What Is RPX Regal?

What Is RPX Regal

RPX is an acronym for the Regal Premium Experience. The Regal Experience is a cinematic experience designed and announced by Regal in 2009. However, since the launch of the RPX theater experience in 2009, there have been a lot of buzz around it. A lot can be said about the Regal RPX theater experience, particularly when compared to the Dolby Cinema, DX, IMAX, and other theatre formats.

The regal theater was founded in 1989, but they have greatly expanded ever since then. Their partnership with Cineworld has also made them the second largest cinema in the world, with widespread cinema locations across the United States. Today, the RPX movie experience offers a fully immersive cinema experience to viewers on a large screen and a loud but clear sound experience.

What Is RPX At A Movie Theatre?

In a cinema with the RPX installed, you will find an immersive screen of up to 60ft and a fully upgraded cinematic sound experience.

What Is RPX At A Movie Theatre

The Regal Premium Experience is a premium cinematic experience that intends to satisfy viewers in the most amazing ways possible. The RPX theatre is fully equipped with the Barkos DP4K 3D projector that delivers a full screen of quality imaging up to 4K.

An RPX movie theater is focused on delivering a cinematic experience that is by far better than the traditional theater experience.

It features an upgraded sound, a large screen (by resolution and by quality), leather seats, and a reclining seat in some of the RPX movie theaters. This also includes a Dolby Atmos sound experience. This is to deliver an acoustic sound experience that is not only loud but also crystal clear.

To learn more about RPX in movie theatres, check out this guide.

What Is RPX Regal Premium Experience?

The Regal Premium Experience is a cinematic experience like no other, delivering uncompressed surround sound and dazzling, eye-popping pictures to spectators. These movies are displayed at the best quality with an immersive audio boom.

Movie viewers will appreciate the custom-built luxury setting that creates the best movie-going experience.

What Is RPX Regal Premium Experience

Regal aspires to give its guests cutting-edge technology in a variety of displays and sound formats.

Moviegoers can enjoy the Regal Premium Experience in a movie theater that was made especially for them. It also has a huge, immersive screen that is lit up by high-quality, digital projectors and comes with a state-of-the-art, uncompressed surround sound system.

The sound is lossless, delivering a very loud sound that retains its quality, making you hear even the tiniest of sounds from a movie.

What is Regal Premium Experience 2d?

Regal premium experience 2D refers to the delivery of a movie in the recorded movie format, however, with improved quality. The 2D format is the traditional width and height display, with no special effects.

2D movies displayed with the regal premium experience feature an improved audio output as well as a better projection.

It is necessary to point out that even without the addition of special effects, movies will look and perform better on the RPX screen than on a standard display. This is due to the larger screen, improved sound, and more comfortable seating options available.

IMAX or RPX Regal

The IMAX theater experience is a cinematic arrangement that puts viewers closer to the movie screen. This allows for an immersive video experience.

IMAX or RPX Regal

The RPX Regal Premium Experience offers viewers a quality viewing and sound experience, but this is unmatched for the IMAX experience. In a direct comparison between the screen sizes of IMAX and RPX Regal, IMAX has bigger screens.

But, this is not the only edge IMAX has, while RPX offers a 7.1 channel surround, IMAX has a better sound delivery of 12 channel high-quality sound.

There are quite some other factors to consider before choosing any of the two. This includes basic factors such as the size of the hall, screen size, sound quality, and comfortability.

However, on the point of comfortability, RPX Regals are much better since they are equipped with sitting equipment that makes them more comfortable.

Premium Large Formats with Exhibitor Branding

The arrangement and design of the regal RPX makes it easier to look directly at the premium big format screen, which is a great idea for showcasing brand graphics that stay in front of the audience.

Premium Large Formats with Exhibitor Branding

This strategy creates a form of appeal for the exhibiting brand in the heart of the audience seeing their favorite movie.

However, since this is a new form of branding, you might need to put some things into consideration,

  1. Make the design visually appealing as well as perfect for the theater’s atmosphere.
  2. Ensure the exhibitor branding is something that can easily catch the attention of the theater audience. Therefore, it might be nice to use colors, slogans, and characters that might be easily relatable.
  3. The size of an RPX screen will differ from that of a traditional theater and other non-RPX theaters. Hence, you might need to remember to put the size into consideration when designing a campaign or ads for the RPX stage.

Genuinely Premium Formats

Genuinely premium formats are an enhancement of the original format of movies. This makes the movies look and sound better without altering the movie display or audio quality.

There are a variety of genuinely premium formats around, including the UltraAVX, IMAX, and the D-Box which all scale the movie up for an immersive experience. This enhanced picture is delivered with a high-quality cinema experience.

This premium format is not limited to the display and sound alone, other features that contribute to the comfortability are also a part of the premium format. This can be as big as the Dolby Atmos surround sound and the little details, such as the seating options.


Is RPX Worth It?

This will vary from place to place and as well as individual preference. The answer can’t be the same for everyone.

A switch from the traditional cinematic experience to a regal RPX experience might be worth all the hype. However, not everyone sees it this way, especially because of the high variation between the RPX cinemas. You might enjoy a theater RPX more than another.

The Regal Premium Experience is a cinematic advancement that features a 40 by 60 screen, loudspeakers, and leather seats. But, If you remove the comfort of the seats, most people would argue the need to pay any extra buck.

Theater formats such as IMAX and 4DX are still very much preferred among moviegoers, mostly because they have a bigger screen and better effects.

Is RPX 3D?

An RPX theater is more than a mere 3D theater. It delivers movies in an enhanced 2D and 3D watching experience.

The idea of the RPX cinema is to present movies in an immersive and more comfortable manner. Hence, this could be in 2D, 3D, or even 4K, with extra enhancement to the display, sound, and the recliner seat addition.

RPX Theater Meaning

RPX theaters are movie theaters equipped with the regal premium experience. This is an experience that features louder, crystal clear, and immersive sound with reclinable seats in some of the theaters.

Movie theaters are constantly looking for a way to upgrade their theater to be able to deliver quality to their guests.

Some of the major attributes of the RPX theater are the installation of the leather chairs and the Dolby Atmos sound system. While the leather chairs offer more comfortable seating, the sound offers an acoustic feeling that immerses you into the movie.

RPX vs Standard

Standard is a cinema format that can be found traditionally in any theater -from the local community theater to the more advanced theater. They are usually just about projecting movies on a screen. RPX offers a premium movie-watching experience which is a lot better.

The Regal Premium Experience is an improvement to the traditional theater format. It features an improvement to the sound delivery, display, and seating arrangement. Hence, a better choice than the standard.

RPX vs 4DX

4DX is an innovative theater experience that gives a whole new experience to the audience. It is an advanced theater experience that features special effects for sound, light, smell, and seating.

The 4DX format features a moving seat that moves to the effect of the movie on the screen.

RPX vs 4DX

The RPX, in contrast, is a basic technology that offers better sound, screen size, and seat better than the traditional theater.

But, compared to the 4DX, the RPX format is far behind. This is because 4DX presents movies to the audience in an augmented display. It includes environmental effects such as rain, vibrating seat motion, wind, strobe lighting, and fog effect that gives a realistic movie-watching experience.


The Regal Premium Experience makes the traditional movie experience better with a more immersive video and sound quality. It offers an opportunity to watch movies with an advanced effect like never.

With an advancement such as the RPX theater experience, moviegoers have the opportunity to enjoy movies in different formats.

Although, while the RPX is the most recent movie experience format, it is not the best. Other formats, such as 4DX, IMAX, and the Dolby formats, still offer a better experience. But, we hope to see an improvement in the RPX format in the coming years.