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When raising your television height, the best viewing angle and distance is usually between two to three feet above your eye level. However, if your TV is too low, raising your TV a few inches can be challenging if you don’t know the right steps to follow. We will describe the best way you can raise your TV a few inches for convenient viewing.

To raise your TV a few inches, you can move up the mount if it is mounted or use risers for the legs if it is placed on a center console or table. Some mounts are adjustable and allow up to easily move up the TV a few inches. With rises, you can place them under the TV itself or the TV stand. Some risers are height adjustable. 

Here is a quick overview of the two methods:

1. Using A Mount

If your TV is already on a mount, you need to adjust it. If not, you can put up a new mount.

  1. Using a level, hold the mount on the wall.
  2. Ensure that the mount is level and there is no tilting.
  3. Mark the pilot hole locations on the wall. If it is drywall, ensure that you only mark hole locations where there are studs behind.
  4. Attach the appropriate drill bit to your power drill and drill the holes.
  5. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall.

If you want to reuse a TV wall mount, check out our guide on answering the question – can you resue a TV wall mount to learn more.

2. Using A Riser or Adjustable Mount

If you need a specific height, find a riser that offers that height or buy an adjustable one that offers the ability to change the height. In fact, you can also get an adjustable mount that allows you some flexibility

Here are a few examples:

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Step By Step on How To Raise Your TV A Few Inches

First off, if your television is already mounted, you will need to raise the mount from its present level. However, if it is not, you will simply need to install a new mount to your desired level.

Instruments needed 

The tools you will use include a mounting bracket, measuring tape, screwdriver, pencil, spirit level, rawl plugs, stud detector, drill, a ladder or stepping stool, and the right wall anchor.

When attempting to raise your flat screen television above the ground, follow these procedures carefully

Step 1: Locate the studs

This step is important if your wall is drywall. If your wall is concrete, you can move to the next step. Now, find the location of the stud on your wall. This is important because it is impossible to place weight on the mount if there aren’t any. If a mount is already there, finding the studs should be easy because the screws should be there. 

If you’re having trouble finding studs, a magnetic wave stud finder can come in handy.

In the absence of a magnetic stud finder, you can also locate the studs by tapping on the wall and listening until you hear a solid sound. Hence, that is where the wooden frame goes through.

Step 2: Mark Out The Area You Want to Put Your Television

After you’ve located the stud, point out where you want to put your television. This is crucial because we don’t want the television to be too low or too high.

All we want is to be able to watch it comfortably, regardless of whether we’re sitting or lying down.

Step 3: Drill in the Screws

After everything has been ironed out, it’s time to put your drilling machine to work. All you need to do is drill a hole for your screw so that it can be held firmly in place without pulling out of the wall.

Step 4: Attach the Bracket

This step should be simple and straightforward. Place your TV screen on a table or other big surface (towels are a good idea to cover the screen), locate the mounting holes on the back, and securely attach the mount.

Tip: Double-check that the screw holes are properly aligned and that the screws do not impede the mount from tilting or swiveling.

Step 5: Lift your TV into Place after the Necessary Connections

Connect any cables you want to connect to your TV, such as an antenna cable, a power cord, or an HDMI cable. before you put it together.

Then, with the help of another person, move the TV into place, securing the two bracket sections using a screwdriver or Allen key (this depends on the type of bracket).

Enjoy your nicely positioned television!

However, if you’re not sure about mounting the TV yourself, you can always request the services of a professional.

If you make a mistake and find that your TV is now mounted too high, check this guide to fix that.

Alternatives To Using a Mount to Raise a TV a Few Inches

TV wall mounts have become a popular choice among homeowners. However, a TV wall mount is not suitable for every home or wall. You may need an alternative due to space limits, creative style, and irregularly shaped living rooms.

Instead of forcing the traditional wall mount design into your home, try one of these innovative solutions.

TV Risers

TV risers are special TV stands that allow you to add a few inches to your TVs height. It is an easy way to prop up a TV.

On Top of Fireplace

If your home has fireplace, you can place the TV over it. This gives the living area an exquisite appearance, allowing you to enjoy both the fireplace and the television at the same time.

On Your Cabinet

The TV can be positioned in the center of an open room with floor-to-ceiling windows. 
The TV can be mounted atop cabinet opposite the sitting area, and the back of the TV (as well as the cables) can be hidden using cabinet components.
The TV can also serve as barrier between the dining area and the living room in this arrangement.

A Mobile TV Stand

Condos usually have an open loft-style living area that is big and distinctively structured. 
Fixing the TV to wall mount reduces visibility and confines it to single area of the room.
Using mobile TV stand gives you lot of freedom when it comes to watching TV.
The stand can be moved to different sections of the open room depending on the quantity of light coming in, the number of people in the space, and the furniture configuration.

A Motorized Cabinet

Residents in today’s homes value flexibility and convenience above everything else. 
motorized cabinet allows the TV to be lifted above the surface while in use, and then lowered beneath to allow the cabinet to be used for other purposes in the house.
It’s practical and innovative design, and the TV cabinet can be moved to other parts of the room.

How To Raise TV On A Dresser

You may find that after mounting your flat-screen television on a stand, it isn’t high enough for comfortable viewing.

You can adjust the screen’s height in a variety of ways to get it to the height you want. The major problem is ensuring that the base beneath the television is stable so that it does not tip over.

Look for adjustable brackets that will allow you to raise the height of the table. Raise the base to the desired height and secure it with the fasteners that come with it. raising the stand to the desired level, and then tightening the screws.

65 Inches TV Riser

Make sure you have the correct riser before purchasing a 65-inch television. In casea like this, here are some recommendations to use your 65 inches riser. 

  • It must not take a lot of space in the room.
  • It must as well have the ability to hold over or about 150lbs.
  • Find a surface that is resistant to water.
  • Use an easy-to-follow instruction booklet and put it together by yourself.


Raising your TV a few inches shouldn’t be a hard task once you know the necessary steps to follow. This article is a very useful guide on how to raise your flat-screen television a few inches. Other alternatives to raise your TV without using a TV mount are also provided in this article.

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