Best Home Theater Speakers Under 500

best home theater speakers under 500

With the exclusively satisfying, powerful & detailed sound projection, the budget home theater speakers are enough for your homies to enjoy every moment of your life. If you are looking for the Best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 Bucks, we are sure you can get some good options.

However, there’s still a chance that you will miss out on the modern or the full-fledge features of these home theater speakers. Just like the speakers for Projectors, you also need to be freaking clear on what you are expecting with it.

But, you should worry not as we have taken this hard part into our own hands so you can have peace of mind. You can below find some of the best options in the market. These home theater speakers deliver realistic, rich & bossy sound for sure.

If you are not some sort of true audiophile and you just want something entry to mid-range stuff, this segment is meant for you then. Even with these bucks you spent, you always want to get the most out of it.

To get this, you should make sure their deliverance is in terms of clear accurate sound, true vocals, as well as the surround sound effect to get a decent match with the home theaters. With their balanced power & treble, you will be enjoying your streamings even without disturbing your neighbors also.

You should also consider some effective features as well. These may include Bluetooth or wireless compatibility, driver size, multiple input connections, with genuine sound quality as well. Thankfully, all these things are still possible within 500 bucks & without breaking your bank of course.

Some of the Best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 Bucks are genuinely designed to provide you with a pleasant listening experience. They are still far better than the typical guys who come for a cheap price, but that price isn’t worth it. With the elegant performance, these guys have their fantasies.

Along with that, you will also find some soundbars with different channels depending upon your preferences, requirements, and expectations. The channels may also vary in terms of surround sound or stereo sort of speakers.

Most of the speakers here feature a 2.1 or 5.1 channel system. Because we have already covered the 7.1 home theater system in the past with some latest additions also.

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Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better?

A 7.1 system is an excellent choice for bigger spaces with the potential for losing sound in the area. It creates a more immersive surround sound experience. On a 7.1 system, theater-quality media will come through more clearly than on a 5.1 system.

1: Rockville HTS45 – 5.1 speakers system under 500

So, the overall best pick for this list of the best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 belongs to Rockville that is the exclusive Rockville boy here. Rockville has launched this system in two different variants in its fleet.

best home theater speakers under 500

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Both of these families are the launches of 2020 that makes it the latest launch of the entire list. These speakers are currently ranking as the 9th best Home Theater Systems out there, so you can forecast their credibility & deliverance in advance.

These speakers are lightweight even though they are offered for a whole lot of sets that showcase their entire weight on the listing. Now, this system holds 20 Pounds of weight collectively.

Not just this system is lightweight, this is also offered for a fairly reasonable price. Both of these boys own their features & caliber. But, we will be considering their powerful system of 1000Watts.

This specific system is ranking as the #1 best seller for the Home Theater Systems out there within just the shortest period since its launch. Rockville has made this system in a 5.1 channel system that you may already know.

With this system, you can get a Peak Power of up to 1000 Watts out of every single member of the family. However, you can also program its power as per your requirements. Nonetheless, this system is also equipped with a 500W RMS rating.

To provide you with a superior soundstage, these speakers are loaded with the 8-inches biggest driver. Now, this 8-inches large driver is specifically integrated into its 1000W variant. You will get a driver of just 5.25-inches in the 800W version.

Just to make it a more economical choice for your home theaters, you have got a built-in receiver out of the box. So, you won’t have to find a dedicated Speaker Receiver to get it connected perfectly.

Within its fleet, you will get various speakers. These speakers hold a central channel speaker, a pair of front channels along the rear channel speakers pair as well. The entire system is made up of MDF to enhance durability for the price.

Rockville has provided you the full authority to control every single speaker individually. You have also got a remote along with these things. The equalizer is also given so that you can adjust the sound & signals as per your requirements.

You have got meters of cords to make the connection possible at your preferred installation spot within the room. The system is meant for providing you with a smooth impedance of up to 08 ohms to make the transmission flawless here.

The frequency response rate is almost 20Hz to 20KHz that you will get. Its class AB amplifier makes them more delightful to enhance efficiency. Thankfully, Rockville has also integrated a lot of input into these speakers.

  • For a very economical price With up to 1000W Peak Power The Impressive Sound Quality Attractive & Durable Build Quality A 20Hz to 20KHz Frequency rate
  • Bass isn’t too loud in this system

2: JBL Bar 2.1 – best budget 5.1 speakers

Now, the runner-up belongs to JBL which is a soundbar that features a 2.1 channel system. The first-ever Amazon Choice on this list is listed for JBL soundbars out there. So, let’s explore some of its magic to evaluate its worth to your theater.

best home theater system under 500

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Being the first 2.1 Channel System Sound Bar here on this list, JBL has made this guy pretty lightweight and easy to handle. At the moment, this system is ranking as 43rd best Home Audio Sound Bars out there on Amazon.

If you are getting sick with the meters of tangles and cords in your house, you should opt for this boy. It is going to fix these things pretty much with its completely wireless subwoofer in parallel to its soundbar.

We like this system a lot due to its latest & modern design pattern. This system has officially got the surround sound effect that is going to completely boom your entire listening experience for home theaters.

If you love watching High-Quality Movies, but missing out on the HQ sound projection at the same time, JBL has got a solution for you in the form of this soundbar. You will be getting a rich & diverse bass with it, honestly speaking.

With its 6.5-inches mid-range driver, you will be getting a punchy bass out of its wireless subwoofer. The bass quality is really deep & feels comparatively accurate also. This is enough to take your movies streaming to the next level.

To provide you with the powerful sound, this guy has got a peak power support of up to 300W. This is enough to deliver detailed and clear sound quality out of its drivers to make you feel proud out there.

Of course, you have also got the ability of Bluetooth listening as well. You can get a sound play with any sort of input device to let the magic happen wirelessly. Plus, you can also take control of it with its responsive & simplest remote control.

  • The Dolby Surround Sound 300W Lucrative Peak Power Clear & Deep Sound Quality Easy to use Wireless Subwoofer
  • Standby settings aren’t so convenient

3: Energy – best 5.1 home theater system under 500

The successor to our runner-up of best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 is a powerful guy from Energy that features a 5.1 channel system in these components.

best surround sound speakers under 500

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One of the most popular home theater speaker systems both in the market and here on this list as well. Energy has launched these speakers systems back in 2006 making it the senior-most launch on this guide.

To make this able to compete in today’s market, Energy felt they should keep improving these boys. The dream comes true as they are now releasing the latest things & fixing the problems to improve them in the upcoming & current variants.

As compared to Rockville’s system, this one is considerably heavier. With a weight of almost 40 Pound collectively, these guys become the heftiest system right after MonoPrice’s setup that is going to hit the list at the 7th spot here.

With their glossy black finishing, the system becomes a perfect match for home theaters with dark interiors. You will get a maneuverable & a removable grill on each of its components to make them feel more spectacular on the field.

You have got 200Watts of peak power in these speakers that provide the powerful soundstage out of the box. The system is loaded with almost 08-inches of drivers to project even attractive just like Rockville’s case & maybe even more.

In this system, you will find 04 satellite speakers, and all of these speakers feature a 02-way mechanism. Along with these, you have also got a central channel speaker as well to let the theater boom.

These guys are a perfect match for bigger rooms and living rooms as well. With their graceful titanium woofers and metallic dome tweeters, the sound reproduction becomes even fabulous and outstanding.

When this sound hits your ears, you will be falling in love with these boys just for an affordable price. Its latest audio components help in projecting the deepest, smooth and realistic sound quality to satisfy your ears pretty much.

Out of its satellite speakers, you can expect an RMS of 20W to 100W as well. The subwoofer handles the power pretty effectively here. These speakers are supposed to handle a frequency response rate of 115Hz-20KHz. Furthermore, you will get an impedance of up to 08-ohms to bypass the signal loss while audio transmission.

  • With the 200W Peak Power An Attractive Stereo Sound Crystal Clear Sound Quality 115Hz-20KHz Frequency rate Magnificent sound projection
  • Bass lags a little bit in central speaker

4: JBL Bar 5.1 – Best JBL 5.1 audio system

JBL once more yet for the last time on this list with its exclusive 5.1 channel system soundbar. The previous one was a 2.1 system, & this one is recommended for more powerful sound in the bigger rooms.

best surround sound under 500

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They have launched this soundbar system back in 2017. JBL has kept renovating this system occasionally to make it a modern thing. This has helped them earn the 120th spot for the best Home Audio Sound Bars out there at Amazon.

It is a true wireless soundbar speaker system in this list. This 5.1 channel system soundbar is meant for movies and content streaming sort of things, especially with the home theater projectors.

This wireless soundbar setup is fairly easy to install and takes no time, requires pretty much no effort to get it installed. You will get surround sound taste here that is powered through its 510W peak power out of the box.

By far, this one has the most superior and massive driver that comes pre-loaded in it. This system is equipped with 10-inches wireless surround sound speakers. These speakers take power from the battery & deliver one of the most premium bass projections, to be honest.

You can stream the magical content with its Bluetooth support. You can now get responsive and cordless input through any of your preferred devices for smooth streaming in the home theaters. With this system, you can expect a playback time of up to 10 hours as this is a wireless soundbar & 5.1 speaker system.

This playback time is not bad at all as compared to underground and several other options available out there. The JBL SoundShift makes them more magnificent. Along with that, you can now easily connect your 4K TVs & projectors with it.

To provide you an effective control on things, you have got a responsive remote control in its box. The Harmon Kardon design makes them more impressive. Its brilliant components make them sound incredible.

  • Well-Performing SoundBar Playback time of 10 hours Impressive Sound Projection With 500Watts Peak Power
  • Bass is slightly overpower

5: Sony BDVE3100 – best budget 5.1 speakers

Right in the center of the list of best Home Theater Speakers Under 500, we have got you with Sony’s home theater speakers. This premium Sound Manufacturer never disappoints the audiophiles without any doubt.

best 5.1 home theater system under 500

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Sony has launched this system back in 2013 that is currently listed as the 78th best Home Theater Systems due to its consistent improvements in it. They have kept improving the system by fixing the issues & adding the latest features & components.

As compared to other ones, this system is fairly lightweight due to its 25Pound weight. This 5.1 channel home theater system is meant for movies. To get it done effectively, you have got 1000W RMS Power out that is even more powerful than the Rockville’s guy on top of the list.

Their family consists of central, surround, and front subwoofers or speakers. Their modern designs make them justify their price and the brand ownership of Sony. This is also equipped with WiFi & you can stream digital content directly.

Not just that, Sony has also integrated tonnes of effective and useful inputs in the back of its console. To make it easy to use, you can use its Bluetooth feature to wirelessly stream your best genre out of your preferred devices around you.

Their bass reflex system helps in projecting the deepest and magnificent bass out of the box to satisfy your expectations pretty much. This reflex system is full range; so you won’t get any distortion or missing things in its projection.

The system provides you with the detailed and crystal clear sound quality out of its powerful drivers. Its low-frequency response is comparatively more clear than anyone else. Plus, you will also not get distorted notes here in this case.

  • With 1000W RMS Power Deep Bass Reflex System Wireless & BT Supported The Clear & Elegant sound A Responsive Chromecast
  • The sound isn’t too loud here

6: Klipsch – home theater under 500

Klipsch is a brand that doesn’t need any praise if you know something about the speaker’s industry. They are for the only time on this list to widen your selection a bit more by providing what you are expecting.

best home theater systems under 500

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They have launched this family back in 2017 which is currently ranking as the second-best Home Theater Systems out there at Amazon after winning hundreds of positive ratings from its existing users nationwide. Since their launch, this family has also been upgraded so many times & you are seeing the latest variant of it.

Being a senior audio manufacturer, Klipsch is adding a lot of worth to every single kid. However, this one seems to be a bit contemporary design that may or may not fascinate every single audiophile or streamer.

However, don’t judge a cover with its book. The same goes for these speakers as well. These guys are meant for adding cinematic touch to your tracks to make them superior. Thanks to their Graphite woofers to let it happen efficiently.

In this family, you will find a gigantic central subwoofer with satellite speakers in parallel to these. This has also got another speaker that delivers impressive down-firing sound filling to your already well-balanced sound quality.

If you have installed your home theater in a dedicated room, these speakers’ families are meant to work there. The down-firing speaker is a wireless one and doesn’t take any sort of effort at all.

All of these speakers are more than capable of handling higher frequencies of sounds. Their compact size makes them pretty space-saving out of the box. However, you can also mount these speakers on the wall as well.

These speakers are also good at providing some decent bass projection without struggling in any part pretty much. With their support against distortion, these guys become more compelling & performing at their spots.

  • Impressive Sound Reproduction Distortion-free & a punchy bass Balanced & Clear Sound Quality Wireless Down-Firing Subwoofer Outstanding speaker components
  • Mid-Ranges needs some dedication

7: Monoprice 10565 – Budget home theater system

Moving forward & you have got MonoPrice with its affordable system as the name suggests. Heading towards the heaviest home theater on this list that has got a gross weight of almost 42 pounds out of the box as a symbol of superior build quality & tremendous soundstage as well.

best home theater in a box under 500

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MonoPrice launched these boys back in 2013 that have been ranking as 85th best Home Theater Systems out there on Amazon. Officially, this is the rarest option that comes with some variations in its fleet.

All of these speakers are based upon the 5.1 channel system so we won’t be discussing each out of them but the best one for sure. As compared to the Klipsch design language, this one looks more stunning, to be honest.

With its dark grey and vintage black colors, these guys become hotter to see and hear as well. Being a budget speaker system for home theaters, these boys help you save a lot of bucks & deliver almost competitive performance.

In this system, you have got the same pattern of speakers type. These own a dedicated central speaker along with the two pairs of satellite speakers as well. The down-firing guy is also given here as well.

With all these guys collectively, you have been able to get superior soundstage without any trouble. These produce balanced clear & real-time sound quality that is enough to fascinate your ears & fill the room pretty much.

These guys are supposed to handle up to 100W of RMS in their woofers and tweeters. The mid-range driver is made up of true polypropylene material that helps in projecting the sound quality even better for the price.

The dome tweeters are made up of aluminum that adds durability to the structure and stability in the sound both at the same time. To run all these things perfectly, Monoprice integrates a compelling impedance of up to 08 ohms in parallel.

Its powered subwoofer has got an RMS of up to 200W out of the box. All these speakers can handle up to 110Hz to 20kHz frequency response rate with no fear. To make things work fine, they have also added a variable crossover as well.

  • Fantastic Sound Quality Up to 300W of RMS power 08 Ohms of Impedance A Balanced & clear sound
  • Bass isn’t so compelling sometimes

8: Bose CineMate 15 – best home theater

Expanding the list of the best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 even further with Bose’s CineMate. This is going to be a dramatic mate for your home theaters, to be honest. It is also one of the successful launches by Bose out there.

best sound system under 500

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Bose launched this family back in 2014 which is currently ranking as 75th best Home Theater Systems out there. Being a 2.1 channel system speaker, this weighs comparatively less with a weight of 25 pounds.

Just look at its simplistic yet attractive design and you will be loving it. The glossy body makes things fascinating that are worth every penny that you spend here. They also own an optimal sound so there is nothing to worry about space.

This soundbar delivers an outstanding soundstage for TVs in your home theaters and this is what you were looking for. Digging down deeper, these are providing a sharp & real-time listening experience out of the box.

This is an ideal choice if you are planning to use it for movies sort of things. Don’t expect too much for its music performance as this is not a studio speaker neither we are talking about this thing in today’s list.

The entire system is pretty easy to use, control and install as well. You just have to plug this soundbar with the TV by placing it under the TV and boom! Just a single TV cable is more than enough to let the magic start.

The remote control also looks marvelous and it is responsive too. Technically, these boys are designed to get a sound only if they are placed right under the table. They are not just like the floor-standing speakers.

  • Great Sound Projection Nicely Designed system Best one for the movies An easy to install speaker
  • Out of sync for some cases

9: Onkyo HT-S3900 – best surround sound system under 500

Next on the list, we have got you with Onkyo’s fertile setup that is going to complete your home theater to eventually take your listening along with the streaming on the next level.

best 5.1 speakers under 500

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This is another yet the last Amazon choice boy on this list. These guys are listed as an Amazon choice for the Onkyo home theater system exclusively. Onkyo launched this system back in 2017 which is ranking as 7th best Surround Sound Systems.

If you are specifically looking for a Surround Sound Speaker System for your home theaters, this is good to go guy for you. This 5.1 sound system only weighs 17 pounds making it the lightest gang here on this list.

This system consists of 05 guys in the fleet. These things include a centrally powered subwoofer, satellite speakers pairs along with the back-firing speaker as well. You will get an output power of almost 120W for each channel to let the magic happen with the best yet safest power.

Along with the speakers, you will also get the analog amplifiers that make the projection even easier and outstanding. You can also use Dolby audio with these guys. The impedance is also pretty economical at the rate of 08 ohms as usual.

Moreover, these speakers also support wireless Bluetooth streaming to make you feel portable without touching this machine every single time. This Bluetooth is the most responsive in this entire list that truly justifies the price now.

  • 20Hz-20kHz Frequency rate A 120W per channel Power Superior Sound Projection Clear & crispy sound quality Responsive Bluetooth pairing
  • Not for primary home theaters

10: Polk TL1600 – Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600

Let’s get to the end of the list of best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 with the Polk’s guy from the TL Series. If you were missing out on the compact setup in this list, we have finally got you with another beast yet a compact family.

home theater system under 500

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Polk has offered their exclusive boy that comes in two different variants with some sort of difference as well. They have launched this setup back in 2010 which is listed as the 11th best Home Theater System out there.

They have kept updating these speakers to provide you with the latest trends and the best value for the money. The setup owns a weight of almost 25 pounds that doesn’t take a hell of a lot of installation time due to a compact size.

These boys feature a dynamically balanced driver that helps in giving the impressive sound quality to enrich your home. You will get a lucrative dome tweeter that is made up of silk & their cone is molder by the way to provide some durability.

You will be getting deep and accurate bass most of the time. These speakers are also good at providing a clear and crisp sound without any doubt. Its 50W down-firing subwoofer enhances the possibilities even longer.

  • The Clean & Audible sound Lucrative audio components Balanced & Real-Time listening Surround Sound Experience
  • A bit of distortion in quiet movies


Is 7.1 better than Atmos?

What Is the Difference Between 7.1 Surround and 7.1 Surround? Dolby Atmos incorporates overhead sound and enhanced calibration algorithms, resulting in a richer, more accurate sound than conventional Surround 7.1 systems.

Are Dolby Atmos speakers worth it?

It is designed to replicate the technology used in movies to feel more depth than with standard speakers. Therefore, if you want to enjoy life-like sound while watching movies, Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars like the TCL Alto 8i are worth the investment.

Which surround sound mode is best?

A decent 5.1-channel system will provide you with authentic surround sound. The majority of DVD and Blu-ray material, some Super Audio Compact Discs (SACDs), broadcast television, and many streaming sources are in 5.1-channel format. Increasing the number of channels to 7.1 enhances the directionality of sound effects and allows you to experience more of your entertainment.

How to Set up a Home Theater Speaker System

Best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 | The Bottom Line

So, these were our selections for the Best Home Theater Speakers Under 500 Bucks segment. Of course, these won’t create a Regal Premium Experience (RPX) in your home theater, but it will be the best you can get for the price. 

All these guys provide you with the true and rich home theater experience by their enhanced sound projection.

With these boys on the list, you will be getting a highly detailed soundstage, with rich bass in the background also. To make the projection even compelling, you will be getting surround sound effects & stereo also in most cases.

If you want to get the most out of it & you have a bigger room, you should consider opting for the larger boys instead of compact ones. Though they will take some more space, you can’t deny their extensive performance in reality.

Some speakers from here come with built-in receivers so you won’t have to purchase one specifically. Along with that, the speakers also support a lot of input support to get the music input from your preferred devices around you.