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Sitting in front of a TV Mounted too high can be hard work, notably for the reason of having to strain your neck to watch it. This can not only affect your viewing experience but can also cause body pain after a while. Therefore, this article will look at “how high should your tv be mounted?” and “How can you adjust a TV mounted too high?”

Furthermore, another challenge that most have reported is in adjusting a tv mounted too high without professional assistance. So, whether you are just unboxing your new TV set or you have already mounted it, this article can always be of help.

Who Is This For?

Anyone who uses a flat-screen TV. After all, those are the kind of TV you mount on the wall. Getting the best cinematic experience from your flat-screen TV should be a top priority from the precious asset.

Alternatively, this article can also be of help to you if your TV was mounted too low and you tried to raise your TV a few inches then realized the TV was placed too high. In some cases, you may want to raise your TV above your soundbar by just a few inches but realize the TV is mounted too high. Now that we have established that, let’s get learning!

How Do You Know The TV is Mounted Too High?

As easy as mounting a TV on the wall may sound, there are a couple of technical and scientific approaches. Technically, a simple example of the scientific approach to it is your sit position to the degree of mounting of the TV.

This means that, “the closer your seat is to the TV, the higher the TV appears”. But, what if your seat is well placed, how do you know if the TV is too high?

Here are some easy ways to know if you have to adjust the mounting position of the TV.

Once you unconsciously feel yourself raising your head before you can have a good TV experience. Your TV is probably mounted too high.
At times you might not remember how your head was while you were watching the TV, but here’s a quick one. If you feel a sharp pain behind your neck or feel a strained eye after watching your TV, then it is too high.

If you have a feeling you have experienced any or both of those factors before, then you might need to adjust your TV. This is primarily for two important reasons:

1. To prevent health challenges particularly that may affect the spine or back muscles
2. To give you a better viewing experience.

How High Should Your TV Be Mounted?

While you are seated at a safe distance, this position should be at an angle just slightly above your normal eye level.

To calculate using the scientific approach we mentioned earlier, here is the deal. On average, the tallest female eye height while sitting is said to be around 23 inches. In addition, an average seat is roughly around 19 inches.

Therefore, a good way to calculate the height of mounting for a TV is by adding these two figures together which give about 42 inches from the floor.

Well, there are several other factors you can use to calculate the correct mounting height. This include

Viewing distance
Using an old Mount
TV size
Using a recliner

Let’s address each of these factors.

Viewing Distance

This is one of the most challenging factors to consider when mounting a TV on the wall. This is because you need to pay proper attention to the room setting and sitting arrangements.

If seats are arranged at a distance far from each other it could give a different viewing experience to everyone. Other factors such as how wide the room is, sitting distance to the wall, sunlight glare, objects such as tables, and so on can help you pick a better position.

 Using an Old Mount

Mounting a TV on a wall where there is an old mount may be one of the biggest challenges there can be while mounting. The first problem is that the mount may not be perfect for your TV size or even for the arrangement of your room.

But, this can be very tricky because making another TV mount on the wall may be as dangerous as using the old one there. In this case, what you can do is either use a TV shelf or get professional help.

Check out our guide on how to reuse a TV wall mount to learn more.

TV Size

The size of your TV can affect a lot of things and determine even more while thinking of how high it should be.

This is because how high a 32″ tv will be might be different from a 49″ in the same kind of room. Also, to calculate how high a TV will be according to the viewing distance available is entirely based on the size of the TV.

However, a rule of thumb is that larger TVs should be mounted a bit higher than smaller ones. Since most large TV will eventually cover up larger square space they might still be able to deliver a good viewing experience.

Using a Recliner

There is no universal rule for mounting a TV for use with a recliner. This is because it is supposed to simply be in a position where it can be comfortable for you.

Ensure that it is at a position where you don’t have to strain your neck or eyes while you enjoy the TV.

How To Fix A TV That Is Too High

There are 3 easy ways to fix this problem

1. Adjust your sitting position. This is the easiest way to fix the problem of high mounted TV, particularly in a room with enough space. Simply adjust the seat backward to balance the distance with the height.
2. Tilt it downward. Most of the common mounts that are movable also support tilting. If you find yourself to be using any of this kind of mount, then you are in luck.
3. Reinstall the mount. Remove the mount and readjust the position.

How to Lower A TV Without A movable Mount

Adjusting a TV with a non-movable mount can be technical. You might need to hire a professional to help you fix the issue, but if you are a DIY enthusiast here is a simple way to fix it yourself.

Disconnect the tv from a power source and remove all removable cables.
Unlock the tv from the mount, and then unscrew the mount from the wall.
Check for the best position to place the TV and screw the mount on this new position. Then lock the TV back on the mount.


With the tips listed here, you can now get a better viewing experience from your mounted TV without straining your eyes or neck. Also, you can be sure your TV is now in the best position and when it is too high you can easily readjust it without the extra cost of hiring a professional.

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