Best Wireless Over Ear Headphones Under 200

best wireless over ear headphones under 200


Wireless headphones are such a beautiful thing that provides a lot of fun and they are a great joy to use. Whatever headphones you got, you should take care of some of their main elements like comfort, durability, sound quality & price as well.

If you are on a tight budget, or you don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on these headphones, you can take a look at our guide to the In-ear Headphones for a pretty reasonable price. They also perform promising on the table.

However, if you don’t prefer in-ear models or you have some high standards of listening, it is better to opt for the Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Under 200. These boys can be your long-term and promising music companions for sure.

Even with these headphones, you have to make sure of a lot of factors to ensure and predict their deliverance before getting them. This helps you set realistic expectations that could be the peace of mind.

Wireless Over-Ear headphones come for a reasonably smooth cushioning that makes you feel proud. Most of these headphones present superior earmuffs so that you can keep wearing them for a relatively long time.

Although you can get great cushioning even in $150 headphones, you won’t necessarily get true comfort. They could apply a lot of pressure that eventually results in forming a migraine for some time. However, this is certainly not the case for the Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Under 200 bucks.

Their sound projection feels even clear and satisfying as the price could be a strong factor for improving the quality. Sometimes, lucky ones can get miraculously decent headphones even for a low price.

But, it is not the case every time with those budget boys. The premium ones hold their fantasy, to be honest. Their appearance helps you differentiate even at the very first impression.

You will get a balanced and realistic listening experience even with these headphones to satisfy your needs. They provide deep bass that becomes even clear with the noise cancellation. The Bluetooth & wireless makes the listening responsive and fearless. And, you will get some loud treble here as well.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing

When shopping for headphones, it is not difficult to find a pair that offers good sound quality and comfort while keeping within your budget. In most cases, we expect there to be a relationship between quality and cost. Therefore, we believe the more expensive headphones to be of more excellent quality as a result.

In reality, as the above list illustrates, this is not always the case. True, the available features are regularly reduced or deleted from the system. High-quality headphones are, on the other hand, still available at a reasonable price.

1: Bose SoundLink – Around Ear under 200

best wireless over ear headphones under 200

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Bose’s only guy that has taken the title of Our Top Pick for the Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Under 200. It is a launch of 2015 which is currently ranking as 148th best headphones even after thousands of reviews.

So, you can imagine the competition and the number of options available out there in this segment.

To provide some sort of customization, Bose has launched this guy in two colors within the fleet. These wireless headphones look fabulous in both colors honestly speaking. It also comes with a carry box out of the box.

The headphone is a lightweight thing that is loaded with comfort along with durability as well. This headset is meant for providing some long life so it could be a good value for the money that you would spend.

It is a foldable headphone that holds fairly easy control buttons across the earmuffs. So, convenience is not a big deal here and you can easily access or adjust the treble, respond to calls and shuffle the music to your preferred ones.

The headphone projects a marvelous sound that is enough for the price. These headphones provide a smooth & detailed listening experience due to their standard yet performing drivers. The blend between vocals and bass reproduces a magnificent soundstage that fascinates you a lot better.

You can connect with up to two devices with these guys. Both wireless connections are also possible at the same time without connection to any of these. The sound isolation is also good and noise-canceling also works pretty fine.

These headphones are supposed to deliver a good playback time out of the box. You can expect a playback time of up to 15 hours with this boy. To recharge this thing, you have provided a MicroUSB that takes almost 02 hours.

  • Responsive Bluetooth Connections Up to 15 hours of playback time Delivers a Detailed & Clear Soundstage Comfortable & Nicely designed headphone
  • Build Quality could be even impressive


2: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X – Over-ear headphone

audio technica headphones cheap

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Our runner-up to this list belongs to Audio Technica’s guy which is the most reviewed and the most popular guy here. Audio Technica has launched this guy back in 2014 that is currently listed as 2nd best headphone out there.

Audio Technica has provided you with up to 05 magnificent colors that look so fascinating. These headphones are available both in wired and wireless variants. However, we will be specifically talking about its wireless version due to context.

These Over-Ear headphones feature a fake leather sort of construction mostly on its headband and for some of its earmuffs. They are fully adjustable headphones that take no time to wear on your head.

This headphone has got a massive driver with an integrated size of 40mm. Now, its size allows a decent sound dispersion that helps in projecting a lucrative sound eventually. Though they are not truly foldable; they still provide swivel earcups.

These ear cups are swivel to up to 15° in both directions. That is a joy to wear depending on your head size and preferred wearing style. With these guys, you have got an impedance range of 47ohms that prevents signal loss while transmission.

The headphone features a frequency response rate of up to 15-20,000 Hz that makes the projection even clear. Its tweeters hold a good caliber of handling high frequencies pretty efficiently. The sensitivity is also not a big deal with these.

You will get a featured cushioning that is pretty professional and comfortable wearing, to be honest. These guys are easy to wear for a long time with a little bit of head pressure that is somewhat adjustable.

  • A Detailed Sound Projection The Comfortable headphones With the Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Holds touch controls as well
  • The wired version is more engaging


3: Skullcandy Crusher – Wireless around ear headphone

best over ear headphones

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SkullCandy is the successor to our runner-up with its magnificent boy that you can grab under 100 bucks. This is the second most reviewed and popular headphone on this exclusive list of the Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Under 200.

Skullcandy has launched this guy back in 2016 which is currently ranking as 83rd best Over-Ear Headphones out there. This comes in 04 attractive colors. Except for the black one, the rest of the colors cost a bit more for some reason.

These guys feature a reasonably responsive Bluetooth connection. Though, Bluetooth is not the latest version. But it still stands out quite decent in terms of responsiveness and connectivity.

They sound very optimal as you will be enjoying their detailed and audible sound projection out of the box. With these headphones, you will get a deliverable bass that stands out decent in terms of superiority and detailed projection also.

Even this bass is also controllable as per your preferences that make it a good deal. Technically, this is a good deal to grab for movies as well as the music headphones as well.

You will also get a microphone in this boy which is a good addition to see and use. With its decent drivers, the sound projection becomes compelling and pretty much promising. You will also get a carrying bag in its complete package.

Though it doesn’t come with an active noise cancellation sort of stuff, they are still optimally isolated. So, it won’t provide room for distortion that would affect your entire listening experience under the sun.

You can expect a playback time of up to 40 hours that also supports rapid charging out of the box. With this rapid charging, you would need just 10 minutes of charging time to make it work for up to 02 hours.

  • A Decent Sound Projection Up to 40 hours of playback Compelling sound quality The Responsive Bluetooth
  • The microphone isn’t so great


4: Sony WHXB900N – Noise Cancelling over ear Headphones

best over the ear headphones

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Sony has conquered the 4th premium spot of this list with its first-ever boy that is known as WHXB900N which is listed as an Amazon choice for the Over-Ear Headphones by Sony.

These also come in two colors in their fleet that look fabulous. They are launching the year 2019 which is currently ranking as the 280th best over-ear headphone out there. Both of its variants feature a wireless connection also.

If you want some more comfort with more bass and sound projection, this is a good deal to grab then. You will fall in love with its newly revised digital noise canceling that comes packed along with this.

You will also get a microphone that comes pre-built in this thing. This is a responsive thing that won’t leave you on the way. If you are fond of gaming, this one is going to be a good match even in that case as well.

The Bluetooth is also responsive and takes no time to get connected. This responsive connection also allows you to make calls just with a single tap. The microphone also passes true and real-time sound without compression.

With these headphones, you are likely to get a punchy bass that is a featured thing here due to their improved drivers. This projects an effortless sound that is enough for providing a detailed listening experience just like was expected.

This also holds very assistive controls. It is also loaded with touch controls that you can simply use to adjust the treble and tracks that you are playing there. The voice assistant is also improved here, which response quickly.

You can get a playback time of up to 30 hours just on a single charge. Its charging can take your 03 hours. That is also a pretty decent improvement here. The digital noise cancellation also works pretty fine that also supports various apps.

  • Digital Noise Cancellation A Detailed & Clear Sound Responsive touch controls Comes with Latest Features Lucrative bass reproduction
  • Noise cancellation isn’t the greatest


5: SENNHEISER HD280PRO – headphones under 200

best wired headphones under 150

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Right in the center of this list; we have got you with the Sennheiser’s only guy that is a masterpiece for its price. It is a successful over-ear model that is a launch of the year 2013. This boy is ranking as 60th best Over-Ear Headphones out there.

This one comes just in a single color and variant that has helped Sennheiser to get an effective control on what they are producing. It has made the list as an Amazon choice for Over-Ear Headphones Sennheiser.

This guy has got thousands of positive ratings from its existing owners nationwide. It is one of the most delicious pieces of evidence of its deliverance and performance on the table. Now, this is a wired headphone that is the only one on this exclusive list.

The reason for adding a wired headphone to the list of wireless ones; the wired headphones perform more compelling than wireless guys. You will notice a reasonable difference if you have a mature ear.

These closed headphones feature a durable body that is enriched in a delightful appearance out of the box. This provides a stunning leather or fabric sort of outlook that makes it an eye-catching deal to grab instantly.

These headphones are pretty lightweight and comfortable on the ears. They don’t feel burdened either on your heads or even on your ears. The pressure on the ears is also on a reasonable level that allows you a long-wearing time.

Due to their extraordinary drivers that come built-in to these boys; you will get a massive frequency response of 08 Hertz to 25KHz. Its tweeters are enough for handling high levels of frequency. Its 64Ohms of impedance prevents signal loss.

It is a foldable design that provides space-saving engineering. Its robust construction makes it a compelling boy. So, you can expect good longevity along with premium soundstage both at the same time.

  • With the Comfortable Earcups 64 Ohms of massive Impedance The Detailed Sound Projection Nicely build over-ear headphones
  • Not a reasonable problem yet


6: Skullcandy Crusher – best headphones for 200

over ear headphones

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Moving forward and we have got you with the Skullcandy for the last time on this list. This EVO crusher is listed as an Amazon choice for Skullcandy crusher Evo. They have launched this guy back in 2020.

Their perfect deliverance has made them rank as 59th best Over-Ear Headphones out thereafter thousands of positive ratings from its existing owners within just a short period.

This one also comes in two different standard colors and both of these look gorgeous at their points. It is the first and maybe the only guy that comes both in wired and wireless options. Now, you can use this boy as a wired or wireless headphone whenever and wherever you want.

It features a Crusher bass that allows you to adjust at your convenience. This headset is a responsive guy in terms of connections and deliverance. Though the wireless may take some minutes for the very first time, it isn’t an issue again.

You can take control of this boy with Skullcandy’s app that is a joy to use and works effectively right from your phones. It features a realistic yet contemporary design that looks fabulous at least for the price if not more than that.

Its foldable design is quite practical in terms of ease and doesn’t take up your time. This collapsible design is also easy to use and micro USBnotice any clunking noise while opening this up. All of its indicators along with buttons are nicely located.

With this thing, you can expect a playback time of up to 41 hours without any problem. To power this thing, you would need a micro USB cable that comes within the deal. It just takes 02 hours to get charged for the next 41hrs playback.

  • Delivers a Bossy Sound A Durable build quality Features a Foldable Design Up to 41 hours of playback
  • Mids needs some improvement


7: Bopmen S40 – best $200 headphones

best value over ear headphones

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BopMen has reserved the 7th spot of this guide with its only boy that is known as S40. This guy is currently ranking as an Amazon choice for the bopmen s80 out there at Amazon.

It is a launch of 2020 which is ranking as 340th best Over-Ear Headphones out there. This lightweight guy is the most inexpensive thing here.

This guy features a black color with a rubber or leather pattern of texture on it that provides a non-slip grip out of the box. It is a foldable design that you can adjust as per your head size or preferences. You can easily wear it on your neck if you are looking for morning walks.

Bopmen has integrated the buttons at a nice location that all are easy to reach without any hustling. The earcups seem durable and they are also well-cushioned undoubtedly. You can keep wearing it for a quite long time without any problem.

S40 is equipped with active noise canceling even for such an inexpensive price. This is meant for your regular tasks as well as some listening as well. It would be a great deal to use it in a city or project area to prevent external noise present out there in the environment.

This boy features a stereo sound effect in its driver that makes it a compelling deal to grab. With this boy, you will be getting a high-quality and clear sound most of the time. You can expect a clear & crispy projection here. But, don’t expect pretty much for the bass department as it is not meant for those tasks at all.

Moreover, you can get a playback time of up to 20 hours with this guy. You can get it charged within 2.5 hours of speedy charging that is a good thing to see. Its Bluetooth is also responsive due to its latest version of Bluetooth 5.0.

  • The Comfortable headphones Up to 20 hours of playback Responsive Bluetooth connection Compelling Stereo sound quality For a fairly reasonable price
  • Not specifically for audiophiles


8: V-MODA Crossfade – over ear under 200

best over ear bluetooth headphones

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Expanding the list even more and we have got you with the V-MODA’s Crossfade headphones. This lucrative boy is a launch of 2015 and this holds one of the lightest yet durable bodies without any doubt.

V-MODA has launched this model in three different colors and with a different price tag as well. The difference depends on the build quality and performance of course. Its GunMetal & White colors fall under the tag of the Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Under 200 bucks.

These headphones feature one of the best designs in the market that is a significant one which is an award-winning design as per V-MODA’s claiming. These headphones are specifically meant for gaming sort of stuff.

With this guy, you will get a pretty low latency rate that eventually makes them a responsive thing. This latency works pretty responsive for music and movies. However, it needs some more improvements for hardcore gaming.

They feature decent sound isolation that makes them an outstanding deal for the price of course. Now, their drivers never block the noise in the background completely, so that you will be somewhat attentive to be on the safe side.

You will enjoy a compelling sound quality here. These headphones are optimized for good deliverance for sure. They sound quite decent and detailed for their price segment which provides a good value for the money.

The headphone is meant for providing a playback time of up to 12 hours that you can get within 03 hours after a complete charge. They have already included a micro USB in the box, so you won’t have to take one dedicated for yourself.

The headphones feature an optimal frequency response rate of 5Hz – 30KHz that is capable enough for handling high rates. You will further get an impedance of 30 ohms which is less than what was expected for this price. So, you will get very low distortion due to the lowest signal loss.

  • Up to 12 hours of playback 5Hz – 30KHz Frequency rate A Rich & Clear Sound Quality With the Responsive Bluetooth
  • Needs break for long sessions


9: EPOS SENNHEISER GSP 500 – Best Wired Over ear Headphone

wired open ear headphones

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In your Sennheiser’s GSP 500, you have got a decent quality of flexible cable for your console, and if you are using a console where you can insert it in your controller.

The second cable is for your PC which is quite long with a connector on one end at your headphone and the other end has a mic and an audio jack. 

You can use this headphone with your Xbox, your PC, laptops, and any search console which you want to use. The microphone is good and sounds awesome, which does a very good job. You can get it out of the way if you don’t want to use it.

The color combination and built design of both the headbands and ear cups with volume control are matt finished and some chromic as well, which provides a very gorgeous look to this whole device.

The microphone is flappable and smooth to move all around the 120 degrees, which you can adjust as you need, either upward or downward.
The sound quality is also optimistic, both the music and gaming sound great where you can hear feet up, with weapon striking which has a natural sound.

This is because it is an open ear headphone that has a wider sound room and it gives detailed sound. You can hear everything whether it’s a game or a piece of music.

  • Detailed sound quality Flexible and adjustable Good build quality Sounds louder and clear High-Quality Microphone
  • Microphone gets harder to rotate as time passes


10: EKSA E900 – Over ear Gaming Headset

best over ear headphones for gaming

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EKSA’s E900 Stereo Gaming Headset comes with a nice design with some metallic made. The ear cups are made up of plastic itself, however the headband is retractable at both ends on the ear cups are metallic and durable.

Ear Cups are comfortable and bigger in size, which will cover your entire ears if you have short ears. The design is pretty decent and you will be using the controllers with adjustable headband, which is again comfortable but it’s a bit rigid.

The microphone is available on the right ear cup, which is also very decent in both look and performance. It is flappable and you also have an option to remove it from its one end, if you don’t want to use it. The microphone is also really impressive in recording and quality.

You have a 3.5mm audio jack which you will be connecting to your laptop, desktop, or console controller. The controller is also handy and simple to use. The bass is deeper and booms like a speaker with amplified sound.

  • Super Affordable Best for gaming Removable Mic Impressive sound quality Nicely designed
  • Built Quality is just fine


11: Audio-Technica ATH-ANC700BT – over ear headphones

bluetooth over ear headphones

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The second last yet another best streaming headphones belongs to Audio Technica for the last time. This one is a launch of the year 2018 that is not a very popular headset, to be honest.

If you want something for a reasonable price that also performs well, it is going to be a good deal for you then. You have got a black color in these headsets that features a matt black color. This model is also foldable and easy to use as well.

They feature a built-in active noise canceling that is quite responsive and promising here. The earcups seem to be well-cushioned and comfortable that you can wear just for a bit more than the average time.

These headphones feature 40mm massive drivers that make a pretty decent first impression on the table. They provide an extensive sound reproduction for more than the price. You will get a detailed sound projection most of the time.

It also comes with a microphone that works effectively. You will be getting real-time audio with this mic. It works responsively for the price and you can use this for attending your incoming calls.

You can get a playback time of up to 25 hours in Bluetooth mode. This can also be used with a wired connection. The charging interval is within 04 hours which is also a reasonable deal. Moreover, you will get a cord for charging as well.

  • Up to 25 hours of playback The Extensive soundstage Effective sound projection An Active Noise-Cancelling
  • Touch isn’t so responsive


12: Sony WHCH710N – bluetooth over ear headphone

best headphones for the money

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Last but not the least, Sony for the last time here with its WHCH710N which is a noise-canceling headphone. This as well, ranking as an Amazon choice for the Over-Ear Headphones by Sony that is a launch of 2020.

This guy is currently ranking as the 140th best Over-Ear Headphones out there. It is a lightweight thing that comes in two main colors of blue and black. There is almost a double price difference in both of them, but it is still under the budget.

These wireless Over-Ear Headphones come with smart noise canceling that seems to be pretty practical. The Dual Noise Sensor Technology makes things pretty automatic as it adjusts the blocking as per the environment.

This is a foldable design that looks pretty stunning on the desk. You can use it for a lot of things but it could be an ideal match for streaming movies or working on your projects. The sound quality is detailed and you won’t get distortion here.

It delivers a playback time of over 35 hours. You can get it charged within 4 hours. Along with that, it also supports quick charging that takes 10 minutes and you can keep it using for up to 2 hours. A good addition to its features.

  • Responsive Type-C Charging The Stunning Sound Quality Up to 35 hours of playback Smart Noise-canceling feature With Wireless NFC Bluetooth
  • Bass isn’t so detailed here



Is it wrong to wear over-the-ear headphones?

Headphones that cover your ears can cause hearing loss if used for an extended period or when music is played loudly. They’re just not as dangerous as earbuds: Having the sound source in your ear canal can raise the loudness of a sound by 6 to 9 dB – loud enough to cause some significant issues.

Is it wrong to wear a headset all day?

For example, if a headset is excessively tight, you may suffer from headaches and discomfort. Other symptoms, such as ear discomfort, may occur independently of how your headset is used. If you use your headset for several hours a day, especially if it’s a two-piece earbud type, the buds might hurt your ears.

Is over ear better than on-ear?

There is no right or wrong decision, but if battery life and mobility are essential to you, on-ear headphones are the best option. If you’re looking for somewhat higher audio quality, active noise cancellation, and don’t mind a little heavier pair of headphones, you should choose over-ear headphones.

Do beats hurt your ears?

While Beats headphones are very robust and can provide some protection, synthetic leather alone will not keep your ears warm, which might result in ear pain and discomfort. It’s straightforward to add earmuffs to your headphones, and they’ll help keep your ears toasty warm.

How to make ear pads

Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Under 200 | The Bottom Line

Everybody loves to get quality sound out of their headphones but most of us couldn’t spend our medical and groceries allowance in getting these headphones. We want a superior deal for a fairly reasonable price and this is a very good thing.

You can find budget headphones, but they might not be fascinating for you. Nevertheless, you can also never get a premium set of headphones that cost you several hundreds of bucks just for your fantasy.

To bypass this thing and to provide you a superior listening experience under a reasonable budget, we have crafted this exclusive list that features 12 Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Under 200 dollars.

You will get a balanced and realistic listening experience even with these headphones to satisfy your needs. They provide deep bass that becomes even clear with the noise cancellation. The Bluetooth & wireless makes the listening responsive and fearless. And, you will get some loud treble here as well.

With a lot of features that come packed, you will get a lot of assistance while using them. They provide a wireless connection that you can also use to pick up your calls. Their balanced sound makes them even gorgeous.

This investment justifies your requirements and expectations from these headphones pretty much. We have tried to put ourselves in your shoes to find some of these rare options out there. Fortunately, they are an ideal match to get. Just skim through this list and opt for your perfect mate right now!