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  • How to Connect a Subwoofer to Rear Speakers

    Getting a strong bass blast out of your rear speaker is worth everything. What if I tell you there is a way you can fix a sub to your rear speaker without visiting a tech shop? Keep reading this article till the end to get the basic step-by-step approach for connecting a sub to your […]

  • How To Make Car Speakers Louder

    Cars are one of the most popular sources for audiophiles to listen to their lovely music because it helps you to spend your leisure time in a better way while driving into your city. Are you looking to get more detailed & loud volume from your car speakers but Don’t want to spend money on purchasing […]

  • How To Set Crossover Frequency For Car Audio System

    So, you have got a new car audio system for your car, & now you are wondering how to get the most out of it to help analyze its performance & enhance your listening experience. If you have got a cheap speaker, which does not sound pretty well or fascinating, at least to you, then […]

  • My Car Radio Turns On and Off by Itself (SOLVED)

    The strange phenomenon of a car radio going on and off by itself is caused by a system problem and must be addressed. Basically, there are 3 major causes for this abnormality: Improper installation: To begin with, improper installation is a very common problem that causes the car radio to malfunction. This is also known […]

  • Why Does My Car Radio Keeps Turning Off (Solved!)

    Just like most other radio users, your radio is your companion at those silent hours when boredom sets in, as well as a major source of up-to-date information. This reliance on the radio keeps you closer to the radio and a failing one that keeps turning off can be frustrating. However, this article points to […]

  • How to Add Capacitor to a Car Tweeter

    Tweeters are small speakers with a small cone that produce the high end of audio frequencies. They’re most effective when pointed directly at the listener. Most are restricted to a set frequency range, such as 3 to 20kHz, though this varies depending on the speaker’s constraints. Human hearing has a frequency range of roughly 20 […]