Best IEMs Under 100

best iems under 100

The Earbuds are one of the most lucrative sources of listening to a piece of quality music. These tiny little yet effective sound boxes provide you with balanced and engaging sound quality. You can use these In-Ear Monitors aka IEMs whenever and wherever you want; either in the park or even in your office office.

Everybody loves to opt for quality products under a specific budget to be on the safe side. The same goes for these IEMs. If you want to find out some good sort of IEMs under a budget; this guide to the Best IEMs under 100 dollars will serve you the best. You will find all these well-built & performing IEMs on this guide.

The $100 price tag is very generic as people love to be on a budget yet perform stuff rather than opting for expensive things. You don’t want to break your bank and this is why we created this guide to the Best IEMs under 100 bucks.

These IEMs are a perfect blend of above-average body, impressive sound quality as well as pricing. In any case, these IEMs are one of the best alternatives to entry-level & budget earbuds. IEMs shouldn’t be so expensive, but these mid-range IEMs are almost at the nearest quality to those premium IEMs.

These IEMs are loaded with compelling and outstanding balanced drivers to provide you with a brilliant sound reproduction out of the box. Most of these drivers help in reducing distortion due to high frequencies to deliver foolproof listening.

So, with the help of this guide to the Best IEMs under 100, we have tried our best to narrow down your research to some of the best choices available out there. You can opt for any appealing IEM from here & after skimming this out.

Do IEMs need an amp?

Although none of them “need” one, many IEMs sound a little bit better when they are connected to an amplifier. In this case, the line-out of a player is generally somewhat cleaner sounding than the headphone out, thus collecting the signal through the line-out may provide a slight improvement in clarity.

1: Anker Soundcore – best iem under 100

best iems under 100

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Sound Core with its marvelous IEM has captured this premium spot for our list of the best IEMs under 100 bucks. This is the most successful and performing In-ear Monitor of this list that has got more than 9k positive feedbacks from its owners.

Sound Core has launched these earbuds back in 2019 and they have successfully conquered the earbuds market in a short period. These lightweight IEMs are currently ranking as 120th best Earbud & In-Ear Headphones out there.

This pair of earbuds comes in two main variants with just a difference of color. Both of these colors are attractive in their spots that you will love. For their price, these IEMs are durable and performing without any doubt.

According to Sound Care; they have integrated rigid construction to form their body. This is also packed with the Liberty Air pair of drivers that helps in maintaining their quality to protect it from vibrations.

Moreover, these earbuds drive more than the average high levels of frequencies out of their drivers. Their diamond sort of cone helps in enhancing the precision that eventually enhances your listening experience.

In these IEM earbuds, you will also get the built-in microphones in both of its units; and that too on both edges. With these mic’s you can now pick up calls with little to no distortion as these guys are loaded with the CVC noise reduction.

Along with these earbuds, Sound Core has also launched an app that you can use to take full control of whatever you are listening to. With this app, you can also adjust & personalize the sound elements to enhance your listening even more.

These earbuds are completely wireless that also supports touch control. With these features, you can now take control of calls, music, and other assistance as well. The Bluetooth pairing is also pretty responsive and takes no time for you.

This portable wireless IEM earbud also supports an extended battery out of the box. You can get up to 28 hours of playback time with these tiny little things. However, its single yet full charge can give you a playback of up to 6.5 hours.

  • A cVc 8.0 noise reduction The Bluetooth 5.0 pairing 28 Hours of Playback time An Impressive sound quality
  • The Bass isn’t so deep here


2: 1MORE – budget in ear monitors

best in ear monitors under 100

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The successor to our Sound Care’s Anker belongs to 1More IEMs. These earbuds are also pretty impressive in terms of performance that we will find out later in detail. 1More has launched them back in 2016 & they are also lightweight guys.

You can find these guys in 02 common colors across its fleet. This is the first wired IEM of this list that delivers an impressive soundstage just like ASMR earbuds. Being a wired earbuds pair, you will get massive & detailed listening for sure.

1More has made these earbuds sound optimal due to its 03 drivers that come packed inside it. Out of these drivers, you will get two balanced and just a single yet performing dynamic driver in both units.

You will get an impressive and accurate listening experience due to these drivers. These drivers enhance your entire listening experience by providing you with accurate listening along with more than above deep bass as well.

In terms of practicality, you can use these guys anywhere, whether if you are on a morning walk, your office, or even if you are in your project area. However, these guys are also recommended for studio and music production sort of stuff.

These in-ear monitors hold a good soundstage due to their caliber of bearing high frequencies out of the box. This earbuds pair is meant for providing a frequency response rate of 20 to 40 kHz.

You have got an impedance range of almost 32 ohms that ensures loss-free audio signal transmissions. The sensitivity of sound is also impressive here that makes it even compelling when listening to these guys.

The detailed, accurate & balanced sound provides you with crispy highs along with the deep bass as well. 1More has designed these earbuds with a modern template. You can now control your music and calls with touch controls easily.

Along with that, these tiny little earbuds also come with a lot of stuff as well. You will find some extra silicone ear tips, a traveling case along with an adapter also. Their metallic construction ensures durability in parallel to all these things.

  • 20-40,000 Hz Frequency rate A Balanced & accurate sound With a 32 ohms of impedance Full range sound quality earbuds
  • Not good while traveling


3: Skullcandy Sesh – Best Wireless In Earbud

best iem under 100

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So, the third guy on this list belongs to Skullcandy which is a true wireless earbuds pair. Skullcandy has launched these boys back in 2020 making it one of the latest IEMs here on this list. These guys are ranking on the 78th spot against Earbud & In-Ear Headphones. To make them outstanding, Skullcandy has kept them lightweight.

These IEMs are ranking as an Amazon choice for the best skull candy wireless Bluetooth earbuds. This is one of the vast launches of this list that comes for various colors in its fleet. At the moment, these IEMs come in 05 lucrative colors.

These guys have got tremendous drivers that come packed inside it to make these boys sound perfect. This IEM pair is more than enough and promising when it comes to an impressive sound stage out of the box.

To make your listening experience outstanding, these things come with immense and capable drivers. These drivers reproduce brilliant bass which is accurate as well. With these things, you will get detailed sound quality to take your listening experience to a completely next level without any doubt.

Moreover, to make these boys long-lasting, Skullcandy has made their body water-resistant out of the box. At the moment, they are loaded with IP55 resistant bodies that are very performant for the price. Plus, this boy also resists sweat, water along with the dust as well, so they don’t get worse.

To make them convenient and easy to use, Skullcandy has also integrated the call, music, and volume adjustments as well. With these things, you don’t need to struggle while multitasking. Though they aren’t operable with any app, these tiny little yet effective controls have made it easier to use.

Skullcandy has ensured a long battery in these things. These earbuds are packed with up to 10 hours of playback time. However, the charging station can provide you up to 07 hours of playback after a single charge.

  • Water & Dust Resistant Up to 10hours playback Very easy to use & control With a Decent sound quality
  • Bluetooth needs more improvements


4: MEE M6 – best budget iems

top in ear headphone

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Next on this list, we have got you with the MEE’s IEMs that are going to be a good choice for you in a lot of cases. These earbuds are a successful launch of the year 2019 that makes it some sort of latest launches in this segment.

M6 Pro has got thousands of positive ratings from its existing owners that provides you a lot of confidence in what you are going to own. These earbuds are offered in a couple of variants as well.

Out of these variants, you can choose from multiple colors along with decent contrasts as well. Along with these things, you can also choose from whether you want wired or Bluetooth loaded guys, as well as their combination also.

These In-ear monitors that we are going to discuss is a combo variant that comes with a Bluetooth adapter as well. You will get both wired and wireless sort of thing in this earbud. With this thing, you can now stream & listen to music through the headphone jack as well as other devices through the wireless connection.

Historically, these earbuds have upgraded drivers that now project quality streaming. You can now listen to more precise, accurate, and clear music as compared to its previous version. The treble is also incremented here.

To enhance your listening,, even more, these earbuds provide you with a lucrative and deep bass that is also pretty smooth. You won’t feel any significant distortion or signal drops depending upon your location and some other factors.

Mee has tried its best to make these guys impressively build and superior. This pair of earbuds are loaded with IPX5 terms that makes it pretty comparable in terms of its longevity. To make it even impressive, these earbuds have now got a weather-resistant construction out of the box.

Its Bluetooth adapter is also some sort of responsive that doesn’t lag significantly,, to be honest. This wireless adapter has got a Qualcomm latency technology that has helped in making the earbud easy to connect out of the box.

  • Enhanced sound quality With Qualcomm latency Responsive & deep bass The durable construction
  • Not for longtime wearing


5: B07VB46R9Y – in ear headphone wireless

most comfortable in ear headphone

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We are now standing in the middle of this list of the Best IEMs under 100. These IEMs earbuds came out in the market in 2019. This is a lightweight yet long-lasting pair of earbuds that has got a lot of compelling things undoubtedly.

These In-Ear monitors are true wireless earbuds without any doubt. They are loaded with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 that makes its quality and connectivity somewhat responsive.

When it comes to performance, you will like them out for sure. As compared to the other guys, this boy has got one of the most engaging stereo sound effects that emerge through its powerful drivers.

All these things eventually enhance its overall sound profile that has made us put this tiny little guy on this premium list. You will be getting accurate and precise listening with a little bit of distortion because you will have to compromise on some things when opting for under-budget stuff.

However, these earbuds deliver clear and balanced sound quality without any doubt. Though the deep isn’t much engaging but it doesn’t make the other things annoying. You are still likely to get some bass out of high-quality tracks & genres.

Due to such things, the entire soundstage becomes very pretty and maneuverable out of the box. As this is a wireless IEM, we should also take a look at its connectivity and convenience part for sure.

Mee has loaded these guys with the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 that helps in making the connectivity stable and responsive out of the box. However, this stability depends on a lot of other things as well.

CVC8.0 has helped in encountering its distortion to make it some sort of noise reduction earbuds. This eventually helps you in making these earbuds responsive that provides clarity in your calls.

Besides these things, these earbuds are also pretty attractive in terms of ease. You have got almost entire control over its heads. These guys also hold a microphone that is nicely located. Along with this, these boys hold a waterproof construction.

  • 20 – 20KHz Frequency rate With CVC8.0 Noise reduction Impressive stereo sound effect The Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0
  • Needs connectivity improvements


6: LINSOUL TIN T2 – IEMS earbuds $50

best cheap in ear monitors

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Taking the list onwards and we have got you with the LINSOUL’s guy. If you want wired IEMs but a little bit more inexpensive, these guys are meant for you in that case. These earbuds are a launch of the year 2018, and they have got thousands of positive feedbacks from their owners that validates their deliverance pretty much.

Linsoul has launched these earbuds in three different variants. They are named as T2, T2 Pro, and T3. Out of these versions, the first two come in wired ones with a little yet effective difference. Moreover, the last one is a wireless IEM pair.

These In-Ear earbuds offer relatively decent sound quality for their price that is a great thing to have. This sound projection is deep and some sort of accurate as well, which makes it balanced at the same time.

The earbuds are capable enough to handle high sound frequencies that deliver a smooth listening experience pretty much. With these guys, you are likely to stay productive especially due to its build quality.

You will also get some sort of audible bass with these guys. Now, this is not so lucrative, but at least it is present in these things, as you can never expect every single element for such a reasonable price.

Inside of these earbuds, you will get a dual driver that makes it sound optimal for the price even being there is some room for improvement. However, the stereo sound is also some sort of impressive here, but its upper variant has delivered some more details while listening.

These guys are also easy and comfortable to wear pretty much for some 03-04 hours continuously. You won’t find them comfortable for long sessions. To wear them for a long time, you should take a rest and later you should resume.

You have got a frequency response handling of up to 12Hertz to 40KHz along with decent sensitivity as well. Overall, they are nicely built IEMs that are also pretty long-lasting if you know how to use them effectively.

  • The Dual Dynamic Drivers With a Durable build quality Lucrative sound projection Detailed clarity and vocals
  • Treble isn’t balanced well


7: RHA MA390 – budget in ear monitors

best affordable in ear monitors

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On the seventh spot for the Best IEMs under 100, we have got you with an emerging pair of earbuds that are priced nicely. These are amongst the senior launches of this list, that dates back to 2017.

RHA hasn’t launched these earbuds in any other variant so you just have to take a look at its only thing. These are wired IEMs that house a significant and durable earbud to ensure some sort of durability.

According to RHA, this is a custom design from RHA themselves. However, this isn’t so promising a design as compared to other ones. But for the price, this is still pretty enough. Moreover, they also hold durable and effective tangles with that.

Along with that, you will get full control of what you are listening to with calling controls as well which is simply located on its wire. This single touch button works like a universal remote, and you will also get a microphone on top of it.

These buttons assist you a lot so you can easily track calls and adjust the treble of your music. So, this single yet practical thing improves its convenience a lot. Surprisingly, these guys are made up of metallic which ultimately enhances their lifespan. The control owns up to 03 different buttons.

For the sound quality, they deliver some engaging and promising sound projection,, to be honest. The vocals are clear and come with enhanced stereo sound effects to make them even impressive.
Last but not the least, these IEMs hold a frequency response rate of 16 to 22KHz. So, it is capable of handling high frequencies pretty much. Along with this, these guys deliver balanced, clear, and some sort of accurate projection overall.

  • 16 to 22KHz Frequency Promising noise reduction Balanced sound quality The Metallic earbuds Easy to use IEMs pair
  • Not a long-lasting sound


8: Cystereo Fusion – Best Bluetooth IEMs $50

dual driver earbuds under 100

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Cystereo with its only IEM earbuds pair on this list. This one is one of the latest launches in terms of performance that dates back to 2020. It is an emerging IEM earbuds pair that has a stable sound and lightweight yet durable construction.

If you are looking for something cheaper, then this is one of the most inexpensive wireless earbuds. We will take a thorough look at its sound projection. But first, we need to take a skimmed look at its build quality & some other features.

Cystereo has packed these earbuds with the latest version of Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 that makes it outstanding in terms of connectivity. This provides a stable and appealing connection to make the connections pretty responsive.

Though there are some lags, they are not consistent or ever-lasting. You can encounter these lags if you have some good devices with the latest version of Bluetooth in that. However, it is still a good In-Ear monitor in terms of connection.

As compared to the other ones, this has a significantly small yet active driver. This earbud holds a 6mm impressive driver that ensures a smooth & rich listening experience out of the box.

Along with these things, the earbuds deliver up to 26 hours of playback time out of the massive box. The charging takes 1-2 hours, and its single charge is enough for providing a playback of 06 hours.

Overall, the sound projection is also impressive without any doubt. The bass is present and delivers above-average compilation. Its vocals are wise that enhances the stereo effect and all these things collectively improve the sound projection.

  • Crystal Clear & Engaging sound Up to 26 hours of playback time A Durable yet lightweight build The Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0
  • Case design isn’t so compact


9: DCMEKA – in-Ear Monitors $20

best budget in ear monitors

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DCMEKA has taken the second last spot on our list of the Best IEMs under 100. These IEMs are ranking as an Amazon choice for the in-ear monitor headphones which is a great honor for them. DCMEKA launched them back in 2018.

As per your preferences, you can choose from its fleet that differs mainly in terms of its color. This IEM also comes both in with and without Microphone versions that you can select as per your convenience.

This is a universal IEM earbuds pair that holds a decent and superior sound quality out of the box. With these earbuds, you are likely to get an audible, smooth, and accurate listening experience that makes it pretty attractive.

Thankfully, DCMEKA has taken care of adding some bass into these drivers, so we both can have peace of mind. Its clarity, balance makes a perfect combination along with its lucrative treble which is more than enough to listen to.

For its build quality, these earbuds stand out optimal without any doubt. These guys have got a sweat and water-resistant design that adds some longevity. DCMEKA has also made the design if this cable stops working, and you can get it replaced instead of replacing the entire headphone.

You can keep them on for a long time during the day or even at midnight. They have integrated a maneuverable and comfortable design that doesn’t make wearing them out challenging or annoying at all.

Overall, they are nicely built and deliverable IEMs earbuds without any doubt. These are compatible enough so you can keep them using along with your media players, laptops, phones as well as with the tablets.

  • Impressive stereo sound Durable In-ear headphones The water-resistant design 10Hz-23,000Hz Frequency
  • The Mids aren’t so impressive


10: KZ AS10 – best cheap in ear monitors

best dual driver earbuds under 100

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Last but not the least yet an impressive IEM for this list from KINBOOFI. These in-ear headphones are a successful launch of the year 2018 that holds a mediumweight yet durable construction.

They have launched this specific IEM pair under 04 different colors, design, and a contrast. All of these things look impressive as they also come with an option of mic and non-microphone depending on your choice.

KinBoofi has integrated immense 05 drivers that are known as Balanced Armature in sound engineering. This delivers you a high to low-frequency handling, which makes it somewhat impressive in terms of performance.

These earbuds deliver a good listening experience with a balanced and detailed sound projection out of the box. You will get clear and precise sound quality out of its impressive balanced drivers.

At the moment, these drivers are capable of handling high frequencies of 20-40000Hz that is somewhat standard nowadays in such earbuds. This eventually makes the sound quality impressive and pretty audible as well.

  • Impressive build quality Detailed sound projection With the Balanced drivers A Pretty Attractive design
  • Bass could be optimized


best Iems under budget most asked FAQ’s

Can you use IEMs as headphones?

Yes, assuming they have the proper connection in their possession. Many connector options are available for most In-Ear Monitors (IEMs); not all of them are compatible with your iPhone, laptop, or anything else you may be using them with. IEMs, on the other hand, are relatively costly and are developed for a particular job in mind.

Are IEMs the same as earbuds?

As tiny, portable audio devices placed directly into the ear canal, both earbuds and IEMs are quite similar in that they are both used to listen to music on the go. The most significant distinction between the two is that IEMs are placed inside the ear canal whilst earbuds are worn on the outer ear canal.

Are IEMs safe?

It is a widely held and persistent misconception that in-ear monitors (IEMs) are hazardous since they are placed so close to the eardrums. Remember that hearing loss is induced by high sound pressure levels (SPL), not just near the audio source. IEMs, on the other hand, are the safest alternative for your ears – provided, of course, that you adhere to the following guidelines.

What do singers hear in their earpieces?

‘In-ear monitors’ are the earpieces that vocalists use on stage to hear their music. In addition, to provide the vocalist with a direct source of the sound, they also protect their hearing and personalise their stage mix. They also offer the vocalist the opportunity to hear things that the audience cannot (such as metronomes or backing tracks).

IEM’s vs Earbuds

Best IEMs under 100 | The Bottom Line

The IEMs are some sort of professional earbuds that are meant for audiophiles & sound engineers both for listening and their projects as well. They provide a perfect mixture of high-quality sound. You will get a mighty sound that eventually enhances your overall listening experience.

If you want one for your listening; this exclusive, detailed, and well-organized list of the Best IEMs under 100 dollars will provide you with a perfect reference. Most of these IEMs provide noise isolation support along with the lucrative sound.

If you don’t have or you don’t want to spend a lot of bucks on buying In-ear Monitors; this guide to the Best IEMs under 100 dollars is meant for you then. All these IEMs are capable of handling high frequencies without burning out.