7 Best PA Systems for Cars and Trucks

Best PA Systems for Cars and Trucks

Do you want to deliver your message to as many people as possible on the road? If so, you need an excellent PA system. This article presents some of the best PA systems for cars and trucks that can amplify your voice and give you the kind of experience that you desire.

1. Best Overall: GAMPRO 80W 7-Tone Car Siren Speaker

The GAMPRO Car PA and Siren System offers seven loud and clear sounds, including police, traffic, hooter, ambulance, and fire alarm. Moreover, this system’s exterior housing features ABS-plastic material, making it weatherproof and water-resistant.

GAMPRO Car Siren Horn 12V 80W 7 Tone Sound Car Siren Vehicle...
  • ✅7 SIREN SOUNDS: GAMPRO car siren speaker can...
  • ✅PA SYSTEM: GAMPRO car siren speaker are built...
  • ✅Suitable for Any 12V Vehicle: GAMPRO car siren...

The GAMPRO car PA and Siren System also features a robust and durable iron holder that ensures its durability. Other than that, you can install it in any vehicle with 12V DC power.


  • For all 12V DC power vehicles
  • Has top quality plastic housing
  • Loud enough for long distances
  • Great performance


  • Siren doesn’t offer great service during emergencies
  • Lack volume controls

2. Best for Emergencies: Lamphus 124dB SoundAlert PA

The Lamphus 124dB SoundAlert PA system contains a 100W amplifier that doubles as the controller.

SoundAlert 12V 100W Police Siren PA System Amplifier...
  • User Manual available for download under Product...
  • Search "Lamphus 100W Siren" on YouTube for Product...
  • 100 Watt amplifier.

Moreover, it comes with a powerful speaker, mounting brackets, detachable microphone, wiring harness, user manual, and installation instructions. The front panel also houses two auxiliary switches that you can use to power other equipment.

What’s more, the speaker is 2-inches thick and 6-inches tall and comes with all the mounting equipment that you may require.

This PA system is also IP66 certified.


  • Easy to use
  • Has rugged, compact speakers
  • Dustproof and resistant to high-pressure water jets.


  • Should hold the mic in front of your mouth

3. Easiest To Install: Wolo 345 Animal House PA System And Electronic Horn

The Wolo 345 Animal House PA System and Electronic Horn likely suits you if you want to attract immediate attention. It gives you close to 70 different sounds. Nine are animal sounds, and ten are sirens. Fifty sounds are musical songs.

Wolo (345) Animal House Electronic Horn and P.A. System - 12...
  • Good if you want to attract immediate attention
  • 69 different sounds to choose from, 9 animals...
  • Use the microphone to convert the Wolo 345 horn...

Wolo 345 Animal House PA system and Electronic Horn is also easy to install on all vehicles.

This PA system comes with a 12-watt speaker and a powerful mic that makes it ideal for a wide variety of public address functions.


  • Portable
  • Weatherproof
  • Small and compactable
  • Easy to adjust volume controls


  • Difficulty to select songs individually

4. Most Rugged, Compact Speaker: Xprite SIREN G2

The Xprite SIREN G2 is almost similar to the aforementioned Lamphus PA system. However, it’s a little louder.

Xprite 200 Watt 8 Tones Emergency Warning Siren Extra Slim...
  • FEATURE: This Emergency Warning Horn siren PA...
  • ADVANTAGE: With an adequate power output of 200W...
  • MULTI FUNCTION: Multiple operation options which...

The box contains a 150W amplifier that doubles as the controller unit. It also comes with a heavy and rugged speaker, mounting brackets, installation manual, user manual, and detachable microphone with coiled cable.

You won’t struggle to find the right place to position the rugged speaker. It is 1.5-inches thick and 6-inches tall.

The system’s amp also guarantees you a selection of different sirens (yelp, wail, hi-lo, and traffic).


  • Maximum loudness is higher than the pain threshold
  • Compact speaker
  • Come with the required installation equipment


  • Lacks IP certification

5. Best Water Resistant: Zone Tech 5 Tone PA Speaker System

The Zone Tech 5 Tone PA Speaker System is among the most powerful AP systems for cars and trucks. Its tones are loud and clear. Moreover, the system offers great sounds like a wailing ambulance, a distinct traffic sound, a blaring police siren, a traditional hooter, a ringing alarm, and more.

Zone Tech 5 Tone Sound Car Siren Vehicle Horn with Mic PA...
  • ► 5 TONES - The Zone Tech sound car siren offers...
  • ► LOUD AND CLEAR - The Zone Tech sound car siren...
  • ► PREMIUM QUALITY - The Zone Tech sound car...

Other than that, this modern PA system comes with a great mic that puts all the control in your hands. It’s easy to install on all small vehicles. For large ones, you should purchase an additional wire.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use the mic
  • Clear and loud audio


  • The wire is relatively short

6. Best Cheap: ALAVENTE Car Siren

ALAVENTE Car Siren is among the cheapest PA systems for cars and trucks. You can find it at roughly $25 on Amazon and other markets.

ALAVENTE Car Siren Horn 100 Watt 5 Tone Sound Siren Horn...
  • 📣 5 Siren Sounds: ALAVENTE Sire Horn has 5...
  • 📣 Higher-decibel: ALAVENTE Siren Horn has a...
  • 📣 Microphone System: You can use the microphone...

This PA system is best for individuals who need a public address with basic features. It includes a push-to-talk mic and a plastic bullhorn. However, it doesn’t come with an amp.

The bullhorn is made of cheap plastic. So, it might not feel durable to some users.


  • Great performance for the price
  • Very cheap
  • It comes with the required installation equipment


  • Cheap plastic build
  • No dedicated amplifier
  • Lacks volume controls

7. Best Waterproof: AUXMART 100W 12V 7 Tone Car Siren And Speaker with Mic

The AUXMART 100W 12V 7 Tone Car Sire is another cheap system for cars and trucks designed with your needs in mind. It produces pure and super loud. Moreover, it comes with a mic that helps to amplify your voice whenever you press the side button.

AUXMART Car Siren Horn 100W 7 Tone Sound Car Siren Vehicle...
  • Color: black, Power: 100W, Voltage: DC12V,...
  • Pure and super loud sound, can shout out your own...
  • Easy installation with mounting bracket and screws...

The AUXMART 100W 12V 7 Tone Car Sire also comes with seven different sounds. Some of these are siren, horn, wail-1, and wail-2.


  • Excellent siren sound
  • Great performance
  • Perfect for a wide variety of vehicles
  • Waterproof


  • Lacking in terms of loudness


  1. Is it illegal to have a PA system in your car?

Having a PA system in your car isn’t illegal, though you need to do due diligence before using yours.

Your local traffic and noise pollution laws might provide limits on when and how you should use your PA system. If you contravene the laws, you risk being arrested. So, you should find out the exact legal requirements before using it.

  1. Which PA system for cars and trucks is the best?

We would recommend GAMPRO 80W 7-Tone Car Siren Speaker PA system. The problem is that its sirens don’t offer great service during emergencies. Moreover, it lacks volume controls. You can go through the list above to choose one that best suits your needs.

Remember, you can spend as less as approximately $30 and as much as $500-$1000.

  1. Which is the loudest PA system for cars and trucks?

As we mentioned in the beginning, there are many great PA systems out there, other than the ones we’ve listed here. So, there’s no guarantee we’ve listed the loudest one in this article.

Some of these systems reach unbearable dB levels of up to 140dB. So, you should check the maximum SPL before choosing your preferred PA system. You don’t necessarily require the loudest.

Our Verdict

Now you have all you need to choose the best PA system for your car or truck. Start by assessing your needs, and then go for one that meets them. Moreover, remember to abide by the laws governing the usage of these systems within your state to prevent unnecessary legal problems.