How To Have Audio Play Through Speakers And Headphones

How To Have Audio Play Through Speakers And Headphones
How To Have Audio Play Through Speakers And Headphones

How To Have Audio Play Through Speakers And Headphones

Most of our audiophile dudes usually ask a common question: how they can play the music on both headphones & through the speakers in real-time. Is this possible?

The short answer to it is, “yes” you can enjoy quality sound through speakers and headphones.

And the long answer to your question How to have audio play through speakers and headphones is….

It depends…

It really depends technically on the type of the computer or a laptop you have, the headphones, & obviously the speakers. In some cases, you can use two audio outputs in laptops, but this is likely to be more often in desktops.

There are a few ways you can do it. Let me explain most of it entirely.

Adjust Sound Settings in PC

  • On your desktop, click on the Speaker icon, located on the system tray.
  • Go to playback devices & make sure that your system’s default speakers are set as default speakers in this menu too.
  • If you have installed the drivers for speakers perfectly, you will be getting that guy on the list of default communication devices.
  • After setting this up, go to the recording tab in the same window, & show the disabled devices by right-clicking down to it.
  • Doing this will give you another option, known as Stereo Mix, just click on enable.
  • Bring up the options by Double Clicking it, & go to the listen tab here.
  • Click listen to this device, & set the default playback device to be able to hear the system sound.
  • Select your headphones that are connected & installed with the system, on which you want to hear them out.
  • Now, go to the Advanced tab, & uncheck all the options that allow the applications that can take exclusive control of the device.
  • Just tune to the exact level, by hovering towards the level option, that you want to listen to yourself & click OK.

This also helps you prevent Skype & Zoom, from messing with your preferred audio levels while using the apps. You are now done with your PC to listen to both devices simultaneously.

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Adjust Sound Settings in Mac

  • Open the stock app called Audio MiDi, by using Launchpad from spotlight On your Mac.
  • In the application folder in the finder, make sure you have connected all of the audio devices on your Mac.
  • Click on the “+” button at the most left corner at the bottom & select the create multi-output devices option.
  • This will create a multi-output device here & you will be able to select all your audio devices in this pane, that are attached to your Mac.
  • Just select the one that you want to route the audio through, & right-click that multi-output device from the left side widget.
  • Select the user’s device’s sound output option from here.

Once you do that, any audio that you play is going to be routed through your audio devices that you added. You can also create an aggregate device, to play audio through speakers and headphones.

The process is quite similar to the above one. Just select the create aggregate device, & once you do that, you will see all your devices listed on the right pane. Go ahead to select all the devices that you want to route the audio through.

Now, what you need to do is to open the clock source drop-down menu & select the built-in output option. By doing this, you will see all the added devices here on the list. From here, select the built-in output option & drag it to the very end. Now, you just have to select to use this device for the aggregate sound output option & this is all done.