Why Does My Car Radio Keeps Turning Off (Solved!)




Just like most other radio users, your radio is your companion at those silent hours when boredom sets in, as well as a major source of up-to-date information. This reliance on the radio keeps you closer to the radio and a failing one that keeps turning off can be frustrating.

However, this article points to those factors that can cause your radio to fail.

Why Does My Radio Keep Turning On By Itself?

A car radio that keeps turning itself on may not sound much like a big problem until it starts getting annoying, particularly coming on when you don’t need it.

Well, these things don’t just happen, several factors contribute to this kind of radio fault and to help you check them, here are some things you could note;

Alternator Charge Transfer

Powering on your car transfers the charge from the alternator to the car battery. But in the instance of a bad wire connection, the power transfer is improperly distributed and hence turns on your radio. To fix this, simply ensure the alternated to the battery properly.

Inability of the Radio To Tune Into A Recognizable Channel

Another problem that could be responsible for your radio turning on by itself could arise from the inability of the radio to tune into a recognizable channel.

Once a radio can’t pick a channel to settle into, it automatically repeats the process turning it on at intervals.

A Faulty Speaker

When the amplifier is faulty, it could lead to a frustrating period of silence followed by a sudden powering on as well. A good way to fix this is simply by fixing or replacing the amp.

Car Radio Turns Off After A Few Seconds

Car radio is powered by two important wiring systems; one for receiving power from the ignition button upon powering up, while the other is a wire to supply constant power to the battery.

car radio off

These wirings work together to ensure a constant workflow for your radio. However, a break or damage to either of the wires will be directly responsible for your radio turning off after a few seconds. T

o deal with this fault, you will need to ensure the wires are in good working condition and are both connected.

Sony Home Stereo Keeps Turning Off

Your home stereo turning off could be a direct result of many of the common faults of the home stereo and before you panic, here are some problems you can check that may be leading to your Sony home stereo turning off;

  • A short circuit from an extension box or circuit. This fault is most common with long-term extension box use. Remove the stereo from the extension box and plug it directly into the wall socket to check for this fault.
  • At times the remote control may be responsible for turning off your home stereo from a compressed power button on the remote.
  • Another factor to always check when having issues with your Sony stereo turning off is the fault from other components connected to the stereo particularly your power cable. A damaged cable may contribute to your stereo turning off.
  • An automatic factor that can contribute to your home stereo is the auto standby mode. Check your stereo setting to confirm you haven’t set an automatic sleep timer n your stereo which could be responsible for your stereo shutting down.

Pioneer Car Stereo Keeps Shutting Off

Your pioneer car stereo is not designed to keep shutting down by itself, especially when you are still enjoying the music on the stereo.

However, several issues contribute to the stereo shutting down including; overheating of the car’s internal system which could trap in hot air; damage in the wire that was supposed to supply steady power to the stereo device; alternator and battery inadequacy among other faults could ultimately lead to the constant shutting off of your pioneer car stereo.

Aftermarket Radio Shuts Off Randomly

To keep your aftermarket radio working smoothly requires three important components. These are a twelve voltage constant, a ground, and another twelve voltage switch.

These three parts work together to ensure that the aftermarket keeps working effectively. Damage to any of these parts will eventually lead to the radio turning off at random intervals.

Car Stereo Turns Off At High Volume

The reason your car stereo turns off at a high volume could be connected to many reasons which are dependent on the wiring and the capacity of the speakers.

There are many contributing factors to this but the most common fault you can check are:

  • Damage to the wiring system in your car which could have led to damage resistance and power value of the amplifier is a good place to start your diagnosis.
  • Check the speaker value to know if there is any waiting problem and to know the watt value and amplifier rating.
  • The impedance value is another factor to consider nothing the ohms recommendations and pairing value to know which to connect it to and how loud it needs to go. An impedance value lower than that on your speaker in your car may give you a problem going on a higher volume.
  • All of the other faults pointed out above may point to one thing and that may we suggest that you change the speaker of your stereo completely to completely solve the problem.

Radio Turns Off When AC is On

Having a poor connection system on your car can cause several faults. Bad wiring for example might put pressure on another component which might overload or overwork the system.

Hence, in the case of a radio turning off when the AC is turned off could be a product of these earlier stated faults as well. To diagnose this problem, some parts you can check include;

  • Your ignition system. A bad ignition can cause of system to fail at the start of another in your car.
  • Your battery cell may be failing already. A failed cell is another thing to might need to check, as this might be an indication that the battery is getting weak and inefficient.
  • The power supply from the alternator is another factor that can lead to failure. If the alternator is not supplying the parts of the car with enough power, it could lead to cutting out power from one to another.

On a final note, your radio/stereo can turn off for any of the many reasons stated above. This article should help you make the right decision to determine where the fault might be coming from.

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