Best Headphones For Streaming

Best Headphones For Streaming

When it comes to streaming your PS4, Xbox, other gaming consoles, or TVs with headphones, there are a lot of options, such as in-ear, open ear and over the ear headphones. Most of these are professional headphones that you should only use if you are a musician or a production company.

Some may be very expensive to buy and maybe some are affordable as well, but they lack some features and sometimes they are not enough for your expectations. Closed-back earphones are very sensitive and have a nice quality, but they are pretty expensive.

If you are fond of streaming and looking for the best headphones for streaming, you can’t compromise on the quality to hear the high-quality backstage in your shows or games.

Without listening to these sound effects, your gaming session looks incomplete.

In this buying guide, we will be discussing some best headphones for streaming, to give you more natural, clear, and precise listening in your games.

So stay tuned!


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1: Razer BlackShark V2 Pro – wireless headsets

Headset For Streaming

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When you will get its box in your hands, you will damn love it. The cutest & the safest box I have ever seen for a headphone. This lets you know that you have got something super premium.

All of the things that your headphone will bring, is safely isolated under the sponge foam, so it will not get a direct impact during shipping.

Inside the deal, you have got some manuals, paperwork.. Oh ok! Leave this thing, which you don’t really care about.

Moving to other members of the box, you have a 3.5mm input cable, along with a microUSB charging cable, a microphone with Windscreen (everything is detachable), a WiFi USB Dongle & your most important person, the headphone.

To be Honest, the ear cups are freaking cozy & comfortable with very little jawing force, so you would never break your ear’s muscles. The irreplaceable cushions are not so deep, but they are airy, you might not have stuck your ear inside it. And yes, the headband is also plush & comfortable that does not bother you.

Both of the headsets are adjustable & retractable at the same time, which does not seem to be stressed while operating them. Although the headset is plastic, it does not seem to be cheap quality, you will not hear any cracking sounds, or toggling sounds.

You can use this wireless guy for up to 24hrs on 50% volume level, if you charge it fully which takes 6-8hrs. So, it’s better to put it on charging overnight.

You can also charge this headset while listening, that owns a charging port on the backside, next to the microphone port. The sound is controllable through the knob located at one of your earcup’s outside.

This guy is using Razer’s official Triforce Titanium Drivers, which has a range of 12Hz-12Khz. A point here, that you are getting this frequency on a streaming headset, which is a good thing. Hats off to the Razor’s Sound Engineering team.

The sound reproduction in this headset is marvelous. All the mids and highs sound like a charm, that delivers a deep bass along with crisp sound. Honestly, the bass is more likely to be on a natural side, if you are playing high quality files from Spotify or Apple.

Talking about the sound effects for your streaming specifically, the performance doesn’t roll out. You can really hear all the effects like gunshots, footsteps, rocket launchers, & reloading your weapon or stuff like that. The mids are positioned at their home & doing the job fine.

  • A pretty light headset. Super soft headband & earcups. Detailed sound experience. Deep bass & rich audio. Premium Streaming Headphone.
  • Not for small heads.


2: SteelSeries Arctis 5 – stream headset

Good Headset For Streaming

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The next wireless streaming headphone is waiting for you at SteelSeries Store.

Now what is the best thing here? It is another Amazon Choice, so you can imagine its owner of quality & performance in the eyes of streaming enthusiasts.

Arctis 5 is targeting the streamers under 100 bucks, so you can expect a strong competitor to Sennheiser’s HD series headphones, which we will talk about another day.

If you are a teen, with a medium size head, you should get this one right now after analyzing.

This bad guy is built with plastic (you can literally never expect something metallic under a 100 bucks), that is not super awesome material though, but at least you will never face any crackings or distortion in the body.

The craftsmanship is undoubtedly appealing due to its Matt coating on every part, most importantly on its headband.

It’s headband is a two piece design that includes an adjustable but attention seeking fabric to support the headset perfectly. Overall, the adjustment is not an issue for young guys and girls. You will always be in peace.

One thing, the headband is not suitable for big heads & pretty round necks. You will find it hard to put your headset on your neck. If this is an issue, stop right here and get back to Razer’s V2.

On the left side cup, you have almost all of the controls, that includes a volume controller, a USB switch, a headphone jack, charging port & holy indicator.

The microphone is detachable here on your left cup, which also comes with an indicator. The drivers inside your ear cups are angular, which delivers optimized audio in the tilt direction of your ear cups.

This headphone also provides audio sharing, you just have to plug-in the audio cable & the man next to you will be doing the same, to listen to whatever you are playing at that time.

Surprisingly, the sensitive microphone is doing a great job for the price. Usually, you get almost the same mic quality in some premium headphones, which you have got here.

So, besides your streaming, you can also hook up to your zoom meetings, as you have a sound card with it. A little bit of digital noise in the background that emits from the drivers makes the sound a bit lower, but this is obviously not a problem.

Overall, the sound is pretty detailed, the distortion is quite low even on high volumes, & the bass is fine but allows some deep hits to complement with vocals. The treble does not sound harsh, backstage is also doing well for the price at least.

  • Cross platform compatible. Beautiful RGB lightning. An optimal Microphone. Detailed bass & effects. Neat & Clear sounds.
  • Build quality is not for a long run.


3: Corsair VOID RGB Elite – headset for streaming

Best Streaming Headset

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Another good guy for under 100 bucks is waiting to please you. Corsair is back by refreshing their mid segment playboys, which seems to be very successful.

This Void is now Amazon Choice for wireless headsets, so sit back & keep scrolling.

Inside the box, you get the same things like a useless manual, USB (micro) for charging, a monster wireless dongle with a windscreen.

Look at the design & you will literally fall in love with it, if you haven’t own a headphone yet like this one. The glassy external frame looks like a fresh cake out of the box. Don’t forget to wash & dry your hands entirely before touching them out.

The build quality is again plastic, as it is not a big deal for these headphones nowadays, but the headphone is no doubt solid & lightweight at the same time, Hats off again guys. Inside the headband, the padding is surprisingly super comfortable. Let’s see how long it could last.

There’s still some aluminum usage inside the hinges connectors. Pretty cool again!

The headband has a lot of room for adjustments, that seems like a copy of Sennheiser’s model, but they have successfully tried to give it a legit look by sticking their own logo.

The headset comes in two colors for the wireless version, & both of these are super cute & modern. You have also got RGB lightning in the centre of your earcup’s exterior, that makes it more attractive for the price again. The left cup houses every control that you will be using oftenly.

These headphones you can easily rotate on your neck without any hassle, which was the main issue & compromise in the case of Arctis 05.

For the mic, this is not good to be honest. Its sound clarity is okay but that does have some sort of digital noise along with way low audio level. The mic got muted at almost 10degrees, while you can lower it down to get it activated. As for gaming, this mic is just fine.

But diving into the real deal, what you will actually pay for! The sound quality in gaming is actually pretty satisfying. All of the soundstages sound detailed & justified with slightly lower distortion on full volumes. It is a base light, but overall it does sound good & satisfying again.

Almost all types of sound effects while gaming such as weapon loading, backfire, rockets, launchers all does sound good. Moreover, this wireless boy can do the job for 12hrs continuously if charged fully.

  • The most comfortable headphone. Can connects to every play station. A Budget streaming headphone. Sounds pretty detailed for games. Wisely adjustable headband.
  • Compromising Mic Quality. Mediocre Bass boost.


4: EPOS I SENNHEISER GSP 500 – Streaming Headphone

Streaming Headphones

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In your Sennheiser’s GSP 500, you have got a decent quality of flexible cable for your console, and if you are using a console where you can insert it in your controller.

The second cable is for your PC which is quite long with a connector on one end at your headphone and the other end has a mic and an audio jack.

You can use this headphone with your Xbox, your PC, laptops, and any search console which you want to use. The microphone is good and sounds awesome, which does a very good job. You can get it out of the way if you don’t want to use it.

The color combination and built design of both the headbands and ear cups with volume control are matt finished and some chromic as well, which provides a very gorgeous look to this whole device.

The microphone is flappable and smooth to move all-around 120 degrees, which you can adjust as you need, either upward or downward.

The sound quality is also optimistic, both the music and gaming sound great where you can hear feet up, with weapon striking which has a natural sound.

This is because it is an open ear headphone that has a wider sound room and it gives detailed sound. You can hear everything whether it’s a game or a piece of music.

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  • Detailed sound quality. Flexible and adjustable. Good build quality. Sounds louder and clear. High-Quality Microphone.
  • Microphone gets harder to rotate as time passes.


5: EKSA E900 – gaming headset

Headphones For Streaming

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EKSA’s E900 Stereo Gaming Headset comes with a nice design with some metallic made.

The ear cups are made up of plastic itself, however the headband is retractable at both ends on the ear cups are metallic and durable.

Ear Cups are comfortable and bigger, which will cover your entire ears if you have short ears.

The design is pretty decent and you will be using the controllers with adjustable headband, which is again comfortable but it’s a bit rigid.

The microphone is available on the right ear cup, which is also very decent in both look and performance. It is flappable and you also have an option to remove it from its one end, if you don’t want to use it. The microphone is also really impressive in recording and quality.

You have a 3.5mm audio jack which you will be connecting to your laptop,
desktop, or console controller. The controller is also handy and simple to use.

The bass is deeper and booms like a speaker with amplified sound. You can also use as this is not a noise-cancelling headphone.

  • Super Affordable. Best for streaming. Removable Mic. mpressive sound quality. Nicely designed.
  • Built Quality is just fine.


6: RIG 800HD – Best Dolby Atmos Wireless Headset

good streaming headset

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In the middle of the way to Best Headphones for streaming, we have got a guy that is slightly expensive, but it’s worth every single buck in the end. These are the boys from Plantronics, which is the launch of the year 2017.

These headphones are dramatically lightweight, and they only weigh less than 250 grams out of the box, making them easy to wear and a non-annoying headset. This over-the-ear headphone also comes with a Wireless Adapter by the way.

The build quality is quite good here, and it is a plastic headphone, using a black color on the frame & a little shiny shaded black one inside the cups and down to its band. Its hand-feel is also fine, which truly justifies its price on the spot.

The headband is adjustable & it doesn’t stress out so easily. Ear cups are swivel, and they do rotate at almost any angle. Moreover, the right earcup houses several inputs. You can simply control the treble parts, and it is also responsive here.

This headphone has got a more than average battery, that keeps you engaged with it for a long time. The charging can take up to 3 hours, and its single yet complete charge can give you a playback time of almost 24 hours out of the box.

This is not a wireless, or Bluetooth headphone, but you can simply connect it through wired with your gaming consoles or PC if you want. Moreover, they also own a noise-canceling effect in its 40 mm large drivers.

Last thing, these headphones are lightweight, durable, and deliver a decent sound quality without any doubt. Moreover, they have a frequency response rate of 20z to 20,000 Hz, with an impedance range of up to 32 ohms. The Mic has a frequency of 100 hertz to 10,000 Hertz, which is also an impressive thing.

  • Supports the Dolby Atmos Lightweight, and flexible set Up to 24 hours of playback Delivers a Crispy soundstage
  • Microphone is not the best


7: Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X – gaming headsets

Best Streaming Headphones

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Audio Technica has launched their AD500X headphones back in 2012 as an entry-level headphone.

But now, they are offering something optimistic in this set.

The whole case is made up of aluminium alloy, but it’s still lightweight. This is a bit of an older design when you look it at for the very first time.

The ear cups are a bit soft and smooth and made up of something velvety
material, which increases its premium feeling with a bit price. The bot ear cups are a bit oversized, even though they are an open ear headset.

The grill is also metallic, and you can see the midranges inside it. Both the
headband and microphone are adjustable. Next to it, you have a long cable, which looks the best in quality. This has an open and clear sound.

It also reduces pressure on your ears. The bass and mids are both working well. The sound is also loud, not that loud, but this would be enough to avoid you from distraction.

This will leak sound if you are thinking this for your music listening or streaming. But, this is very good for gaming projects. You will listen to quality in sound, boost in bass and you are great to go.

  • Optimistic sound. Rich in bass. Loud music for gaming. Metal build. Reduces pressure on ears.
  • A bit overpriced.


8: Samson SR850 – streamer headset

Good Headphones For Streaming

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Now, this is not a full open ear headphone, but it has everything that an open ear headphone does.

This is made up of plastic metal and the build is not exceptional, but it is okay with such a price tag.

The ear cups are also good if not optimistic, but they are comfortable and a bit smaller, because it does everything like an open-ear headphone.

Yeah, the sound leaks because it is not super closed, but it does add clarity to the sound.

They boost the sound a little but it doesn’t sound bad. In fact, it gives dynamic vocals to the whole song. It gives a detailed sound and you will also enjoy the instrumental songs if you are listening to such songs. But, you will be fine with the games.

In order to get a loud & amplified sound, you would need a headphone amplifier. If you follow the link, you can easily find the best headphone amplifiers under $100.

If you don’t want to put a lot of money on buying top-notch headphones, or you just want an affordable earphone, you are great to go with SR 850. But, if money is not an issue, you have many other options as well.

  • Lightweight and Affordable. Detailed sound on games. Clear sound. Simple design.
  • Doesn’t boosts the bass.


9: Sennheiser GSP 370 – wireless headset

Streaming Headphones

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So, if you are tired now from meters of long wired headphones, you have got Sennheiser’s GSP 370.

It is a no wired (wireless) headphone, which justifies everything from design, built and performance.

One thing I really like for Sennheiser is that their headphones are easy to open for repair. So, you wouldn’t be required to put effort into opening it. 

This is wireless, but it doesn’t have Bluetooth so don’t get confused. You will be using it wirelessly with their USB dongle connection without any audio delay. The design is flexible and extremely smooth which is easily twistable.

The headband is not retractable. However, they are expandable according to your head.

The ear cups are fantastic made up of velvety texture which makes them
extremely comfortable and it puts a lot less pressure on your ears, which means your ears won’t get warm anymore. Sennheiser has put a lot of effort into its marketing, it’s designing, performance and color selection as well.

The microphone is also located at an easy point, which you can always adjust according to your need and this is also very smooth to rotate. If you move it upward, they will get muted. It is a rechargeable headphone that you will be charging with your Micro USB cable, with a good battery life.

Sound is very powerful and clear even at low levels. The sound is smooth and you will be listening to the sound without any hard effort. It sounds clear when opening a door, shooting a weapon and footsteps.

  • Automatic mute the Microphone. Wireless and nice built quality. Detailed and loud sound. Worth the price. A long battery.
  • Microphone is not very good.


10: EPOS I Sennheiser – stream headset

Good Headsets For Streaming

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Next on our list of Best headphones for streaming, we have got a Game one headset.

This is a lightweight and flexible headset, which you will be comfortable when wearing it on your head.

The ear cups are pretty comfortable and this is one of the best things of Sennheiser; they take care of the comfort level of their headphones.

 Headbands are smooth and soft which you can adjust according to your head size.

Plus, the ear cups are retractable and the headband is also retractable. So, no need to worry about customization. The microphone is also available on this headset which has just an average quality.

You also have a removable audio cable, which is also a very good thing, because it makes your device more remote if you have a device with any other device.

Sound quality is not that boom if you are looking to play music along with the games as well, but it is good for gaming. You will get enough detailed sound, which doesn’t require extra bass push or attention to take it in your mind.

  • Affordable and Handful design. Detailed and clear sound. Adjustable Microphone. Removable audio cable.
  • Bass is enough only for gaming.


11: NUBWO U3 – Gaming Headset For Pc

Good Streaming Headset

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Lasting our list of Best Headphones for streaming, we have got a guy for less than 25bucks, which is way popular among the new enthusiasts & some intermediates as well, to complete their gaming setup. You believe it or not, but what if we tell you a gaming headset for less than 25bucks? 

How would you react? Oh Man, here’s a cheap quality & just terrible
performance, who cares. You are a bit wrong & a bit right my pal! But don’t worry, we will not spend that much details on it.

If you have already figured someone out of these, you can check them out, but if you still want details on this, let’s give it a thorough touch!

The build quality is you can imagine itself, but it is not that arguing. This is a plastic headphone, using matt black color on the frame & a little shiny shaded black one inside the cups and down the headband. The hand feel is not so premium, but you are paying less than 25bucks.

Headband is adjustable & it can easily bend without any stress. The ear cups are not freely swivel , but they do rotate at angles less than 180degrees. The right earcup houses an audio input & that’s it. You will be controlling the volumes by its wire extension down to it.

You can mute your microphone with just one click from your volume control hand. The headphone is semi wireless, that you will be required to connect to your gaming consoles or PC to use it.

The sound is just fine and you will get what you pay. Both the vocals & audio are clear & smooth. Though the bass is available here, don’t expect too much detailed sound effects while gaming.

This is an over the ear type of streaming headphone, just like some others, that is offering a noise cancellation microphone, though the mic is not that awesome, but you would not get a distortion or noise out of the drivers.

  • Comfortable Ear Cups & headband Passable noise cancellation Mic Best for entry level streamers Clear & crisp vocals & volume The cheapest streaming headphone
  • Not a deep bass


12: BENGOO G9000 – Stereo Gaming Headset

Best Headphones For Streaming

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It is the most popular streaming headphones on Amazon right now and you will soon find out why this is so popular. It is the ultra-affordable headphones out there in the market with a pretty modern design, which makes it look luxurious somehow.

It is plastic made which is not that super in quality, but this will work for years if you take care of it, by not throwing it here and there. The ear cups are static and are very comfortable which doesn’t feel like you are wearing an affordable headphone.

It also contains some LED lights which are very bright. It is a lightweight headphone, but they are good to use if you are looking for a lightweight.

The sound quality is its unique and best thing, which makes us put this here on this list. It has a superb sound quality as per its price. The microphone is very powerful just like the premium headphones we have in the market.

The sound comes from mid-rangers and is also pretty impressive when compared to its price. It is a bass-rich headphone when listening to the gun fires, explosions, and jet crossing. For gaming/streaming specifically, it is doing a good job and can also work for music.

The headband is also adjustable which you will be adjusting as per your needs, but they are rigid and not that convertible or flexible. The earphones are open ear and this is why the ear cups wouldn’t cover your entire year, to give you a wider sound.

The controller is also responsive and you can connect it to various devices from your PC to your PlayStation.

  • 3D surround sound Bass rich audio Modern design Affordable Multiple connectivity’sThe cheapest streaming headphone
  • Mediocre built quality


13: EPOS SENNHEISER GSP 500 – Wired Gaming Headset

Streaming Headphones

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In your Sennheiser’s GSP 500, you have got a decent quality of flexible cable for your console, and if you are using a console where you can insert it in your controller. The second cable is for your PC which is quite long with a connector on one end at your headphone and the other end has a mic and an audio jack.

You can use this headphone with your Xbox, your PC, laptops, and any search console which you want to use. The microphone is good and sounds awesome, which does a very good job. You can get it out of the way if you don’t want to use it.

The color combination and built design of both the headbands and ear cups with volume control are matt finished and some chromic as well, which provides a very gorgeous look to this whole device.

The microphone is flappable and smooth to move all-around 120 degrees, which you can adjust as you need, either upward or downward. The sound quality is also optimistic, both the music and gaming sound great where you can hear feet up, with weapon striking which has a natural sound.

This is because it is an open ear headphone that has a wider sound room and it gives detailed sound. You can hear everything whether it’s a game or a piece of music.

  • Detailed sound quality Flexible and adjustable Good build quality Sounds louder and clear High-Quality Microphone
  • Microphone gets harder to rotate as time passes


headset setup for streaming

The bottom line: Headphones for streaming

Purchasing a super good streaming headphone is a bit costly unless you are a full-time/professional gamer, who can afford them.

If you are looking for headphones to enhance your streaming experience, at an affordable cost and best possible features and performance, so open ear headphones are the best fit for you.

They do lack some features like Bluetooth or wireless connection, but they are mostly affordable and give a fantastic performance in listening. 

They will be giving a strong base boost and 3D surrounds the same as you get in other headphones which are costly as usual.