Best Speaker Wall Mounts

best speaker wall mounts

To get the most out of your speaker’s system, you first have to get them installed nicely in a perfect direction in your rooms.

Of course, you can use your stereo speakers even without getting them installed, but this should not be the ideal case for Dolby Atmos and surround sound speakers.

To get it done, you should get Best Speaker Wall Mounts that would match your speakers perfectly or with a little bit of clearance. You might not need them even for your casual music listening and we don’t suggest this at all.

However, you will find them exceptional both for wall speakers as well as home theaters also. In the home theater case, you would have to install your satellite and side speakers in a way, they will be projecting a good sound on the ear levels.

Besides your tower speakers, you should mount the speakers on the wall via speaker wall mounts to be like an audiophile. You don’t have to worry whether you have heavier speakers, or they are just lightweight, you can use them to mount with little to no problem, so they can last for a long time.

In fact, the best speaker wall mounts are meant for larger and premium speakers as they aren’t so space-saving especially in home theaters or studio rooms. Without the wall mounts, you have to compromise on the space, unfortunately.

Not just that, you can also use them to mount your soundbars, subwoofers, and even your bookshelf speakers as well. SO, they are pretty compact and some sort of universal in use. Other than that, they are also inexpensive and easy to install.

To help you find out the best speaker wall mounts, we have crafted this list after analyzing hundreds of mounts out there in the market.

We have only opted for durable, maneuverable, easy to install mounts for a reasonable price. Plus, we have also added a section that will cover the best wall speakers as well.

Are in-wall speakers bad?

These speakers are comparably good as they provide comparatively accurate sound reproduction. When they are installed properly, you will get a loud sound profile due to a balanced reflection with the ceiling in overhead installation.

They work quite well for the channel speakers and provide a marvellous sound throw and impactful distribution. For their price and performance, these speakers are worth it. So, they deliver what they are supposed to be.

1: WALI SWM202 – Dual Speaker Wall Mount

best wall mount speakers

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Let’s get started with the list of the best speaker wall mounts with the Wali’s mounts which is a launch of the year 2018 and they are currently listed as 34th best Speaker Mounts out there at Amazon.

WALI has launched them in a couple of variants that vary in their pricing and number of mounts as well.

Not just that, these mounts have also captured an Amazon Choice title of Speaker Mounts by WALI. They are lightweight and only weigh around 08 ounces and even less than that.

You can use them to mount lightweight speakers of up to 08 pounds of weight. They come in a pair of two mounts out of the box.

They are using metallic construction to make these mounts and this is the reason why they have enormous strength and good longevity. This body can easily bear vibration in case of earthquakes or adjusting them while installation.

You will find two-hole designs in these mounts and they both are of different dimensions and shape to provide a good adjustable clearance. Wali has added a maneuverable adjustment knob of a modern design that looks fascinating here.

Thankfully, you will find all the necessary parts that are essential for installation. These speaker mounts are mainly meant for holding satellite speakers effectively.

They are pretty easy to install, and you just have to drill leveled holes in the wall to provide a better grip. Overall, they come with the decent build quality.

Together with this, you will also get good versatility support in these mounts. These mounts come with adjustable tilt support of up to 20° for its downward direction. Plus, you can tilt it up to 70° for both its right and left direction.

  • With 20° Tilt & 70° Swivel The Modern Knob Design Resists vibration & shocks Easy to mount & durable Endures up to 08 pounds
  • Might need additional screws


2: Techsol 5 – Speaker Wall Mount Brackets

suround sound speaker mounts

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Techsol is the runner-up of this list with its housefull mounts. These boys are the launch of the year 2010 and they are currently listed as 85th best Speaker Mounts out there.

They are a little bit hefty yet stronger than the previous one.

If you have got Sony, Bose, or Samsung speakers, these mounts will be a great match for those speakers. These mounts are not metallic at all, but Techsol is using high-quality and durable plastic here.

This has almost the same design that we had in the case of Wali on top of the list. They were using some sort of metal housings that made them bear a decent weight. However, these are supposed to endure almost the same weight.

We don’t specifically need to discuss its design as this is of the same design but a bit of different material in its construction. You will get two holes and they have got a metric thread that makes them responsive while installing them out.

These mounts come with a swivel head and integrated tilt option as well. However, this swivel head isn’t the same as the previous one as it doesn’t come with any knob. To adjust it, you will have to pull it directly and set it at that spot to avoid any further movement as it doesn’t have any locking system.

You can use it to adjust up to 90° horizontally and almost 15° to 20° for its vertical posture. Look wise, they look impressive across your entire satellite speakers of the 7.1 home theater system. Moreover, they are also easy to install.

  • 90° horizontal and 20° verticle The Lightweight Plastic Build Easy to install mountings Comes for a reasonable price
  • Might need to drill big


3: Monoprice – Speaker Wall Mount Brackets

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If you want something cheap yet durable for your moderate weight of speakers, these mounts are going to be the best match in that case. These mounts are the launch of 2014 and they are currently listed as the 16th best Speaker Mounts.

By far, they are the lightest of all the mounts on the list that makes them pretty easy to install. This is why they are currently listed as an Amazon Choice for Speaker Mounts by Monoprice out there.

You will find these mounts in a pair that consists of two of these mounts inside the box. Additionally, you will also find most of the installation stuff along with this. With these mounts, you can now handle up to 22 pounds of speakers easily.

Essentially, these mounts come in a split form as they are easy to store and transport in that way. To get them installed, you would need to assemble them first, and later, you will have to drill a hole in the wall to hang them out there.

Furthermore, these mounts are packed with a keyhole adapter. This is the first and maybe the only one that comes with some sort of keyhole adapter in its deal. So, it’s a good thing to find this out.

Build wise, Monoprice has tried its best to make them outstanding by using high-quality polymer plastic. These mounts are supposed to deliver enhanced durability over some time, to provide a good value for money.

  • Pretty adjustable u0026 Easy to tiltnAlso Comes with a keyhole adapternHandles up to 22 pounds of speakersnEasy to install and lightweight mounts
  • Don’t tighten the screws too much


4: VideoSecu MS56B 3LH – Side Clamping Speaker Mounts

bookshelf speakers mounting bracket

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Video Secu is the successor to our runner-up with their MS56B mounts. They are one of the senior launches of this list and they date back to 2007. 

Since then, VideoSecu has tried its best to improve them in build quality and performance.

These speaker mounts are currently listed as the 21st best Speaker Mounts out there at Amazon. Not just that, they are also listed as an Amazon choice for Speaker Mounts by VideoSecu. By far, they are the heftiest of around 05 pounds.

These boys are made up of solid and durable steel that composes its entire structure perfectly. They are just nicely built and you won’t find any manufacturing or assembly defects in these guys.

Due to balanced stress and tensile strain, these clamps don’t break or distort easily. So, this eventually turns into a good longevity time by providing a decent value for the money that you spent.

Look wise, they look pretty complex due to their extensive joints but they are more performing than the others. They are also pretty easy to install and you wouldn’t need professional installation services either. Along with that, the installation is responsive and doesn’t take significant time.

Just like the other ones, these mounts are also adjustable and a kind of tractable as well. You can easily get them tilted around 10° for upward and downward directions. Plus, you can also turn it all the way 360° to get a good SRS effect.

Furthermore, these clamps are adjustable in height and the extension could be around 11 inches from its 5.3-inches reference.

With all these things, you can now use them to handle around 33 pounds of speakers easily. Plus, they offer brilliant cable management that provides good compactness out of the box.

  • Handles up to 33 Pounds Adjustable & Retractable A 360° Swivel adjustment Durable Steel build quality Easy to install and adjust
  • Screws need to be improved


5: WALI SWM201XL – Dual Side Clamping Wall Mounting Bracket

speaker wall mount

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For the second time, These Wali have brought their SWM201XL this time, which is a launch of the year 2017 and they are currently listed as the 115th best Speaker Mounts out there at Amazon.

They are of the same weight in build with 05 pounds and you can also select as per your speaker’s dimension. Like, they come in standard and in the large size that lets you rest your speakers nicely on top of it.

WALI is using steel construction even in these clamps and this helps in justifying both its price and build quality as well. These mounts provide a very durable and supportive structure that is going to boom your studio room.

These clamps hold an extensive tensile strength that prevents them from distortion and breaking out. Not just that, they are also made for handling a sophisticated vibration as well, that produces through bass & treble reproduction.

These mounts are matchable for any room or area where you want to install them. They look great due to their universal black color. However, you can also repaint them as per your preferences pretty easily.

Together with this, these mounts are packed with a modern and maneuverable clamp of a decent design. This thing was missing in the previous ones, but we have finally found them. Plus, they are still of a compact kind.

Along with these things, Wali has made them enduring easily. You will also find them adjustable and versatile at the same time. These mounts provide an extensive and adjustable tilt range of up to 7.5° for both its downward and upward directions. In other words, their height is also adjustable.

Last but not the least, these mounts are also tiltable. You can shove them up to 45° for both left and right directions. However, you need to be limited in terms of speaker width as you can only use speakers of 09 to 15-inches with this guy.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction 7.5° adjustable in up & down Supports 45° Swivel adjustment Durable & Compact mounts Handles up to 66 pounds easily
  • Round bolt is a bit annoying here


6: VonHaus x2 – Universal Wall Mount Speaker Brackets

best wall mount speakers

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Von Haus for the only time with its wall mounts and they launched them back in 2017 and are currently listed as 125th best Speaker Mounts.

They come for a lightweight design and you will find them freaking easy to install.

If you are not an audiophile but a casual listener who owns lightweight, little yet effective speakers, these are made for you then. These speaker mounts are very inexpensive to get and maybe the cheapest ones on this list.

These mounts come in a pair of two mounts inside the box and they both come in a thread fitting design that is very easy to use and install. Design-wise, they can also be used for your home theaters and especially for satellite speakers.

But, you can also use them for your budget bookshelf speakers. Von Haus has made them in a universal fitting with a single rear side entry fitting. They are easier than the other ones and work fine with the boxed screws.

Not only are they easy to install, but they are also easy to adjust and use as well. These speaker mounts for the wall support tilt mechanism for up to 20° and swivel of around 70° out of the box.

This helps in optimal listening and projection angle. Plus, they can handle up to 07 pounds of speakers easily.

  • Optimal Projection coverage 20° Tilt & 70° Swivel system Can handle up to 07 pounds A Universal Single entry fitting Best match for satellite speakers
  • Must need a height clearance


7: VideoSecu MS40B5 WM6 – heavy duty speaker mount

heavy duty speaker wall mount

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Video Secu for the second, yet for the last time with its universal wall mounts known as MS40B5 WM6.

They launched it back in 2013 and Video Secu has renovated and revised them a couple of times since then.

At the moment, these wall mounts are ranking as the 45th best Speaker Mounts out there at Amazon. 

Comparatively, they are pretty lightweight and they are the most unique design so far. However, they look and work very well.

These mounts are specially meant for satellite speakers of the home theater systems and this is why you will get them in a set of 05 wall mounts out of the box. However, you can use them with any speaker with a weight of up to 10 pounds. They come for a metric size of threads by the way.

Technically, these mounts fit the holes pretty effectively and you won’t have to suffer at all. This makes them fairly easy to install whether or not you are a techie person. You can use them to mount either on the wall or even on the ceilings.

Besides all these things, these wall mounts provide a good adjustment range out of the box. You can tilt them up to 30° for both upward and downward directions. The Pan supports up to 180° and they are universally retractable till 360 degrees.

  • Handles up to 10 pounds Best for Satellite Speakers 180° Pan & 360° Retractable Supports 30° tilt linear direction A Maneuverable Design & Build
  • Screws are a bit lengthened


8: Jumbl SINSB7B – Stainless Steel Speaker Wall Mount Bracket

large speaker wall mounts

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Jumbi has captured the seventh spot of this massive list with its steel speaker wall mounts which is a launch of the year 2012 and they are currently listed as the 20th best Speaker Mounts out there. They only weigh around a pound.

Jumbl integrates the simplest yet smart design in these speaker mounts and they come for a mid-range price.

You will find them in two variants across its launched fleet and they both differ in terms of their colors.

As per Jumbl’s briefings, these wall mounts are made up of stainless steel and this is a very good deal for the price. This makes them outstanding in terms of added stability & longevity. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation.

They are compact wall mounts for speakers and they are solely designed for satellite and bookshelf speakers. Jumbl features a good construction and this fetches in terms of their productivity out of the box.

These wall mounts come with an added durability and strength that enriches them even more. To be honest, these mounts are perfect for cubic or round sort of speakers instead of rectangular ones although they are also installable on them.

Their ball and clamp sort of design provide fair flexibility to the speakers and they add a decent convenience to adjust them while using them out. These speaker mounts are still adjustable and tiltable to right, left, up, and down positions.

Moreover, they are also fairly easy to install due to some reasons. They provide a clear and reachable keyhole with the help of single-threaded mounting speakers.

  • For Bookshelf and Satellite Speakers A Unique & a maneuverable design With a Flexible adjustable range Durable build & design quality Easy to install wall mounts
  • Should also add adapters


9: Mount-It! MI-SB37 – Speaker Wall Mounts

heavy speaker wall mounts

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Mount-It! Has captured the list for the first yet the only time with its super durable and impressive mounts. They have launched them back in 2017 and have also updated a couple of times.

This makes them become the 10th best Speaker Mounts and an Amazon choice for Speaker Mounts by Mount-It!

These mounts come in a pair and they feature up to 5.5 pounds of weight out of the box. They have made them with solid steel construction and their ABS cover provides a good look and decent cable management both at the same time.

MI-SB37 holds a maneuverable and simple design and they look quite elegant after getting installed. These mounts are considerably durable and strengthened and you can use them to mount quite bigger and heftier speaker models.

With these mounts, you can mount medium to heavy speakers pretty easily. They are supposed to handle speakers of up to 55 pounds and their build quality along with the design validates their performance perfectly.

In any way, you are not limited to mount specific sorts of speakers with them. They can handle heavy and medium sort of bookshelf, satellite, surround sound, and home theater speakers nicely.

So, the weight is not a big deal for this guy at all. What you need to consider is their size. These mounts can support speakers with a width between 5.4 to 11 inches. Their solid build endures vibration pretty effectively.

Along with all these things, you have got an adjustable deal in these wall mounts. These speaker mounts are made with tilt support of 7.5° for downward direction and 180° Swivel for both its left and right directions.

  • Heavy Duty Wall Mounts Handles up to 55 pounds For any kind of speakers An easy to install design A good adjustable range
  • Heavy speakers take patience


10: Echogear – Wall & Ceiling Speaker Mount

best speaker mounts

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Expanding the list even further and we have got you with the Echogear’s mounts that come for an attractive price.

These mounts are the launch of the year 2019 and they are currently listed as 14th best Speaker Mounts after several revisions.

Echogear has made them pretty lightweight and they weigh around 01 pounds or maybe even less than that. Not just that, they are also listed as an Amazon Choice for Speaker Mounts by Echogear out there.

Thankfully, Echogear is using the simplest yet maneuverable design in these mounts and this makes them pretty impressive in terms of their looks. These wall mounts provide a complete room for your speakers to fit inside of them.

This metallic and silver housing looks very cool and they are very compact in actuality. You will find your speakers very safe as they are packed from three sides and one side from the top is used to fit them down there nicely.

They are made up of high-quality plastic and this enhances their longevity and makes them pretty lightweight out of the box. These wall mounts are universal and you can use them to mount any sort of speaker with little to no exception.

You will also find brackets, mounts along screws inside the box. They also get adjusted easily and you will be getting a good tilt or swivel range for an impressive projection at a certain angle. Plus, they can handle up to 08 pounds each.

  • Water-Resistant Construction A Durable & Compact Design Lightweight & Easy to install With an adjustable tilt design Can handle up to 08 pounds
  • Might not bear vibration smoothly


11: PERLESMITH – Speaker Mounts

surround sound speaker wall mount

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PERLESMITH has arrived right on the 10th spot of this list of the best speaker wall mounts.

These nicely manufactured wall mounts are the launch of the year 2017and they have also got several updates since launch.

At the moment, these wall mounts are listed as the 54th best Speaker Mounts and they are also lightweight out of the box. They weigh less than two pounds which helps in decent compatibility pretty much.

These wall mounts are mainly designed for satellite speakers of the home theater systems as they come in a set of 05 mounts. But again, you are not limited to such speakers at all. You can mount whatever you like and it supports it.

They are designed for one-hole and two-hole keyhole speakers that you usually get nowadays. You can use these mounts in concrete and stud walls or ceilings effectively. Additionally, you also get installation stuff as per their needs.

This wall mount comes with a durable yet plastic build material that works pretty fine for the expectations and prices. To provide good longevity, these mounts are coated with a water-resistant coating on their outer surface.

They come in a standard black color and look very simple yet modern of course. These are easy to install on the wall and their in-wall plates assist a lot. The holes work pretty fine and they are meant for holding up to 08 pounds of speakers.

Overall, they are also a good deal for wall speakers. They support up to 180° tilt and 360° swivel also work fine for complete coverage. Just like the other ones, they also need a break-in time, so their parts start working smoothly.

  • Handles up to 08 pounds 180° Tilt & 360° Swivel Simple yet durable mounts A Water-Resistant Coating
  • Not effective for larger speakers


Things to Know Before Buying the Speaker Wall Mounts

Are in-wall speakers worth it?

When it comes to home theater usage, the in-wall speakers work phenomenally. They work quite well for the channel system speakers and provide a marvelous sound throw and impactful distribution. For their price and performance, these speakers are worth it.

These speakers are very good as they provide comparatively better and accurate sound reproduction. When they are installed properly, you will get a loud sound profile due to a balanced reflection with the ceiling in overhead installation.

How many in-wall speakers do I need?

The more speakers you have, the better it is to listen to a peaceful sound. However, the money doesn’t grow on trees nor these speakers. So, let’s do some math to find out the exact number of speakers as per room size.

If you have an area of around 10 feet in length and almost the same in width, getting a pair of speakers is enough for this area. Thankfully, the in-wall speakers are powerful enough and they are audible.

However, if you have a sitting area of 15 feet in length and the same in width, you would need two pairs of these speakers to get a balanced sound for the area and price. Better is to place them nicely both in front and back.

What is the proper height to mount speakers?

It mostly depends on your room size and appearance. Most of the time, mounted speakers work well for a height of around 05 feet and they also work better on the height of fewer than 10 feet depending upon the height of the room.

Ideally, wall speakers are installed at a height of around 07 to 09 feet from the ground. The best is to install them at 08 feet height and they will be delivering a sophisticated soundstage with little to no exception.

Other than height, there are some other factors as well that contribute to sound projection for wall mount speakers. Mainly, the tilt adjustment decides the direction of the projection.

Better is to adjust them at up to 50° instead of 90° for surround sound speakers. Stereo sound speakers can be installed at 90° of course.

Can you mount bookshelf speakers on the wall?

Everything is possible in this world and mounting your bookshelf speakers on the wall is one out of those things. Normally, the budget bookshelf speakers aren’t detailed like the powered ones and casual listeners use to opt for them.

If you are just a casual or beginner listener, you don’t necessarily need to install them on the wall specifically. It is better to use speaker stands in that case and this would be more than enough.

However, audiophile and advanced listeners should opt for mounting their powered bookshelf speakers on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions | Best Speaker Wall Mounts

Can you hang floor speakers?

Technically, floor speakers are meant for placing them on the floor instead of getting them mounted on the wall. Floor speakers are too big and hefty and they will look awkward on walls no matter how good they look!

The surround speakers of any kind can be wall mounted with little to no issue as they perform considerably better over there. For your SRS floor speakers, you can also use them to mount. However, floor speakers aren’t meant for this. Otherwise, you are likely to lose your speakers sooner or later.

Can I use any speaker as a center speaker?

Except for a subwoofer, you can use almost any speaker as a center speaker for your home theaters or channel speakers. The best match or alternative to a center speaker is your bookshelf speaker after placing them nicely.

Can you mix different speaker brands?

Well, this is a thing that should be figured out personally or with the help of a professional audio technician. Mixing out different speaker brands in your home audio or any other sound system isn’t a big deal, but they are likely to cause preset and balancing problems.

For Stereo sounds, you can do it, but we don’t recommend this to do with the surround sound speakers system. They should be matched perfectly, otherwise, they will be ruining your listening experience.

Can you put a speaker on top of a receiver?

We people like space-saving stuff as it looks very decent. A receiver provides a completely flat surface and we sometimes use it to put things on it. However, it is not recommended to put things on a receiver, especially a speaker.

Receivers are made up of metallic bodies mainly of aluminum and these things get warmed up rapidly. So, it is better to avoid using the top of a receiver to put things on it, so that you can avoid any potential damage through it.

Install Universal Speaker Wall Mount Bracket

The Bottom Line | Best Speaker Wall Mounts & Wall Speakers

Listening to your speakers via the best speaker wall mounts not only helps in delivering a better sound projection; it also makes your speakers safe if you have got kids and pets in your home. And we have helped you to find out the best wall mounts for speakers in this detailed guide.

These wall mounts are our best selection due to so many reasons and they are almost more than enough for your needs and expectations. You can use these mounts to hold heavy speakers of up to 120 pounds at most.

Furthermore, they are quite durable and meant to last for a long time. Their metallic structure provides them good longevity. These mounts also come with maneuverable portability that makes them easy to install, tilt and adjust.

Together with these mounts, we have also included some of the best speakers for walls that make a perfect match with these mounts. These speakers provide exceptional sound coverage for their price and you will ve them.