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  • How Long Do Speaker Crossovers Last

    Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a second speaker on sale at a fantastic price, or you simply want to know if your set of speakers still sounds as good as the day you purchased them. For years, many audiophiles and music lovers have been intrigued about the degradation or deterioration of speakers. As one […]

  • 4 Ohm vs 8 Ohm Speakers – Which Is Better

    Are you looking to buy new speakers for your car or home stereo system? Have you heard that 8-ohm speakers are better than 4-ohm speakers but aren’t exactly sure what the difference is? No worries, I’ve got everything covered. But first, you need to know how an ohm works. An ohm is a unit of […]

  • How To Make Your Own Speaker Dust Cap

    A dust cap, otherwise known as a “dust dome” plays a very important role in a car speaker, it is a gently curved cap that is fitted over the central hole of most loudspeaker diaphragms in either a concave or convex position. Small particles (which might cause rubs) and other pollution are kept out of […]

  • What Exactly Is 24bit, 96khz?

    You might have come across the term 24 bit 96khz a number of times as an audiophile. Curious what it means? 24 Bit 96Khz is a term that is used to define a digital audio resolution as well as its sample rate. The amount of bits required to store each audio sample is indicated by […]

  • JBL vs Harman Kardon

    Both JBL and Harman Kardon are leading names in the audio devices/equipment industry. These two have over the years been tagged with a mark of distinction for the quality their products offer. However, there are still one or two features that clearly distinguish one from the other. JBL products cut across a wide range of […]

  • Klipsch vs. Elac (The Truth!)

    Some of the most remarkable vintage brands in the audio industry are Klipsch and Elac. They both perform wonderfully, and it may not be very easy to choose between the two. In this article, we shall review them to help you make an informed decision when choosing from them. Klipsch and Elac are rival brands […]

  • Skar vs Sundown (The Truth!)

    Skar Audio and Sundown are companies that deal with audio speakers. These two companies are among the top brands in the audio industry. Skar audio products are usually recommended by experts for beginner audiophiles, while veterans tend to find what they love more in Sundown audio products. The fact is, Skar Audio has a terrible […]