Marantz vs Emotiva

Marantz vs emotiva receivers

Marantz and Emotiva are manufacturers and retailers of high-end audio equipment. These companies’ audio equipment include receivers, amplifiers, speakers, home theaters, audio monitors, and other related goods are available from the companies.

This article provides information about these two well-known audio brand firms.

History Of Marantz

Marantz is a manufacturer and retailer of high-end audio equipment It was founded in Kew Gardens, New York in 1953. Although the corporation was formed in New York, it is now headquartered in Japan.

marantz receiversSaul Marantz invented and produced the first Marantz audio product in his home in Kew Gardens, New York.

The firm had a significant impact on the development of high-fidelity audio systems, and its prosperity peaked in the mid-to-late 1970s.

Marantz launched some very well-received CD players while owned by Philips, a pioneer in compact disc technology, in the 1980s, but other items in the series were not as successful as in the past.

Marantz began focusing on higher-end components in the early 1990s. Marantz Japan bought the brand from Philips in 2001 and now owns all of the company’s global sales operations.

Marantz joined with competitor Denon in 2002 to form D&M Holdings Inc., which was eventually renamed D+M Group. Sound United LLC finalized the acquisition of D+M Holdings on March 1, 2017.

History Of Emotiva

Emotiva is an Italian term that means “emotion.” Dan Laufman established emotiva in 2003 out of his enthusiasm for all things audio. He began his career as an audio engineer creating hardware for audio companies, particularly the infinity system.

In 2003, emotiva was the first company to sell audio equipment online. In 2005, the DMC-1 [preamplifier] was their first important product, despite the doubts of other manufacturers.

As a result of its outstanding product design, Emotiva was able to get a competitive advantage at a vital point in the competition.

Difference Between Marantz And Emotiva Receivers

There are some significant distinctions between Marantz and emotiva that should be noted. The distinctions include the following:

Affordability: They are both reasonably priced, but we believe emotiva is more affordable than Marantz.

Body Design: The majority of Marantz audio receivers have a sleek and slim body design, making them more mobile than emotiva.

Channel: Marantz has developed into having more channels than Emotiva

Features of Marantz Receivers

The features, designs, and performers that distinguish Marantz receivers include:

  1. Robust designs with large gauge steel chassis to keep the various parts in place.
  2. More than 100w current flow strong power increase
  3. Multi-channel system receiver 
  4. A sleek body design
  5. Appealing lighting display
  6. Support for active surround sound

Features Of Emotiva Receivers

Almost all of the features and performance of any emotiva receiver are clearly described, however, there are a few features you should be aware of before purchasing one.

Because of their name meaning “emotion,” emotiva incorporates emotions into every part of the audio receivers they create. Due to its well-detailed and labeled system, it is nearly impossible to have an issue with an emotiva audio receiver.

  1. Emotiva supported input includes CD, Bluetooth, USB, Aux, and lots more.
  2. 16 port receiver channel or more
  3. an active blinking auto-sensing power voltage on the receiver’s back
  4. Both the input and output ports are clearly marked.

Emotiva XPA 5 Vs Marantz MM7055

So, for your home theater system, you’re looking for a strong and dependable audio amplifier. If you’re looking for a 5-channel audio amplifier, the Emotiva XPA 5 and the Marantz MM7055 are two options.

Marantz MM7055 5-Channel Power Amplifier (Black)
  • New stylish front design
  • 140W(8 ohms, 20Hz 20kHz) x5 Power Amplifier
  • Current feedback power amplifier with marantz HDAM...

Both of these items are five-channel audio amplifiers that are well-liked for their outstanding performance and sound quality. Both items are produced by well-known audio equipment manufacturers.

Below, we’ll compare the two goods to see which one has the best value for money.


Emotiva- 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars

Marantz- 3.9 stars out of 5.0 stars


Despite the fact that they are both five-channel audio amplifiers, their designs are vastly different.

Both versions have a really stylish and beautiful appearance. Due to its primarily box-like design, the Emotiva XPA 5 may appear awkward, but the blue lights provide a wonderful touch.

The Marantz MM7055 has a little better aesthetic, with a brushed finish and blue light on the front panel. The connection ports on both models are located on the back panels.


The Marantz MM7055 is powered by the Marantz HDAM circuit, which is a current feedback power amplifier.

The chassis is engineered to eliminate vibration and frequency interference, and the Marantz MM7055 provides traditional high output power for rich music and movie sounds. With all channels driven into 8 ohms, the Marantz MM7055 is rated at 140 Watts.

The Emotiva XPA 5 has much more power. It can generate 250 Watts RMS power per channel with all channels driven into 8 ohms thanks to the Class A/B output stage with dual differential inputs and an efficient Class H power supply design.

Emotiva XPA 5 can easily achieve high-volume levels and fill a large room as an effect.

Marantz VS Emotiva PreAmp

Compared to Emotiva PreAmps, Marantz has a better reputation in terms of processing speed.

They’ve been around for a long time, therefore most people will choose their product by preference because of their track record of producing high-quality products. Marantz is something of a luxury item.

Emotiva Pre-Amps has a slower reaction to control than Marantz Pre-Amps. When you touch a button on a Marantz, for example, the appropriate result appears on the actual unit practically instantly.

Marantz vs Denon

This is another popular comparison in this series. Denon receivers feature a warm sound with noticeable effects, whilst Marantz receivers have a softer tone. This is likewise true for each receiver.

Denon’s bass is more explosive and forceful than Marantz’s more balanced bass. Highs are also distinct. Denon has a strong high production. Marantz has less pronounced.

Marantz receivers are designed specifically for use with music systems. Denon receivers, on the other hand, are geared toward home theaters, where it’s necessary to emphasize every effect and provide a more immersive experience.


This article does a good job of comparing the two firms – Marantz and Emotiva, telling about their histories as well as the features of their audio receivers. It made it much easier for you to pick your favorite product based on its rating, performance, and design.