How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers




How to get sound from projector to speakersMost projectors come with extremely weak speakers. And the speakers in them are so light that it is necessary to install speakers with projectors.

Because the big screen must have more sound so that you can sit at home and enjoy movies, dramas, and other shows.

You may find it difficult to install speakers with a projector, and you may not hear sound after installing speakers.

So no need to worry. The process of connecting speakers with a projector is quite simple. We will give you some easy tips.

By following these tips, you will be able to put speakers with a projector and be able to enjoy movies and dramas.

You need to know that you may need some equipment to connect the Projector with the speakers. Here’s a straightforward way. So that your time is not wasted and you can enjoy your movies and drama.

How To Get Sound From a Projector To Speakers

Configure The Projector

After assembling the necessary equipment, place your Projector and speakers in the best place where you will not have difficulty getting up, sitting, and walking.

You choose the best site for your Projector and speakers and arrange them. Now measure the wires from the Projector to the speakers. And use more cable if needed. You can also hide the cables of the speakers in the best way.

Choose The Best Wire

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In this case, you will need the best cord to connect the speakers with the Projector first.

Every electrical device requires a wire, and choosing a suitable cable can avoid a short circuit. That is why we are urging you to select a suitable wire.

Turn Off Projector & Speakers

Four types of switches in on and off positionsObviously, you want to connect the speakers to the Projector, and so we will ask you to remove the projector and speaker wire from the electric plug.

This process will protect your equipment and you from any danger. You can see again that the Projector and speakers are off. This process is essential. Even if you have the best equipment.

Find The Audio Output Jack

Now you have to find the audio out jack on your Projector. It also has a label that allows you to quickly find it. Each Projector has a different setup.

But most audio out jacks will be the same as the other In/Out Jacks. Such as a power plug. Maybe your audio out jack is the same as the power jack.

Insert The Speakers Cable Into The Projector

Now that you’ve got the audio output jack plug in the wires of your 7.1 Home theatre system or Projector sound speakers to the Projector’s audio output jack.

If your Projector is mounted on the ceiling, you must lower it carefully to connect the speakers’ wires to the Projector.

But before dropping the Projector and connecting the speakers to the Projector, make sure you have removed the Projector and speakers from the power plug.

Turn On Projector & Speakers Test The Audio Signal How-To-Get-Sound-From-Projector-To-Speakers

After connecting the speakers to the Projector, rearrange the Projector and speakers. So now you have to connect the Projector and speakers to the power.

Make sure you plug the speaker’s wires into the correct audio out plug. And it is well installed so that the audio out plug is not loose.

After checking everything, you can now check the sound of any movie, song, or drama. Hopefully, now there is sound in your speakers, and you can now comfortably enjoy your TV show, Movies, Song and games with a big screen and loud sound.


If the speakers do not make a sound even after connecting to the Projector. The sound comes from the Projector instead of the speakers.

If the sound is coming from the projector speaker, it means that the external speakers are not connected to the Projector.

Then you have to look at the common mistakes again. You should check both the device speakers and the Projector to see if it works. You can check the speakers with any other devices like mobile, DVD player, TV to check if the sound is right.

If your speakers are far from the Projector or there are more than 2 speakers in your room. You should also check the wires well so that the connection is not damaged somewhere because if the 7.1 home theatre system or if there are speakers for the Projector.

You may need to put pressure on the wires to move the cables from one place to another. Or a place where you and your family have a long way to go, the wires may be damaged. To hide the wires well and arrange them. Check again if you have correctly connected the audio cord to the Projector and speakers.

And also, see if the speaker’s wire is inserted in the audio out jack in the Projector. Because of the plugin, the Projector has the same viewer. And there is more than one audio jack. This makes it easier to make mistakes. So you can check the speaker’s jack by putting it in different audio out jacks.

You should review the audio output jack of your Projector to see if it is terrible. And also check the speaker’s jack by connecting it to another device. Check the plugs carefully to see if they fit so that the plug does not fit properly.

This can make it difficult for you to move the sound to the speakers. If, after all your efforts and the method we have described, the sound is not coming from the external speakers. You have to show the Projector to the mechanic. Contact your manufacturer or seller.

How To Connect A Projector To Speakers Wirelessly

You are tired of scattered wires, or you use your Projector in different places. You want to connect wireless speakers with a projector to avoid cables.

There are very few projectors that come with a wireless system.  You are tired of wires, and in this modern era, you will want your Projector to be connected to wireless speakers. So we will show you how you can run the Projector with speakers wirelessly.

This method is more comfortable than the other mentioned methods, and this method will also save you time, and you will soon be able to enjoy your TV shows and movies.

Projector Have Wireless

First of all, make sure that your speakers and Projector have a wireless system. Otherwise, you will need a wireless Bluetooth transmitter.

This transmitter allows you to receive the Bluetooth connection of your speakers. And then you can send audio from the Projector to speakers.

Connect Bluetooth

First, you need to make sure your wireless Bluetooth speakers work properly on Bluetooth. So first, you have to put your Bluetooth speakers on your mobile and listen to its audio. Connect the wireless, Bluetooth transmitter with your Projector.

You don’t have to do much in this way. There is some important information that you have to keep the Projector and speakers so far away that when you listen to movies, TV series, or songs, the sound is not bad.

So after you put the Bluetooth transmitter in the Projector, bring the speaker or Projector closer to each other. Once you’re done, start browsing.

When the speakers and Projector connect to each other, play the audio, and put the Projector or speaker in their place comfortably. It will give you an idea of how far you can keep speakers and projectors.


If you are having trouble listening to the wireless, see if the speakers and Projector are fitted properly.

If the speakers and Projector are correctly connected, the problem may be in the Bluetooth transmitter. Remove the transmitter and reconnect with the speakers.

When browsing, you should make sure that you are identifying correctly. Often resetting the Bluetooth transmitter solves this problem.

How To Connect A Projector With Speakers Without Audio Output

The Projector you have may not have an audio output jack, or if it does, it may have malfunctioned. So we will show you how you can connect your speakers with a projector.

Your media devices such as Laptop, PC, DVD, and others, these procedures are about pairing with these devices. This method is for videos and not for audio. So let us show you the technique.

Turn Off The Projector And Speakers

As we have told you above, turn off the Projector and speakers first to avoid any damage.

And you can work comfortably. You can see again that the Projector and speakers are off.

Connect PC/DVD Player

Now you need to find a connector that matches the speakers directly from your Laptop, PC, and DVD player.

For this, you will need a 3.5mm AUX cable. Now you push it directly from the PC so that it works as audio out, line out or headphones.

Check if you have connected the cable properly.

Is audio reaching speakers via DVD, PC, etc.? You can also make sure that the input of the cable speakers matches because some do not have a 3.5mm connector.

So you may need an adapter according to the type of speakers, so you choose it according to the speakers.

Connect The Speakers To Pc/media Player

Now you see in your speakers whether it has a stereo analog or audio input.

Then insert the 3.5mm AUX plug or adapter directly into the speakers. Match the colored cables or the adopter correctly.

Be sure to match the yellow wire with the yellow wire and the red wire with red. Similarly, if there is another color, match the colored cables that look the same.

All you have to do is connect the cable to the amplifier or receiver; this is a straightforward task.

Turn On And Test

Now turn on your PC, or DVD player, speakers, and Projector. It would be best if you made sure that your devices are correctly connected.

Only if your connection is connected successfully will you be able to hear the sound from your speakers.

You should also consider whether a string is loose or if a line is in the wrong place because it will either not make a sound or make a low sound coming from the speakers, and maybe some speakers will be put in the wrong place.

I heard voices, and some did not. If all goes well, you can sit in your bed/sofa and enjoy movies, TV series, and games.

Enjoy Your Home Theatre

Whichever method you use, we hope you find it helpful. You will now be able to enjoy TV shows, Games, Movies, and Serials with big screens and loudspeakers.

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