Best Tower Speaker Under 500

best tower speaker under 500

Speakers are a great option if you want to enhance your entire listening experience. These things take your part to a completely next level, only if you have opted for some best speakers out there.

Depending on your preferred speakers, your experience may also vary. However, If you want some speakers for your home theaters, parties, or any other indoor ventures, the best tower speakers under 500 are meant for you then.

The sole purpose of the best tower speakers is to use them with the home theaters. As both of us know that you have opted for a home theater that is already a pain in your wallet due to premium cost.

Although you still have a great alternative of these that are known as 7.1 home theater systems, they also do not come for a reasonable price at all. The Best Tower Speaker Under 500 is unbeatable in front of other available options, both in terms of price as well as in the performance part.

These Tower speakers could become a very viable choice if you are a broad-hearted person who kept inviting his friends and homies to the parties. To make it even compelling even without compromising on experience, these speakers can never be underrated for such optimal prices.

However, if you don’t know that; what are the Best Tower Speakers Under 500 dollars present out there, or you don’t want to get tangled in the ocean of speakers. This list by our professional audio enthusiasts has made it easier for you by providing you with this complete and detailed guide.

So, let’s get deeper into our completely fresh list of the Best Tower Speaker Under 500 without any further ado!

Are tower speakers still popular?

While tower speakers are not outdated, the assumption that they are always the best option for performance-conscious listeners is. Mark Fleischmann, an audio editor, is the author of Practical Home Theater: A User’s Guide to Video and Audio Systems.

1: Polk T50 – Best tower speaker

best tower speaker under 500

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Polk has successfully conquered the first & the most premium spot of our today’s list. You will find some more Polk speakers as well, but let’s take a look at it first. Polk has launched these giant boys back in 2015, and they are currently ranking as the 08th best Floorstanding Speakers out there.

These are not lightweight guys. The tower speakers are pretty huge due to their massive size, and they can never be lightweight in any case. The same goes for these. Polk’s T50 has earned huge respect from almost 7k existing owners just from the United States alone. This earns you a good credibility for them.

Polk has launched these guys in a couple of variants that has a pretty wide list. However, we have specifically picked out their T50 guy as this is the simplest and easy to understand for you guys. They do come in a hell lot of configurations from which you can select as per your choice.

These superior tower speakers project a massive soundstage that provides you with a dedicated and heart-warming surround sound effect. T50 owns durable and perfectly engineered sound components into its body. Moreover, this guy is currently listed as an Amazon choice for the Polk center channel speaker.

In this tower speaker, you will get a single-inch tiny little yet an effective tweeter that is powered through its 6.5-inches driver. Along with these things, it is also loaded with a pair of 6.5-inches bass radiators which is going to provide you with a realistic and dynamic bass range to enhance your streaming and listening.

With these component things; you will be getting a balanced & natural sound projection out of the box. This guy is more than enough to fill every single corner of your entire room and pretty much of your apartment as well.

Being a superior speaker, you don’t need to get an amplifier to make them more superb. This guy is commonly referred to as a T-Series speaker due to its ancestral & sibling line-up. Moreover, you will enjoy its performance, especially inside a room. You can also take some drops in your large parties.

  • 1″ silk dome tweeter The Powerful drivers Front-firing radiators Impressive bass quality Optimal build quality
  • A little bit expensive (still under budget)


2: Polk 60 Series – Tower speaker in budget

best tower speakers under 500

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Polk once again yet for the last time on this list with its another Tower speaker. They have launched this single piece of speaker back in 2011 that makes it one of the earliest and senior-most launches here.

At the moment, this specific guy is ranking on 7th spot against the best Floorstanding Speakers out there. This heavy-duty and well-performing speaker is offered in a couple of variants across its fleet. However, its Polk Monitor 60 is the ideal one for your case. The rest is your choice of course!

Inside these guys, you have got a 5.25-inches powerful and performing driver that helps in projecting these boys in a meaningful sound projection. Along with this, you have also got a single-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter. Normally, you find almost the same drivers in the best headphones, but these are better ones.

To make the sound even balanced, less distorted, and with some reasonable treble, this guy is also loaded with a set of three 05-inches drives of the same balanced system. With these things, you can now get powerful and accurate sound out of the box. Comparatively, this one is even better.

Polk has tried their best to make their projection incredibly the best for sure for their reasonable price. This has been some sort of successful. You are likely to get a clear and crispy bass that eventually makes you feel satisfied.

Its tweeter and drivers are capable enough of handling high frequencies optimally that later transforms the audio signals into somewhat punchy bass and clarity. You will find balanced and detailed vocals reproduction with better mids mixup.

Additionally, you are likely to get a decent texture of surround sound effect with its projection. This makes it performing and you can now also use it for your home theaters. They are also ideal for listening to quality music out of the box.

  • Clear & Accurate sound A Crispy & punchy bass Capable driver & tweeter Balanced & detailed sound
  • Low ends could be even impressive


3: Rockville TM80C – best budget tower speakers

best tower speakers

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Rockville for the only time on this list with its decent pair of home theater speakers. These speakers are a launch of the year 2017 that are some sort of lightweight as compared to the other ones on this list.

You have also got a couple of variants across its fleet and you can choose from them as per your preferences. All of its three colors such as black, white, and cherry look so fabulous in your interior. The speakers have 08-inches and 10-inches variants.

Both of these variants work perfectly for home theater systems. Depending on your room size and your preferences you can select according to its available driver sizes out there.

These incredible speakers deliver loud treble which is further encrypted by its massive soundstage for bass. This bass provides above-average clarity, however there is a bit chance of getting distorted on high trebles.

They are a full-range speakers pair and they are also loaded with 04-inches versatile and developed drivers. Rockville has integrated flagship polypropylene in the cones to make them effective and decrease the fluctuation as much as they could.

Rockville has also taken care of making them isolated by adding brilliant sound isolation rubber all-around their cones. This has made a flawless and sophisticated design that also enhances their longevity in terms of build quality.

The speakers have a good and lucrative caliber of projecting incredible highs as well. They can also manage brilliant decent vocals with maneuverable clarity or accuracy as well. Praise to its extraordinary silk dome tweeters.

To project some powerful and audible soundstage, these speakers have got a Peak power of almost 800 Watts out of the box. However, to be on the safe side, these guys hold a decent RMS of somewhere 400W, which translates to 200W for a single.

Surprisingly, these guys are also loaded with built-in Bluetooth control as well. This Bluetooth is supposed to keep working on a connectivity distance of up to 150 feet. However, this isn’t truly realistic. But you can still get a good range at home.

Together with these, Rockville has also packed equalizers which provides good support for managing the adjustment of treble bass and other elements. Now, you have official control over how and what you are going to listen to.

In the end, these speakers hold several other useful things as well. You have got a responsive frequency response rate of 40-20K Hz. With these boys, you can also connect several devices including several devices like SD card & USB as well.

  • With Adjustable bass controls The 40-20K Hz frequency rate Up to 800Watts of peak power With an impressive sound quality An optimal Bluetooth connection
  • Remote is a little stiff


4: Sony SSCS3 – 3 way tower speaker

tower speakers under budget

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Sony with its only boy on the list, which is going to take over its several opponents to drive a better selection for you. They are 03-way floor standing speakers with a decent launch of 2014. At the moment, they are the 45th best Bookshelf Speakers.

The one is also a popular speaker that doesn’t come for any variation in its entire fleet. This 03-way floor-standing speaker comes in a 5.25-inches of driver that is versatile and confident enough for real-time music experience.

The soundstage is riched in providing you with a passionate audio quality out of the box. This speaker is also really easy to install as it features some decent inputs. To add some stability and protection, you’ve also got a removable grill in it.

This reinforced grill is made up of durable materials that take its maneuverability and longevity for a bit long time. They are loaded with the bass reflex system that helps in projecting some deeper bass.

The bass here is no doubt deep and accurate as well. However, it also gets distorted for high trebles. It sometimes also depends on the genre nature and track’s quality as this is not the necessary case for all time.

Not just its grille is reinforced, its woofer is also mica reinforced which strategically helps in preventing the sound distortion. In this thing, you have also got a tiny little yet an effective tweeter of a single inch that is made up of Polyester.

These super tweeters hold a good caliber for handling higher frequencies that further provides you with a lucrative sound stage. To power this entire stage, these tweeters can handle a frequency response rate of up to 50,000 Hertz.

To prevent the signal loss and make the transmission effective and loss-free at the same time, they have got an impedance range of up to 06 ohms. The crossover brings a clear audio path that encrypts the security level pretty much impressively.

  • Up to 145W Peak power 06 ohms impedance range The Descent & audible sound Quiet Durable build quality
  • Muddy bass on rock tracks


5: Dayton T652 – best floor-standing speaker

best floor standing speakers

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Expanding the list even further and we have got you with an underrated yet effective brand. This brand is one of the kings in the stereo audio segment and the same goes for this specific set of tower speakers.

This boy is currently listed as an Amazon choice for the stereo speakers that validates its quality for this specific sort of experience. They have launched this guy back in 2014, and it is currently ranking as 3rd best Floorstanding Speakers.

This stereo speaker pair weighs almost 12 kilograms, which is an optimal one relatively. The T652 is a descendant of B652 which is also a decent boy. But this one stands out better in terms of tower sort of build for home entertainments.

Inside these guys, you have got a 6.5-inches subwoofer that is a responsive one and makes you feel confident while projecting decent sound. Along with these things, the speaker has also got a compelling and competitive tweeter.

The polycarbonate dome tweeter is less than an inch in size which is still very powerful in terms of performance. This tweeter is capable of handling relatively higher frequencies pretty much. The ferrofluid cooling keeps them quite optimal.

On the ground, these guys perform marvelously. You will likely get some sort of deep bass also, but its stereo sound effect is more punchy and compelling. This guy stands out even in treble and you can expect to get your room filled with it.

Its completely slim and maneuverable design is also compelling in terms of portability. The handling is also easy and doesn’t take your patience pretty much. Due to its bass reflection system, the bass isn’t so powerful, so your speakers won’t fall apart either. Plus, the 45 Hz of bass boost is still audible undoubtedly.

  • Resistive dome tweeters The Audible stereo sound With a pretty simple design With 6.5-inches subwoofer
  • Bass isn’t of the greatest quality


6: Yamaha NS-F210BL – budget floorstanding speakers

best budget tower speakers

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Second last on this list of the Best Tower Speaker Under 500, we have got you with the exclusive Yamaha speaker. These speakers came out in 2009 which makes it the senior-most Tower speaker here. Of course, Yamaha has kept innovating these guys, otherwise it wouldn’t have been performing even on this day.

You will get these speakers in a set of two, which is more than enough for your room. Their magnificent black color feels outstanding especially in your modern sort of interiors pretty much.

These speakers are working on a 02-way speaker system in which you have also got the popular bass reflex system. With this thing, these guys become more attractive and perform to project some quality bass out of the box.

Just like the other guys, these boys are also compelling in pretty much competitive on the field. You will get an audible and high-quality sound reproduction that makes it pretty impressive. They are loaded with a clear and somewhat accurate sound projection that is very well and promising for this price.

This guy holds an aluminum coil that makes them durable and eventually enhances these boys’ response rate. Along with that, these woofers are also encrypted which makes the smooth and balanced sound elements.

Together with these things, you will also have a magnetic-based and protected voice coil that works effectively with its dome tweeters. With these tweeters, the sound gets some realistic and exceptional quality without any doubt.

Lastly, Yamaha has made these guys project decently for so many reasons. These speakers have got a frequency response rate of 50 Hz – 45 kHz. With this response, you can surely expect to bring the bass to your knees, so you can enjoy it. Although, the bass isn’t so punchy but it isn’t of average quality either.

  • 06 Ohms of Impedance range 50 Hz – 45 kHz frequency rate With the Durable build quality Effective 02-way speaker system
  • Treble could be even louder


7: Klipsch RP-280F – 500 dollars tower speaker

best budget floorstanding speakers

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Klipsch is an impressive and competitive speakers manufacturer out there in the market who knows how to make their systems compelling. For the first and only time on this list, we have got you with the RP-280F.

Officially, this is the first pair of the Best Tower Speaker Under 500 that is a complete setup for your home parties and other events. They have launched these speakers back in 2015, and they are currently ranking as the 57th best floor standing speakers out there in the market.

Technically, these speakers are meant for your outdoor parties, so you can automatically expect them to work pretty impressively inside your house. These guys belong to Klipsch’s Reference Premiere series which is their best series.

These boys are the largest ones in their entire family or better to say in their complete lineup. You can expect them to give you a cinema sort of experience due to its brilliant & 08-inches bigger drivers. Both of these drivers perform optimally in the form of a pair. You will enjoy them without any exception.

RP-280F is meant for projecting a cinematic sort of sound profile that is more than enough to take your streaming experience to a new fantasy. With these speakers, the distortion is also pretty much handled and doesn’t ruin your listening either.

To improve it even more, Klipsch has integrated a Hybrid Tractrix Horn that helps in filling the entire room with impressive sound quality, to be honest. You can also use these guys for large rooms without little to no problem at all.

Inside these speakers, the manufacturer has played its part pretty well by providing them lucrative components out of the box. With all these things collectively, you have also got a single-inch dome tweeter that is made up of titanium. They are calling this Suspension travel tweeters.

To make these boys pretty long-lasting, they have also got a flexible and removable yet strong grill that covers its entire part to take you to a safe side. For its construction part, this one is also outstanding and doesn’t lack in anything.

  • Hybrid Tractrix Horn design Copper Cerametallic Woofers The Detailed sound projection Impressive audio components
  • Bit distorted bass on high treble


8: Jamo S809 – tower speaker

best budget floor standing speakers

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Last but certainly not least on this list of the Best Tower Speaker Under 500 belongs to a fairly newer yet some sort of promising brand. You will get these speakers in a pair of two which provides you with more than enough soundstage.

Jamo has launched these back in 2019 which is currently ranking as the 14th best Floorstanding speakers out there on the Amazon. At the moment, these guys are the most heavily on this entire list and their weight is more than 60 pounds.

You can find these speakers in two common yet attractive colors as Jamo has tried its best to expand your personalization. Both of these shades are pretty impressive. These speakers feature a 5-inches powerful driver out of the box to make you feel impressive. You can enjoy a marvelous sound experience with them.

They are loaded with a set of 03 powerful woofers inside its box that makes them pretty performing out there. Their soft-dome tweeters deliver an attractive listening experience. This tweeter is capable of handling the signals impressively.

You can truly expect a balanced and cinematic sound experience out of these things. This eventually enhances your parties as you will also get some punchy bass. Along with that, you will also feel compelling & dynamic sound dispersion.

They also support Dolby Atmos to enhance your connectivities and other mediums as well. At the moment, these boys are loaded with a power rating of up to 240W for its peak and RMS doesn’t need explanation. Moreover, you have got a frequency response rate of somewhere 37Hz – 26Khz & an impedance of 08 ohms.

  • Dolby Atmos tower speaker 37Hz – 26Khz Frequency rate Powerful woofers & tweeters Balanced & Cinematic sound
  • Nothing worth arguing till yet



Are floor speakers louder than bookshelf?

Due to their compact physical size, they frequently have a lower output of low-end bass. They often have a higher bass output and can play louder than comparable bookshelf speakers. However, the majority of floor-standing speakers are NOT genuine full-range speakers.

Do floor-standing speakers need a subwoofer?

Floorstanding speakers do not require a subwoofer and will operate well without one. However, if you want to enjoy a powerful, intense deep bass, you need to invest in a subwoofer. While your floor-standing speakers may pick up on the bass, a subwoofer allows you to enjoy the sound.

Do bookshelf speakers sound better on stands?

The majority of professionally built bookshelf speakers sound better, more spacious, and open when setting approximately a foot away from the wall behind them, with the tweeter about the height of the ears of a sitting listener. Place them on speaker stands for the optimum sound.

Tower Speaker Placement For Great Sound

Best Tower Speaker Under 500 in 2021 | The Bottom Line

Finding the Best Tower Speaker Under 500 bucks is a dream for every second enthusiast out there. Though, it is a bit of a hard and tricky job; but once it gets right, you will feel proud of yourself.

You can get a magical environment for such an optimal price. As you don’t have much time to find on your own, we have done this part, so you won’t need to struggle anymore for these.

These best tower speakers are compact enough to sit next to your home theater, and they are also powerful enough to make your parties magnificent. They deliver high-quality, accurate, and bossy sound that makes them an outstanding choice for audiophiles. For your needs, all of these speakers are more than enough to get.

Give this guide a thorough read, and thank us later. After taking a skimmed look at this article, we are assuming that you would have selected at least one Best Tower Speaker Under 500 for your expectations and budget as well.