Top 5 Best Headphones With 2 Inputs

Best Headphones With 2 Inputs

Many users today seek advanced headphones with enhanced capabilities. Therefore, headphones with more inputs are increasingly becoming a trend for people looking for more than the standard music players. This article will highlight some of the best headphones with two inputs you should look out for.

Can Headphones Take 2 Inputs?

Although modern headphones can take two inputs, not all are designed with that capability. However, you can easily do this using a splitter. This cable divides one relation into numerous relations, thus, enabling the merging of two input signals to the headphone.

1. Anker Soundcore Life Tune – Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – A3029

The Anker Soundcore Life Tune headphone is one of the best in terms of the best sound output having two inputs.

It is excellent because it cancels any exterior noises, thus giving you an incredible experience away from distractions. The headphone features 40mm Drivers that enable a frequency of up to 40Hz to perform with enhanced simplicity.


  • Multiple noise cancellation modes – The Anker Soundcore Life Tune has three noise-canceling ways; Transport, Outdoor and Indoor. These three inputs prevent distractions from the outside, thus enabling you to focus.
  • Hybrid Active Noise cancellation modes – The Anker Soundcore Life Tune uses external and inner microphones on each ear cup. An extra digital effective sound revocation algorithm scrutinizes and removes up to 95% of soft and mid-frequency hisses.
  • Calls with the best simplicity – The Anker Soundcore Life Tune headphone enables one to have clear calls due to noise reduction and advanced voice enhancement.
  • Good high capacity battery – The Anker Soundcore Life tune has a good capacity battery that is fast to charge and can stay up to hours without depleting.
  • Easy to carry – The Anker Soundcore Life tune weighs just 260 grams, enabling one to listen for long rounds.


  • Ear disorder – The Anker Soundcore Life tune can cause infection to the ear canal due to the maximum concentration of sound in the ear, affecting the ear’s air path.
  • Ear pain – This is one of the most common effects of headphones due to prolonged use of headphones.

2. Anker Soundcore Life A2 NC- Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds – A3935

The Anker Sound Life Headphone is also one of the best-ranked headphones with a fantastic sound experience. The headphone features a Hybrid clear sound revoking technology with numerous sound detecting microphones that eliminate any outer sound destruction. It also has an 11mm transducer that delivers big bass beats. It also enables Mono listening, where one can use either the wireless earbuds to hear unaided.


  • Fast charging ability – The Anker Sound Life headphone charges faster, keeping them in motion for up to 1.5 hours.
  • Clear calls – The Anker Sound Life headphone has a six shaft–shaping microphone and a disturbance terminating algorithm that strengthens the simplicity of your calls by keeping at bay external sounds.
  • Eliminates 90% of environmental noise – The Anker Sound Life headphone has a Hybrid Active disturbance canceling device that monitors and eradicates external and internal sounds.


  • Lack of focus – Due to the concentration ability offered by the Anker Sound Life headphone, one cannot get information about the outside environment, which can expose you to accidents.
  • Leads to Hearing loss – The high sound intensity of the Anker Sound Life headphone speakers can damage the ear canals and cause loss of hearing.
  • Leads to dizziness – The high sound intensity enclosure may create different sound wave varieties hence harmful.

3. JBL Tune 500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Voice Assistant

The JBL Tune Headphone is one of the best-ranked headphones due to its various features and capabilities.

Having folded flat earcups that enable total sound concentration, the JBL Tune headphone is awesomely fantastic. The headphone also is modified with a hand-free calling mic that allows call reception making them very reliable.


  • Best battery capacity – The JBL Tune headphone has the best battery capacity that can last for 16 hours without any interruption of power shortage. This feature thus makes it a good headphone for travelers.
  • Has Wireless Bluetooth technology – This feature enables it to connect with any Bluetooth device.
  • Best calls proficiency – The JBL Tune headphone is equipped with fold-flat earcups that enable the projection of the sound clearly into the ear canals preventing external sound alteration.


  • Ear infection – Due to the ear cups, the JBL Tune headphone makes the sound concentrated in the ear canal. This can cause damage to the ear or infection.
  • Hearing loss – The high concentration of sound in the ear canal by the JBL Tune headphone may lead to hearing loss.

4. Sony WH- 1000×M4

The Sony WH headphones are arguably the best ones on the market today. This is because they weigh less and are more comfortable to use.

They are equipped with noise-canceling devices. Besides, they deliver total sound concentration.


  • Best sound quality – The Sony WH headphone has the best sound quality in that the destruction has been removed, and it delivers a fantastic sound experience.
  • It is comfortable – The Sony WH headphones produce low frequencies at great precision hence making it comfortable while listening to different sound tones.
  • Best features – Features such as speak to chat make the Sony WH headphone more reliable and efficient.


  • Ear damage – Although the Sony WH headphone has the best frequency levels, the sound volume may damage the ear canal.
  • Dizziness – The Sony WH headphone sound production may lead to dizziness.

5. Sony WF – 100×M4

The Sony WF headphone is an award-winning headphone with the best features. It has refined sophisticated vocals giving it the best sound output. The headphone also has an equalized performance; hence best quality music is produced.


  • It is Comfortable to use – The Sony WF headphone is very comfortable to put on due to the nature of the spongy surface. It also has touch-sensitive controls.
  • The Sony WF headphone is equipped with an IP×4 water-resistant tool that bars water from getting into it.
  • Good battery life – The Sony WF headphone is also equipped with a battery that can stay for up to16 hours without depletion.


  • Hearing loss – The Sony WF headphone can lead to hearing loss at high volumes due to potential damage to the ear canals.

Why Do Headphones Have Two Jacks?

Headphones are manufactured with two jacks for various reasons. Some manufacturers include the second jack just in case one jack goes bad. The second jack on some headphones acts as a microphone output port, while older airline headphones had two jacks to deter passengers from stealing them.

How Can I Use One Headphone With Two Devices?

You can use one headphone with two devices using a splitter. The splitter lets you easily plug the headphone into any of your two devices.

Can A Headphone Be Both Input And Output?

Yes. Although it depends since a headphone is always an output device. However, for a headphone with an inbuilt microphone or headset, the headphone can be used both as an input and output.

How Do I Connect Two Wired Headphones?

Clog the splitter into your computer and clog the headphones into the splitter. The splitter is always Y-shaped, which thus divides the headphone jack into double audio outputs enabling the use of both headphones at a time.


Headphones have become the mode of life in the 21st century with the best features that enable the best sound production and added features such as additional jacks for increased adaptability. However, you should choose the best headphone that meets your needs with little impact on your hearing.