Best Vintage Floor Speakers

best vintage floor speakers

There is a famous saying, “Old Is Gold.” Well, generally, we use to associate new modern age speakers with a high-quality audio experience.

To some extent, you can say that, but every time this thing won’t work out. There are still some old-age homies that can provide equally high-quality performance like the new ones.

In the past, sound quality and innovation were the keys to design while making new speakers. That’s why you would feel the old boys more prominent and bold, but they still can shake your heads with their top-notch performance.

From the old times to the new age music freaks, always look for the best vintage floor speakers, high on specs and low on budget.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall
Rockville TM80C Cherry Powered Home Theater Tower Speakers...
Most Powerful
Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker - Ebony (Each)
Best Features
Polk Audio Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker –...
Rockville TM80C Cherry Powered Home Theater Tower Speakers...
Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker - Ebony (Each)
Polk Audio Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker –...
Best Overall
Rockville TM80C Cherry Powered Home Theater Tower Speakers...
Rockville TM80C Cherry Powered Home Theater Tower Speakers...
Most Powerful
Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker - Ebony (Each)
Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker - Ebony (Each)
Best Features
Polk Audio Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker –...
Polk Audio Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker –...

1: Rockville TM80C – good vintage speakers

best vintage floor speakers

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Design and build quality

You must be bored of all the basic blues, blacks, and greys. The Rockville TM80c comes in a vibrant cherry color which will pop up any dull corner of your Tv lounge. It has a seamless interface, and the Bluetooth can catch signals up to a 150-foot range. 

The classic 8-inch cubbies produce a more profound and louder bass plus, the 4-inch full-range drivers boost the sound even better. The drivers have these polypropylene cones and bullet dust caps which can be further made with rubber surrounds. 

This special attention to detail creates a lucrative and high-profile experience for its users. Let’s not forget the excellent silk dome tweeters, which manage the high notes pretty well. 


Additionally, the peak power is 800 Watts and a 200 Watts RMS power, which adds up to 400 Watts in total. Moreover, the treble and bass are highly adjustable, and the sound engineers have professionally tuned the high and low pass crossovers to bring about an astounding performance. 

These babies offer you complete control of how you want to adjust the brightness. You can change the sound according to your liking with a remote controller. The silver plates around each speaker give it a sophisticated and modern look. 

Now, let’s talk about the 8-band equalizer with preset equalizer curves. Damn! What a kick they provide through class A/B amplifiers. Plus, it has 2 RCA inputs, so you don’t have to worry about connecting it to any tv. This ability makes this one at the top of our best vintage floor speakers list. 

It also has a noise rejection cable which I believe is an outstanding feature. And, not to miss, the wires are protected with specially designed cable tips to avoid any breakage.

  • Four full-range drivers Built-in Bluetooth Adjustable treble and bass
  • Bluetooth quality can be better


2: Klipsch RP-280F – Best floor speakers

best vintage speakers

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Design and build quality

The chief of the Reference Premiere family is the Reference Premiere RP-280F. This incredible speaker features Hybrid Tractrix Horn and two eight-inch Cerametallic woofers, which produce cinematic sound.

These best speakers have theatre-quality sound and offer a lifetime experience which your ears will love to retain. 

Klipsch RP-280F is an extension of the R-28F floorstanding speaker. The company strived with the previous version, but the newest member of the Klipsch assures both quality and performance.

However, cosmetic changes in Tweeter and Tractrix horn design are most noticeable, and these upgrades have brought clear improvement in the version of these best-standing speakers. 

Both the speakers have similar designs featuring the well-known Klipsch trademarks like copper finished woofers and Tractrix horn. The older version possessed injection-molded graphite woofers, aluminum LTS tweeters, and ports with a front-firing bass reflex. 

The latest RP-280F comes in a striking design with Cerametallic woofers, although it has a similar spun copper finishing. Additionally, the ports in RP-280F have a rear-firing bass reflex, unlike the front-firing bass-reflex ports of the R-28F model. The LTS tweeters are made up of titanium in the RP-280F. 


These changes in the design lead to flatter and broader frequency responses. The treble response has improved drastically too. Numerous customers registered their complaints about sharp highs and told that the brilliant high vocals create fatigue rather than producing a pleasant sound experience. 

So, Klipsch came forward with this great plan and reformed the Tractrix horn or the ports’ design. Moreover, the material for the tweeter is now titanium instead of aluminum. Another appreciable change is the rubber-coated horn surface which makes the treble more neutral and causes less fatigue.

  • Excellent bass-reflex (Tractrix port) Two large 32HZ woofers Low distortion Less fatiguing treble response
  • Cannot take banana plugs


3: Polk Audio TSi400 – Vintage Floorstanding Speaker

vintage speakers

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Design and build quality

It comes with deeper bass and also smoothens the turbulence of the port airflow. Its frequency ranges between 34-25KHz, and this boy has three 5.25-inch diameter bi-laminate organic fiber cone woofers.

These woofers result in more bass capacity and higher power handling. However, this boy can amplify between 20 to 200 watts. 

The TSi400 is a four-way speaker and can produce high-range sound with an extra tweeter. It is a lightweight product and can fit in your tv space easily. Moreover, the modern, sleek design and the cherry color adds to its beauty.

And the wood grain finishing, pewter trim rings, and piano black top plates complement its classy look. It is an excellent value for money and a fantastic addition to your speaker collection.


These homies can be a clear choice of audiophiles as they offer a well-adjusted delivery of sound. Most speakers are usually two or three ways, but the TSi400 series offers four-way speakers. In the 4-way speakers, an extra tweeter is added. 

The tweeter produces high-frequency sounds. Horn tweeters help sound dispersion, and they’re incredibly efficient. Cone tweeters were more commonly used in the older stereo systems and fell under a comparatively lesser price range.

The most effective ones are dome tweeters. They have a smooth response, better dispersion, and can operate between the 2.5 to 20 kHz range. 

  • The woofers are organic, which makes the distortion minimal 5-years warranty plan Best for the price
  • The bass is not as good as it should be The tweeters and drivers can be improved


4: Polk S55 – vintage style speakers

under budget floor speakers

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Moving ahead and we have got you with Polk for its third most magnificent floor speaker on the list known as S55. Polk has launched back in 2015 and it holds a weight of up to 44 pounds out of the box. It comes with a lot of variations but you will find it only in magnetic black color.

Design and build quality

This speaker holds a magnificent body, to be honest. It features a sophisticated black color that dares to match all sorts of interiors. Exploring the unit itself, and you will get two drivers each of 6.5-inches in size in a row on top of each other.

Right at the above, you will get a high quality dome tweeter that you will be loving both in terms of its design, location, and magical projection. At the bottom, you will have tiny little feet across both its sides to let him stand with a balance. Depending upon your needs and budget you can select as many units as you wish.


Things start getting impressive from here. These tower speakers are meant to deliver an impressive surround sound projection to fill your entire room with love. Its drivers’ projects decently and the acoustic array handles the balancing part.

The dome tweeter produces magnificent highs and interesting vocals that you will be loving. It eventually turns to a deeper and louder bass projection. Don’t worry about its long-term, as it doesn’t distort at all. Instead, it provides full sound coverage. It is going to be a great fit for home theaters.

Further, these speakers are capable of handling up to 200W of peak power for every single channel. Along with that, the frequency coverage is also supposed to be up to 32 Hz to 40,000 Hz. Overall, its soundstage is quite interesting.

  • Impressive Surround Soundn200W of Peak per channelnDeep u0026 Audible listeningsnWith a full sound coveragen32Hz to 40KHz Frequency
  • More power would be better


5: BIC America RTR-EV15 – Floor vintage speaker

best sounding vintage speakers

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Design and build quality

The model RtR-EV15 is the new crush of all sound system lovers. BIC America RTR-EV15 is a three-way speaker, and its dimensions are 43″ H x 17.5″ W x 12.5″ D. This boy weighed around 67 pounds that means they’re easily portable. The power is set up to 430W Max, while the RMS is 225W each. 

These babies have 15-inch high-excursion woofers from the custom eviction series. And, they also have a high-power heavy-duty magnet fit in them.

Another outclass feature of these floor-standing speakers is that they possess a 5.25″ Sealed-back Midrange, which avoids any distortion and produces amplification with a punchier bass. 

The Horn tweeter enables extended output to 116db, resulting in added efficiency, controlled dispersion, and a better impedance. The dual front ports control the airflow, which helps to increase the bass response of the speaker. 


The frequency of these speakers ranges between 24Hz-20kHz. The company offers a five-year warranty. The warranty covers both the labor and parts, which means that the company will compensate the users whenever the speaker faces any technical error. 

This boy is also bi-amp able which results in increased overall performance. It is designed to allow for double the power supply.

An improved power supply will produce more bass extension from more power-hungry woofers. Plus, they deliver more augmented headroom for a fuller and clearer sound. 

They have dual five-way binding posts that provide more accurate, efficient, and complete power transfer to the woofers, tweeters, and drivers. The high bass feature lets it handle the higher amp and deeper bass with ease.

These complement nicely with a sound box or if you have a soundstage, add it in there, and you’re going to make everybody get jealous of how unique your new product is.

  • The budget speaker No subwoofer is needed Smooth midrange and non-fatiguing
  • Heavy and huge size


6: GOgroove 120W – best Floor standind speaker

best vintage speakers of all time

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Design and build quality

The BlueSYNC STW is full of unique features and can connect to 3.5mm AUX using a wired stereo audio, USB flash drive (32GB max), and Bluetooth. A remote-control device comes with the package. You can play radio and music without moving an inch from your bed. 

Also, you can use its more additional features like Treble and Bass level customization. It has an improved built-in powered subwoofer while it has a 120W peak power supply.

Make your movies and music experience even better with the GOgroove speaker giving you a complete musical understanding of full mids, crisp highs, and thundering bass. 

The BlueSYNC STW brings new life to your home audio system with astounding clarity and fantastic sound. It has a sound tower, and the sleek vertical unibody flawlessly fits in compact living spaces without any hassle. 

A floor-standing speaker can work perfectly well in apartments, TV lounges, studios, dorms, and offices.


Now you don’t need to fear looking for your tablet and smartphones with a dead battery after listening to music while working out or a jog. You can charge your device by using its USB-friendly charging cord.

You can pair any device, which has Bluetooth with the STW. By pairing it with the STW, you can queue up playlists and enjoy listening to your music library from your most favorite music subscription applications. It can also connect to the Bluetooth in your wireless headphones and even your car. 

It lets you play audio from devices that do not have Bluetooth, like compact pico projectors, classic MP3 players, and CD players. When you connect the speaker with a smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player, you can put the device in the frame at the top of the STW. 

By doing so, it will stay within easy reach of the 3.5mm audio port. Some media playback functions like pause, play, next, and previous does not work with 3.5mm input. Although, you can adjust bass, volume, mute, and treble using the remote control.

  • Take Up Less Space, Budget-friendly Device dock Side USB power port 120W peak power 4-in-1 audio station
  • Preset volume is too low to listen


7: Fluance Signature HFF – vintage floor speakers under 1000

best vintage stereo speakers all time

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Design and build quality

The signature series showcases Signature Towers, which are not your everyday small speakers. Each speaker has four feet in height, is fifteen inches deep, and eleven inches wide. They will be the star of the show wherever you place them. 

I am not saying they are ugly, but they’re unique and bulky in their way. The glossy front baffle, tapered cabinet, and slick driver array give the speakers an expensive and rich look. They’re a class in themselves!

Sleek bass drivers, metal Fluance symbol, and embossed cursive signature are a few elements that make it no less than royalty. The mid-range sound and huge eight-inch drivers can easily impress the sound freaks and make your neighbors go crazy with its sound. 

Additionally, there are multiple color options available, like walnut, neutrals, and the regular black. The color palette can perfectly fit your modern aesthetics. 


This speaker set provides high performance through the five-inch mid-woofer, eight-inch woofers, and a one-inch dome tweeter. The overall qualities of the eight-inch woofers deliver optimal linear movement.

The optimal movement produces bass with a lower frequency; hence the resulting bass is crisp, controlled, and deep. 

The overall crossover frequency ranges between 530 Hz to 2,600 Hz. Neodymium tweeters dome tweeters produce high range frequencies that result in stunning clarity.

Moreover, the new design of the midrange pointed dome makes unexpectedly great results. The waves flow out from the center of the yellow woven glass fiber. It improves the soundstage and produces different sounds.

  • Good finish for the price Deep and powerful bass Exceptional dispersion
  • Warm voicing


8: Polk Audio LSiM 705 – Vintage tower speakers

best vintage stereo speakers

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Design and build quality

The LSiM705 has almost similar features as the LSiM707 loudspeaker. It structures cutting-edge Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene driver material in all of its drivers. Plus, it has a 5.25 inches mid-bass, and the midrange is 3.25 inches. 

The product also features dual Cassini oval subwoofers, which 5 inches x 7 inches in dimension. The oval subwoofer drivers have more surface area as compared to the round drivers. Hence, this enlarged surface area boosts the low-frequency response for a fuller, well-blended, and deeper bass. 


The one-inch radiator tweeter discloses excellent and precise details, which enable genuine imaging. Such a feature is usually found in high-end exotic and unusual speakers, but luckily the LSiM705 features it, and this is how it’s standing above the crowd.

The LSiM705 is perfect to fit in mid-sized rooms where you can witness the walls fill up with fantastic sound. 

The patented Orth crossovers help in smoothing the impedance curve and also helps in power handling. The smothered impedance curve results in a high-frequency response and also increases the efficiency of these boys.

They also produce a clear sound due to the magnetic Super-thin zero-diffraction grilles. The bass venting smoothly transitions the airflow. 

This undistorted throw of airflow from the port to the room eradicates distortion and turbulence. Hence, it provides more efficiency, bigger, and deeper bass.

  • Outstanding performance Extraordinary cabinetry Pleasing visual design Wide soundstage Good bass
  • Expensive


9: Cerwin-Vega SL-12 – classic Floor speakers

the best vintage speakers

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Design and build quality

Here’s another beast in our best vintage floor speakers list. This fantastic floor tower speaker produces a three-way sound experience. You can experience listening to sounds that are very realistic by using the three drivers. These drivers control the low, mid, and high frequencies. 

The purpose of a large cabinet gets fulfilled as a much solid and gives deeper bass. Also, this little boy offers remarkable power handling and clarity through high-frequency and midrange drivers. 

You’ll receive a 5.25-inch midrange driver, 12-inch woofer, and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter in the package box. An easy and secure installation is assured through the five-way building ports. 


The contemporary styled bass-reflex cabinet and robust architecture are made to withhold the weight of an ultra-large twelve inches woofer. Sharp and hard-hitting bass, high power output, and clear vocals are the best speakers’ fantastic outcomes. 

If your soundbox needs the support of big bass and you’re crazy about having an excellent home theatre environment in your lounge, the Cerwin-Vega SL-12 serves you best. The three-way design twitches with a big motor twelve-inch woofer for pitchy bass. 

The company added a one-inch soft dome tweeter and a 5.25 inches midrange driver to absolutely create a fantastic sound spectrum. An uncalled-for opinion is that these speakers can handle up to 300 Watts of power and produce mind-blowing sounds.

  • Inexpensive Massive power handling No muddy sounds
  • Adding an extra subwoofer maybe a little too much low-end


10: Sykik TSME26 – Vintage speakers under 100

best vintage floor speaker

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Design and build quality

These speakers provide a crisp look with having a beautiful red color appearance. This boy is made to have a total red color body with an upstanding speaker tower.

The sides of the speakers have a black color pattern which gives this boy a more eye-catching design.
This boy has a 6.5-inch subwoofer with a pair of 4-inch speakers. 

Both of these equipment are beautifully integrated within the speaker to bring maximum output. The top side also has a black-colored style with the company’s branding, making it stand out within the bunch of speakers.  


When it comes to sound quality, these boys shine with their performance. They are equally incredible with their surround sound quality. At their highs, this boy wouldn’t feel you dull. You will love it when using it in an ample space or at a dance party.

Designed to have a 60 RMS power gives an incredibly fantastic sound quality. The 6.5-inch subwoofer and pair of speakers are integrated into such precision that it provides a more soothing experience to your ears, even in the high ends.

It has all of the features modern-day speakers have within them, like Bluetooth, SD, or USB port. It also has a 3.5″ aux cable. With all of these features, it can be your movie partner

  • Quick Bluetooth Pairing Provides high-quality performance with zero distortion Eye-catching design
  • Remote may work not efficiently some times


Buyer Guide: Best Vintage Floor Speakers

There are many best vintage speakers available in the market. Sometimes it’s hard to say which one you should go for as they all come with different qualities. If you are confused about choosing, then you are in the right place. This guide will help you to find your best vintage speaker. 

There are certain things that you should look at before buying your boy like:

Sound Quality 

Well, it’s the first thing that comes to our mind when we thought about speakers. Your speaker should be the one who can deliver your desired sound quality.

Generally, it would help if you looked for a speaker capable enough to produce quality performance under 50 HZ as it is mainly considered a perfect range for many speakers.


A good speaker must have good sensitivity. Most people don’t know what really sensitivity is in speakers. Simply put, the speaker’s sound quality produced or developed under the power is being supplied. So, it would be best if you looked after the speaker’s sensitivity before buying your best boy.

Power Consumption and Handling

Back in time, the old boys were designed with more power requirements. Similarly, most old ones were capable of handling the power equally among its components and providing a quality music experience.

Build Quality

Build quality matters the most when it comes to any product. A speaker with durable build quality can last for decades. Thankfully, the old boys come with high build quality. It would be best if you went for a speaker with a durable build quality. Don’t worry about some extra Dollars to pay as it will pay back to you.


There are so much variety of speakers available for you. You just need to take out your smartphone and do some clicks until you find your budget-friendly boy. Many products are coming at low prices and providing your desired sound quality. 

In this article, we have provided the best vintage speakers of our knowledge. We look forward that you could find your best pair.

Most frequent questions and answers ABOUT VINTAGE SPEAKERS

Are floor speakers better than book-shelf?

In our opinion, floor-standing speakers provide you with better performance than the book-shelf speakers.

It’s because floor speakers come in a bigger size which allows it to have more drivers. Which eventually gives better understanding than the book-shelf ones.

How do I choose a floor-standing speaker?

To choose the best floor standing speaker, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Performance of drivers
  • Build Quality 
  • Speaker size
  • Wiring and terminal configuration 
  • Volume and sensitivity

Do floor standing speakers need a subwoofer?

You can add one or more subwoofers to your floor-standing speaker. But they also can work even without having one subwoofer. So it’s entirely up to you. 

Do floor speakers need stands?

You can use your speaker even without having a speaker stand. But having a stand can make a significant impact on your audio experience as it improves overall sound quality and makes it easy to move the speakers. So, it would be best if you had a speaker stand as well. 

Do vintage speakers sound better?

Well, it’s hard to say that whether it’s a yes or a no. You see, every product has its pros and cons. Similarly, many vintage speakers made with suitable engineering methods can be your best option than many modern-day boys. 

As time passes, new and new engineering methods came to use with the new boys. But, most vintage speakers are provided with good receivers and amplifiers when you look down. These well-constructed boys can deliver better performance than the new boys. 

This feature makes these old schoolboys stand tall in front of the newly engineered homies. 

Again, it’s totally up to your preferences and needs to choose your best movie partner as needs vary from different peoples and cultures. 

In my genuine opinion, the old school boys are moreover equally good as the newbie ones. They both may lack in some portions and aspects of engineering, music tastes, and needs.

But they both work to provide quality of service to the music lovers making their heads shake every time.

Do floor standing speakers need a subwoofer?

Floor standing speakers, commonly known as the tower speakers, can be seen everywhere in the market. This boy is the new boss of the sound system provided with most of the speaker’s units. 

They are famous because of the high sound quality and efficient performance it provides to the music freaks. Usually, it comes with a subwoofer which offers a quality bass experience to these speakers. 

But this does not mean that the standing floor speakers can only work with a subwoofer. Welcome to the future. You can use the standing speakers even without a subwoofer.

If you have made a good sound calibration of the speakers, it can be played solely with equal efficiency.

Some homies are always looking to have a bang with their sound systems; they can have a subwoofer with their boy. It is like an all-rounder beast in your home. You can use it with your tv, gaming consoles, at your parties, and much more you can do with this boy. 

You can add more than one subwoofer to your standing floor speakers as well. They can increase the bass impact and provide you with your desired music taste. But make sure you use the identical brand subwoofers.

Because using different brands’ subwoofers can lead to distortion and undesirable sound performance. 

So, make sure to counter this part. Even you can have three or four subwoofers at a time connected with your floor standing speakers. But, make sure to make proper connections as well as use the same brands. 

I would recommend that these boys must have an RCA or LFE line-out connection. It’s like a modern way of connecting multiple objects through a single string of wire. 

Well, we have tried our best to narrow down the answer for you. I hope you find this article helpful and more informative.

What To Look For When Buying Vintage Floor Speakers

The speaker freaks have their minds always looking for the best quality speakers to fit their movie nights with their friends and family.

In modern days, speakers are in use everywhere, for parties and friends’ day-outs. So, having good speakers and subwoofers at low prices is like a blessing in disguise. Not only do they come cost-effectively, but they also bring more good music to you.

The same thing comes with the best vintage floor speakers as well. They can be cost-effective and offer more excellent sound quality. As they can be a bit heavy, they can be proven durable as well.

Moreover, they can bring more grace and class to your house and be your late-night movie partner.

You can also check out the Best Book-Shelf speakers available for you.

In this article on the best vintage floor speakers, we’ll look into the details which make them your best purchase. You’ll not regret spending your hard-earned money on these best vintage niggas in 2021.

Are Vintage Speakers worth it?

Back in time, there were many good speakers and bad ones, similarly, in modern-day boys. You can find the good ones as well as bad ones. Nothing has changed in the market, but dynamics and technology have made significant changes.

The modern-day boys come with a new set of engineering methods integrated to give quality. But, there are vintage speakers also available in the market. That means they are still in the market, capturing the customers, and still holds their value in the market.

Having the vintage boy in your house not only brings quality but also brings more class and elegance to your movie nights and house parties. But the real question is still vintage speakers worth it?

Well, frankly speaking, these old age boys still can shake your head with the modern beats of music-making you enjoy your musical nights. Many of the vintage speakers are still better than many of the modern-day boys.

Not only with their performance, they are made with high durable material so they can last longer. If you take care of your speaker, then it can last longer for decades.

Moreover, the quality of the amplifier is unbeatable and can perform even better than the modern age boys.

Best Vintage Floor Speakers | The BOTTOM LINE

There you are, music lovers. We have listed you some of the best old-school boys that can still provide you with a high-quality music experience and more robust development in the sound tech spaces. They are a way to go if you want to amuse, amaze, or relish records at a much higher quality and on a much-confined budget.

While looking for the best vintage floor speaker, keep in mind that there’s no best developed. You choose the best which fits your needs, taste, preference, and budget. 

Of course, you’ll need a strong bass bi-amp speaker; if you wish to build a home studio or compliment your soundbox, but for everyday entertainment, even the ones with the most exact specs will do the job. So, it’s you who decides what’s best. 

We have tried our best to pick the best options suitable for our customers’ different needs and circumstances. Keep in mind that the word vintage also comes as Big, Bold, and bizarre. Hopefully, you will find this article enough for you to find your best possible partner.

 If you have any questions, please put them down in the comment section. Your comments would be more valuable for us.