Earasers vs Eargasm Comparison (The Facts!)




Ear protection is a trendy topic, particularly among people who attend loud events. Therefore, names like Earasers and Eargasm are common choices. These earplugs are designed with high-fidelity audio protection that allows you to enjoy your music without blowing your eardrum.

Earasers vs Eargasm

While these two earplugs are good, you may want to ask “which one is better?” It must be noted that while the two earmolds function closely similarly, their function is slightly different.

Therefore, Earasers have a special ear protection feature that blocks out excessive noise without muffling. Eargasm is designed with a low sound that is pleasing to the ear while also blocking out noise.

Here are some comparisons we have made between the two earplugs to guide your selection.

1. Design

Earasers design comes with a band on either side that restricts them from falling into the ear. In addition to resting comfortably on the ear, it also has a ring that makes it easy to remove at any time.

However, Eargasm earplugs have a cylindrical body that fills the ear hole perfectly. This design helps you block out the surrounding noise and all other muffled sounds that may be attributed to blocking the eardrum.

The Eargasm design is sleek and makes it comfortable for use over a prolonged period without hurting the ear.


2. Sound Quality

Getting the best sound quality from either of these earplugs is one of the most controversial topics when comparing the two. This is because there are different views from the fans of both Eargasm and Earasers which makes it hard to say which is best.

In a nutshell, here are some of the pronounced differences between the two:

Earasers: this has been reported to deliver better quality as a result of its compact size. it works by canceling out the noise from outside which helps you focus better.

Eargasm: as reported by some of their fans, the quality is from the custom design which fits perfectly into the ear. Most feel this allows them to have a good listening experience with isolated noise.

3. Comfortability

Earasers have a silicone material buildup that fits snugly into the ear. This is much more efficient in filtering the surrounding noise. However, it is not an ideal long period earplug and could get uncomfortable after a while.

Unlike the Earasers, the Eargasm earplugs are primarily composed of foams. This makes it a lot more comfortable to use for as long as one could want to. But, a downside to its sound quality is that it doesn’t block as much noise as Earasers.

4. Affordability

Earasers are a lot more affordable when these two are compared but getting larger quantities puts both Eargasm and Earasers at par. The two earplugs offer a great discount of up to half the price on large orders of the earplugs making them.

However, to get the best offer out of these two earplug companies, make sure to hand over the shipping of the earplug to them.

5. Noise Reduction

By direct comparison, Earasers have a better noise reduction ability than Eargasm. Earasers come with up to 26 decibels of noise reduction rating, however, Eargasm only has about 18 decibels. By general standards, the higher the decibels, the better its noise reduction power.

Asides from the decibel numbers, other factors that contribute to its noise reduction ability include the materials; size; and how well it fits around the ear.

Therefore, Earasers are made with silicone materials which are better at filtering the surrounding noise. In contrast, Eargasm is made with foam.

6. Frequency Range

Earasers have been noted to have a better frequency range. This is because while Eargasm has been designed primarily for close-range sound enhancement such as music and speech, Earasers works with all ranges.

Earasers are efficient at filtering a wide range frequency just as well as they would with a closer range frequency. However, louder noise such as concert noise, traffic, and other higher frequency noise may not be efficiently filtered on Eargasm.

7. Packaging

Both Earasers and Eargasm have a casing for beautification and protection, but one is sure better than the other. In the case of Earasers, it comes in an aluminum box which is a bit archaic. Eargasm on the other hand has a zip-up case that is more fanciful and a better way to carry the earplug around.

8. Material

Earasers are made of medical-grade silicone material that fits easily into the ear. It is an ideal material that molds into any ear both large and small.

It doesn’t accumulate dirt, dust, or oil while using them, unlike a foam material. This is a particularly great material for those who are concerned about their ear hygiene.

Eargasm on the other hand, is made with hypoallergenic silicone material. This is less snug, but they still try to fit into the ear as best as they could.

The major downside, however, is their ability to absorb oil and dirt. But, if you are a fan of Eargasm, you will have to clean the earplug every time after using it.

9. Size

Eargasm has a one size fits all design. But in Earasers, earplugs are sold in 3 different sizes -small, medium, and large- to serve everyone no matter their size.

10. Effectiveness

Judging how effective Eargasm could be in contrast to Earasers is a subjective topic. This is because while Eargasm is better than Earasers in some areas, Earasers are also way ahead of eargasm in others.

For example, if your concern is about the price, then Earasers are your best option. However, if you are concerned about the earplug falling off your ear while you sleep, you might have to choose Eargasm.

This is because Eargasm has a two-step style that holds the inner ear well and prevents it from falling off.

Eargasm Vs Vibes

One major similarity between these two earplugs is their one-size-fits-all. The two have a design that is generic for all users. Although Vibe earplugs are reasonably priced and with good sound, Eargasm earplugs are considered better.


Having compared these two leading earplug brands, we can agree that they both have their pros and cons. However, Earasers are better at noise cancellation owing to the 26 decibels noise reduction rating. And in contrast, Eargasm earplugs fit better for sleeping without falling off. Just think of what you want in your earplug and trust me we have covered it already so you can easily pick what works best for you. Finally, please note that these earplugs cannot be used with headsets, headphones or earphones. However, there are some noise-canceling headphones that won’t cancel as much noise but do help to reduce noise.

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  • Earasers vs Eargasm Comparison (The Facts!)

    Ear protection is a trendy topic, particularly among people who attend loud events. Therefore, names like Earasers and Eargasm are common choices. These earplugs are designed with high-fidelity audio protection that allows you to enjoy your music without blowing your eardrum. While these two earplugs are good, you may want to ask “which one is…

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