Can You Reuse a TV Wall Mount?

Can You Reuse a TV Wall Mount

Have you purchased a new TV and you’re wondering if you can reuse your old TV mount? You can reuse an old TV wall mount, but there are some risks.  So, if you want to reuse your old TV wall mount, be sure the benefits you’ll reap outweigh the risks.

Yes, you can reuse your TV wall mount if it is compatible with your TV (most newer TVs use VESA mount which defines a standard distance between the mounting holes in the back of the TV). Also, the wall mound should be structurally sound with all the proper fittings (screws, washers and brackets). Don’t take the risk if the wall mount is weak or you think your TV might fall off the wall.

You can learn more about VESA standard here.

If you want to find out whether it is safe to reuse your TV wall mount and when and how you can install it, keep reading.

Can You Reuse A TV Wall Mount?

You can use an old TV wall mount if you want to save on your time as well as save money. Installing a new mount takes a lot of time. You need urchase a new one and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install it, so, it’s also costly.

However, before you decide to reuse your wall mount, ensure it is compatible with your new TV and reusable.

How to Know If Your TV Wall Mount Can Be Reused?

Let’s take an in-depth look at all the most important things that you should consider when you want to know if you can reuse your TV wall mount.

1. VESA Compatible

VESA is a standard that most TV manufacturers have adopted. It determines the distance between the four mounting holes in your television’s back in millimeters.

Whether your TV mount is fixed or swiveling, the size remains the same. The most common VESA sizes you can opt for are 600 x 400, 400 x 400, and 200 x 200.

If you want to find your VESA size, refer to the specifications in your product’s manual.

An alternative method is to measure the TV’s size. Locate the holes in the TV’s back and measure the distance from the top to bottom and left to right. After doing this, you’ll know the vertical and horizontal distance between the holes.

Here is an illustration of where you should measure:

VESA mount size2. Structurally Sound

Like other devices, your TV wall mount ages with time. So, if your mount is VESA compatible, check whether it’s still structurally sound.

Pay greater attention to this if the new TV is heavier than the old one or the TV should be mounted high. The bottom line is, to ensure that the materials and screws used to extend the mount are strong and sturdy enough to firmly hold the TV.

How to Reuse a TV Wall Mount?

Once you have ensured that the old wall mount is VESA compatible and your TV is also VESA compatible, the next step is to attach the TV.

Before you do that, however, check to ensure that the mount is stable.

Once you have the TV firmly fixed on the wall, ensure that it is still stable and fits

While many people believe that you can use solid adhesive tapes or glue to stick the TV to the wall, we do not recommend it.

Note that you should follow the steps required to install a new TV wall mount if it has to be used in a new location.

You’ll save the cost of purchasing a new TV wall mount.

How to Attach a TV to an Existing Wall Mount

Whenever you want to reuse a TV wall mount, start by evaluating the risks that come with your decision.

As we’ve already said, the TV mount’s compatibility with your TV matters a lot. The weight of the TV mount is also important. Once you get the correct measurements, you can proceed to the next steps.

Since you won’t install a new TV wall mount, the actual steps you should follow are simple.

What to Do When Worried About TV Falling Off the Wall?

If you’re worried about TV falling off the wall, find out whether your fears are legitimate.

Wrong Fittings Used

If you’ve used the wrong fittings, you have a reason to be worried. You need to reinstall the wall mount. You should use the correct washers, bolts, and screws.

When you use the correct washers on your TV wall mount’s bolts, you spread the weight. These bolts do an excellent job when fitted right.

Incorrect bolts are often wobbly and loose. So, most old wall mounts are culprits. However, once you use the correct washers, you reduce this risk significantly.

New TV wall mounts often come with washers. Now that you are using an old one, you need to ensure that all the fittings are still good and strog. If they are worn out, purchase new fittings to protect your TV from falling off the wall.

Wrong Fixing Into the Wall

Sometimes, you can end up with a poor fitting even after using the right screws and bolts. This problem is common when the hole is too large.

If you experience this issue, insert extra plugs into the hole to close it up.

Overloading TV Bracket

Check the recommended weight that your TV bracket can carry safely. If you’ve exceeded it, look for an alternative bracket. Since the TV mount is old, you may not have the owner’s manual, so check online to see if you can find the weight specifications.

How to Use an Old Style TV Wall Mount

To use an old-style TV wall mount, do this:

  1. Drill the holes at the safest spots on the wall.
  2. Position your TV brackets over the mount holes and use screws to attach them.
  3. Ensure the mount is straight. Use your spirit level to verify the suitability of the mount’s position.
  4. Once everything is okay, tighten up the screws and attach the TV bracket to the TV.
  5. Protect your TV’s screen using a clean piece of cloth and lay the TV on a large surface.
  6. Attach the TV wall mount firmly.
  7. Lift your TV and insert it into the right position.

Can You Mount a TV on a Shared Wall?

Yes, you can. However, it is best to mount your TV on a shared wall if your neighbors won’t have issues when you are drilling. Noise pollution can be a major nuisance in many neighborhoods. You can install wall plates and power boxes to minimize this risk.

Are TV Mounts Universal?

Most TV wall mounts are universal if they follow the VESA standard.  So, provided you follow the tips above, your wall mount will most likely work well with your television.


If your old TV wall mount is compatible with your TV and is of high quality, you can reuse it whenever you want. It’ll save you a lot of time and money. However, if using your TV mount comes with too much risk, leave it alone. Go for another old wall amount or buy a new one to protect your TV from falling away.

Finally, ensure that your old TV mount has the structures required to neatly connect up your HDMI cables and so on. Most older TVs use composite and component cables and may not have HDMI fixtures.