Lepy vs Lepai

Lepy vs Lepai

Lepy and Lepai are popular audio equipment makers. But, because of the almost similar name, body, and features of their amplifiers, most people find it hard to pick the better one.

Both Lepy and Lepai amplifiers are from the same company. While Lepy is used mostly for amplifiers from the company, Lepai is a generic name for all the audio equipment the company makes.

This article gives a good and detailed comparison that differentiates the two. We will also touch on the differences in features, products, and manufacturing.

What is Lepy?

The name “Lepy” is popular in the audio equipment industry. Lepy products include speakers, projectors, headphones, drones, and, of course, amplifiers amongst many others.

The brand is particularly popular for the affordability of its product. If you need an affordable audio product that still offers good quality, then you might look at getting a Lepy item.

Lepy has a range of reliable and affordable items that come with good quality at an affordable price. The items are also quite portable for ease of transport and use anywhere.

What is Lepai?

Lepai is an audio equipment company popular for its high-quality items which range from digital media players to radio sets. But, most notably amongst the items produced by Lepai are the amplifiers.

The Lepai brand is a Chinese company established in 1998 with its headquarters in Guangdong, China. The company has grown its reach over the years with bases in countries such as the United States, Japan, and Europe.

The Lepai products are known for their high quality and reasonable pricing. In addition to this, the company also offers around clock customer service. However, the company recently came under a new name of Lepy, but still maintains its products line.

Lepy vs Lepai: The Difference


All amplifiers produced under the Lepai brand have the generic name of Lepy. Whereas, all audio equipment including amplifiers from the company all has Lepai as the brand name. Note that some products with the name Lepai on them might be more expensive than those having Lepy on them.

This might also include a difference in the product’s quality. However, any amplifier from Lepy or Lepai that is of equivalent model number will have the same quality


One of the major differences between the two amplifiers is their volume. Lepai sounds great at about half volume whereas Lepy has to be turned up to the maximum volume to get a great sound.


Something to note between Lepai and Lepy is that most amplifiers with the Lepai name on them are more expensive.

But, this is made up for by its quality. This means choosing either one of Lepai or Lepy will mostly depend on what you want.

If the price is your concern, then Lepy might be your go-to. But, if you are more concerned about getting a better quality amp, then Lepai will be a better choice.

Products Review: Lepai LP 2020A Vs LP 2020TI


The first major difference between the two digital amplifiers is the build quality. While the LP2020TI is more rigid with a white cone and black surround, the LP2020A is cleaner and with a much nicer appearance.

In addition to this, the LP2020A comes with a mounting bracket that can be used for surface mounting.

Power Output

LP2020A has a maximum output of 120 watts RMS per channel. But, in the case of LP2020TI, it can reach an output capacity of up to 50watts RMS per channel for stereo audio.

Sound Quality

The two digital amplifiers have been reported to have a pretty good sound delivery. However, in a direct comparison of the two, the LP2020A is a bit better. This is concerning its low distortion rate, bass quality, and maximum power output.

Overview of Lepai Amplifiers

Lepai amplifiers are a good pick for audiophiles who love the affordability and enjoy quality. There have been different models of the Lepai amplifiers, each with a unique quality feature it offers. The most basic of the Lepai amplifiers is the LP2020A+.

The LP2020A is a 20 watts RMS per channel stereo audio power digital amplifier. It has a small size that makes it perfect for use in car audio and home audio systems. Although this might be considered small for professional use it sure offers premium sound quality for use in small rooms.

Lepy 2024A+ Amplifier

The LP2024A+ is a mini digital amplifier with easy-to-use features. It comes with a protection circuit that immediately shuts down the amplifier when the input voltage exceeds the required volts.

Lepy LP-2024A-HA LP-2024A+ Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Power...
  • LP-2024A+Using T-type digital technology output...
  • Tone/Direct switching allows for customized...
  • Tone/Direct switching allows for customized...

It has a unique tone switching feature that makes it easy to enjoy customized listening through separate bass or treble adjustments.

Why Lepai Amplifiers?

The Lepai amplifiers offer the best choice for quality amplifiers that have great portability and are highly affordable.

It comes with the TPA3118 which makes it deliver clean and efficient audio details. Lepai amplifiers can also be easily connected to any device using the stereo jack.

Lepai LP1601S

It is a mini stereo amplifier with the capacity to deliver up to 16 watts RMS per channel. Don’t be fooled by the small size of this amplifier, it can connect to a lot of devices including computers, smartphones, and any audio device.

Lepai LP1601S 200W Class D Stereo Amplifier with Bluetooth...
  • Powerful 200 watt Class D amplifier for...
  • Bluetooth aptX connection for high quality...
  • Headphone output for use in any situation

The Lepai LP1601S is a mini amplifier that offers an amazing deal for those who want quality sound but don’t have a huge budget. It can be used anywhere and carried about easily due to its small size.

Lepai Class T Amplifiers

These are Lepai amplifiers built with great features for professional use and amazing quality. It features a power output of up to 120 watts RMS per channel which makes it efficient enough for any speaker demand.


Lepy amplifiers are best if you are on a budget since they are quite affordable and offer great quality as well. However, Lepai amplifiers have an overall feature that makes them better than Lepy amplifiers. Lepai has better sound delivery, features, and although they are a bit more expensive than Lepy, the price is quite worth the quality.