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Whenever you need to get an AV receiver, the popular brands anyone would most likely recommend to you are either Integra or Onkyo. This is because these companies are the favorite of most people due to the high-end quality of their products. Their product supports almost any device and has features that are up-to-date in the industry.

Integra products are known for having longer warranties and more dealers. Onkyo on the other hand is not far behind too, so, you will most likely find the same component in the two. But, Integral products come with specs and internal components that are slightly better.

Now that that has been established, let’s get into some more detailed comparisons between these two brands.

Equivalent Integra Vs Onkyo Receiver

As earlier mentioned, some Integra and Onkyo products have similar features (just with different names). The following are some of the most popular Integra and Onkyo receivers with similar features:

  • Onkyo TX-SR805 = Integra DTR-7.8
  • Onkyo TX-SR905 = Integra DTR-8.8
  • Onkyo TX-SR806 = Integra DTR-7.9
  • Onkyo TX-SR876 = Integra DTR-8.9
  • Onkyo TX-SR906 = Integra DTR-9.9
  • Onkyo TX-SR706 = Integra DTR-6.9
  • Onkyo TX-SR606 = Integra DTR-5.9
  • Onkyo TX-SR506 = Integra DTR-4.9

Are Onkyo and Integra the Same Company? 

Well, technically they are the same. But Onkyo is the mother company while Integra is a subdivision of the larger company.

Onkyo is a Japanese company that specializes in audio electronics manufacturing. The company produces audio equipment that ranges from AV receivers to Blu-ray players. They produce devices under the name Integra and Onkyo.

Are Integra Receivers Any Good?

Most Integra receivers are some of the best you can get. They are made with the best quality audio processing capability such as the MultiEQ XT32 room correction from Audyssey.

Integra ReceiverAccording to Audyssey, the XT32 MultiEQ corrector has an efficient system of delivery that helps to achieve excellent sound quality. It operates by lowering the number of EQ filters which in return improves the overall system response.

The Integral receivers have a 4K support that upscales the quality of sound and picture definition on TV. However, the downside to getting an Integra receiver is its affordability. They are quite expensive, but to be fair, their quality matches the price.

Are Onkyo Receivers Any Good?

Yes! In fact, saying they are good might be an understatement, they are probably the best out there. The Japanese brand has been in the business of making receivers for more than 50. Well, I bet that explains their quality.

Onkyo Receiver

When you keep making the same thing for 50 years, trust me you won’t only get better at it but will find it easier to produce the best. The Onkyo brand is well respected as one of the leading makers of AV and Surround sound systems.

They are also well known in household audio equipment with a quality that competes favorably with other renowned brands. The major offering that puts them ahead is the production of high-quality receivers at an affordable price. They also produce midrange and great quality units at an amazing price.

Is Onkyo Still In Business

There has been a different down report about the company’s progress. Some recent reports suggest they might even be behind in paying some bills. However, these are merely hearsay because the company has not been reported to file for bankruptcy.

Advantages of The Integra Receivers

  1. Aesthetics: It offers an industry-standard design that fits in perfectly as part of the home, office, and other space.
  2. Warranty: Integra products over $1,000 come with a lifetime warranty. Warranty is an important feature of the product that serves as insurance for your money.
  3. Sound Quality: Integra products offer premium sound quality. Therefore, if you are an audiophile with an ear for high quality, this will serve you well.
  4. Energy Star Compliance: Integra products are focused on consuming less energy. This complies with the energy star guidelines that save you money on power.

Disadvantages of Integra Receivers

  1. They do not have the most advanced features that are common to most new audio types of equipment
  2. In some of the devices, the buttons are not properly labeled for what they do. Which might be annoying and confusing.
  3. It has a thick bass that often compromises the most high-quality sound.
  4. Most of the wireless devices have a short Bluetooth range.

Advantages of Onkyo

  1. Affordability: Onkyo products offer high-quality audio equipment at an affordable price. They offer a home theatre system that delivers quality but still works with a limited budget.
  2. High Quality: You can be sure of a quality video and audio output with the Onkyo home theater system.
  3. Manufacturer’s warranty: Get up to 5 years of warranty cover on any product you buy from the Onkyo brand.
  4. Ease of use: One of the important reasons most people prefer the Onkyo surround sound speakers is the ease of use. It is easy to set up and use within minutes.

Disadvantage of Onkyo

  1. Most users report having issues with the remote functionality and other problems that range from slow response to not even responding at all.
  2. Some users have reported their Onkyo device overheating within a short period of use.
  3. Most of the Onkyo devices don’t have stronger power and thus may create an issue when trying to use them with a speaker.
  4. Faulty HDMI is part of the faults that have been reported by many users too.

What Happened to Integra Home Theater?

They stopped producing them. No one knows for sure what happened but the only thing everyone knows is that in 2012, the company officially stopped production.

Integra Tech Support

Integra has a dedicated tech support number that makes the lives of its customers easier. They have tech experts that can solve almost any problem that might be associated with the products.

They operate 24/7. Therefore whenever there is a problem with your product, you don’t need to visit a tech shop, just a call should fix the problem.


From the comparison in this article, we can say Onkyo receivers are better than Integra Receivers. However, what it lacked in HDMI input made up for with the Audio Return Channel (ARC). But, unlike Integra, it has a more friendly user interface that makes using it easier. All in all, Integra and Onkyo receivers are generally very good as any other popular brand like Marantz and Emotiva.

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