Best Free Air Subwoofer

Best Free Air Subwoofer

Just like any other product out there in the market, there are always some pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, fans and rivals are present who likes or dislikes that stuff.

The best free Air Subwoofers have also belonged to this theory. Some people love it, while some people don’t. But we do believe that its rivals who tend to criticize it, should get proper knowledge to pass their final thoughts.

For every single true audiophile, there’s a dream in his mind that he would be listening to tracks & albums most of the time or every leisure time at least. Being an audiophile, I love listening to albums in the car specially.

The main reason for this; you are not annoying or disturbing anybody just like you do for home theaters & budget subwoofers. Though, there are some manners, rules & regulations you need to follow for every spot, but a car is by far the best choice.

For this reason, our editorial team has decided to make a dedicated list of Best Free Air Subwoofers. But first, we need to cover some basics, so that you can have a better understanding.

Can I put a free air sub in a box?

Let’s start with the simplest definition possible: a free air subwoofer is a specially built speaker that does not require installation. The most common attachment method is through the rear package shelf of your vehicle or on a trunk-mounted panel.

1: Rockford Fosgate R2D4 – best free air subwoofer

Best Free Air Subwoofer

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Starting our list with Rockford’s Fosgate series, which is already an established player in the market. But, this time we are here to make a deal with its R2D4-10, which is also referred to as an Air Subwoofer.

Ok, so this one is one of the greatest entry-level subwoofers both in the market and on our list as well. This is one of the cheapest subwoofers that hardly costs you 60 bucks. It is a 10-inches subwoofer, that is available in two variants out there.

This RF Fosgate is a decent blend of polypropylene cones that has been made via an injection molding process to add some durability to its composition. It is a flange sort of design, where you have got eight spots for screws to get it simply clamped.

Physically, Rockford has tried its best to make its construction simple yet effective for music reproduction & that has gone pretty successful. Though the dust cap is not super durable, who cares about this thing for free air subwoofers?

This pair of free air subwoofers is rated at 250W RMS power & somewhere 500W of Peak power which makes it somewhat powerful in performance. With this much power, Rockford’s guy delivers a massive splash of bass with a very light distortion.

It does come in a pair that has got an impedance of 2 & 4 ohms respectively. Now the choice is always yours, but we recommend you to take the top-end model as it prevents signal loss to drive audio signals effectively.

These speakers are using dual voice coils which are made up of aluminum. Now, the material is not that superior for the price, but you can not expect a copper lamination for this price.

  • Aluminum Voice Coil A Loud & clear sound Budget subwoofers 02-04 Ohms Impedance 500W Peak Power
  • Mediocre Build Quality


2: Infinity Kappa – free air subwoofer

Free Subwoofers

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Infinity’s first guy that has captured the list is its Kappa subwoofer. This is one of the most sold air subwoofers in the offline market & Infinity has decided to launch them at online stores as well.

Now, this one is not a true free air subwoofer, but you can use it both as a free air or within an enclosure. This is a combo subwoofer, that could be installed professionally. Otherwise, it would have taken the first spot on the list.

Here in these subwoofers, you do not have any flange sort of design where you can simply put them on the rear separator above the trunk to fasten them as it is. Instead, you need to put in a little bit of effort.

Kappa Series is rated at 1200W of peak power, which translates into 600W RMS per unit. With this host of power, your experience is going to be fascinating as you can expect an accurate or less distorted sound.

Believe us or not, but this guy almost sounds the same as Rockford’s Fosgate does. The main reason for this performance is that; this subwoofer enables you to select impedance ratings on your own.

Down the cone, there is an impedance selector installed out of the box, which lets you select the best impedance as per your habit or personalization. You are not bound to a specific number of ohms here. With this selector, you can flip your subs from 2 and 4 ohms.

  • Self Selectable Impedance Could works even for MPVs Perfect & engaging bass Three Serial Voice Coil 600W RMS Power
  • Average Plastic Build Mostly


3: BOSS CH12DVC – free air car subwoofers

12 inch free air subwoofer

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So, Boss with its only free air subwoofer on the list has taken place at one of the most strategic, and premium spots. This Amazon choice for Car Component Subwoofers by BOSS Audio Systems has a powerful mechanism in it.

This performance and one of the best free air subwoofers came out in the market for 2015. At the moment, these speakers are ranking as 81st best Car Component Subwoofers that too for less than 50 bucks.

This one as well, is made up of Polypropylene material in its cone that further keeps a powerful & sensitive driver into that. In its cone, you will get a woofer of 12-inches, that emits reasonably loud sound out of the box.

The subwoofer is using a 1800W peak power, which translates into an RMS of up to 900 Watts. So, you can forecast its quality, and loudness just here. Along with this, there is a frequency of just 36Hz, impedance of 4 ohms & sensitivity of just 86dB.

Boss is using a flange design which makes it easy & space-saving installation mainly for hatchback, sedan & compact sedan cars. Almost all of its installation equipment is packed inside the box, along with its installation guide as well.

It has a cone that is surrounded by rubber installation making the sound projection detailed, audible, and pretty less-distorted. The mounting depth is also reasonable for ease in installation.

  • An Aluminum Voice Coil The Installable mounting Rubber sound isolations 1800W peak power rating A durable build quality
  • The Peak power is too much


4: Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 – free air sub

8 Free Air Subwoofer

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Rockford for the second, yet last time with its another decent boy to make you feel proud. This has got a decent & modern design, which adds a few pounds of beauty in it.

Comparatively, this is one of the slimmest air subwoofers by far on the list, as you will not see a significant bump on its rear basket. This later results in a low mounting height, which makes it easier to mount.

I think this is what Rockford made call this thing a shallow mount subwoofer, & this is the best-marketed name I guess. Here they have again used plastic construction to cut down the price & weight to make it stiff at the same time.

The Punch Series is using Dual Voice Coil down to its cone which ultimately results in an emerged sound quality. For the price, this quality is worth it for sure, but we do believe that it could be slightly better.

This is the second Fosgate & free air subwoofer that is using an aluminum protective sheet on its cone construction, which adds more versatility & durability in its entire development.

Down to it, Rockford has used a new spider sort of design, that helps in ventilation by making the motor cool down. However, its dual voice coil is capable of handling 300W Max power or almost 150W RMS.

One last thing, this design has been optimized for both open & closed enclosures. You can drill the new holes to get it installed. However, Rockford Fosgate has used 8-inches drivers here.

  • 300W Peak & 150W RMS 02-04 Ohms of Impedance Lightweight yet durable A very deep bass emission Clear & loud sound quality
  • Not for cars with a tight space


5: MB Quart DS1-204 – best open air subwoofer

8 Inch Open Air Subwoofer

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Honestly speaking, we are a big fan of these subwoofers, as they are german made products. MB Quart was a German Brand that was launched back in 1960 & since then, they are struggling in the market with some success.

Just Like the last Rochford, these subwoofers are also the one, which is using a shallow mount feature in their installation. Technically, these subwoofers help you save some space if you want to get it installed in a sedan.

These are 8-inches wide subwoofers, which makes the reproduction pretty handsome & listenable to every detail. That makes a little bit of a price jump & that because of its amount of packed power.

Now, you will not find the power that huge as compared to the first 2 or 3 listings on the list. But this is still a powerful subwoofer when it comes to shallow mount subwoofers. On a side note; they have a mounting depth of just 3-inches.

Physically, this is one of the most versatile subwoofers available out there in the market. But this is not a big deal for the price on which this guy has been offered.

There was a problem in Rockford’s Punch series that it won’t install in limited space. But bring a smile on your lips as this is not a case anymore here at least. Even in a limited space, these subwoofers deliver a deep bass.

You will not feel as much distortion as you will find in budget subwoofers, as these guys are perfectly surrounded by rubber insulation around its cone. For its cone, this is not using any sort of metallic fabrication, So be careful as this is a sensitive point.

  • 400W peak power subwoofer An Optimal Rubber Isolation Versatile & lightweight body A deep bass reproduction Dual VC 04- Ohm Subwoofer
  • Sensitive subwoofers


6: Alpine SWR-8D4 – 8 inch subwoofer

Best 8 Inch Subwoofer

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Alpine, another great brand that does not need to be praised if you belong to a true audiophile badge. If you don’t care about budget then these guys could be a better match for you.

These subwoofers are priced at 180 bucks, & you can even find them on discounts occasionally. The main reason for this price could be their build quality, their ease of installation or something else, which we don’t know well.

Here, you have got the same yet different flange sort of design, which you just need to locate on your trunk separator on your trunk to get them mounted there. On top of that, these guys also come in a rubber cover on their surrounds to prevent distortion & vibration.

It is a Dual 4-ohms subwoofer, that transmits the audio signal from the amplifier to its driver effectively. This impedance is more than enough for a driver of this size. Overall, these subwoofers are easy to mount, but they are using high mountings.

Alpine has tried its best to make these guys less distorted & most of its effort has gone right. However, there’s still a little bit of room for improvement in isolation for some specific genres.

Honestly, these guys offer one of the best bass quality as they are just using 30Hz to 200Hz of frequencies. Though there is no crossover, there’s no need for it at all if you were thinking of that.

  • 350W power handling on both coils 30-200Hz frequency & lucrative bass 1000W of Peak Power Handling Lightweight yet Durable Construction 02 & 04 Ohms Dual Coil Impedance
  • Build Quality is not impressive for the price


7: Kicker 43CWRT102 – 10 inch subwoofer

10 Inch Free Air Subwoofer

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The only Kicker’s guy on the list has reserved this spot here. Right before getting into it deeper, we want to let you know that these guys are one of the expensive air subwoofers on the list.

So, if you were looking for something cheaper, Polk, JBL guys coming up right next to the infinity. Plus, you have a lot of options left before, from which you can find even less expensive & budget guys.

Look at its magnificent design, you will get a pretty decent first impression. But, it would have been better if Kicker would have priced it a bit lower.

Alright, this is the first free air subwoofer on the list that has got a driver size of 10-inches. Though it is a big guy, you can get them installed in both sedan, SUVs & Jeeps. Better to avoid hatchback sort of cars as you will run out of space.

43CWRT102 can handle a max power range of 800W & an RMS of somewhere 400W easily. This is another shallow subwoofer, but it still has slightly less mount height which makes it more practical in use & installation of course.

The whole body is plastic though, but it is not a regular one. Kicker has been using a high-quality polymer (polypropylene) in its cone for a while which makes most of their products including this one outstanding in performance & durability.

Moreover, the subwoofer sounds fascinating. There’s a decent balance between every single audio effect. The bass is present which is not that deep, yet audible effectively.

  • An easy to mount subwoofer 800W peak & 400W RMS power Injection Moulded Woofer Cone Offers an Audible & bold bass High-Quality build material
  • Not such arguing drawback


8: Infinity REF1000S – best sound quality subwoofer

Free Air Subwoofer 10

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Infinity for the second yet last time on the list of Best Air Subwoofers. This good guy has a modern & attractive design honestly speaking. It is another shallow free air subwoofer, that states at somewhere 0.5 cubic feet.

This reference series is using a 10-inches powerful driver, which makes it the second most effective driver on today’s list. For this price, it is worth it without any doubt.

Infinix has revised the flange design, which is now becoming more effective in mounting. 8 multiple holes are already drilled & you are good to go just by relocating them on your car’s trunk separator.

On top of that, it does come with a beautiful & good looking cap to make it more attractive & prevent it from soaking any liquid from reaching inside its drivers. Overall, its design is compelling & worth the price again!

This subwoofer is rated at 200W peak power & 100W RMS, but this one is a little bit below when it comes to actual performance. However, you can still have a powerful listening experience that else has left behind.

It is using 25-175 Hz in frequency which makes the bass more listenable & compelling. Here, you will be listening to 89dB sensitive music to make your ears more fascinating. Plus, its amplifier is using a flippable smart impedance that ranges from 02 to 04 ohms.

  • Best choice for SUVs A 02-04Ohm selector Marvelous Design Audible bass quality A shallow mount setup
  • Seems to be Slightly overpriced


9: Polk Audio DB842DVC – best 8 inch subwoofer car audio

Best Sound Quality Subwoofer

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Polk for the very first time comes into play for best free air subwoofers. If you are looking for something under 100 bucks, this one could be your potential choice. Now, this subwoofer is not specifically meant for cars, but you can still use it.

With a simple yet flange design, this subwoofer makes it easier for you to get it installed without professional help. You would have to drill some holes in the separator of your car’s trunk, but this is not a difficult task.

This subwoofer is using an 8-inches driver, which let us categorize this as a mid-range subwoofer that is more than enough for casual listeners. To run this conical driver, Polk has provided you with a 250W of Power handling rating.

This is a shallow subwoofer that does not require a lot of height to get it installed perfectly. After installation, you will still have an enormous room left for putting other stuff. Nothing could be better for the price.

To be honest, this one is offering a decent soundstage for the price at least. You will be listening to bass-rich & some crystal clear sound. Though you will be facing some distortion at the same time, this is pretty common & not that annoying for “budget” free air subwoofers.

  • 750W peak & 250W RMS power An 8-inches high-quality woofer Shallow mount air subwoofer 04 Ohms DVC Marine Design Bass Rich & high-Quality sound
  • Loudness could be optimized


10: Planet AC8D – Best 8 Inch Car Subwoofer

8 Inch Free Air Subwoofer

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Planet Audio is comparatively a newer brand from Rockford or Infinity, but if you want a performing product, you should never mind its brand history. They were launched back in 1997. Since then, they have introduced a couple of successful audio components.

This one here is made up of Polypropylene material (from its cone) that holds a powerful & performing 8-inches driver into that. Honestly speaking, this guy is much more durable than the others, but we are not sure why it does!

Let’s get back to its performance. Planet Audio has used a flange design which makes it easy & space-saving installation for sedan & compact cars. You can fix it down with just 4 screws, & you are all set.

Its cone is surrounded by rubber installation which makes the sound quality less distorted & audible. For the price, Planet Audio has done a decent isolation, which you will enjoy in your experience.

The subwoofer is using a dual voice coil, which makes it easier to produce a clear & deep bass. Yes, there is a little bit of distortion happening in some specific genre, but you can encounter it just by cranking up the volume a bit higher.

The subwoofer is using a 1200W peak power, which later distributes to 600W RMS, which makes the sound outstanding for the price. Moreover, there is a frequency of just 39Hz, impedance of 4 ohms & sensitivity of just 85dB.

  • Resilient & High-Temperature Voice Coil A lightweight yet durable construction 85dB Sensitive free air subwoofer Decent sound isolation & proofing Fast & Easy installation
  • Could not handle the listed power effectively


11: JBL Club WS1000 – shallow mount subwoofer

Cheap 10 Subwoofer

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For the last subwoofer on this list, we have captured it from JBL. This is slightly under budget for some of our readers, that costs a few dollars above than a 100. It is a slim design subwoofer, which is designed just like a flange.

With this subwoofer, you don’t need professional installation services at all. This subwoofer is using a polypropylene woofer cone, which adds some durability in the construction as well as in soundproofing.

WS 1000 is using a 200W of RMS power that translates to 800W peak power. Although, this is not that powerful, but this is a lot better than having underpower. You can use it for hatchback, compact & Sedan cars for sure.

JBL has integrated a frequency response rate of just 35-175Hz that adds a lot more stability in its bass which later results in a good listening experience. The 10-inches driver is worth the price at least.

Just like some other subwoofers above on the list, this one is also using a selectable smart impedance. By using this, you can choose from your best impedance input without ruining your experience.

  • A Nice & clean sound Switchable impedance 200W RMS Power A slim design subwoofer Decent Build Quality
  • Longevity could be a challenge


Free air subwoofer for car Most frequently asked question

What is an infinite baffle subwoofer?

The infinite baffle is a closed and sealed enclosure designed to silence the loudspeaker’s back sound waves. Thus, there is no cancellation induced by the loudspeaker’s back sound wave.

Are sealed subs better for music?

A well-constructed sealed subwoofer would generally display less phase rotation, less group delay, and less ringing in the temporal domain. Subwoofers with locked cabinets have a more precise frequency response and a more believable reproduction of instrumentals.

Does sealed or ported hit harder?

Although the sound waves are more accurately reproduced than with a ported enclosure, the subwoofers may require more power from the amplifier to move as much as they would in a ported square. Because there is no port to adjust, sealed enclosures are typically smaller and easier to construct.

Free-Air subwoofer Test

The Bottom Line | Best Car free air subwoofer

If you are a die-hard fan of music who tends to listen to music in your car but can’t manage to install power subwoofers, the best free air subwoofers are meant for you then.

For your Sedan or HatchBack car, where there is not enough space to install or mount your speakers on the desk, then these speakers are possibly the ideal choice for you.

Although, there is still a little bit of room for improvement in their performance department, but we have successfully figured out the best boys to make you feel proud with every single member here.