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  • Why Does My Amp Keep Blowing Fuses? (SOLVED)

    For a fact, several factors can cause your amp to keep blowing up the fuse. Having a blown fuse every time can be pretty bad, but knowing that it is your amp that keeps blowing up the fuse can get frustrating. While it might be because of a minor issue, it could also be due […]

  • Mark Levinson Vs McIntosh Amplifiers

    It is common practice for audiophiles to always try to see which speakers and amplifiers are the best. One such debate is between amplifiers and speakers created by top brands – Mark Levinson and McIntosh. Which brand is better and who makes the more powerful and sophisticated amplifiers. Mark Levinson amps are better for subtle […]

  • McIntosh Vs Bryston Amplifiers

    A comparison for which is better between McIntosh and Bryston amplifiers is a regular debate. The reason is that these two companies are known for their closely similar high-end audio equipment products. Asides from that, they are also both known for their products which are quite expensive. However, as similar as they might look with […]

  • Lepy vs Lepai

    Lepy and Lepai are popular audio equipment makers. But, because of the almost similar name, body, and features of their amplifiers, most people find it hard to pick the better one. Both Lepy and Lepai amplifiers are from the same company. While Lepy is used mostly for amplifiers from the company, Lepai is a generic […]

  • Marantz vs Emotiva

    Marantz and Emotiva are manufacturers and retailers of high-end audio equipment. These companies’ audio equipment includes receivers, amplifiers, speakers, home theaters, audio monitors, and other related goods are available from the companies. This article provides information about these two well-known audio brand firms. History Of Marantz Marantz is a manufacturer and retailer of high-end audio […]

  • Wiring Mono Amplifiers With Two Terminals

    One of the best ways you can easily enjoy deep bass with a subwoofer is a mono amp that has two speaker terminals. Most Monoblock Amps have just one speaker terminal that you can use with your subwoofer. However, some recent Mono Amp models come with two terminals. This is an added improvement to make […]

  • 2 Channel Vs 4 Channel Amps

    There are a number of output devices that speakers can be connected to when it comes to setting up a car audio system. A two-channel class AB or D amplifier is one, and a four-channel class AB or D amplifier is another. The fundamental difference between a 2 channel and a 4 channel amp is […]