds before sleeping without any problem at all.

For this reason, we have crafted this exclusive list of the Best earbuds for ASMR that you can choose from right on the spot. With these earbuds, you will be confident enough to get peaceful feelings & to get out of the stressed routine.

Is Bass good for ASMR?

The ideal headphones for listening to ASMR are those with a neutral sound characteristic. When listening to an ASMR video using headphones with a neutral sound signature, you may easily pick up on all of the sound components. On the other hand, a dark sound characteristic has a deep, boomy bass that will completely overpower the midrange.

1: TOZO T10 – asmr earphones

best earbuds for asmr

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Opening the list of the Best earbuds for ASMR we have got you with the TOZO’s guy that is one of the most stable & a perfect earbud on this list. This guy is a successful launch of the year 2018.

Since its launch, this earbud has got almost 200K reviews out there at Amazon. At this moment, this earbud is ranking as the 05th best In-ear headphones. This guy is one of the most blessed earbuds for the American audiophiles.

This one is a Bluetooth & a wireless earbud for ASMR that is using the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0. With this pair, you won’t feel any significant lags or signal loss while pairing this thing to your devices.

TOZO has launched this guy in a couple of variations in its colors that you can choose from its entire fleet. This HiFi and a high-quality stereo sound quality is made possible through its massive drivers inside its brain.

These earbuds feature an impressive 08mm driver which helps in the reproduction of deep bass. You will get a clear, and engaging sound projection as all sound elements are present here. But, we do say that its midrange could be even more improved. However, they still sound loud to fascinate your ears.

With these guys, you are supposed to expect a frequent sound that has the highest frequency of 20,000 Hertz. You are more likely to enjoy the peaceful music out of these guys. The audio transmission is also leakproof, and stable in these.

You will find both of these earbuds inside its charging case that is made up of plastic but seems arrogant though. To use these guys, you just have to pull them out of the charging box, and they will be connected automatically.

Both of these earbuds and the charging box are laminated, hence they are considered waterproof for sure. You can also use these guys underwater of almost 01 meter in depth. However, you should not risk them out for a long time.

For their charging part, this one is also going to be an engaging thing. With this pair of earbuds for ASMR, you can expect a playback time of up to 06 hours on just a single charge. The standby time is somewhere around 30 hours. Moreover, it also supports wireless charging, and that one is responsive too.

  • Supports wireless charging Up to 06 hours of playback The Clear & Crisp projection A High-Quality stereo sound
  • Could delivers frequent cuts


2: Betron BS10 – Best ASMR with Microphone

best headphones for asmr

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So, the runner-up of our today’s list of the Best earbuds for ASMR belongs to Betron. These earbuds are another impressive pair that is currently ranking as an Amazon choice for Betron earbuds out there.

These earbuds came out in 2017 which is currently the 58th best In-ear headphones & earbuds out there. If you are looking for something inexpensive, these guys are a great choice for you then.

You will find these earbuds in two versions with black and white differences. Both of these earbuds feature a maneuverable yet simple design that delivers a pretty fine first impression. However, these are wired earbuds for ASMR.

As we have already mentioned, wired earbuds tend to perform more lucrative than wireless ones. The same goes for this case, as you will enjoy their projection as compared to some budget wireless earbuds.

These earbuds deliver a tremendous level of sound. Most importantly, they are rich in bass reproduction. This pair of earbuds features a more durable and a bigger 12mm driver that helps in projecting a high pitch & precise bass.

With this ASMR earbud, you will get a balanced projection all across the genres without so much exception though. They are also pretty peaceful guys, as you won’t get any distortion from outside due to its noise isolation rubber pads.

These lightweight earbuds are pretty comfortable when it comes to wearing them on your ears. You can keep them wearing for a long time, without facing any annoying things. However, they are not waterproof in any way, so be careful a bit.

Betron’s BS-10 is supposed to last for a long time as they are equipped with a gold-plated connector. Due to its gold-plating, these earbuds don’t rust or oxidize at all bringing a decent life span as compared to replica ones.

Last but not the least, these durable earbuds hold responsive controls on its controller. Both of these controls are convenient and placed nicely which is easy to reach with little to no effort at all.

  • Comfortable & long-lasting The Lightweight earbuds Impressive sound quality Modern & attractive design
  • Bass fluctuates on every genre


3: GOOJODOQ CSR – earbud for sleeping

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The successor to our Betron and the third-best earbuds for ASMR now belongs to Goojodoq which is a somewhat newer brand in the market. Even being a newer brand, these earbuds are reviewed a thousand times by its United States users.

Goojodoq has launched this earbud back in 2019, and these guys don’t come in any sort of color variation at all. These earbuds feature a stable and responsive Bluetooth connection.

Goojodoq has integrated the latest chip box in its panel that has made the signal transmission along with the connection quite fast out of the box. CSR has an edge over Betron in terms of Bluetooth as Goojodoq is using the latest version BT 5.0.

These earbuds are packed with excellent sound projection quality. Here, you will be enjoying deep & crystal clear music reproduction out of the box. The stereo sound effect is one of the most impressive in this case, that is what you are looking for. It is more than enough for a peaceful audio quality.

This one as well as using a noise isolation design, that helps in avoiding the distortion present out there in the environment. So, skipping the noise is not a big deal for this guy in any case.

Goojodoq has made this boy look impressive along with its decent sound. You will never feel tired by wearing them. Here, the rubber paddings are comfortable and make you take control of your sleep without any pain in your ears.

They also provide a decent fit to your ears and don’t get loose. The silicon rubber pads are also soft and comfortable here. These earbuds are more than enough to provide you with an incredible sound quality out of the box.

Good packed an impressive battery inside these guys. This earbud is supposed to provide you up to 15 hours of playback time after a quick charging time of just 02 hours and that too wirelessly. But don’t forget to get a wireless charger as it doesn’t come with this.

  • 20Hz to 23KHz Frequency response Up to 500 hours of standby time 15 hours playback with 02-hour charge Comfortable & lightweight build quality An Effective & incredibly detailed sound
  • Wire is a bit long though


4: 1MORE – best earphone for asmr

earphone for sleeping

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1More best earbuds for ASMR features a stylish construction for its boys. This pair is a successful launch of the year 2019, and you can find up to 04 marvelous colors in its fleet out there at Amazon.

This is one of the most premium earbuds for ASMR, and this is why they are slightly more expensive than the other ones on the list. Don’t judge us, as these earbuds have already earned a really good reputation from thousands of its owners all across the United States. They are In-Ear Earbuds by the way.

In these earbuds, you have got an immense & dynamic audio driver that forms its high quality and detailed sound projection perfectly. Its drivers are composed of a titanium composite diaphragm that features an accurate and balanced sound.

These guys deliver detailed sound along with deep & precise bass as well. Comparatively, the bass here is more compelling and powerful as they were already supposed to be due to its drivers and price of course.

1More is a Bluetooth earbud pair that is using the latest version of Bluetooth out of the box. Its latest Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a fast and stable connection. This system features a responsive Qualcomm chip that is optimized solely for this purpose.

You can expect an attractive playback time with these guys. Here, you are supposed to up to 6.5 hours of continuous listening. In this entire session, you will hardly get any distortion out of its projection due to its built-in noise isolation.

This one also supports quick charge with its wireless charging case. You can get it charged just within 02 hours. As a quick charge feature, you can keep using them for 03 hours continuously after charging for just 15 minutes.

  • Comfortable & lucrative design Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection Also supports Quick Charging Compelling & premium sound
  • Treble needs a little improvement

5: Shure SE215-CL – Best Professional ASMR

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On the way to the 10 Best earbuds for ASMR, we have got you with the Shure’s first guy on this list. This one is the senior-most launch of this list that dates back to 2011. These In-Ear Headphones are ranking as 275th best set out there.

This guy is an Amazon Choice for Earbud & In-Ear Headphones by Shure out there, and it has earned a promising and confident rating from its thousands of users. You can choose from its three impressive colors in its launch fleet.

These are Bluetooth earbuds for ASMR which is not the latest one in this case here. These earbuds are cordless technically, that are considered as wireless earbuds though, but they are not a Bluetooth earbuds pair truly.

Nonetheless, you will get detailed and impressive sound quality out of its massive drivers. This detailed sound is loaded with the enhanced bass out of the box. These guys provide a marvelous listening experience out of the box.

For its design part, these earbuds are lightweight & comfortable without any doubt. Due to its plastic and silicone paddings, you can keep them wearing even for the entire night without any problem or risk at all.

These earbuds are also loaded with the flagship sound isolation part. This ensures taking the ambient listening experience without any significant distortion that would annoy you. The sensitivity is rated at a decibel of 37 dB out of the box.

The earbuds are responsive here as well. However, they are sensitive at the same time. A single drop of water into their drivers is more than enough to lose their projection quality. But don’t worry, as it is still isolated and protected though.

  • Lightweight & comfortable Isolated sound projection The Detailed & true bass Modern & durable design
  • Sound Isolation could even better



asmr headphones

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Alright, another great earbuds pair is waiting for your first impression. This Aukey boy is one of the most performing earbuds that is ranking as an Amazon Choice for the Earbud & In-Ear Headphones by AUKEY.

With a launch year of 2020, this one becomes the latest launch on this entire list. These earbuds are lightweight and comfortable ones, which you can use for a long time without tiring.

These are true wireless earbuds just like some top ones on this list. This is equipped with the latest Bluetooth version of 5.0 that is responsive without any doubt. You can connect this with the other devices just in seconds.

Their ultra-lowest latency provides them an edge over the other earbuds with connectivity problems. To be honest, this could be a great rival to Tozo, & even for Goojodoq as well, where you could also face some lags while connecting them up.

Aukey has made these guys waterproof, which provides good longevity out of the box. IPX5 ensures its resistance against water and you can also keep them wearing when it is raining cats and dogs.

For their projection part, these guys deliver a detailed projection and you will fall in love with its clear and crisp sound quality. This wireless earbuds pair are also loaded with infrared sensors that help them to play automatically.

Their touch control enables effective control over the music that you can also use for managing your calls along with other voice controls as well. These guys also come with a responsive charging case out of the box.

These earbuds are meant for a playback time of over 05 hours in some cases. However, you are likely to get an average timing of somewhere 04 hours in most cases. The charging time is expandable to up to 30 hours as well.

  • Automatic infrared playback Up to 05 hours playback time With Clear crisp sound quality Waterproof & durable design
  • Touch function is not so compelling


7: Bose QuietComfort 20 – Best ASMR earphone under 300

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Bose for the only time on the list of the Best earbuds for ASMR. This boy from Bose is listed as an Amazon choice for Earbud & In-Ear Headphones by Bose. Bose launched this guy back in 2015.

Now, instead of messing with the iOS, Mac, & Android problems, Bose has taken control of these things in advance. You can choose from its two versions. One out of its version supports Apple devices, while the other one is dedicated to Android devices mostly. Both of these variants are responsive at their point.

Bose has made both these guys noise & distortion canceling that makes it quite decent when it comes to practice listening. This helps in enhancing the listening experience pretty much, which makes it compelling.

This pair delivers a soft, and peaceful bass that fascinates the ears pretty much. The high quality and engaging sound takes all your concentration that eventually helps you get a peaceful sleep to relieve your stress.

You can take control of your genres and tracks from its remote on its wires pretty much. This remote consists of some practical and attractive buttons. With its aware mode, you can simply push the button to listen to what’s going around you.

For its sound quality part, there is nothing as such to argue about. The design part is also durable and maneuverable pretty much. Its convenient & silicone paddings provide you with an impressive fit into your ears.

Lastly, the battery is rechargeable and more than enough here as well. With this thing, you can expect a playback time of over 15 hours, however it is pretty low in practicality that is no more than 06 hours, to be honest. Still, it is quite decent.

  • Noise Cancelling Earbuds maneuverable build quality An Optimal bass projection Up to 06 hours of playback
  • Not recommended for audiophiles


8: iLuv TB100 – asmr earphones under 50

headphones asmr

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iLuv has made a really impressive thing in the form of TB100. This earbuds pair has been reviewed more than 25,000 times & you can already forecast its performance for the price in advance.

iLuv has launched these guys back in 2019, and they are currently ranking as the 24th best Earbud & In-Ear Headphones out there at Amazon. Moreover, you can choose from its 02 impressive and gorgeous designs or colors across its launched fleet.

These earbuds are wireless and lightweight out of the box, with no exception at all honestly speaking. If you want something for your exercise sort of stuff, they are also a good choice then. However, the ASMR support is more promising here.

iLuv has made these guys comfortable and promising when it comes to their design. These earbuds sit into the ears more impressively and don’t get loose so easily. Moreover, they are water-resistant also at the same time.

iLuv has also packed these guys with wireless support, and they feature the latest Bluetooth version to lower the connection lags while using them. This Bluetooth provides a superior, instant, and stable connection out of the box.

The buttonless interface also plays its part in making these earbuds maneuverable pretty much. You can just double tap on its side to control music, listen to a call, or some other tasks as well including pairing them up.

Along with these things, these earbuds feature marvelous and decent stereo sound support that projects a compelling sound through its brilliant drivers. These cordless earbuds deliver balanced, clear & accurate bass along with the other elements along with an audible treble as well.

Overall, they are also really promising earbuds for ASMR. You can expect a playback time of no more than 06 hours after a charging interval of 02 hours. To make it even compact, iLuv has made these guys give up to 14 hours of standby.

  • Marvelous stereo sound Up to 06 hours of playback Balanced & clear sound quality Waterproof & Bluetooth support
  • The case doesn’t show battery life


9: Optoma NuForce BESPORT3 – Wireless Bluetooth ASMR

best headphones for sleeping

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Optoma with its NuForce series guys in the ASMR earbuds segment for the only time on the list. These lightweight and affordable earbuds are a launch of the year 2016, that holds pretty impressive things as well.

Optoma NuForce has launched these guys in two variants and you can choose them as per your requirements and convenience as well. These wireless earbuds feature an In-ear design that fits your ear perfectly.

You can expect a compelling soundstage with these earbuds due to their improved drivers. And, this is what made it slightly popular across entry-level ASMR earbuds. The distortion isn’t so impressive, but it doesn’t annoy me at all.

Optoma NuForce has made these guys durable that features an impressive and recent design philosophy out of the box. The aluminum body makes it stand out in terms of longevity without getting lost.

The case is water-resistant and also protects it from corrosion, rain, and dust as well. Moreover, Optoma has packed these guys with a durable and long-lasting battery. With this battery, you can expect up to 10 hours of playback time.

  • 10 hours of playback time Water-Resistant construction Clear & a decent sound quality Very compelling entry-level earbuds
  • Bass isn’t detailed & accurate


10: Shure SE215-K-BT1 – best Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones

sleeping headphone

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So, let’s finish the list of the Best earbuds for ASMR with Shure’s second guy on the list. Shure has launched this earbud pair back in 2017, which is not so lightweight as compared to the other ones on the list.

Shure has made this model in 04 different variations across its fleet. These In-ear headphones feature cord design but that too a Bluetooth one. This guy is loaded with the productive and performing feature of Noise isolation out of the box.

These earbuds stand out in clarity and treble mostly. However, the bass is still not so compelling as compared to Shure’s other guy on the list. The reason, this one here is an entry-level ASMR earbud so they still sound somewhat decent.

This earbud holds a Bluetooth 4.1 model, which makes it wireless. However, you are likely to face some lags while connecting to other devices. With this device, you can expect good longevity by the way.

Last thing, you can get an extended playback of up to 08 hours making it somewhat impressive though. The fingerprint remote on these guys makes the control more supportive. Overall, it is also a good choice for ASMR.

  • Noise & distortion-free Up to 08 hours playback The Clear & crispy sound Bluetooth is also supported
  • Sound Quality could be even better


best Asmr earphone 2022: FAQ’s & Buying guide

It will help if you concentrate on the factors that will ensure that you acquire the best earbuds for ASMR earbuds possible. You must first understand which best earbuds for ASMR is to select. If you decide to go with the headset, you can rest assured that it will aid in the stimulation of ASMR.

The following are some of the most important characteristics to look for in an ASMR earphone:

  • Cleanliness,
  • Connection Type,
  • Cost
  • Ear Cups
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Material
  • The Quality of the Sound

Launderable ASMR earbuds may be used to create a sterile environment. Most of the time, you will wear the headsets while sleeping to activate ASMR triggers. You may sweat, which will lead you to collect dirt. Furthermore, washable ASMR earbuds ensure that you can clean them.

Types of Connections

The many sorts of connections are also quite important. If you use wired headphones while sleeping, especially in the evening, you will undoubtedly pass out in your bed. And you’ll end up tangled in the wire as a result of your actions. If you’re going to be relaxing, a remote headset is a good option for ASMR.


As you are well aware of the proverbial adage that “cash is king,” the situation here is high and equal as you are well aware. As a first and foremost priority, you must develop a financial strategy. It will save you a significant amount of time and will, without a doubt, assist you in making your decision. Earbuds from well-known manufacturers such as BOSE and Sony are of good quality. However, their price is also on the higher end of the spectrum.

In any case, there are a variety of distinct brands that you may explore more. They provide, to a certain extent, the same quality at a significantly lower price. If you are on a tight budget, you must search for opportunities to save money.

Ear Cups that are adjustable in size

When it comes to ASMR or sleeping, the first thing that comes to mind is the concept of comfort. When purchasing a set of earbuds, ease of use and a comfortable fit are critical considerations. You can choose a headset that includes a strap that can be customized. It makes it more convenient and easier to use for everyone.

Additionally, the modification of the earcups ensures that they may be worn comfortably on the ears. They will consistently express what your ears have been wanting to hear, therefore generating ASMR in you.


A customer would be stressed if an inadequate material was employed to construct an ASMR headset. You should pay close attention to the type of material used in the manufacturing of the headset. Natural, pleasant to the touch and high-quality ingredients should be included in the formulation. Avoid using low-quality materials since they are incapable of dissipating heat, making the earphones unpleasant to use.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise Cancellation is a feature that should be included in each headset you purchase. It contributes to the reduction of outside noise. Consider the use of an ASMR headset with noise cancellation in conjunction with an ASMR headset. It aids in the improvement of your ability to concentrate.

The Quality of the Sound

When it comes to ASMR, the most OK earbuds are those that allow you to obtain the most sound output. It should be easy to understand, and the music should be consistent. As you could imagine and contemplate, the parity provides you with comfort. To meet the needs of audiophiles, an ASMR pair of headphones is not sufficient. Look for other earphone series that adhere to the strict sound specifications of an audiophile.

We try to refer to the things below while taking into consideration all possible value ranges. I am confident that you will be able to discover one that falls within your price range.

The Advantages and Applications of Headphones for ASMR

ASMR material is comprised of a range of sounds that can elicit the ASMR experience. Rhythmic tapping, scratching, humming, and other similar activities are examples. ASMR material is being generated worldwide, and many individuals from all over the world are contributing to the creation of its repository.

Before deciding on and purchasing the best ASMR headphones, it is necessary to understand what ASMR is. To do so, it is helpful to watch ASMR YouTubers such as Gibi ASMR. Investing in the appropriate headphones, for this reason, may make a significant impact, and the potential customer can select the most appropriate set of headphones for their own needs.

Use of Sleep Time

Purchasing headphones for ASMR is a common practice among those aware of the purpose for which they will be used. The most frequent experience people who use headphones for ASMR have is that they help them fall asleep in a peaceful, worry-free, and thoughtful manner.

ASMR is believed to be a technique that shields the listener from anxiety and serves as a means of falling asleep without any medicines to do this. The mesmerizing feeling of ASMR is also popular with listeners, who like being progressively enveloped by it.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of experiencing the ASMR feeling at other times of the day. To explore more about ASMR; and the headphones for ASMR, the listener is free to listen to ASMR content at any moment of their choosing.

Utilization of Leisure and Commute Time

It is not only about the time constraint. It may be utilized anywhere people can afford to use them, as long as the appropriate atmosphere for doing so exists at that location and at that time, which is not always the case. It is due to the usage of headphones for ASMR and that they can be used anywhere.

Locations and applications include travelling on the metro train, relaxing in the workplace during lunch break, strolling through the park, and other activities. The only precaution taken is that the individual’s ASMR experience should not weaken or soothe them to the point where they become a source of anxiety or a hazard to the flow of people in a public area.

Stress Reduction Techniques

According to a study conducted on ASMR and published in Forbes magazine in January 2018, it delivers stress-relieving and physiological advantages on a par with mindfulness meditation. According to the findings, this was accurate for at least a few persons who reported this sensation.

Even though not much research has been done to support this claim, many people report that hearing noises such as softly falling water or someone talking helps them relax. Upon hearing these noises, the listener will experience a tingling feeling that will spread throughout the rest of their body.

A large number of people find this effect to be quite relaxing. Some persons, on the other hand, have been reported to be completely unaffected. There are millions of ASMR videos available on the internet, and many people have gone on to become ASMRtists in their own right.


How loud should you listen to ASMR?

I recommend that you avoid listening to ASMR at a volume greater than 85 dB. Anything higher than this can cause hearing damage during eight hours of exposure to the phenomenon. [1] Why did I choose eight hours as a starting point? Because if you are experiencing ASMR, you will probably fall asleep when consuming ASMR-related content.

Is listening to ASMR while sleeping badly?

Because ASMR induces tranquilly and drowsiness, it effectively assists people in sleeping, even in those who have periodic insomnia. The results of research (2) conducted in 2015 with 475 participants revealed that 98 percent of this group sought out ASMR to help them relax and unwind.

Is listening to ASMR healthy?

According to a study published in 2018, watching ASMR films can cause the heart rate to slow, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and calmness in the viewer. Researchers found that many viewers also reported a stronger sense of connection with others, which can positively influence one’s overall well-being, according to the study’s authors.

ASMR Sleep for 4 Hours

10 Best earbuds for ASMR | The Bottom Line

If you want to get the most out of your ASMR, you first need to get the Best earbuds for ASMR. With these earbuds, you will be getting an enormous & detailed sound that is enough to provide you the best listening experience.

In this list, you will get both the wired and the wireless earbuds. Technically, the wired earbuds provide you a very decent soundstage that eventually enhances your overall listening. However, if you are not a big fan of wired earbuds, you can also have wireless earbuds that also sound impressive out of the box.

As finding the Best earbuds for ASMR is a tough thing nowadays in this competitive market, we have created this exclusive list, so you won’t have to suffer even for this in search of peace anymore.