Best Headphone Amps Under 100

Best headphone amps under 100

If you are a music lover, who loves to listen to music while your morning walks or in your home, then an Amplifier is a must that you should have. 

Headphones are the same thing as mini speakers, and they all need an amplifier. Most devices have a built-in headphone amplifier.

But buying an amplifier can be a headache because there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind to buy that. 

Amplifiers help headphones or media players to amplify the sound by giving more power to the headphones that don’t get enough power from portable devices. 

But don’t worry! We are here to help you out. We advise you to go through this blog before taking any decision as a wrong choice can make you roll over!

Amplifiers are not something that you buy every day or that can be replaced anytime easily. So, taking the right decision is a must and you cannot afford a single mistake. 

We do understand that you may be afraid about buying and there are a lot of questions running in your mind. 

You might be thinking whether it’s the right product or not, whether you should lookout for a few more products before finalizing one, will it be suitable for all your needs or not, etc. and, etc.

So, here we present a few points, which will actually calm you for buying the Best headphone amps under 100 and help you in taking the right decision.

Things to consider while buying a headphone amplifier

Just like other tech products, there is no “perfect” one out there. They all have a few lapses. Plus, each person has their own preferences about how they like their sound and what kinds of music they listen to.

Here, we will suggest you keep the things in mind while selecting the best headphone amps under 100, because if you are running on a short budget, then a wrong decision can ruin your money.

So try to follow these criteria:

Your Budget

The first thing is your budget always! In this case, you have freedom of finance, whether you select a high-end product or a budget product. It totally depends on your affordability.

Sometime you will be lucky to find out a perfect amplifier for your need even at a budget & sometimes you will not be satisfied even if you spend a lot.

DAC & Impedance

A DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) is the most important thing to connect & listen to music on a Headphone. 

Not all of the amplifiers have built-in quality DACs. You cannot connect an amplifier directly to Headphone, your amplifier should have a DAC to connect with a headphone. 

For a rich sound exposure & natural sound effect at the standard frequency, we would suggest you choose an amplifier with an impedance of at least 10 ohms to no more than 850 ohms.

Size & Weight

Don’t buy amplifiers with big size & heavy weighted because they are not portable. Usually, we think that a product with a heavyweight & huge size is more powerful & effective.

But that’s not the case in electronics products. Your amplifier should be portable.

Try to choose a pocket-size amplifier with & lighter weight (no more than 250g), as they are easy to carry & ideal in look as well as in performance.

1: AudioQuest Dragonfly – Headphone Amp

Best Headphone Amps Under 100

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Topping our list of the best headphone amps, Audio Quest’s dragonfly amplifier. Audio quest is one of the leading audio manufacturer founded back in 1980 by William E. Low.

The headquarter is located in California & They manufacture audio/video cables, digital-to-analog converters, DACs, headphones, Amplifiers, and various audio/video accessories.

Dragonfly Black is one of the most successful & award-winning amplifiers from Darko Audio. Coming to its technical aspects & features, Dragonfly black is loaded with an ESS 9010 & 9016 saber DAC chipset which helps to listen to the natural sound with the least possible distortion effect. 

The amplifier consists of a headphone that has a pretty cool built quality & comes with an analog control for volume. The handy ESS 9010 Sabre DAC is a 32-bit chipset that is specially designed for portable devices & delivers outstanding sound quality due to its hyper sound technology.

The reason why we put Dragonfly Black at the top is due to its optimized sound with less power consumption. Moreover, it can play high-resolution music files up to 96Khz frequency. Besides MP3, you can also play MQV, MQA & Wav files.

Dragonfly Black is a portable plug n play amplifier that you can connect to Desktops, laptops, tablets, & smartphones. You can also get clean & clear sound on your speakers & home theater systems through this amplifier.

It has the size of a typical USB stick & you can connect it to your iOS devices as well as Apple Mac systems.

You will need an OTG cable or an apple camera adapter. It works fluently on both systems. You can connect it to headphones directly without any need for a DAC, driver, or an adapter.

Dragonfly Black has a dimension of just 2.5 x 0.75 x 1.15 inches & it has a weight of only 70 grams. When you touch its surface, it seems like you have a very premium product in your hand because the body is very soft finish. 

The USB connector is gold-plated & When you remove its cover from the USB face, it’s pretty smooth & comforting & doesn’t require jerk.

The headphone amp inside the dragonfly black senses the headphones automatically (if you are using a headphone with it) & adjusts the frequency for it.

The output is 1.2 Volts & The bass reproduction is pretty fine. It may sound higher on the music with strong bass.

It has an integrated headphone amplifier that provides a strong & natural sound especially on headphones & it doesn’t heat up.

  • Handy ESS 9010 Sabre DAC. Plays High-resolution files smoothly. Gives a Strong bass & powerful sound. Pocket-sized & light weighted amplifier. A portable & plugin play amplifier with 1.2V output.
  • Uses plastic material instead of metal.

2: EarStudio ES100 – Portable Bluetooth AMP

portable headphone amps

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Ear Studio is a kid of Radsone a South Korean company, that manufactures high end & quality music & audio products, DACs & Amplifiers.

Ear Studio ES100 is a portable Bluetooth receiver & DAC, that works as an amplifier.

You can listen to the music wirelessly, without a typically wired headphone (you can also use a wired headphone also).

It has a 02 inches tall & 01-inch wide body & it only weighs 50 grams or even less. The device is blue in color with round edges & a ring LED light at the bottom of the front side. It works as an indicator to show, whether the device is connected or not.

The sides of the ES100 device are in metallic silver color, which has a glossy look & it contains several connections & other buttons.

A 3.5mm stereo jack allows you to connect a wired headphone & listen to the music. Down the jack, it has a volume control button to increase & decrease the volume. 

A shuffle button between the jack & controls, allow you to change the music/song to the next one in your audio library. You can play/pause the music as well from the button on the other side.

On the bottom, we have a USB option to connect the Ear Studio ES100 MK2 device to Desktops, laptops, tablets, & smartphones.

This input can be used as a charging input. Once you charge it, you can use it to listen to the music for 14 hrs.’ continuously.

It is a Bluetooth 5.0 device, you can connect it with your iOS, or Android due to its Qualcomm (CSR8675) chipset with the latest Bluetooth software stack that gives a strong wireless connection with any Bluetooth input source. 

The ES100 MK2 supports LDAC, SBC, AAC, AptX & AptX HD transmission codecs for Bluetooth. It can receive 24-bit signals at Bluetooth & 48kHz/16-bit via USB. The sound quality is decent over the headphones to connect to the smartphone directly. 

You can control the device using the companion mobile application works for both iOS & Android. You have to configure it for once & then ES100 runs the without the app, for all audio source over the Bluetooth, AUX, or USB. 

Moreover, you can control battery, volume, bass, & DAC control from that app. You can also customize Left/Right volume calibration.

  • Smaller and Light-weighted. Loud and satisfying sound. Comes with a USB cable. Quite Detailed sound. Affordable price.
  • Not for extreme audiophiles.

3: Douk P1 – Portable Headphone Amplifier

best cheap headphone amp

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Behind the P1, Douk Audio is the mainstream that is a parent manufacturer of this amplifier. This vacuum tube amplifier is one of the budget boys on the list and is also somewhat popular looking at its statistics.

This amplifier weighs around 1.5 pounds, which makes it an average weight amplifier out of the box. Douk has launched this amplifier, back in 2017, and this is currently ranking as the 8th best Audio Component Preamplifiers out there.

It is more likely to be on the side of a portable headphone amp that optimally amplifies the input signals to add some power, and eventually get more details while listening. With this elegant machine, you can now stream one of the best music even on higher bit rates.

As this is a vacuum tube amp, there is not a need for a battery at all. Due to its vacuum tube, you can continuously keep using it for a couple of hours. Douk claims that their tubes can last for up to 5000 working hours, which is a good thing to see. However, getting up to 1000 hours will be more than enough for this boy.

Even at 5000 hours, you can get a lifespan of up to 2.5 years, if you use it continuously every day for 06 hours per day. Moreover, these amps are also loaded with exclusive Bluetooth support out of the box.

These amps feature an impedance range of 32ohms to 300 ohms, depending upon your headset, or headphones. Though they are slightly higher, and you can expect some distortion, its warm retro tube is enough to encounter it.

You can use this guy with the iPod, Android phones, media players, TV, Blu-ray players, CD players, computers, and laptops etc. Its Bluetooth is compatible with the things like Windows/Mac/Linux system, and it is of the latest version BT 5.0.

Almost every single control of this guy is located on its body, and it is also easy to reach. The controls, knobs, plugs, and buttons are also really engaging and don’t get stuck in the middle of the way to adjustments.

With these amps, you can amplify, and get to listen to high-quality pieces of stuff that feature more than enough, and audible sound quality. The performance is engaging on headphones, & you will surely enjoy this little guy.

  • 24bit 192KHz content The Portable Amplifier With Long-lasting tubes Elevated bass, & treble
  • BT range is not so long

4: FiiO Q1 Mark II – Best dac amp under 100

headphone amp dac

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Here comes the FiiO with its Q1 Mark II DAC & Amplifier. So, directly coming to the point. FiiO Q1 Mark II is a pretty simple but decent metallic amplifier, made up of aluminum. FiiO mark II is 3.9 inches long 0.5-inch wide & 2.25 inches thick.

It’s a little bit heavier (100 grams) than the other headphone amplifiers & also protects it from scratching & damaging (if you throw it down). The whole body has a metallic black color, giving him a shiny look. The top of the device has no option but a blank FiiO logo.

Topside has a lot of features that may include a 3.5mm headphone jack with a 2.5mm balanced, two LED lights one for charging & the other one to let you know the ON status of the device.

At the rightmost corner, we have a volume control knob, to adjust the volume. The knob also works as an On/Off button for the device. The knob is pretty smooth in use & do not stuck.

On the opposite side, we have some other option includes a button to On/Off the bass, an option for lower or higher the Gain for your every pear of headphone. Plus, a micro USB option for charging & to connect with other devices.

The Q1 Mark II is loaded with an AKM AK4452 DAC chip, which gives a high signal ratio & provides the least possible distortion in the sound. It can decode audio files formats from DSD 256 up to 384 kHz / 32-bit, which is indicated by the green LED indicator.

If you connect it to a computer via USB, it can be operated as a USB DAC. Thus, you can use it with your computer. You can connect it to your Mac / Apple Computer without a need for a driver, but you may require a driver for your Windows PC.

Q1 Mark II is MFI certified, which means it will work perfectly with all iOS versions. Plus, it has been certified by the Japan Audio Society to be “Hi-Res Audio” capable. So, you can always play high resolution music files at a significant amplification.

It is compatible with various devices, which may include & not limit to iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Tablets, Smartphones, Sony & other gaming consoles. It can automatically discover its input type.

The package includes various accessories such as Lightning micro USB short cable, micro USB long data cable, 3.5mm audio cable, 2x long silicone bands, 2x short silicon bands, silicon pad, and carrying bag.

  • Smooth control knob. Metallic body to prevent scratches & damages. AKM AK4452 DAC chip to prevent distortion. MFI & JAS certified amplifier. One of the best headphone amp under 100.
  • Uses too much power (gets discharged fast)


best budget headphone amp

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Behringer is an audio manufacturer company founded back in 1989 by a Swiss Engineer named Uli Behringer in Germany.

It was listed as the 14th largest audio manufacturer in 2007. But now, they manufacture their products in China.

Behringer P1 is relatively small in size & you have several options on the front side of the device that includes a single button for mono & stereo, a balance & a volume control knob & a 3.5 mm headphone jack. 

It does have a built-in limiter to avoid blow your eardrums out & you need to be careful. You may also have two LED lights green & the red one for charging indicator & battery status.

The rear side of the device has an ON/Off button with a power plug-in input. Plus, two female circular XLR inputs for balanced inputs.

It works both on Cord & a battery that is enclosed in a chamber. You can either put it on your guitar or a threaded stand. It can work up to 12 hrs.’ on a 9V battery. 

It is not a wireless headphone, that’s why you must have to use a wired headphone. It is a high power in-ear monitor amplifier.

  • Powerful Bass with loud volume. Built-in limiter. 02 female XLR inputs. Can work on cords & battery as well for up to 12hrs.
  • Battery is not included in this package.

6: Nobsound NS-08E – Tube Headphone Amplifier

best tube headphone amp

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NobSound was founded back in 2013 in China & they are producing Hi-Fi products such as Tube Amplifier, Digital Amplifier, Audio DAC, Headphone Amplifier, Preamplifiers, etc.

They have the cheapest vacuum tube amplifiers including Nobsound NS-08E Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier.

Nobsound NS-08E is a hybrid vacuum tube amplifier & can be used as a preamplifier. It can drive 18 to 600-ohm headphones & headsets.

A 6J3 vacuum & valve tube, which has warmer tube sound and extra replaceable tubes works on current & can easily produce a high level of powerful bass with the least noise & sound distortion.

The device is very beautifully crafted & has an aluminum body that has been manufactured on CNC. The front side has two Aux jacks of 3.5mm each. One for input & the other for output. A round diametric volume knob, that is turned perfectly on the lathe.

The roof of the device is loaded with a set of 6J3 tubes with 50m length of each, enclosed in glass with two color lights when working. The rear side consists of a Red Power button, with a 6V DC input. The tubes are replaceable to E180F, 6688, EF861, 6AK5, 6BC5, 5654, EF40, EF95, CV850, & 6J2.

You can connect it with solid-state amplifiers, speakers, headphones, tablets, desktops, laptops Windows & Mac & smartphones. It has an output of 30-32 Ohms, & sensitivity of 110 dBs. It is a perfect match for the headphones with an impedance of 18-600 ohms.

It comes with an AC adapter and uses 1/8 stereo input. You can really hear the difference between classical, jazz, and instrumental. Rock music and Pop sound better too but not as noticeable. Coming to its size 4.35 inches * 2.74 inches * 1.26 inches & a Weight of 185 g.

According to my opinion, it could be better than this actual one, but still, it is among the one of the best headphone amps under 100, with such decent features.

  • Beautiful & strong metallic body. Replaceable tubes. It can be used as a pre-amplifier. Works with almost every device.
  • A best amplifier for professional artists only.

7: Donner – headphone amp under 50

best budget headphone amp

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If you are looking for one of the cheapest, and the most inexpensive headphone amplifiers, Donner has brought another decent option for your ears.

This headphone is a launch of the year 2020, and it is the 14th best Headphone amplifier out there in the market. It only weighs around 100 grams, making it a lightweight thing.

This portable headphone amplifier is using an Analog circuit design, that processes the audio signals effectively, with little to no audio rendering. With this circuit, you will get a listenable, less distorted, and clear sound quality.

It is compatible with mostly android, iOS & Mac devices, out of the box. However, it can also work on a PC, or TV, or laptop as well. On this thing, the stereo effect is one of the best, but you can never expect a deep, and clean bass on it.

It is a metallic rectangular body, and it is a relatively compatible design out of the box. You will only get this thing in grey color, but that too is a magnificent thing without any doubt.

All of its controls are listed all of a sudden. Its front panel consists of mostly inputs, controls & buttons. Thankfully, all of these knobs and controls are responsive, and effective out of the box, with no significant stuck, or lags.

Its Rear side consists of one charging port & a port to connect the device to your PC, laptop, or smartphone. Plus, you will not find any particular indication for anything, either for recharging or tunning-in.

The device has a 1000 mAh li-ion battery, and the device may take up to 04 hrs. Once it charges fully, you can use this thing for up to 12 hrs. Its official micro USB cable is given inside the box, for recharging this amplifier.

It is a decent amplifier that produces pretty good & strong bass at a natural sound. This thing can handle the headphones with 08 to 250 ohms of impedance, and it is a good rating to see for such an inexpensive thing.

  • Completely metallic construction Up to 12 hours playback time Delivers a Decent amplification Exclusively Audible sound quality
  • The Bass is not that smooth

8: LOXJIE P20 – Budget Headphone Tube Amp

Best Headphone Amp Dac

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One of the best headphone amps under 100 for tube category. Although Tube amplifiers are old, but still they perform better.

Most of the music lovers still use them due to their supersonic bass at a cheap price. It is a perfect match for Beyer dynamic headphones as all other Tube amps do.

Due to its compact size, it way looks more setup friendly. The device has a smooth finish; the sidewall consists of a volume knob made up by JRC Japan. It doesn’t only have a headphone input but it also has a balanced input as well which gives you even clear sound. 

The rear side has two XLR inputs one for the left & one for the right. It has RCA input as well, which seems like very good, because we didn’t see any amplifier with RCA input here in this list. 

You can use it with your gaming console if you are a pro gamer. You can also connect it with several devices Desktop, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets & Media Players. It produces a strong & amplified bass.

The device is made up of CNC machined aluminum & this factor made it to be durable & outstanding. The top of the device has two glowing vacuum tubes.

Finally, it is portable but it has a bigger size. It is 10 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width & 4.25 inches thick. Plus, it weighs almost 600 grams.

  • CNC machined body. RCA Input. Amplified bass. A performing amplifier.
  • Heavy in weight.

9: Pyle PTA4 – Power Amplifier System


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Pyle’s Home Audio Power Amplifier System is a perfect fit for your home theater system. It is a powerful amplification system that gives 120W power for each channel (It is a dual channel system), at an impedance of 04-Ohms. 

It supports various input sources with RCA (tuner), tape, deck, camcorders, headphones, etc. This system allows you to connect with the amplifier directly. It is a complicated box; you can see a lot of options & analog controls when you see.

On the front side, you have a power button with a LED indicator, with two kinds of Aux input. Next to that, you will have several knobs for balance, bass, treble & volume adjustments. 

The rear panel has options like mike & mixing, with CD, & Aux Input. You can also connect your speakers with it. It also has a fuse & a voltage cord. The whole body is a plastic case.

It gives easy Pairing & can be operated wirelessly up to 40 feet. It works with all the iOS, Android, PC, Mac, iPad Tablet PC, etc. You can either play audio from your devices or from USB (up to 64gb).

PYLE PTA 04 has a length of 8.25 inches, 5.3 inches Width, and 2.72 inches Height. It weighs almost 5 pounds. It also uses the fuse system to protect it from a short circuit or any electrical disaster.

  • Various input sources & connects directly. A lot more than an amplifier. Can be operated wirelessly.
  • Heavy in weight.

10: ART HeadAMP4 – cheap Headphone Amplifier

best cheap Headphone Amp Review

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Lasting our list of Best Headphone Amps under $100, we have got this amplifier from the house of ART or Applied Research & technology.

This headphone amp is basically designed for professional and studio work, but it does not mean that you can not work for your morning walk.

This is a very handy & practical amp, that you can handle & house in your pocket without any issues. The amp comes in black color, which does not look that awesome for me at least, but it depends on your eyes again.

You will see ART’s branding almost everywhere on the body, which affects its natural tone somehow. Most of the parts are metallic, which ensures their durability as well. Moreover, you can find an indicator, that will tell you its working status.

However, you have four knobs in front of it that you will be using more often for your volume control, gain switching, adjustment, and some sort of equalization in your listening experience. This amp is 4 channel stereo which means. You can use it for headphones outs individually while using it.

Personally, I would prefer it as a voice-over artist, podcasts, and similar sort of projects due to its massive drivers. The amp gives a bunch of sound to play with no noticeable distortion & other bad effects. 

The AMP 04 provides a better soundstage, optimistic sound reproduction. This does offer some reasonable but clear bass, which everyone has a dream. All the vocals and instrumental effects do their job pretty fine & these are the things which it delivers for the price.

  • Metallic build construction. A clear soundstage & bass. A 04 point stereo channel. Little to none distortion.
  • No stereo conversions.

11: FiiO A3 – best headphone amp under 100 dollars

top rated headphone amp under $100

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FiiO electronics is a Chinese brand that was founded back in 2007, that manufactures audio devices such as DACs, Amplifiers, Headphones, Music Players & other media accessories related to music & audio.

FiiO A3 is a portable headphone amplifier that amplifies the sound to give more power to your headphones by increasing the bass. It is a strong & simple device, with elegant design. It can play high resolution music with a higher bitrate.

It has 1400 mAh battery & FiiO claims that once it charges completely, you can use it for up to 16 hrs.’ to listen to music on that which seems pretty awesome. But it may take up to 4hrs to get it fully charged.

But, what did I like about more, is that you can use it for the whole week by charging once in a week. Plus, you can still use it on your laptop or PC while charging. A micro USB port helps you connect it with your PC/laptop for charging.

The body is an enclosure of aluminum. The little amplifier is well constructed the rotary volume knob is brilliant. The front side has no option but a FiiO logo at the bottom. On the top, you have several options that may include shifting the gain to low or high & the other one to just turn the bass option On/Off. A turning knob allows you to adjust the volume.

The bass works pretty well as it amplifies the sound on your headphone only, while the gain works fine on both of the headphones & speakers. If you are very fond of music, you can listen to a variety of songs from instrumental to Rap Classical to rock as well as high bass songs.

It works very well if you want to use it with the headphones but I think it doesn’t do so well on earphones, because they may already get enough power from the device you use. It works well for gaming consoles & headphones.

It is a perfect match for the headphones with an impedance of 15 to 250 ohms, that may require more power. 
FiiO A3 has a size of 0.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches & it has a weight of less than 90 grams.

This amp is not going to magically improve the sound quality or purity. You need to have a good audio source (DAC) in your device, a decent pair of headphones (100-150 ohms recommended) and audio files like FLAC.

12: SMSL T2 – best dac amp

Best headphone amps under 50

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A Chinese brand that manufactures audio accessories. Here we are talking about their Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier.

SMSL T2 is a tube amplifier, that works on voltage not on current. It seems like Nobsound NS-08E, we reviewed above. But it is not something as NS-08E. It can be surely used for the home studio setups.

It is a metallic body made up of scratch resistive aluminum with creativity on every inch of it. The front side of the device has a decent volume control knob, which is turned beautifully on the lathe. A mechanical power on/off switch with a headphone jack.

On the top, we have two 6J9 tubes with a glowing LED inside it that reflects from bottom to upside, produces high-quality sound. Inside it, a relay makes it ground nose protective. Dual 5532 circuit core protects your ears from whirring.

The rear side consist of a 12V DC input for charging purpose. Plus, you have a typical charger like a laptop has. The tubes are warm, so be careful while touching it & it may take a time (40-60seconds) to get warm when connects first & work perfectly.

The sound quality is much stronger as compared to PC play, as we have more bass. I found the sound in my performance is fairly effective.

  • Scratch resistive body Machined Aluminum body made it durable Effective performance Glowing LED inside the tubes to warm up the device
  • It may take up to 02 min to get ready for work

13: Aimpire ES9028Q2M – best budget tube amp


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Aimpire offers a portable headphone amplifier that uses ESS technology chipset to produce quality DAC & amplifiers at the lowest distortion.

It is perfectly compatible with iOS & Mac devices, but can work smoothly on Desktop, PC, or Android’s any device. DSD256 and PCM384 are compatible with 16-32bit/44.1-383kHz high res audio files with MP4 format as well.

The device is a metallic rectangular case, that tends to work in a very compatible mode. It is a black body with attractive graphics. The top of the device is a blank & consists of a concave glass with some branding.

Side panel consists of various controls & buttons. A knurled knob with crystal effect helps you to adjust the bass & volume & can be work as a power On/Off button if you drive it clockwise.

At the right of the knob you have a bass boost option while on the left, the switch helps you to lower/ higher the gain. On each corner, you have a 3.5mm jack that can be used as a headphone jack or a connection source to the device. A charging indicator is also given.

Rear side consists of one charging port & an OTG port to connect the device to your PC, laptop, or smartphone (iPhone OTG is not included inside the box). Plus, a volume indicator is provided on the leftmost corner to let you know how much charge does the device have.

The device has a 4000 mAh li-ion battery. Charging the device may take up to 04 hrs.’ & once it charges fully, you can use up to 10 hrs.’ without charging again. You can either charge it from your phone, its own charger, or your PC.

When charging through your PC, you can still use it & it will keep charging even if you shut down the PC (don’t plug out the device). It can handle the headphones with 16-600 ohms’ impedance.

It is a decent amplifier that produces pretty good & strong bass at a natural sound. You just have to plug it to your device & then play the music you want to listen to. You wouldn’t require a driver when connected to Mac, but with Windows.

The package box includes a Headphone Amplifier with a 3.5mm Jack Cable, Type-C OTG, Micro USB OTG Cable, Rubber Band & some Covers. The device has a size of just 3.5 x 2.25 x 0.5 inches & weighs only 150 grams.

  • Metallic body with ESS technology chipset 4000mAh battery with 10 hrs.’ playback Clear Bass with perfect amplification Hi-Res audio certified amplifier
  • iPhone OTG is not included in the package

Best cheap headphones amps Buying guide

Types of Headphone Amplifiers

1: Tube/Valve Headphone Amplifiers

These amplifiers are very old. It is operated by voltage instead of current. It is used by musicians at their concerts & productions.

2: Solid-State Headphone Amplifiers

They are a very productive amplifier, works on transistors by electronic audio signals. They are very reliable & portable due to their lighter weight & smaller in size.

3: Hybrid Headphone Amplifiers

They are a combination of both Tube & solid-state amplifiers. They are also very productive & well performance. But they may cost you more because they have a lot of other features of home theater.

4: Portable Headphone Amplifiers

They are small enough that they can easily fit in your pocket. You can play audio or music from a media player, your devices (including smartphones). They are rechargeable as well.

5: Rackmount & Desktop Headphone Amplifiers

 This type of headphone amplifier makes you able to connect more than two headphones at a single time to play music on to. They often used in studios & production houses. Rackmount amplifiers are a lot more than a studio.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s jump toward our list of best headphone amps under 100. Read out the specs, features & performance for each of them, make a selection for yourself & thank us later!

How much difference does a headphone amp make?

Of course, headphone amps make a noticeable difference most of the time. These amps deliver a loud soundstage and accurate projection especially in the case of headphones with a low impedance range.

As low impedance range headphones are foolproof, they don’t sound distorted at all. This thing makes them pretty much. It delivers detailed sound coverage by optimizing the impedance range as well.

Is a headphone amp worth it?

An amplifier is meant for enhancing the power output through your audio input source. This is for the case if you find your speakers or headphones that they are not providing you a detailed projection or a loud treble at all.

If this is the case, you should never miss out on the headphone amps as this could be a game-changer both for your ears and headphones as well. It improves the audio signals by improving the impedance range for powered speakers and headphones.

What are the different types of amplifier classes?

There are a couple of amplifier classes and all of these classes are pretty realistic without any doubt. This includes Class A amplifiers which are widely used as amplification as it has excellent linearity.

This prevents the projection from getting distorted and it also eventually helps in increasing the gain of the drivers.

The Class B amplifier is on the next level, as it helps in preventing the system from catching heat and thermal problems that were a drawback of Type A amplifiers. While the Class AB amplifiers are a combination of both Class A and Class B amps.

Class C” amps are also invented and they are comparatively the latest ones. These amps are efficiently made up for mediocre linearity in response to the Class A amplifiers. They are used in high-frequency systems as they distort the sound a bit.

Most frequent questions and answers ABOUT Best Headphone Amps Under 100

Can AMP damage headphones?

Of course, the amplifiers can also damage the headphones despite their ability to improve the sound projection of it.

If you are using a powerful amplifier you should avoid turning the volume to full as this distorts the projection and eventually damages the drivers of the headphones.

Can you use a combo amp as a head?

Yes, you can use a combo amp as a head as these speakers come with a built-in console.

They are considerably compact and they are also pretty lightweight to use which makes them more convenient and easy to use things.

How do I connect my headphone amp to my computer?

To connect your headphone amps to your computer, you should use the line input of your sound card on the computer.

A stereo jack along with the RCA cable will be needed in order to connect the amp with your computer.

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The bottom line: Under budget headphones amps

You always tend to buy some quality products, but if you are running on limited money (we should definitely save some money), you should try something under your budget & believe me you can expect something quite better even at a cheap price.

In this list, we have reviewed some top-notch & best headphone amps under 100 bucks. As we all love to listen to the music, we defiantly need some accessories & if you work for a studio, then it is a must thing for you to have in your studio or on your jogging track.