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  • TV Mounted Too High (FIXES)

    Sitting in front of a TV Mounted too high can be hard work, notably for the reason of having to strain your neck to watch it. This can not only affect your viewing experience but can also cause body pain after a while. Therefore, this article will look at “how high should your tv be […]

  • Can You Reuse a TV Wall Mount?

    Have you purchased a new TV and you’re wondering if you can reuse your old TV mount? You can reuse an old TV wall mount, but there are some risks.  So, if you want to reuse your old TV wall mount, be sure the benefits you’ll reap outweigh the risks. Yes, you can reuse your […]

  • How to Raise a TV Above a Soundbar

    By common practice, soundbars are placed in front of the television. But sometimes, these soundbars can be big, therefore forcing the TV to be too close to the wall. Asides from this, the soundbar may obstruct your TV experience, making important messages hard to read. In this situation, raising the TV above your soundbar is […]

  • How to Raise a TV a Few Inches

    When raising your television height, the best viewing angle and distance is usually between two to three feet above your eye level. However, if your TV is too low, raising your TV a few inches can be challenging if you don’t know the right steps to follow. We will describe the best way you can […]

  • How to Plug Composite Into Component

    Traditionally, almost everyone is used to the red, yellow, and white cable you connect to your device for video and audio output. This 3-head cable is known as a composite cable, RCA cable, or AV cord and is available on old devices. However, newer TVs don’t have an AV input. They feature a component input […]