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  • How Far Can You Run Speaker Wires?

    Speakers are essential for effective communication when conducting both outdoor and indoor event programs. As a result, we must evaluate how far we can run our speaker wires as well as the distance our speaker wires can convey sounds without losing quality. The maximum length you can run a speaker is determined by the resistance […]

  • What Happens If Speaker Wires Touch

    Many people wonder what happens if their naked speaker wires touch each other, particularly while working. Some users also genuinely question whether speaker wires can shock because they just transmit sound signals. This article discusses what happens and what to do when your speaker wire touches. When speaker wires touch, this causes a short-circuiting of […]

  • How To Hide Speaker Wires

    You want to change the setup of your room, move your installation to another place or change your bedroom to a home theatre with 7.1 and 5.1 or projector systems and connect to TV, Gaming setup, and Computer. Living spaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Then it becomes difficult to arrange the wires. There may be […]

  • What Gauge Speaker Wire Do I Need?

    Do you need to know what gauge speaker wire do I need for my home theater system, or what is the best length of speaker wire for my surround sound speakers? There are a few things to keep in mind before making that purchase. This article is meant to give you all the information that […]